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Hi there and Welcome.  This is another of those wonderful inventions. Let us hope it is not swallowed up and forgotten for the sake of the energy firms profits.
Harvard University's Michael J. Aziz has helped to develop a metal-free flow battery that relies on the electrochemistry of naturally abundant, small organic molecules similar to ones found in rhubarb. (Eliza Grinnell, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

When you read about the swirls of magnetic currents which are the result of the Solar Winds turbulence, I advanced a theory to use and 'capture ' these currents and and 'trap them or contain them' in a magnertic containment field,  kind of wrap around and then use another to induce currents in a manner similar to to a 'induction coil' or transformer.
Coutrtesy and Google Images.
Grounding and Edgar Mitchell Astronaut on ET.
A good companion to the above Video and the energy of Earth.  After all trees are grounded as are animals.
I have inserted a few images to give an understanding of basic inductance and capacitance. Apologies to those with advanced circuitry and electronic knowledge.  More about containment Fields and Pinch Effect. (In all the above scroll through to magnetic's, transformers, condensers, capacitors)and to follow. (Interesting solar wind, radiation and matter relationship)
(Stargate theory----actually built one with a fellow scientist-----cannot share as it is restricted by certain circumstances)
(Information regards IMF and IMF BZ which are magnetic fields, and vectors)
(Some info on frequencies and wave propagation)
(Info on Ionosphere, Schumann Resonance, Helmholtz coils and Resonance and the Brain)
From a blog as above Very Importance. Down Further Nuclear Fusion.
(Three Posts about 1967 writings that started this all off and NDE in 1942)
I have deliberately included all this scientific and theoretical not accepted by academia and are entirely my own views and research, I owe the seeds to some sparks that are in accepted science and like medical matters they are useful in this world view, but not in other realms of say meditation and spiritual matters(not religious or psychic) and will be useful for space travel and future journies as an energy body and in the physical form we will become.  That is if we allow ourselves to become a mechanical, electronic hybrid in virtual reality and exist as matrix in a computer, we might be already in a way discussed back in Posts 135 / 136.
I appreciate this may bore many of you, however, I cater for many tastes and endeavour to make a wide variety as I can.
This may give one seed ideas to carry on and so forth, to invent, daydream, speculate, debate among yourselves. 
Well make up mind time again? 
Yes Folks will be taking a break. Got research, meetings and chilling out.  UNTIL THEN.

This gets to the very core of materialism and unbridled deceit.
I am always on about electro-magnetic radiation, well here is a solution.  I know the inventor and he is a genius and it is a patented EP 1294436 device.  I can vouch for this as I have had it tested.  These devices have been tested at the highest level and go far beyond other big name brands.  Read through the evidence and testimonials.  
The same inventor has come up with a brilliant  Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy.  You can details from 
It is not often I recommend specific sites or inventions, however this is from a trusted friend and I know him and his works. 
This video may well shock you-----I would suggest you look at it as the future is described here.  I Posted two on this subject, it is make your mind up time----Posts 135 /36. Your choice before it is too late.
GMO and chemicals fit in well with robotics!!!!?
I'll leave now and continue on a special which I will Post at the same time.  Thanks for going along with this.

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