Wednesday 2 July 2014


Great News.  Joy in the Heart, smile on the face, laughter and peace.  Lets us hope this will be our environment real  soon.
This discussion still rages on---- cholesterol---there is a tendency now to lean slightly away from low fat diets and go for good pastured, non hormone fed chicken, meat, and non fish farmed mercury free fish.
Amazing and so apt.
Dr Russell Blaylock and chemtrails
The old hot potato---chemtrails.  I missed Posting this Blog due to extenuating circumstances, but many of the ideas are still valid.
Watch out Folks. In my UFO BLOG in energygrid---- I describe the role of ET and their remit. They will only intervene in certain circumstances.  Not to save human life, even if we are wiped out, but save the planet and its species, and like the article above in the grid, to stop another planet being busted and so upset the solar system, details in the link. My workshops used to take from Friday to Monday all day to cover the full story. I do not do them now, however, I can Skype to a select few and private gatherings. After 36 years, 637 workshops in Europe, Canada and the UK, 3000 or so clients for therapy, a full time job, its time for a let up, but still available for local and not too far UK venues.  I certainly will not fly or go on long train or car journies.  A few invitations are gradually rolling in.
Just recently a few folk from various European countries are getting together to come over for a holiday and include a weekend in my local hall for a session. 
Birth defects more than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki DPU in Iraq
This tragically is beginning to happen in Japan.
May 7, 2014 - “We have determined that the fact of the existence or non-existence of the (MH370) materials you request is a currently and properly classified matter in accordance with Executive Order 13526 …” – National Security Agency, April 16, 2014
Are Pilotless Drone Command and 
Control Systems and 8 Defense Scientists the “Treasure” in the Strange Disappearance of MH370?
Read more:

Lovely to see children so into dancing.
So refreshing to see children free from the awful stuff we read about abuse, killed and maimed in war and starving through drought or political chess.
Carl Johan Calleman
Official Science verifies my theory about the Cosmic Tree of Life at the origin of the universe.
Dear Friends,
In 2009 Inner Traditions published my book The Purposeful Universe, which outlined the physical and biological evolution of the universe, by matching the at the time known facts about the universe with the Mayan calendar. The first chapter discussed the existence of a Tree of Life at the center of the universe in accordance with ancient cosmologies such as the Mayan Wacah-Chan or the Vikings Yggdrasil.  
As I showed in The Purposeful Universe the Tree of Life violates both the Theory of Relativity and Darwinism, the two pillars of materialist science. How is Official Science then now going to sweep this under the rug? It will do it in one of two ways: 1/ Ignore it and especially hide that it was predicted or 2/ Postulate the existence some new "dark" phenomenon nobody has seen and say that this make all the equations fit. In reality however the results of the most extensive computer simulation of the Big Bang ever made has now shown exactly what I discussed in my book: The purpose of this universe is to generate life and it all emanates from the Tree of Life. Modern science is catching up with ancient knowledge, but will not be quick to admit it. Please see for more.
Carl Johan Calleman ( I have huge respect and admiration for Dr Carl)  I'm always having a pop at academia--- glad I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE)
Part of the world if we intend it.
Robot Bees
More about Robo Bees
Robo Insect wings
Micro  Air vehicles or Bug Bots for the Military.  God help us when GCHQ and NSA employ these.
Quadrotor (link to above video) Do we want to be robotical----most of us are already by following the main stream media and propaganda, being poisoned by food, chemtrails and GMO stuff, most of all by fear and poverty.
READ THE POSTS 135 A and 136 more on these and mentioned many times years back.
Hey when you go out to lunch have a pesticide drink.
Laura Eisenhower Going to Mars
Laura and co might want these to entertain them on Mars.
Deadly, deadly, deadly
The Scam of medical pre clinical reports.
Apologies for this late POST due to unforeseen circumstances.
Be Well.  Geoff

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