Tuesday 26 August 2014


Dear Reader.

I am having a rest for awhile.  There are situations which are so complex and convoluted, that I am sort of boggled. Each country has its agenda, some fighters are joining with others having been enemies to fight another common enemy.
In the UK the Home Secretary has brought in the FBI and there is a calamitous mix up. 
I can see the point in British people wanting to go to Syria and having their passports removed and other measures. Then there is the mess in the Ukraine and it goes on and on.  I really am bamboozled, so until I get a clearer picture or certainties---are there any certainties--- I will be back whenever.

In the meanwhile there are so many sites that say the same as me and with more proof or whatever. That I'll sign off for now.  

However I might begin a new approach by sharing imagery to send peace and calm and rationale to troubled waters.

I expected this turmoil as the hidden buried thousands of years old karmic accumulation in the collective mind set is surfacing and all sorts of unconscious motives coming to the fore and surface. It is letting the bully, the dictator, the few, with giant agendas foist this on the many. It is not only the USA but there are many numerous war lords, religions, cults and maniacal factions in the mix. The bible amongst others had forecast, a monster coming out of the depths.

I feel that the monster is up and rearing its head and it will ravage decency until its savage rage is burnt out, its been locked away in its subterranean labyrinth, its hunger for revenge and its taste for innocence is almost unquenchable.  It turns everything blood red, the spilled blood of the innocent, its appetite to spoil, divide and conquer.

It has no morals, no conscience, it is only interested in its set of programmes and agendas  

I feel that angers, tempers, deprivation, poverty, women and children massacred, rape, pillage, deliberately culling the masses is the work of demonic forces. I do not know the answer for everyone but for me to draw nearer the light and love in myself. Just lately this has put me to the personal test.  Its hard but it has given me the choice. Light or fight. Perhaps fight with light would be the most applicable.

Be Well.  Geoff 

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