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110 year young man---his secret.
Now it seems he 111 yrs young.
The Net of conditioning. Two videos one that says cancer can be cured and its causes(there are many more) and also the lovely Mando who defies the 'your getting old' stuff and has escaped the net of conditioning.
Courtesy www.bridportnets.co.uk
The net of conditioning.  At each one of the junctions where the strands meet is a learned conditioned habitual programme which overtime becomes ones reality.  The Spaces between one's awareness, the witness.  
This came to me and inspired this Post on Conditioning:-
No Labels
No Control
Let Life Flow through the hole /whole.
This does not mean one becomes a non entity, a gaping open mouthed moronic-al idiot, nor a impulsive out of one's head maniac.  Nor a control freak.  It means one is conscious of one's behaviour. As the late J Krishnamurti stated 'Do what you will but do it with awareness' to me this resonated as 'when one is aware and works from being conscious and present, then it seems appropriate behaviour ensues, it is action and not reaction.
Reaction is acting as a response to the net junctions or through the filter of programming, useful for one's job, driving and so forth.
Action comes through the 'gaps' in the net. 
It seems the more one is aware one is less robotical, also more contented. The net could be a similar picture to the neuronal net.
Courtesy tackinginitiative.wordpress.com   So this maybe safe and one get into routine and safety and to some measure this is fine as long as it is not stifling, boring and causes tension, stress and a sense of imprisonment.
With Awareness, balance is maintained between left and right side brain as it were most people including me seem to be caught in the struggle of today between radical extremism and letting go without care or thought extremism. Between the prison and hedonistic impulsive headstrong materialism.  

So to go beyond the box or the net and be inspired, not just a make over or cosmetic job, that seems fresh and new until the honeymoon is over, one has to make a hole in the net, not by force but by being conscious of the material in the net. The mausoleum, the tomb of the past.  Modern media in all its facets limits the opportunities to break free, boring jobs or none at all, the same old TV junk, more horror to stimulate one, so we come to a deliberate plan to stifle initiative to certain limits.
How True.
To get out of the trap one has to be alert, not an alertness of being hyped, but the witness who watches with unbiased interest to the so called cornucopia of the ego's harvest.  Most of us settle like the image below:-
Courtesy transformingourbusiness.com.au (looks a bit like illuminati Cameron)
This also can feel 'safe' money to pay the mortgage, one's religion, philosophy, sports team supporter, family, friends, GP, holiday and back to the daily grind, then perhaps illness, retirement, a hobby, maybe depression, divorce loosing friends through death, fear of death, grumpy old person, dementia, and so stop the world I want to get off.  Off of the wheel as Buddha said of constant birth and death and the pleasure pain syndrome.  It needs a rebellion, a revolution, not suicide, taking up arms or fighting. It means a WAY OF WITNESSING WITHOUT ASSESSMENT, so that the hidden agendas are revealed and instead of replacing them with other programmes and brain washing merely carry out what one has to do with fresh alert non opinionated awareness.  The result the intuition kicks in, not an impulse a real inner knowing coming from behind the ego so to speak, through the gap in the net.   On the wheel one works through the net junctions and is NOT aware of them.  The gaps are unbiased awareness.
Courtesy izquotes.com
So is the next step, or as they say in Star Trek 'to go boldly where no man has been before' to take risk, to do what a book title says 'Feel the Fear and do it Anyway' This is psychological but it might be a step on the way.
Courtesy quoteveryday.com
Is this answer to realise the trap, is it enough to break the fear of the unknown?
Or will it just be a suppression of the fear and sublimate it with another programme, merely swapping one programme for another albeit more expansive and appearing freedom, however this freedom maybe limited and yet feel more liberating. Or perhaps something else?
Courtesy sobermommies.com
Sometimes we would rather have the suffering, the boredom or even the joy of the of the known although limited to just that level of joy and 'ah well I am happy and content with my lot, even though it could be better'.
Perhaps we need to explore and watch with unbiased attention, the ruminations of the mind as it goes through its options.  What works best, is the only way, what about the Way-less Way? 
Courtesy www.picturequotes.com
The above maybe cynical and sardonic and I do not mean this literally.  I mean it in the sense of being wedded to the ego programming which works reactively to its programmes which it censors, judges and acts from attack and defence, even ignoring although knowing the incident is defence.
So is there an answer, yeas and no.
Let's go back to my little quote above about:-
No Labels
No Control
Let Life Flow through the hole /whole.
This came about when I was in meditation, just watching, breathing and then an area of calm and almost no thought, vague fleeting top surface superficial nuances, then silence, bathing in this inner quiet, suddenly I felt like an iris of camera enclose the light of the quiet, for my mind seemed quiet and glowing gently. The Iris closed around the light leaving just a small round aperture. Then the quote appeared as a flash, a micro infinitesimal understanding with no logic just as it is and I perceived the inner meaning.
Courtesy www.mediacollege.com
I felt that the iris was the surrounding ego conglomerate, the corporation of my collective archive library, my files and documents that are searched by the censor, the sentinel, the security forces of my ego, ready to accept, deny, delete, attack, defend, justify, plan or think on later---it needed always to be in control and understand and to know. Is this who I really am came to me in that flash? Would I be a mindless, nothing or something that is unknown unacceptable to society? Would I be a maniac out of control and acting out outlandish impulses a victim of unbounded emotions?
Then the realisation came that the light and peace were me, and that was where 'Let Life flow through the hole/ whole' came in. The control and label were part of the iris, the shutter which endeavoured to keep me or the light out.
The tendency of the ego was to establish the iris as the real me, and only let the light in occasionally or not at all, its weapons are distraction, outward focussing, being in command and most of all the super glue of fear.
The analogy to the above was that the iris is and are the junctions in the net and the gaps are the light, HOWEVER, the light can use the junctions for worldly use, driving, work, food choice and so forth, and having supplied the 'needs' not the 'wants and desires' retires to inward contemplation and rest and comes forth through the iris when required. So be it so far. Any attempt to wilfully be the light, can cause stress and the ego to fight back, and how  this is gruesome and tiring. So a curious non judgemental almost lay back alertness in a minimal energy mode yet enough to sustain curiosity and wonder as where these thoughts, emotions and stirrings arrive as if from space with no definite place, like clouds coming and going, watching this for some time without judgement seems to 'starve' the contents and sometimes it dies away in its own way leaving a quiet, calm mind. I find I have a smile and feel a oneness to all and sundry. Does this last and do I still have fear?  Yes however, the process is being refined and there is less of a control freak than before, who knows what life's challenges throw up.
Courtesy www.care2.com
Maybe our challenges are to help us grow, to see where we get stressed by them and perhaps to take them into quietness, breathing gently, curiosity aroused as if the problem were a stranger, then in this letting go process we take the answer to the problem, the challenge out of the ego's fear and we take it too the wisdom of the light. The answer may seem to come out as a logical solution, however it comes out without the stress levels of the frantic ego. 
And so Life goes on, even after this body has gone. Clearing the slate of unfinished business means going the way of all flesh with ease. No regrets, no psychological ploys like I have a good life and its OK to go, well I can't take it with me, or I am glad to go I have had enough here and so on.
One goes into the glory of the light and the iris is open fully.
Be Well. Be Light. Geoff
CME And Ground Curr.again. 
Taken by Rob Stammes on December 23, 2014 @ Polarlightcenter instrument room.Laukvik.Lofoten.Norway.
GROUND CURRENTS IN NORWAY: A CME sideswiped Earth's magnetic field during the early hours of Dec. 23rd. The glancing impact did not spark bright auroras, but it did induce electrical currents in the soils of Norway. "I detected a fantastic CME shock wave on my instruments," reports Rob Stammes of the Polarlightcenter in Lofoten. The CME probably came from the X2-class flare of Dec. 20th
There is also a net, a grid, which connects all things to its currents and the Earth shares them back to its rocks, crystal and organic beings.  We may be sure the shock was felt by all at and in Earth is some way or other.  We are interconnected and interdependent whether we realise it or not. Once we discover our oneness with all Life, this includes the Universe, we discover a new life and meaning. 
THIS WAS REPORTED IN MANY PLACES INCLUDING MY POSTS 174 and 190 and some more.  should this be taken down or removed go to RT.com and see it there.
Metaphors that medicine uses about cancer—how it’s a war or a battle, for instance—change the way we see the disease and how we can prevent and treat it, a new study has found.
Because cancer is seen as a fight against an alien invader, people aren’t interested in simple, and less aggressive, approaches such as dietary changes or quitting smoking. Instead, they want to blast it with high-dose chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Different metaphors change the way people view the disease and ways it should be treated, researchers from the University of Michigan found. In a study involving 313 people, the type of treatment they would choose was in large part determined by the metaphors that described the disease.
In fact, fight and battle are among the top 10 verbs to describe cancer, the researchers note.
(Source: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2014; 41(1):66) ( I found in my healing process that it was better not to use the words fight, enemy, swearing and getting angry. Read what I have said about water and see the affects of anger and fighting, remembering we are 85 or so % water)  
  • Microorganisms in your gastrointestinal tract play an integral part in your health, affecting everything from body weight and nutrition, to chronic diseases of all kinds
  • Each individual's community of gut microbes is unique, and the groundwork for each person's gut flora is laid from birth. Beneficial gut bacteria are very susceptible to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. Studies have confirmed that glyphosate alters and destroys beneficial gut flora in animals
  • The mode of delivery affects the infant's microbial profile. This is one argument for having a vaginal birth, opposed to a C-section, as your baby is “seeded” with microbes as it goes through the birth canal
Hey Dad what did you eat---effects who we are dietary wise etc. 2 mins
Oldest yet found BONE DNA and it causes a mystery. 2 mins
Well sort of.  I said the same as video back in 2006. Well worth watching.  12 mins

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