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Greetings and welcome. In my 1967 downloads so to speak, it is mentioned many times the line ups, transits and various binary and triple line ups of planets, star systems, brought about a cocktail and combination of energies. This was attributed to the attenuation and planetary / star mass, the effects of Cosmic Stellar nurseries, gravity, electrical forces, magnetic fields, black holes and in particular the 'waves' or cyclic events of comets, rotation and orbits and so on a brief synopsis can be found in:-
and a correlation with 
which is the UFO STORY.
Our space cousins are awaiting and can decipher the intricate combinations which are mentioned in the first link(which contain four blogs). I know I go on about ET and my experiences may test your credibility, but just go through the blog and see others testimonies. 
The next big event is right around the corner. On Jan. 24, 2015, beginning at approximately 06:26 UT (1:26 AM EST), the three moons Io, Callisto and Europa will simultaneously cast their inky shadows on Jupiter's cloudtops. This is called a "triple shadow transit," and it is rare. The timing favors observers in North America where the planet will be shining high in the sky in the constellation Leo. Anyone with a backyard telescope is encouraged to watch this easy-to-observe event. (Advice: Start watching at least 30 minutes ahead of time.)(courtesy  
May I make it clear that may not share the above, I merely used their text as illustration of my point, many of my colleagues, friends and acquaintances think this part of my work is 'bonkers' and fringe new age nonsense. We shall see.
I am informed by an ET named Olly and I mean a real ET. If you think that I am bonkers well read Timothy Good and see his videos and there are photos of very human looking ET's and his experiences and proof.  Also Travis Walton.
Travis Walton tells in detail his experience. Compare the human ET after the grey type and also Timothy Good's portrayal.
Anyway I only met Olly by chance recently and he assures me that the UFO story is about 65% accurate, the January 2013 links above are 85% accurate.  He assures me that no one writer about ET  or UFO's are accurate, however we all have a piece of the puzzle.  He does rate Timothy Good as near the top. The top is yet to come.  Make of it what you will, there is a lot UFO stuff around. We are going to see a lot more.  Many astronauts and high ranking ministers, military personnel are talking about this.  There is also a disinformation by the 'illuminati' or whoever, false flags by the dozen.  Some ET have been engaged in direct action, see David Wilcock:-  By the way Olly says this Jupiter line up as above is extremely important.
Courtesy  More images in this link.  See also POST 2. (the email attachment promised now  has been 'wiped out' ) Scroll down to ET stuff.
Olly had that olive skin and did not blink once, his hands were very cold, and he did not appear to talk as we do I cannot put my finger on it. I cannot get in touch with him, he will make contact as and when required. I do know why he came to meet up very spontaneously when I was out and about.
With all the wars which use conventional weapons, nuclear leaks and so forth the ET are not bothered, if we are wiped out as human race, they wouldn't mind at all, some of them would  welcome it.
Olly communicated to me that the time for intervention in a more obvious way could be near, as they were concerned at the 'madness' that was taking hold of the populace. They were concerned that high frequency weapons would fracture the planet and cause earthquakes and bring about a destruction of the whole planet and shatter it.  This they would not allow. If the illuminati took over the planet, they would not interfere as long as they did not kill off too much wild life.  There is redeeming fact.
The new powerful waves of energies arriving through the portal of the Black Hole at the Centre of the Milky way, which is acting as a focussing lens for the energies of transformation and evolution have and effect of a powerful hose pipe, and it causes the collective unconscious to purge and cleanse all incongruous and putrid frequencies, not commensurate or concomitant with those coming in. 
In fact it is like the threshing floor, sorting the wheat from the chaff. Mentally and psychologically this deranges the mind, effects the psyche and can get people into frenzies, outrage, and with the assistance of the 'security' forces and the bombardment of injected frequencies through chemtrails, TV, cell / mobile phones, masts, any appliance that is digital, psychotropic medicines, vaccines, GMO foods and so on, exacerbate the whole mad 'shark like feeding frenzy' cause huge outrageous false flags, limited nuclear strikes, limited biological warfare delivered by drones and insects and so on.
We have to go back to the soil as the image above this one depicts and we have to be survivors. Not morbid war torn and ravaged ragged survivors, but those whose technology is in harmony with the Earth and nature, whose clean renewable and sustainable way of Life prevails. This can be done. Many people are awakening, many are in the process of a DNA  upgrade, not by mechanical implants, although these may come in for a while, death will be seen as natural, longevity and all faculties intact with a strong body will come.  I have described what the new humans will look like in the January 2013 blogs state.  Now you might say a 'cop out and excuse' you may say to yourselves, the transformation in process now, not through wonder drugs, GMO and the like, but by natural genetic DNA evolution by the Cosmos.
We can either attune to the new energies through quietness, contemplation, meditation and the like, or go on distracting ourselves with gadgets, more horror movies, alcohol, celebrity worship and so forth. The more we distract the more the frenzy goes on and the powers to be send more and more in your face outrageous false flags. In the end a mad merry- go round mayhem as depicted in many futuristic videos and films.
You might think that years I have given as 2012 till 2016 as pivotal, and that the process if successful and the 'illuminati' delays it with mind jamming stupefying viruses, drugs, taking away all human rights, martial law, will delay it or could be a catalyst for mind awakening change, if all goes well 2016 to 2032 will see marked transformation and 2032 till 2075 will end the process. Yes you say you will not be alive and so it is convenient to say this now. I was stating this in 1967. Hopefully I may see 2016. I could be around in 2032, I would be 93 then. We shall see.  I may have to have few adjustments to keep me going. More cop outs now.  There are waves of developments, from 1856 till 2000, the first transformers came to Earth, possibly myself, then the next set from 2000 to 2032 and the final set 2032 to 2075.  The Cosmic energies are transforming throughout the Universe and will not go away and will keep on going up the scale millions and billions of years to come.
Like it not we are in the hands of the Cosmos and Its source, we are an experiment and we can exercise choice. Choice by reasoning and logic, then by inspiration and then by intuition found in quietness and meditation.  There is a risk in all experiments and we tamper with Cosmic Natural Law, then we live in a mechanical heartless world or by the light of Universal love and sharing.
In the end or the beginning the spirals of evolution will keep ramping up, going up the scale, another octave and whether we go along with this or stunt it, it will go on with or without us. So what is the way we see it now---that future scenario or way is your decision. Mine is to go along the path of the Cosmos the only way I at present I know.
Whether you feel Iv'e lost, a cog is missing, I am a futuristic nut, an elderly man, cynical, unhappy with Life or just a dreamer only time will tell.  However I thank you for reading this which is perhaps not my usual Post.  
Caught on camera an angel healing a child in hospital 3 mins
The news clip does not tell the whole story. A nurse outside her room saw a man on the monitor standing outside the double doors and hit the automatic button to let him in. No one was there. She hit it several more times after seeing the man on the monitor. Still no one was there when the doors opened. Another nursed joined in and they noticed what they thought was a ordinary man seemed to have wings and than this appeared at the girl's door. These employees at the hospital from what I understand gave written testaments as to what they saw that day.  ( I believe in angels and some of the comments are crude and brash)
World leaders staged march in Paris---makes you think eh? 3 mins
The Bible codes and 2015 and 2016 15 mins.  Make up your mind time again
Dr. Geoff Freed, a former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, is a remarkable man. We first met him at a UFO lecture he was giving about 15 years ago in England and we have remained friends ever since. What struck us was the warmth and humour with which he delivered some quite outstanding and far-out information — never to shock; always to empower.
Geoff is a pioneer; his spiritual journey began a long time ago, long before the spiritual New Age officially kicked off. He refers to "writings" that he did in 1967, which lays the groundwork and predicted much of what is going on today. His official bio reads:
Geoff Freed Ph.D., Dip.Lcs Coun. MNFSH. Dip.COP is a former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher who has had a very varied life with periods as an apprentice pro-soccer player, a martial arts teacher, an engineer, and a researcher into the paranormal. He has also stayed for periods with Tibetan Monks at Samye Ling and is also an ex-Findhorn member. More recently, he was also a healer, a teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi & Do In, a meditation teacher, a psychotherapist, and a counsellor. His main gift, however, is giving lectures and work-shops on many different subjects including UFOs, the Inner Child, Pre-Life Agreements, Physics and its application to healing, the Chakra System and, of course, the huge transformations that are currently taking place. Although he does not lecture any more, he still does a few private workshops and continues to put out important information in his blogs.
Please use the menu on the top right of this page to find what you are looking for. Energygrid hosts Geoff's blogs written from 2005 to the start of 2013. After that period, Geoff decided to start to start his own website so he could post more frequently. You can find his own site at   I was saying these things in 1967.  Some persons may remember as I did these workshops as the editor mentions above and that was 15 years from 2005 back when he 1990 by then I had at least two workshops a year on UFO's and ET.  Roughly 78 workshops ON ET / UFO and in total with other subjects 637, 3000 clients, 435 train journies and countless miles of driivng , many private chats and a number of clients with unexplained or abducted experiences. Plus my research and article in the THE UFO STORY.
MOSCOW - Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Tuesday his country doesn't intend to use the International Space Station past the year 2020 and that this would effectively exclude the United States from using the orbiting laboratory.
The statement came amid high tensions between Washington and Moscow over the Ukraine crisis and the sanctions imposed by the United States. Rogozin did not draw a direct connection between those tensions and the space station, but said "it is really alarming to us to continue developing major high-technology projects with such an unreliable partner as the US, which is politicizing everything," the Interfax news agency reported.
Rogozin said that after 2020, Russia would like to redirect the resources now used for manned spaceflight to other space projects. Those projects were not specified in the reports, but he said the national space agency would be presenting a plan this summer.
Rogozin said that the Russian segment of the space station "can exist independently of the American one, but the American segment cannot exist on its own without the Russian one." However, he promised that Russia "will act completely pragmatically and will not place any impediments for work on the ISS."
Since the end of the US space shuttle program, Russian Soyuz spacecraft are the only way to ferry astronauts to and from the ISS.
The deputy premier also said Russia intends to sell rocket engines to the United States only upon guarantees that they will not be used for military purposes.
United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, uses Russian RD-180 engines as the first stage in its Atlas V launch vehicle, which is used for military and intelligence satellites. A ULA statement sent to The Associated Press said the company was unaware of any restrictions
from left: Steve SwFanson from the US and Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev from 
Russia before the launch Photo: Camera Press/Ria Novosti.
Mr Rogozin said Moscow was planning "strategic changes" in its space industry after 2020 and aims to use money and "intellectual resources" that now go to the space station for a "a project with more prospects".
He suggested Russia could use the station without the United States, saying: "The Russian segment can exist independently from the American one. The U.S. one cannot."
The US space agency NASA is working with companies to develop space taxis with the goal of restoring US transport to the station by 2017, but the United States currently pays Russia more than $60 million per person to fly its astronauts up.
Mr Rogozin said Russia will suspend the operation of 11 GPS sites on its territory from June and seek talks with Washington on opening similar sites in the United States for Russia's own satellite navigation system, Glonass.
He threatened the permanent closure of the GPS sites in Russia if that is not agreed by September.
He said the suspension of the sites would not affect everyday operations of the GPS system in Russia, where it is used by millions of Russians for navigation on their smartphones and in their cars.
The upheaval in Ukraine - where the United States says Russia is backing separatists and the Kremlin accuses Washington of helping protesters to topple a Moscow-friendly president in February, has led to the worst East-West crisis since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.
In addition to the hi-tech sector sanctions, the US has imposed visa bans and assets freezes on officials and lawmakers and targeted companies with links to President Vladimir Putin. The European Union has also imposed sanctions.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier on Tuesday that the latest EU measures were an "exhausted, trite approach" that would only deepen discord and hamper efforts to defuse the crisis in Ukraine.
A huge claw like eruption from the Sun. Wow. It is suggested that the magnet thread and filaments twist to make this type of phenomena.
Dr Aleander Unzicker
Bless you Dr Unzicker when all that Higgs stuff came out these cartoons summed it up for me.  Apart from anything else ‘how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?’  My comments apart from anything else were, so we build another extension until we get half of France and Switzerland involved in an underground massive complex to find even smaller and more complex ‘whatevers’ perhaps the son of  Higgs, the boson / Bosun on the rising ship Balderdash and so on.
Some of Dr Unzickers comments:-
Do you think that many scientists, more specifically particle physicists, feel the way you do about the standard model yet are afraid to discuss it publicly due to the repercussions it will have on their career and the potential support of their peers?
“Particle physicists definitely avoid a public debate about the foundations of their field because they are concerned about their funding. However, they merely believe their fairy tales. Others in more sane fields such as geophysics or quantum optics often agree with my critical views but don’t want to speak out. They have nothing to gain.”
Do you think that the standard model of particle physics has become a dogma similar to a religious order?
“I wouldn’t call it order, but the parallel to religion is obvious. Science is testable, repeatable, transparent and makes predictions. All this is absent in particle physics. Opinions in the community are formed in the exactly same way, by relying on authority, parroting and belief.”
Do you think that some of the experimental results of the 50s and 60s were misinterpreted? And if so, how would you simply describe where this has taken us.
“It’s a subtle mechanism, the combination of theoretical wishful thinking and the adjustments of experiments on phenomena which were consistent with those desires. That led to a series of concepts that probably have nothing to do with reality. All this is brilliantly described by Andrew Pickering in his book Constructing Quarks.”
What is your opinion of the validity and viability of building larger and larger accelerators to confirm various standard model approaches?
“Fundamental physics has turned into a high-tech sport that has nothing to do with fundamental questions. For decades, there has been no creative idea in particle physics other than to go to higher energies.”
In your opinion, is there any way to reinterpret the experimental data from particle accelerators, including the Large Hadron Collider, to expose useful alternative theoretical concepts?
“The problem is that the results are formulated within the standard model, thus at the present stage they are useless. If we talk about reinterpreting, we should repeat the experiments of the 1950’s and 1960’s and put the raw data on the Internet.”
What is your opinion of Dirac’s large number hypothesis?
“Extremely interesting and significant, though it is usually dismissed as ‘numerology’ by people who never predict measurable numbers. But if quantum mechanics is ever unified with general relativity, Dirac’s observation has to play a key role.”
Why do you think quantum mechanical spin is “apparently” not represented by physical spin?
“I think that spin is a consequence of the mathematical properties of rotations in three-dimensional space. We are still far from fully understanding its nature.”
Do you think that there is a more classical solution to particle physics and that Einstein was right in seeking one?
“He was right in criticizing that quantum theory did provide the ultimate solution, though I would not agree with all his arguments. An ingenious idea he had was the variable speed of light. I think one should carefully study it, there is even an unknown relation to Dirac’s large numbers.”
What do you think it will take to overcome the dogma of the Higgs mechanism and the Higgs fake discovery?
“Well, people may gradually realize that it is nonsense as they are starting to realize it with strings, but the structures in institutionalized science are very resilient. We need to reorganize the method of evaluation and adapt it to the 21st century. The raw data of every experiment has to be public and every single step of the analysis has to be open to scrutiny, testable by an unlimited number of researchers. There are some encouraging examples in astrophysics, such as SDSS.”
Do you think there is any hope that the mainstream community will accept a simpler solution to particle physics and to quantum gravity?
“It will always be hard to convince people that they have achieved nothing in their career, even if the correct theory of everything should show up. In that case, as Max Planck said, science advances very slowly, from one funeral to the next…”
What inspired you to pursue this journey of discovery regarding the standard model and being a vocal point for an alternative pursuit of physics?
“I really love physics, and it really annoyed me how much baloney is being sold under its name. So I felt I had to speak out. Humanity needs reasonable physics if we want to get the respect of civilizations that might follow.”
Maybe they knew something the boffin's did not.
And Bulls leave excrement so its a lot of bullshit.
Romance----yes the scientists are on terrific wages in a wonderful venue. They are boastful and actually this is the worship of materialism, ego and the new God---science and warfare. 

How much more land will they want. The irony is you need a huge complex to get to the very small and a relatively small glass peep-hole to look at the very large, binoculars or a telescope. 
You should have seen and heard the flak I got when many of the PH'DEEEEZ, read my original in Post 58.  I thought I would have been eliminated, so I am glad Dr Unzicker did his bit.
So if I am still around after this.  (By the way most of these scientific findings go to the military of Industrial Military Complex. This sort of stuff could well benefit health and things like that, a few crumbs are tossed off the bread board to keep us 'sheeples' quiet).
So Until Next Time.  Keep Well and Be Well.  Geoff
Bill Ryan's ET  girlfriend. 15 mins.  There are many more I have met (I have never met Bill Ryan).  Look up Bill Ryan he is a very credible witness and did lots of Interviews with Camelot:-
Tibetan Buddhist Monks and g tumo practice. 4 mins.  Extraordinary
Bill Ryan and the Rulers of The World.  A view which I may elaborate on in another Post.  Well worth the 40 mins
My Search Engine is  for every search you plant, they are genuine I have friend who has been to see their projects.  

It’s music to the ears of any couch potato and anyone else fired with New Year resolution to get in shape. It’s also one of my favorite studies about the power of thought. 

A group of scientists at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in
Ohio wanted to find out basically if there was any difference between going to the gym and just thinking about going to the gym. 

In one of their many studies, they assembled 30 volunteers. Eight of them were trained to imagine exercising their little finger, another group of eight were to imagine exercising their elbow flexor muscle, a third group of six actually had to work out their little fingers, and a fourth group did nothing. 

At the end of 12 weeks, the scientists discovered that the people who just thought about exercising their little fingers improved their finger strength by 35 per cent, while those who’d actually had to work out had improved their strength by 53 per cent. The elbow thinkers also showed a strong effect by improving their strength by 13.5 per cent. 
Cleveland researchers also found big changes in brain cortical potentials that are usually involved in control of muscle, as though the muscles had actually been exercised.

This research has now been amplified by a new research from
Ohio University showing that anyone who has let their muscles go through inactivity or injury can think them back to shape and former strength. In fact, carrying out mental exercises can reduce muscle loss by up to 50 per cent. 

In this study, 29 volunteers were asked to wear a rigid cast immobilizing the hand and wrist for four weeks. Half of them regularly carried out mental imagery, where they imagined they were intensely contracting their wrist for five seconds and then resting for five seconds. 

At the end of four weeks, both groups had lost significant strength in their immobilized limbs, but the group using the power of thought lost half as much strength as the others (J Neurophysiology 2014; 112: 3219).

This latest study offers yet more evidence that the brain, a marvel of engineering in so many regards, is a little bit dumb when it comes to distinguishing between a thought and an action. Just the thought is enough to produce the neural instructions to change the body. 

This is backed up by research with EEGs showing that the electrical activity produced by the brain are identical, whether we are thinking about doing something or actually doing it. Studies with weightlifters show that EEG patterns in the brain that would be activated to produce the actual motor skills are activated while the skill is simply being thought about. 

However, these instructions are highly specific; thinking about strength training your elbow doesn’t make automatically make the rest of you strong; only your little finger. The power of thought enhances only the muscle groups being imagined. 

The University of Ohio researchers have concluded that the power of the mind is a critical determinant of muscle strength and want to incorporate this kind of mental training in future recovery programs after injury. 
For me, it’s important to sit back for a moment and think about the bigger picture here— the implications of these experiments and how much of the standard biological worldview it smashes to smithereens. 

If just imagining we’re doing a workout can make our muscles strong, if thinking about doing makes the brain think we’re actually doing, that poses a number of basic questions about exactly what we’re dealing with here, what thought, indeed, the mind itself, actually are. Consider for a moment the sophisticated mechanism required for thoughts to be able to create such a response – far more than the mechanistic model we’re currently presented with.

And of course, this sort of research this leaves us with the biggest question of all: besides of the muscles of our hands and wrists, what else are we capable of influencing? And what out there are we unconsciously affecting at every moment?
Courtesy Lyn McTaggart

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