Thursday 3 November 2016


Hello and if things are not crazy how about this alleged coup. 
I print Forbidden Knowledge and Courtesy to Alexandra Bruce
Dear Geoff,  

Just when it couldn't get any crazier, 
Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a psychiatrist 
and NY Times Bestselling Author who 
has also held high US Government 
positions since the mid-1970s, 
including Deputy Assistant Secretary 
of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus 
Vance and James Baker explains the 
latest unforeseen twist in the 2016 
US Presidential Election.

Pieczenik says that a group of US 
intelligence agents from over 15 
organizations supplied WikiLeaks with 
all of the emails, which have flooded 
the Clinton campaign and discredited 
many of its members, in recent weeks 
- but he also explains that their job is 
hardly done. Below is the transcript of 
this shocking video announcement:

"On November 1, 2016, Hillary and 
Bill Clinton and their entourage of 
assistants effected a civilian coup. In 
contrast to the usual concept of a coup, 
where the military's involved and takes 
over the White House and communication 
centers, very much like the scenarios 
you see in a movie, this coup was done 
silently and very effectively through two 
methods: corruption and co-optation.

"The Clintons have been involved in 
co-opting our White House, our 
Judiciary, our CIA, our Federal Bureau 
of Investigation, our Attorney General, 
Loretta Lynch and our Director of the 
FBI, James Comey for some time now.

"What they've done is to make sure that 
they were part and parcel of a group of 
people who were interrelated through 
political cronyism. However, in order to 
stop this coup, we in the intelligence 
community and others involved have 
informally gotten together and with their 
permission, I am beginning to announce 
that we've initiated a counter-coup 
through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

"What has happened, in effect, when 
Comey had to open up the case of Hillary 
Clinton and discuss the emails that were 
involved with the Anthony Weiner case, 
it was not the case, itself that was as 
important as the fact that this was the 
entrée for many of us in the counter-coup 
to say to the Administration: "We have 
your number. Not only do we have your 
number, we're going to stop you from 
making Hillary the President of the 
United States - and at the same time, 
we will in convict and indict the President 
of the United States, Loretta Lynch and 
many others who are involved in the 
cover-up of the massive corruption that 
occurred under the Clinton Foundation."

"Now, in both cases, their coup was silent 
and our counter-coup was silent and it 
was all a transpired or occurred on the 
internet and this is probably the first time 
in the history of any country where a coup 
was initiated through the internet and a 
counter-coup was initiated through the 

"I am just a small part of something far 
bigger than myself. It was the brave men 
and women who are in the FBI, the CIA 
the Director of Intelligence, the military 
intelligence and men and women in 15 
other intelligence organizations who are 
sick and tired of seeing this corruption in 
the White House and the Justice 
Department and the intelligence system 
and we decided that there was something 
we had to, do in order to save the 

"So we initiated a counter-coup through 
Julian Assange, who has been very brave 
and really quite formidable, in his ability 
to come forth and provide all the necessary 
emails that we gave to him in order to 
undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton.

"Again, America we're going through a 
major, major transition and quite frankly 
- a Second American Revolution. We do 
not have guns, we do not have weapons, 
we do not intend to kill anybody, we do 
not intend to harm anybody but we, the 
American public and those of us who 
serve as veterans and in intelligence 
service, like myself will stop the Clintons 
from assuming power that they don't 

"At the same time, we will make certain 
that Obama leaves, without any trail of 
a pardon or any other act of treason. In 
effect, we want a peaceful transition in 
this great American Republic.

"I bring you this news and I want you to 
understand what has happened. A 
moment of history is occurring right now 
in front of us and I'm proud to explain it 
to you."

In the next video post made by Pieczenik, 
he gets into shockingly horrible revelations 
about both Bill and Hillary's involvement in 
pedophile sex ring, along with convicted 
pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, in whose private 
plane, the "Lolita Express" the Clintons 
both separately and together visited a 
private island in the Bahamas on between
20-30 occasions, where young girls were 
prostituted to them and to other powerful 
people from around the world, including 
Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, son of 
Queen Elizabeth II.

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Be alert and Be Well.  Geoff.

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