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Welcome.  In my 1967 writings which can be found in Synopsis and in many blogs in this site and www.energygrid.com on the Menu of Futurity and in the link;- http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2013/01a.html and continues for four blogs( note it carries on for three more blogs)
I would now like to draw your attention to a tremendous video and its similarities to what the 1967 writings had in store.
Linda Moulton Howe.  1 hr. 34 mins
I appreciate it is lengthy yet it will be very, very, very well worth it.  There are documents and names and a wealth of experience and research.
In my 1967 writings or downloads from an unknown source it was made clear to me to prove the writings as it was to be known and to be an on going research and its source.

The binary codes I was given were an enigma at the time, yet I found out later that they were codes for I thought a UFO navigator and I Posted this and then subsequently found that they were star and planetary alignments and a sort of star map. 
http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2012/06a.html scroll down for Stargate, this was a non technical blog meant to see if anyone out there would 'take the bait' and two scientists one from Russia and one from Ukraine contacted me, there is a story attached to this, another time perhaps. We built
the Gate and were forced to shut down the project.  This was important because then I knew for sure 'someone you know who' had got the technology already.
then in May 2005 I gave a synopsis of the UFO story, I presented perhaps 70 lectures on these and many private gatherings, the Editor of energygrid came to one of these and you can see his comments in my CV
The main points here was that we were being monitored by five races of ET, that they knew about the ancient ones called the old Empire(see transcript which correlates with Matilda O'Donnell Macelroy a few Posts back), that they were not here to save us but they knew a new step in evolution was nigh and they also would only save the Earth if we looked like splitting it in pieces. There were many other things they were monitoring.(read why they came here UFO STORY)
Courtesy quotefancy
At the end of my lectures on UFO  as I was packing up I used to say just a moment please ' there is a theory about time dilation which says that if astronauts went out far in the Universe that say 6 years of travel to them might be say a 70 to 100 years on Earth and by the time they came back, no one would know, because two hundred years had elapsed, as the astronauts evolved in space (read Matilda as her ET was a sort of biological miracle---remember I did my 1967 long before it was published) and so when they came back no one knew ----could they be our future selves come back?
No matter where one wriggles it all happens in the 'space of the mind----consciousness'.
The other point I would suggest is that had the Earth been decimated as it had nearly been 42 times before they being a kind of a nonbilogical and yet biological life form a life form that was a living material with a biological brain was because their rather sterile life was too mechanical and wished  to return to a flesh body, after roaming space may not be as wonderful as expected, also their memory had retained earlier memories of a green and blue planet and nature.  
Courtesy  YouTube 
So their material bodies had learned to feed off of space energy and imprint codes and signals into a kind of hieroglyphics which were impregnated with an energetic power that their brains had, they were a substance imprinted code, a sort of machine code and AI that was semi organic, in itself it was a super computer that was self activating, so the ET had a telepathic link to their craft and to the codes on the ribbon structures.  Even a human handling it would see their binary instructions because they had brains and frequencies and were telepathic, that's why a good remote viewer could easily access the information.  The symbols themselves were semi living entities. AI as living being, not just quite flesh.  Not to far away from Ray Kurzwell, Bill Gates and others only not so selfish and sinister, they do not want a one world order leader with an elite, being telepathic and a shared consciousness with a kind of fabrics and AI it was as if it were one mind with no leader, in fact they were nodes that shared information as a computer which self updated the whole at once, they were like electrons in space(read up on electrons that are linked).
Courtesy theimpact news
In fact they were the next step in evolution and they needed to combine the genetic structure of DNA human to theirs to produce the ultimate Human with AI.

Courtesy the economist
Courtesy vo2-v-peiento.blogspot.comnsam

Courtesy pinterest
The three above images are of the seed bank in Norway. I feel Noah's Ark was a seed bank, either hidden on Earth or taken by ET.
If you have seen the two films 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' the older version with Michael Rennie and the later one with Keanu Reeves, one poignant message stood out; this is a rare beautiful planet and there is not another like it, so there is race to get the DNA of this planet and perhaps build another like it.
However ET have managed to put human DNA into AI and furthermore into materials, as I said many UFO's  are built of the same substance as the life forms that pilot them, they are mind controlled the so called non mechanical share the same intelligence BUT not consciousness, this is the KEY they are looking for consciousness in our DNA so they can make or implant Consciousness and make aware AI who only follow sort of mechanical script or computer code, although near consciousness it misses by an iota.  They will never do it because this is Cosmic Consciousness and is the priority of the Universal Mind. 
Its like the pathologist who takes a body apart, then the cellular scientist who splits cells, and the quantum physicist who splits atoms and still they cannot find the intelligence particle or gene. 
Courtesy YouTube
Meeting several people and a well known book writer on ET and UFO who claims to have met ET in London I thought was a bit of a tall story until it happened to me.  Through an invitation for lunch I went to the restaurant and was talking to this famous author when we were joined by a person who was not unlike the above, his eyes were like marbles a sort of green and blue and looked like the spheres in the Keanu version of Day the Earth Stood still, we shook hands his hand was limp and icy cold. I said to my friend 'you did not tell me you had invited a Guest 'he said I don't see anyone'  The rest I'll cut short and is very personal, I did have a telepathic contact with Ollie as I named him, the waiter confirmed his presence and said 'What a weird bloke, I wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night'.
Courtesy  telepathsatnight.com
Having thought and being glad the encounter was over, Ollie turned up at a local cafe where I was having a tea, he just stared at me for several minutes and went out, the owner was a famous cage fighter and boxer, he said he did not get scared often but this man gave him the creeps.
I was in a restaurant when a man came in dressed in a chauffeurs outfit and he said Lord X requested me to attend his manor, I said how did he know me, he said Ollie told him.    
In a supermarket a lady came in, tall and blond with glasses and when she took them off she had the same eyes as Ollie and said her name was Alice.  She just said to take care and be careful. Ted the shelf attendant said, 'Bloody hell for a good looking bird her eyes would put Dracula off' he ran after her and she had gone.
Courtesy euraconservations.
I was met by the Chauffeur again what seemed like a chance meeting, he invited me again on behalf of Lord X, I agreed he said he would pick me up at my home in a car.  I said I would make my own way because I thought all of this maybe an elaborate hoax or a kidnap for some reason.
I arrived at the gate similar to the above image and rang the intercom, the chauffeur came with a golf cart vehicle and drove me to the splendid manor.
Courtesy google images
When I came in there was Lord X a well known MP, Ollie and Alice, Ollie and Alice did not eat but sipped some liquid.  We had a splendid meal and I picked up a bit of telepathy from the what I now felt were ET.  A lady came in and she could 'hear' them well and translated for me.  Apparently they had become aware of my work and knew I had binary codes as in energygrid, they said did I know the exact deciphering of it, I told them what I knew, basically not much and got them through the 1967 writings.  
I was taken home and was invited once more.  When I got there this time there was Lord X another MP, a military man and the lady interpreter Alice and Ollie. After another splendid meal, Lord X said that as I had no further information this was to be the last meeting and he thanked me for my trouble. I got a distinct message from both Alice and Ollie that I did know and I had a sort of amnesia or block of some kind. I still have.  Often we look outward and the solution is under nose.
Russian UFO crash  4 mins.
This surfaced sometime back and was originally made into part of a documentary with a commentary by Sir Roger Moore, I have blogged and Posted it, you'll find it in the search bars or Google, notice the markings are the same as mentioned in the first Linda video.
OK I am going to be a bore, rude and nasty---to the skeptics out there obviously you can disagree but those who use profanities and yell like braying dogs or hyenas, just listen to yourself and if you have kids and they copy you, you make them bullies. One can make a point and discuss, dialogue, exchange views, the mark of a caring respectful person.
 To continue with this; looking into the Universe we know it is composed of atoms, particles and all is in the state of constant motion, vibration, frequencies, and certain frequencies of materials are known and can be made to solidify.  I am more interested in the materials ET have and impregnated with DNA encoding.
 An example of ELF Brain Simulation

Bioelectric Resonance Frequency

Motor Control Cortex                      10Hz                    Information Induced through Modulation                  

Auditory Cortex                               15Hz                   Motor Impulse coordinator

Visual Cortex                                   25Hz                   Images on the brain by passing the eye. 

Somalosensory                                 9Hz                     Phantom touch sense.

Thought Center                                20Hz                   Imposed subconscious thoughts.

These are from panel underneath very old copy  above. Now all this far more advanced.

It would not be beyond ET knowledge to laser emboss frequencies into a synthetic plastic like material. 
Since everything is frequency and certain Russian scientists and Burr can produce material from fields of information, energy matrix field (a good reference book David Wilcock  'The Source Field Investigations'---look up the Phantom Wave DNA Field and the work of Russian scientists--- they have gone further now---although it was an idea ---the Russia and Ukrainian were able to construct the Stargate as above before closing down the project).
Taking this further if you take the two diagrams above, find the frequencies and embed them onto a pliable AI strip you get AI with the frequencies to telepathies with a an Organic Flesh Brain.  
Courtesy hyperphysics-phy-astr-asu.edu
To elaborate suppose you had two or three frequencies which entrained or interacted that gave off micro volts then they would be emitting an energy, frequencies, the battery above needs distilled water to cause the reaction THE strips get their supply form the zero potential or sub atomic realm where there is constant activity and particles and waves on the move in interchanges, exchanges of information with never ending relationships.
ET  have harnessed that energy and managed to capture it into matrices and that was the matrix that red haired girl held in the box in Linda's video.  So the energy or fuel source is non ending, it eternal, by the same means the UFO and the semi human is fueled by the same source of energy and the brain is only a set of frequencies replicated from the flesh brain and so the ET in Matilda's transcript did not need oxygen or food.
However the soldier in Rendlesham Forest picked up live frequencies as in the 1974 diagram above, the strips are a far in advance the same kind of thing.  The frequencies went directly to his brain.
Courtesy pinterest
There are billions of cells in human bodies and all other organic structures and forms.  Human cells thrive in a saline solution and healthy cells emit between 60 and 70 micro volts fueled by healthy living, some longterm fast persons can actually reset the 'factory works' of the body by allowing the intelligence of the body's inherent and in all living things to operate and correct unhealthy living, the Universal energy is an intelligence it is the Architect of the living Universe and its Holographic display.
Courtesy www.youtube
Since the body has liquid crystalline structure in it(search bars both sites)and also a side effect piezo electricity (see search bars as I have blogged and Posted on these) then it can produce an oscillator and crystals can perform such tasks.  Then consider the DNA as oscillator and producing piezo currents. As the DNA turns about itself it is co interacting and creating waves of information in frequency form which then send signals and  is coded to the various organs and then units of proteins, hormones, enzymes and the like are gathered from the matrix of frequencies in this output.
For instance the heart and brain work on a 7.87 hertz  range as does the Schumann Resonance which is said to be erratic and rising(see back Post) and so the it makes the case of the speeding up and complementary slowing down going on now as we head towards the shift which is the next step in evolution----it may be our metabolisms, heart rates and so on are speeding up incrementally in sync hopefully with the Cosmos.
So the embossed strips are self perpetuating ------why so?  Because the frequencies are attuned the Universe which is a vast oscillating phenomena and is perpetual motion---which may likened to forever and ever---we are in the hands of Eternity. 
Be Well.  Geoff

3 mins

NEUTRONS ON A PLANE: Want to experience space weather? It's easy. Just step on board an airplane. Cosmic rays from deep space penetrate Earth's atmosphere where air travelers absorb them during long trips. On March 9th, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew to Sweden for an Arctic space weather balloon launch.  During the flight from Los Angeles to Stockholm, they used a bubble chamber to search for neutrons--and they found them. In this photo, each bubble (three are circled for illustration) shows where a neutron passed through the chamber and vaporized a superheated droplet:
Among researchers it is well known that neutrons are an important form of cosmic rays, providing much of the biologically effective radiation dose at altitudes of interest to aviation and space tourism. Low-energy neutrons also cause single-event upsets in aircraft avionics.
By counting the bubbles in the chamber, it is possible to estimate the total dose of neutron radiation during our flight. The answer is 18 uSv--even more than the dose of X-rays and gamma-rays, which the students also measured. Lesson: When measuring aviation radiation, don't forget the neutrons! Stay tuned for more results from our ongoing research trip to the Arctic Circle(courtesy spaceweather,com)
Trappist-1 new solar system found. 6 mins
Alexa are you connected to the CIA 6 mins
WikiLeaks' release of the Vault 7
CIA documents is causing some
humorous responses from the
general public. There's a whole
new genre of videos emerging
on YouTube, of people asking
their Alexa-enabled "personal
assistant" devices whether they're
connected to the CIA. There are
even compilations now, like the
one I'm sharing today.

The first clips made (edited 
together in the wrong order, 
here) show people asking their 
device whether it's connected 
to the CIA. The device "can't 
handle the truth," so to speak, 
gets flustered and doesn't 
answer. Later videos show that 
an update has been made to 
the cloud, where Alexa's brain 
lives. Alexa now replies to that 
same question, "No, I work for 

Well, Amazon works for the CIA! 
The Alexa software, according to 
their own product description, 
"...is built in the cloud [the same 
Amazon cloud that Jeff Bezos 
received $600M from the CIA to 
store and secure their data], so it 
is always getting smarter. The 
more customers use Alexa, the 
more she adapts to speech 
patterns, vocabulary, and 
personal preferences."

Basically, what Alexa-enabled 
devices like Echo do is provide 
you with an even more invasive 
form of surveillance than you're 
already getting for free from 
your other web-connected 
Courtesy Alexandra Bruce ForbiddenKnowledge TV 

THREE MORE SHACK IS BACK.   shackisback.blogspot.com (co.uk) use address bar if browser will not take it, new site. 

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