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Hello Trusting you are well and thriving. With all the fake news and unbelievable lies and deceit and the Governments and their law agencies corrupt or let us say 'on the side of their masters' either the Government of the day, if there is such a thing, and the shadow, elite, deep state which may actually govern.
Perhaps the government of the day, that is the elected government runs so 'called population and electoral matters' and the shadow monitors them so as not to infringe or step on their toes' whilst the shadow lot get on with world domination and super power which is the one world government.
Courtesy The Corbett Report.
Most countries have this and most shadow governments are connected, some by blood and family ties and some by greed and power and perhaps both are the same.
Germany's Government to fine 50 million Euro for Fake News. 1 min
THE WHOLE ISSUE OF 'WHO DETERMINES WHAT IS FAKE OR NOT?  WHAT Google or any government agency considers fake may not be Fake it maybe it is to suit the policy of the Government and to blot out any other opinion and so the populace will have only one view and this becomes a dictatorship and then the one world government.  Horrendous, hideous and brain numbing.
DNA results of Paracas Skulls.  3 mins
House built in 24 hrs.  7 mins
From DDT to Glyphosate. 10 MINS 
Truly important and needs action.
The Yugas----ages in the worlds evolution--- a fascinating study.  3 mins
  • Satya Yuga (also known as Krita Yuga "Golden Age"): The first and best Yuga. It was the age of truth and perfection. The Krita Yuga was so named because there was but one religion, and all men were saintly: therefore they were not required to perform religious ceremonies. The caste system was very flexible. Humans were gigantic, powerfully built, handsome, honest, youthful, vigorous, erudite and virtuous. The Vedas were one. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. There was no agriculture or mining as the earth yielded those riches on its own. Weather was pleasant and everyone was happy. There were no religious sects. There was no disease, decrepitude or fear of anything. Human lifespan was 100,000 years and humans tended to have hundreds or thousands of sons or daughters. People had to perform penances for thousands of years to acquire Samadhi and die.
  • Treta Yuga: Is considered to be the second Yuga in order, however Treta means the "Third". In this age, virtue diminishes slightly. At the beginning of the age, many emperors rise to dominance and conquer the world. Wars become frequent and weather begins to change to extremities. Oceans and deserts are formed. People become slightly diminished compared to their predecessors. Agriculture, labour and mining become existent. Average lifespan of humans is around 1000-10,000 years.
  • Dvapara Yuga: Is considered to be the third Yuga in order. Dvapara means "two pair" or "after two". In this age, people become tainted with Tamasic qualities and aren't as strong as their ancestors. Diseases become rampant. Humans are discontent and fight each other. Vedas are divided into four parts. People still possess characteristics of youth in old age. Average lifespan of humans is around a few centuries.
  • Kali Yuga: The final age. It is the age of darkness and ignorance. People become sinners and lack virtue. They become slaves to their passions and are barely as powerful as their earliest ancestors in the Satya Yuga. Society falls into disuse and people become liars and hypocrites. Knowledge is lost and scriptures are diminished. Humans eat forbidden and dirty food and engage in unrestrained sinful sexual practices. The environment is polluted, water and food become scarce. Wealth is heavily diminished. Families become non existent. Average lifespan of people is barely 100 years, though, by the end of the Yuga, it will be as low as 20 years.
  • There is a lot of controversy over the translation and text. Many different opinions are put forward.
I did a lot of research into this especially in energygrid(when the archive is set up I will bring more to it) 
I found a 700,000, 24,000, 12,000, 5,500 year cycles and there is a definite correlation between many ethnic interpretations and Hindu and Yogic Philosophy.  For sure these are seen in ice drilling's at the poles, paleontology, cosmology and so on.   The bible mentions some of this in the book of Mathew and some Guru's have a treatise on them I rather favor 'The Holy Science' by Swami Sri Yukteswar' (Yogananda's Guru), in this book there is mathematical and other scientific facts and for a Guru who was known as a Jnanavatar 'incarnation of wisdom' the book is small and the Yugas only explained with diagram in a few pages.
The Maya also have very credible evidence which I went into in detail;-
Courtesy lookin not out
There is also a correlation between my own date of 1967-2012---2012-2032----2032-2075 and the Binary locks and tripe locks. Unfortunately if you want more information from me it will have to come when the previous energygrid writings are transferred to the archive which will hopefully be like a blog post with search bar.  I will say that in spite of all the palaver about 2012 I will still have the opinion that is and was a most significant year, it was the beginning of the climax to the shift which will be steadily implemented in increments by Cosmic Energy  through the carrier energies of Gamma Rays and other eddy frequencies that will activate so called 'junk DNA'and so produce the New Aquarian Light Body as in the '1967'writings.
Where do these neutrons come from? Mainly, they are secondary cosmic rays. When primary cosmic rays from deep space hit Earth's atmosphere, they produce a spray of secondary particles including neutrons, protons, alpha particles, and other species. Cosmic ray neutrons can reach the ground; indeed, researchers routinely use neutron counters on Earth's surface to monitor cosmic ray activity above the atmosphere. Now we're doing the same thing onboard airplanes.

Earlier in the week, we flew these bubble chambers to the Arctic stratosphere using a space weather balloon. Interestingly, the 12-hour plane flight yielded ~6 times more neutrons than the shorter (2 hour) but far higher (97,000 ft) balloon flight to the stratosphere. What does it mean? We're still analyzing the data and will have more insights to share in the days ahead. Stay tuned!(Courtesy ----my views are my own and not to be confused with, however mainstream science has a linlk to mine in the bilogical affects of these eneregies.)

BE WELL. Geoff

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