Thursday 12 October 2017


Hi Just a quick update on this breaking news.  You have to move fast as the 'take down' can come fast.
Another site on these issues is Divine Cosmos run by David Wilcock.

ASTEROID NEAR MISS: As expected, house-sized asteroid 2012 TC4 sailed past Earth last night, unnervingly close yet doing no harm as it passed just outside our planet's zone of geosynchronous communications satellites. If such an asteroid did strike, it woud explode in the atmosphere causing shock waves capable of shattering windows and knocking people to the ground. Maybe next time. NASA will use data gathered during the flyby to refine the asteroid's orbit and predict future encounters. 

MAGNETIC UNREST IN ENGLAND: In England, magnetic fields at ground level have been shaking back and forth in response to the solar wind. Stuart Green's backyard magnetometer in Preston, UK, shows the geomagnetic storm in action:
"It's always wonderful to see the impact of a geomagnetic storm on my magnetometer here in the UK," says Green. "The chart clearly shows the arrival of a high-speed solar wind stream on Oct. 11th. Magnetic unrest intensified over the following 24hrs to create a G1-class geomagnetic storm."
The squiggles in Green's chart represent changes in the local magnetic field caused by the buffeting of solar wind high overhead. "The sensor is buried in my garden about 0.5 meters below the surface in an East/West orientation," he explains. "This allows very sensitive (sub nanotesla) measurements of magnetic declination during geomagnetic storms. The plot shows the change in magnetic flux density in nanotesla occurring between readings every few minutes." (Courtesy

This is a brilliant video.  I was a in Forensics so I know this is absolutely spot on and wonderfully explained. I hope Google do not take it down. or You Tube.
Most, most important. Again corroborates all the videos on this false flag.
Again if this is taken down by Google, Facebook, Twitter or You Tube you will know that the truth is being blocked or there is a definite cover up.
Great interview 5 mins.
This is very much related to the above two videos. 

Its interesting to note that there seems to be an wakening and that these false flags are being botched. Maybe to awaken the sleeping. 
Many are feeling 'something big' is going to erupt.  Certainly the space weather reflects this.

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