Tuesday 3 October 2017


Hello and welcome.  Not a lot has changed accept the same old rearing its head again albeit in different guises and masks.
5 mins---makes you think in the light of the Posts from 320 onwards.
The weather has been diabolical and I wonder if the authorities who are manipulating the weather realise their moral obligation, plus the natural cycles and our contribution of global pollutants. These weather manipulators are playing God and their arrogance and ego is killing us all. Maybe they want to do this in order to gain control of the planet and restore it for themselves and say 'look what I've done and puff out their chests and inflated ego's'.
14 mins.---admission by top scientist
Well you expect old man above to get into the mix, he reminds me of one young scientist here in the UK by the name of Cox---less said the better.
Beautiful Animal Reunions. 45 mins
Its a relief to look at this video and see how animals have more love and respect than many people and we kill them for sport in some countries and take away their habitat and yet with more care and planning we could live together, this has been shown in some parts of the world. See National Geographic for that inspiring evidence.

Trump's Flip Flop 17 mins.
A good synopsis of a week in the life of politics. The madness continues.

Deepak for 12 mins.  Great
Hey Deepak not the best photo of you. But I love the way he explains things and his voice and accent. Reinventing the wheel a bit, yet its lovely to hear wise people say it in their own expression and from themselves.  I wondered if he read my SHACK.

Did they or did they not that is the question?  9 mins.
I know the old conspiracy regurgitates itself again.  However I found this to be solid and very presentable. However my view is still; yes they walked on the moon but got there another way. The gear went either by unmanned and filmed or by the methods outlined by Ben Rich, please use search bar top left hand corner.
Homeopathy   51 mins
I am user of homeopathy and feel and know it works. In back Posts I have outlined many proofs all of them scientifically, however like the weather manipulators above the arrogant scientists and Big Pharma have their agendas; the boffin's arrogance and ego stuff and Big Pharma profit. 

Five Previous Mass Extinctions

Ordovician-Silurian mass extinction
This happened around 433 million years ago. Most of the Earth’s living creatures were found in the oceans and a vast number of them died out over two distinct dying periods that lasted hundreds of thousands of years.
Late Devonian mass extinction
This took place around 359 million years ago and saw almost 75% of all life on Earth die out. The process took several million years but it resulted in almost all coral life being destroyed.
Permian mass extinction
This took place around 250 million years ago and is by far and away the worst extinction event to have taken place on Earth. Almost 96% of all living things on Earth died out. Astonishingly everything that lives on our planet is descended from the tiny 4% that survived.
Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction
Climate change combined with volcanic activity are all to blame for this smaller but no less deadly event that took place around 200 million years ago. Roughly half of all species on Earth died out during this period however it’s interesting to note that most plant life actually survived.
Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction
The latest and perhaps most well-known extinction event this is the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Climate change and flood basalt eruptions had already critically damaged the Earth’s ecosystem at which point a vast asteroid hit the planet, an act that many believe was the final nail in the coffin.
This relates to POSTS 300 onwards.
Great Stuff and laugh. 4 mins
I found this really funny and reminds me of many so called calm, serene, teachers of this sort of  discipline.

Again a much discussed subject and unfinished business that really needs to be addressed; from this horrific event the invasions of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and elsewhere caused asylum seekers and the refugee crisis. It heartbreaking to see these dear folk living in the ruins of bombed out cities, towns and villages, the people risking their lives to get to safety and of course fleeing with genuine people are terrorists and now they are losing ground in Syria are carrying out car, lorry, knife and gun carnage in Europe and the UK. A question, the USA and UK started these incursions and yet you don't see so much terrorists but local home grown shootings, the latest in Las Vegas. Ask yourself why are people so angry, twisted and demented?  My view money and power over the mass population, profit before people and the destruction of nature.  When one destroys nature something happens to the natural communication systems one of them being the Schumann Resonance see search bar and POSTS 300 onwards, we are an interconnected interrelated consciousness disguised in form. 

Dali Lama  2 mins. absolutely.
Lovely to see a world religious leader being himself without pomp or ceremony.
Sandra Ingerman---a modern Shaman---extraordinary and beautiful.  45 mins.
Another great explanation and look into her eyes they have the look of many great wise people I have met and seen. 
RT ---certain countries are trying to get RT banned as a terrorist network.
The latest spat between the USA and Russia; Google, Facebook and Twitter technicians have been asked to delve into the Internet and other sources to find any evidence that Russia had influenced President Trump's election. See this link and scroll through what Google and co had to say;  https://www.rt.com/news/
By the way the Hilary Clinton 3000 emails have been ignored which show that she and her cohorts are guilty of plotting and had close ties with Russia and Wikileakes showed Vault seven I think that you can fake email signatures and where they came from; in other words most news is fake and the  media are not true reporters and journalists but do it for sales (the more sensational the better) in the Governments pay role and are only extended spies for the secret services-------so who can you trust---------unfortunately only the alternative news who are being banned and hounded. 
Many are now turning NOT TO THE DARK NET be careful but to decentralised servers. The media do not want an opposition or rather the governments; in a democracy you must have a strong opposition, NOT  a violent one otherwise it becomes a dictatorship and this malignant tumour that stubborn view of austerity, harsh judgements to homeless and disabled folk show a close down of democracy, the selling of arms to countries that kill innocent harmless people are all a show of the One World Government.  
I will post occasionally meanwhile I will  Post

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Be Well


Peter Lavelle and Crosstalk

 The three links below will further explain the effects on human organisms.
Please read carefully pages 1 and 2 in particular of Heartmath.

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