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Hello and a very warm welcome.  This subject of mind is very interesting and neuroscience is revealing more information and not only about the organic brain and its organs of perception and interconnectedness but by the invisible decision to make that intention.  Usually the decision is based on ones cultural, political, religious and political programming and on one's life experiences which may include trauma of extremes, one's work and media preferences and these from an early age and formulation years  that sink down to a foundational base and become the automatic un or subconscious reference and 'dictionary and encyclopedia that make the unconscious prompt and 'emotional and reactive response of thinking and behavioural habitual behaviour'.  
Seeing this in working mode can be done by mindfulness, contemplation and meditation as distinct from prayer, imagination, imagery, hypnosis, intentionising, visualization, chanting, mantra, yantra, mandala and of course mind alliterating drugs, following Guru's self growth and so on, HOWEVER these are very powerful and useful and are steps on the ladder to compassion and clarity.    
The same old negative people doing nasty things for their power and domination.  How sad that that compassion, respect and the loss of the moral compass is more dominant than human and altruism feelings are dampened down to mere money, power and self promotion.
However below more about our intentions and feelings in a more sustainable way.
Interesting and very,very important 9 MINS
55 mins on Kindnest By Dr Dacher Keltner
IHeartMath. 8 mins
In my view it all begins with education.  Our early years nay even in the womb lays the foundations of unconscious programmes NOT BY LOGIC AND THOUGHT but by feelings, late on we can use logic and intelligence but by then the feelings have taken root. Then we see children's behaviour often aggressive or too passive despite their schooling experience, the base reactions based on feelings before the young mind could think or reason, and their feelings based on their parents who may not have had and other experience in their formulation years, this is not genetic but environmental experience inherited passed on by mind to mind and becomes a retaliative programme and safety net, this is seen in religion, party political ideology and becomes one's way of belonging and can extend to the gang, the soccer and football team and so on. This can then spread to a global field of energy and so on.
Courtesy  Ashington ce school
So in my view the schooling and education system should incorporate Meditation calculated for the age of the children, youngsters and higher education systems.  Such schemes have been tried and are being attempted as above. Those  schemes that were government sponsored were highly successful and then the profiteers felt they were a waste of money and closed down. In many back blogs and Posts I have included some of these in for instance an Indian Prison, Groups Intent- ionising and meditation in local districts to reduce crime. 
Sadly funding was withdrawn after results were found to be successful, one wonders if the 'mafia' and local counsels were not getting the profit from crime?
Donald Jong-Un and Kim J. Trump
Hair swap improves both of them   -   I agree.   In fact there is an improvement  ..... Mavis(Mavis is a friend of mine--thanks for sending)
Interesting name, it can be called the Hunters Moon because this moon shows in Perigee it appears large and slightly oval due to its proximity to Earth. Because it is so bright of course depending on cloud cover, hunters set their traps especially for fur bearing animals---unfortunately this is the way of tradition and trade. For food and sustenance this goes back to early trapping days however to just make a fur trade for the West to show off on and a symbol of wealth is distasteful and a lack of respect for nature and her inhabitants of the wild.  
Maybe the two presidents above the Moon image have been Moon gazing too long-----if you know what I mean?  Perhaps they should turn their attention to the videos under the Californian fire incident. 
We’ve just learned that regulators in France have authorised the use of a new bee-killing pesticide called Sulfoxaflor. It’s a neonicotinoid -- the class of pesticides that is known to pose a deadly risk for bees and other pollinators.
We still can’t believe it!
France has been at the forefront of the battle to protect the bees: it is the first country to ever decide on an outright ban of all neonics starting in 2018.
This decision to allow a new kind of neonicotinoid threatens to undermine all that we’ve fought for!
We need to act and act quickly. The regulators’ decision can still be undone by the French minister for the environment, Nicolas Hulot. We need to show him that the decision taken in France matters to all of us around the world.
The neonicotinoid ban will start to come into effect - with some exceptions - in France next year with a complete ban due in 2020. But behind the scenes the chemicals industry has been lobbying to create giant bee-killing loopholes in the tough French law.
According to Greenpeace, the industry is pushing for Sulfoxaflor not to be counted as a neonic so they can go on selling bee-killing pesticides and get round the French ban.
France is now Europe’s laboratory for how a future neonic ban will work in practice. The industry is fighting back hard. If they succeed in creating giant loopholes in France’s ban then it serves as a template for the rest of Europe. We cannot let this happen. We have to act now.
If it feels like we are fighting on all fronts, it is because we are. Hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members have signed petitions, have tweeted and sent mailings, to make sure member states support a historic, EU-wide ban on bee-killing pesticides. The SumOfUs community chipped in to support bee-keepers in defending a bee-saving ban against Bayer and Co. in court.
Yes, the pesticide industry is a powerful foe, and they are fighting back hard.
But we are not going to let that stop us. We’ve proven time and again what we can achieve, when we come together.
Over 550,000 of us mobilised to help get a neonic ban on the French law books -- and we succeeded. Now we need to make sure the pesticide industry can’t make that law worthless through tricks and loopholes. (Courtesy of many partitions)
If you went for counselling or deep therapy and said to the therapist I want to kill bees and make money and have power over nature ------what would be the assessment by the therapist?  You have to make your own mind up on this issue. Without bees we would not have plants and many other foods. Oh yes we would says the chemical company scientists we would have foods from greenhouses and produced by hydroponics (see National Geographic September 2017) and of course GMO foods, some say we will eat insects, well they need plants. In the long run because nature is losing its species and plants it will be like an amputated body that cope with limb loss to a point and then it cannot function, the result annihilation. 

I will carry this on in Post 330

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