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To continue from the last Post; I wonder if you look at the images below if you may draw the same conclusions as I. At the bottom of the Post there are some reoccurring themes and revelations coming to the fore. 
from Post 25
from Post 25
from Post 25
In many back Posts I mentioned the huge FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)and cardboard coffins which were investigated by Governor Jesse Ventura
Its taken from Post 175 and if they take it down as there is a witch hunt going on as mentioned in the last few back Posts I have included with the hope one will get to you.
To carry on if the deep state or elite of shadow government want this one world government then as in Post 25 when Gill and I wrote as a script and now we know that this devastation of the Middle East and now Somalia just started that bombing and flattening killing millions and using ISIS as a tool to do this, then those in the domes will survive when the ruined world cities are flattened and millions killed or poisoned by chemtrails and GMO and medicines side effects, already many antibiotics are becoming useless and the side effects of medical drugs becoming toxic and people getting hooked on them that the few survivors outside these domes will either be mutants or strong individuals who have survived by the means of their previous life styles and survived against all odds.  
Courtesy Wikipedia
In Post 25 there are some photos of my younger days and many at the time asked why none of my football days? I was so disappointed and upset as I passionately wanted to be a pro footballer that when the accident curtailed it I tore up all photos, my kit and everything. It even finished off my second love of cricket, there is one photo of this.  Scroll down to the highlighted story of the script of the the intended film 'Scan at Barrier Seven'.  I feel this all to say at present you will see more on the Kennedy information and the war torn planet----who will make a fortune out of rebuilding the flattened ruins and what puppet government will rule it will it be USA, Russia, China or perhaps, and a big perhaps a peaceful settlement by the big three, the EU well maybe they might survive only by aligning themselves with the best option. 
Part two Kennedy 
A good synopsis so far by Alexandra Bruce from ForbiddenKnowledge;  
Dear Geoff,

Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt 
and I did a follow-up livestream 
on Tuesday about the US intelligence 
agencies' legally-required release 
of JFK assassination records. Just a 
small percentage of the remaining 
withheld documents have been made 
public by the final due date on 
October 26th. The rest will undergo 
redaction for another 180 days.

Already, some of these documents 
released by the Trump Administration 
are destroying the official story about 
the JFK assassination:

1) A mysterious call was placed to a 
UK newspaper 25 minutes prior to 
the JFK assassination, telling a reporter 
to call the US Embassy in London to 
learn about "something big" that was 
about to happen in the US. The UK 
intelligence service MI5 has since 
confirmed that the reporter in question 
was a reliable source with major 

This story is strangely reminiscent of 
the live BBC TV broadcast the evening 
of September 11, 2001, in which the 
reporter described the collapse of World 
Trade Center Tower #7 twenty minutes 
before it happened, as WTC7 stood in 
full view behind her! Evidently, the US 
Deep State has long strived to keep its 
associates in the British Mainstream 
Media apprised of all the breaking news!

2) Memos written by JFK to NASA and 
to the CIA just 10 days before he was 
assassinated instructed them to share 
US reports on UFOs with Soviet leaders. 
JFK expressed a concern that unidentified 
craft (what he referred to as "unknowns") 
could accidentally set off a nuclear war.

3) An FBI Report on the then-Surgeon 
General's opinion that the fatal shot came 
from in front of the Presidential Limousine, 
not from the Texas School Book Depository, 
from where accused assassin Lee Harvey 
Oswald was supposed to have been 
shooting. Anyone who has seen the bullet 
wound beneath JFK's Adam's Apple already 
knows that this is an entry wound and there 
was no way it could have been fired from 
behind the President.
Back to pizzagate and Hillary. 2 mins  I Posted about the pizzagare  in many back Posts.
Dear Geoff,

Journalist Liz Crokin reports here 
that she feels that Hillary Clinton 
will eventually be indicted in 
connection with a sex video of 
herself, her assistant, Huma 
Abedin and an underage girl.

The video was allegedly 
discovered on the computer of 
Human Abedin's husband, Anthony 
Weiner. Crokin here tells of a 
folder on Weiner's computer titled 
"Life Insurance," containing 
several sex videos.

Weiner's computer was seized by 
the NYPD as evidence in his own 
sexting case involving a 15-year 
old girl. Weiner's computer was 
also found to contain 2,800 back-
ups of Huma's correspondence 
with Hillary Clinton, which became 
evidence in the FBI's investigation 
of Hillary's use of a private server 
to conduct Government business 
with classified materials.

I'd heard rumors of a horrific 
pedophile video featuring Hillary 
and Huma for weeks leading up 
to the 2016 US Presidential 
Election. All of us who heard about 
it wanted to see justice served 
but a year has passed with nary 
a peep on the subject till Liz 
Crokin made this video post on 
November 3rd.

For his part, Anthony Weiner 
was convicted in his case and he 
must report to prison by tomorrow, 
November 6 to begin serving his 
21-month sentence.

In 2016, WikiLeaks published 
emails from Hillary Clinton's 
server, from the DNC and from 
Hillary Clinton's campaign 
manager, John Podesta. This 
latter cache of emails contained 
several instances of the use of 
code words that the FBI has 
identified as being used in child 
pornography and with child sex 

There are allegedly many 
videos on Anthony Weiner's 
computer implicating many 
powerful politicians in pedophilia. 
The videos are so graphic and 
horrific that multiple sources 
have told Crokin that when 
NYPD reviewed these files, it 
made these grown men cry. 
NYPD in possession of these files, 
as is the FBI and WikiLeaks, 
according to Crokin's sources.

Crokin says, "These files, I 
believe will be released. It's 
only a matter of time. NYPD 
officers have threatened to 
release them on their own if 
FBI doesn't do the right thing, 
if the good people in the Justice 
Department don't do the right 

"Julian Assange has been taunting 
Hillary Clinton very actively on 
Twitter and he released a key 
that most likely is a key to 
another data dump which could 
possibly include this 'Life 
Insurance' file that was on 
Anthony Weiner's laptop.

"That would include all the 
videos of this child sex trafficking, 
the Hillary Clinton sex tape, the 
child sex abuse, you name it 
and if and when this happens, 
let me tell you no one will be 
able to deny that Pizza Gate is 
real, nobody will be able to deny 
that the likes of the Clintons and 
John Podesta and many, many 
politicians and many members 
of Congress are involved in the 
child rape and torture of - I 
should say, this Satanic rape 
and torture of kids. Because the 
pedophilia actually revolves 
around their beliefs in the occult 
and their worship of Lucifer, 
Satan, Moloch - whatever the 
Hell you want to call their evil 
god that they worship..."

Video: (2 and a half mins):
What with the shootings in Los Angeles, the Fires in California, the Kennedy revelations(highly edited by all media, maybe RT are waiting for the rest of the documents) and all the other incidents, plus sex scandals in the UK and the US and tax offshore huge claims and thousands of documents leaked and the Queen is one of the offshore haven participants named and a full expose will be on the BBC documentary named Panorama.  Then there is the witch-hunt on Trump and blame Russia game, you can now see perhaps there is nothing with Russia but takes the heat off of Hilary and the elite. 
This from 2013 and no one listened. 13 mins 
Thus was Posted in September 2015 Post 234 and confirms that Bin Laden had Marfans disease and was in hospital having dialysis.
The late Sir David Frost interviews the assassinated Benazir Bhutto.  
Part of the video above has been doctored because in the original she also mentions the about Marfan Syndrome.
You can see the lies about him and probably he is still alive as Snowden says.  Make up your mind time again Folks.  Does it matter? Only if you really believe the media, the hype and the deceits or are they?
Is someone trying to kill them off so they do not give away Bin Laden's hideaway in the Bahamas as Snowden reports.
Apologies for bringing up he past. With Google, Facebook and Twitter under the hammer and being more or less forced to find something on Trump and Russia, could say a return to McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.[1] The term refers to U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1947 to 1956 and characterized by heightened political repression as well as a campaign spreading fear of Communist influence on American institutions and of espionage by Soviet agents.(courtesy Wikipedia)
that the above mentioned trio will be coerced, threatened and smeared if they do not act as monitors and judges of the content, so do not be surprised if you cannot get the videos. 
The late President Bhutto 3 mins
As above only longer. Hopefully one of these will be available. As I Post them now they played
This from Australia and the facts are authentic and it will shock a lot of people. In my time in Forensics I was stationed for many years at a Training Center and met many Police Officers from abroad and they told me of these things world wide and I know from them and friends in showbiz and in Australia this is but the tip of the iceberg.  In view of the Hollywood debacle and the 'Directors Couch' the massive Jimmy Saville case in the UK and so on, you can see these all interlink and far and wide and everywhere.
This involved so many its unbelievable and many names are still hidden and covered up.
If you want to read more on these things go to Posts 291 A and 293 B.
I feel that is enough to keep one going and research further, it may have happened years back but the truth will break, there is an energy of purging and cleansing----the new energies of evolution and the shift.
Keep and Be Well.  


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