Friday 16 February 2018


Hello again.  I feel that there is an immanent push about to happen to have an open ET disclosure. The videos below show a sequential emerging story.  Also to read Timothy Good's work in another very practical and well researched work.
Bear in mind that in Post 366 we have Simon Parke's and Sir Paul Hellyer.  Sir Paul's is mind blowing.
I feel that if we do not push for this disclosure we may not survive as a human race.  Part of the Ascension or next step in evolution or the shift, the tipping point is part of the ET disclosure and the technology involved with ET civilisations are so far ahead that we need a greater brain capacity or to expand the interconnections in the neuronal process to the binaural brain. I have written extensively in the late energygrid of which I managed to collect and file my blogs from most of it;
There is also my UFO  STORY May 2005 in the link above.
You can trace the history back to Presidents Truman and Eisenhower and various other dignitaries.
Was JFK assassinated because of the UFO agenda? 
Why is the UFO / ET so important?
Kennedy   40 mins
Perhaps the secret to all this is contained in the next video
WHY is the time capsule so important, because if the USA were not the only country to have this technology then it evens the playing field. Also this includes free energy and healing techniques and it cannot be used for profit which means a loss of power for the elite and the world's population freed from austerity and horror.  Religious and Political  fanatics would rebel and it would cause mass panic, so I feel it is being revealed gradually.  Please do not take this information as wish fulfillment and fantasy with just a conspiracy blog.  Sit quietly and mull over this information.
SEE POST 332 Ben Rich and Post 336 Don Philips.
Please read also the contents of Post 332 and see the inference of the ET in Travis Walton. the lady in the Scarf and see a picture emerging.
I feel President Richard Nixon made a mistake in trusting Henry Kissinger.  He is the head of the elite and Bilderbergs and may well be 'turned'  by a not so clear and honest ET presence. After all HK has said he wants to cull the world's population and so on;
In my UFO story which really only covers up to the year 2075 as explained many times when a shift in some way or other will happen I gave the stages of the years from 1967---2075 which could be delayed but not stopped, one way or the other it will happen, ET will only directly interfere if the planet is threatened, we are only passengers and Mother Earth only provides us with board and lodgings.  Other tenants may provide better husbandry. 
David Wilcock has stated that ET have 'done in' some secret underground bases, I surmise that there have been some technology that could effect the Earth's stability, like drilling to near the core, energy to tectonic plates, energy to ley lines, or infusing oceans and earthquake stuff possibly connected to CERN.
I feel ET are concerned as we have a few wild cannons around and big Red Buttons.
Anyway there is a lot more and I feel it will quicken as we get near to the second stage 2013 - 2032.

Keep Well and I might add to this Post or do a 336B Extra.


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