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Hi and welcome.  By now the world would have seen the Tesla Roadster go off in the Falcon as below. 
Apologies for such a long Post however news is breaking fast and this should keep you going and publishing now for more breaking news. I feel the bit on energies and solar stuff is very, very important and flaring up the craziness, a sort of Cosmic Detox. 
You know I feel a boiling point approaching; all this stuff about Russia and no proof, President Trump and climate change, the Russian Olympic stars banned although proved clean and the many politicians ignoring the homeless, huge austerity measures, disabled and children being forgotten or made to feel guilty because of the power crazy money god strategies. 
The shocking drone pictures of the towns in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere looking like a massive earthquake had gone through them and it will take trillions of dollars to make good.  The USA and other governments have said we will restore electricity and water pipes and the rest is up to you; where with their infrastructure and businesses, agriculture will they get the money to rebuild? They are stuffed and naked, vulnerable and shocked.  One small boy pleading to god with hands raised 'please God I cannot take it anymore'.  You would not believe the horror and I will not Post it, I am used to horror from Forensics, yet soldiers returning to the UK have told me and I have seen on the net unbelievable things.
Truly the pits of darkness and perversion. 
TESLA ROADSTER LEAVES EARTH: Elon Musk's cherry red Roadster has left Earth orbit. Just after sunset on Feb. 6th, sky watchers across the southwestern USA saw a flash of light and a cloud of rocket exhaust signaling the electric car's escape from the gravity well of our planet. "The Falcon Heavy's third stage burn was clearly visible from Trinidad, Colorado, around 7:30 pm MST," reports Zachariah Borrego. "While I was watching, my girlfriend Tamera Morton took this incredible picture of the expanding cloud."
"After spending the previous 4 hours in Earth orbit, this final burn propelled the Tesla Roadster toward the orbit of Mars accompanied by David Bowie's music," notes Borrego. "A space oddity indeed."
Elon Musk's dream to build colonies on Mars and other manufacturers to build on the Moon is perhaps an urge to leave behind the madness of the duplicity and mad denials of the leaders of this world. However merely escaping this crazy zealous psychotic toxic world is not enough, one take one's mind set with them. One cannot escape the mindless destruction of the over inflated ego mind sets. It has to be a radical change of conditioning and mind habitual reactionary cultural and religious mind dogmas.  
The event was widely seen from southern California to New Mexico and Colorado. Experienced observers likened the luminous tip of the cloud, where the Tesla Roadster was located, to a 1st magnitude star. An all-sky camera at the University of Arizona's MMT Observatory recorded a fish-eye video of the booster burning across the sky over Mount Hopkins: watch it.
SOLAR RADIO BURST: Sunspot AR2699 is making some noise--literally. "Yesterday, I heard a surge of static coming from the loudspeaker of my shortwave radio telescope in New Mexico," reports amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft. "The source was sunspot AR2699." Turn up the volume and click to play:
These radio sounds are caused by beams of electrons--in this case, accelerated by B-class explosions in the sunspot's magnetic canopy. As the electrons slice through the sun's atmosphere, they generate a ripple of plasma waves and radio emissions detectable on Earth 93 million miles away. Astronomers classify solar radio bursts into five types; Ashcraft's recording captured a Type III.

"This may be one the last solar radio bursts of the present solar cycle as we head into deep solar minimum," says Ashcraft. "I am hoping for more activity to appear on the spectrograph today." Free: Solar Flare Alerts (COURTESY
So us Brits were not so white as white, so that should shut up the racism a bit I hope. Spiders are unique and without them the world would be over run by all sorts of bugs and so on. Nature has a very efficient clean up system(see two images above).
I am going through a real trauma at this time; I know the world and myself are transitory and in a way a long dream and everything ends in death, however nature always recycles and uses every bit of decaying and dying and even corpses and this way energy is recycled and perpetual, many humans with perhaps the exception of the nature races just take, use and dispose. Have you seen the plastic in the oceans now found in the ice at the Arctic.
What does it take to make a more sharing caring world; when we only have farmed fish because the plastic is choking them and snaring in them in disused nets and fisherman / trawler men do not take care on their nets and snags we may then go to land and its pollution with chemtrails GMO foods and so on, crazy kids with vaccine poisoning, is it any wonder we are stressed and on tranquilizers, doctors giving out opioid's like candy because psychiatry is not working because they give out tablets in most cases.
So what's the use of doing the Posts; its just more dirge and sorrow, I feel we have to research and awaken, I am a small voice in the wilderness of the darkness of the soul which is encompassing us.
I feel a boiling point is being reached where a tip over will be; either people will go insane, senile and explode then martial law will be in we are under extreme surveillance and will be implanted with a chip linked to the new 5G sky network of satellites linked into chemtrail and ionosphere HAARP type stuff.  By then all minds will be dumb and political opposition made illegal.  Journalists will merely report Governmental law and the one wolrd Government will be brought in by electronic digital and quantum computers.
ET will not help and they urge one to awaken and realise it is your mind, my mind that subscribes to this and the mass media are leading one to a hypnotic acceptance of celebrity or slavery acceptance and depression will lead to futility as was said on Star Trek by the Borgs 'resistance is futile'   
Then there is Babylon 5 where even colonies on planets did the same old same old and the weaker more 'spiritual' so it seemed were taken for slaves and their precious minerals. Believe me science fiction is often a warning and a message for the future.
Is there hope; perhaps we have to be taken to the brink of despair to either wake up from the dream of submission or just wearily comply and be a human robot, I heard one man say 'well at least you'd be fed', I wonder.
By waking up I do not mean a rebellion not a bloody riot that is what the oppressors do nay a waking up to the psychological ploys that give us a sense of safety and secure tenure and what are these; a free health service with medical drugs all natural remedies out, jobs if you can get them with robots now taking over(where is the money to pay for unemployed there is so much homelessness now and poverty) so what Henry Kissinger said;
  “Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
— Henry Kissinger speaking at the annual Bilderberger meeting, May 21, 1992
Whatever may be done to guard against interruptions of supply and to develop domestic alternatives, the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests  of the United States.
You know Hitler tried this, Genghis Khan, Pol Pot and many others, the reason why the hierarchy of world leaders may succeed to a certain measure is because high tech is now available and a strong military, the security forces will be paid a lot of money, policing and surveillance will be paid along with chemtrail pilots, drone operatives, medical unethical doctors and scientists all those that have sold their consciences, their soul through fear, money and paid security.  The CEOs of the world multinationals will be on board. I know I paint a dark picture but at the last gasp I feel an awakening of the minds of people, a kind of massive energy bolt will awaken all those or most of them, no the leaders but the drone, scientists(some many are too rapt up with their own importance to care about petty little people, the arrogance of academia) the chemtrail pilots and will join in the collective unconscious the invisible world mind and so the elite will be left with a few hungry ghosts.
Courtesy we are change
(Sometimes the bottom one can be collective unconscious and Universal Consciousness is is the spiritual or Cosmic Consciousness or some other name God and so on---Geoff)
I sincerely and deeply apologise for this rant and diatribe I feel it's the same old same old, by now regular readers will know where to get their alternative information from. I would recommend; James Corbett, Forbidden Knowledge (Alexandra Bruce) Dark Journalist, David Icke, RT is a must and their website and You Tube, Jesse Ventura and these will lead you into to others.

I must admit I am sick and tired of the sick and perverted world politics, religions and all that goes with it. I hear Mother Nature calling and her guardians the natural races who are disappearing along withour forests and polluted air, water and food.  So I will be resting for a while. However   will continue I am up to 205 articles on that and release 10 a month.

Till whenever

I wish you many wonderful wishes

take care


I am back sooner than I thought because I have got news of a big happening.
This bears out my writings above about the crazy world we live in.   
Space Weather News for Feb. 19, 2018

GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on Feb. 19th as Earth enters a stream of fast-moving solar wind. G1-class storms are relatively minor and have little effect on satellites or global power grids. However, they can spark bright auroras around the Arctic Circle and confuse migratory animals that navigate using magnetism at high latitudes. Visit for more information and updates.

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Above: This NOAA computer model shows more than 38 gigawatts of power surging through Earth's auroral oval at the onset of the storm on Feb. 19th. Ground-based images of the display may be found in's aurora photo gallery.
Are you concerned over AI?
Back flips  Yes.
Mind Blowing
THE SUN IS BLANK: For the 6th day in a row, the sun is blank--no sunspots. Almost half of the days in 2018 have been this way. Extended stretches of spotlessness are a herald of Solar Minimum. This "quiet" phase of the solar cycle brings extra cosmic rayspink auroras, and a slight dimming of the sun. Cooling and contraction of Earth's upper atmosphere can also postpone the orbital decay of Chinese space stations. Stay tuned as the pendulum swings. Free: Aurora Alerts 
EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD RINGING LIKE A BELL: Yesterday, a solar wind stream grazed Earth's magnetic field. Keyword: graze. The off-center impact of the solar wind caused something unusual to happen. Earth's polar magnetic field rang like a bell. Rob Stammes recorded the phenomenon from his magnetic observatory in Lofoton, Norway:
"On Feb. 22nd, the magnetic field around our observatory (as measured by ground currents) was swinging back an forth with a 100 second period," says Stammes. "This very stable oscillation went on for more than an hour."
This is quite different from what normally happens when a solar wind stream hits Earth, head-on. Here is an example of Stammes' recordings during a typical geomagnetic storm. Compared to the cacophany of a normal storm, yesterday's event was a sweet pure tone.
Researchers call these pure ultra-low frequency oscillations "pulsations continuous" (Pc). Pc waves energize particles in Earth's inner magnetosphere because they resonate with the natural motion of particles around the geomagnetic field. This energy, in turn, can supercharge the aurora borealis.
Indeed, hours after the Pc waves were observed, auroras exploded over Arctic Scandinavia. In Abisko, Sweden, Oliver Wright recorded three minutes of the display:
Geomagnetic Storm February 2018
"I was guiding for Lights Over Lapland and we were treated to a fantastic geomagnetic storm," says Wright. "The auroras were so bright I just pointed my camera at the sky and recorded the lights in real time, hand-held."
The effect of the solar wind stream may be likened to a person blowing across the top of a soda bottle, the grazing breath producing a nearly monochromatic waveform. "This is quite rare," says Stammes. "Pulsating continuous signals like these are visible only 2 or 3 times a year."
(Please read again the research below;
Cosmic Rays in the Atmosphere

Readers, thank you for your patience while we continue to develop this new section of We've been working to streamline our data reduction, allowing us to post results from balloon flights much more rapidly, and we have developed a new data product, shown here:
This plot displays radiation measurements not only in the stratosphere, but also at aviation altitudes. Dose rates are expessed as multiples of sea level. For instance, we see that boarding a plane that flies at 25,000 feet exposes passengers to dose rates ~10x higher than sea level. At 40,000 feet, the multiplier is closer to 50x. These measurements are made by our usual cosmic ray payload as it passes through aviation altitudes en route to the stratosphere over California.
What is this all about? Approximately once a week, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus fly space weather balloons to the stratosphere over California. These balloons are equipped with radiation sensors that detect cosmic rays, a surprisingly "down to Earth" form of space weather. Cosmic rays can seed cloudstrigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Furthermore, there are studies ( #1#2#3#4) linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 13% since 2015:
Why are cosmic rays intensifying? The main reason is the sun. Solar storm clouds such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep aside cosmic rays when they pass by Earth. During Solar Maximum, CMEs are abundant and cosmic rays are held at bay. Now, however, the solar cycle is swinging toward Solar Minimum, allowing cosmic rays to return. Another reason could be the weakening of Earth's magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space radiation.
The radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV. These energies span the range of medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.
The data points in the graph above correspond to the peak of the Reneger-Pfotzer maximum, which lies about 67,000 feet above central California. When cosmic rays crash into Earth's atmosphere, they produce a spray of secondary particles that is most intense at the entrance to the stratosphere. Physicists Eric Reneger and Georg Pfotzer discovered the maximum using balloons in the 1930s and it is what we are measuring today.
MY EXTREME THANKS TO PLEASE note my comments are not related to their research, I am merely giving my take on the Sun's behaviour and those who have been following my research will glean an understanding and correlation.  I have been writing this since 1970 and online since 2005.  Pay particular attention to #1,#2,#3,#4.  As the funding and research goes on the splendid work by will reveal further findings, especially my interest in the biology and ascension process, the next shift in evolution. 
Post 300 onwards go into my theories and research in a little more detail.
Courtesy News Medical
Some people can actually sense these pulses and through the Schumann Resonances feel dizzy, giddy and nauseous along with hot flushes, please do not take this as a medical diagnosis and always check with a health professional if it persists.
I have done a  lot of research on the Schumann Resonance and through the calcium / Thalamus cycle ( known as the Thalamic Rhythm Generator or the Brains Pace Maker by Anderson and Andersen 1968) research by Destexhe et al 1993 and Wallenstein 1994) showed slow leakage of calcium ions into thalamocortical neurons, which vibrate and oscillate at and for 1.5 --28 seconds which set off and entrain brainwaves, which spread throughout the brain.  Then it stops because there is too much calcium in the thalamocortical neurons.  During the lapse in activity a sort of 'rest phase' which can last from 5-to 25 seconds the brain waves are in neutral or free expression run mode. It is seen from weather research and other experiments regarding brain waves and entrainment that the brain maybe entrained by other frequencies for example the Schumann Resonance, which may for that period take over as the pace maker, and maybe other external fields can cause an entraining effect,  wi fi, cell / mobile phones, smart-meters and so on.  This  is an information exchange. However I suggest that the Schumann Frequency is healthy and gives 'information' from the Earth to the Brain.  After the run free the brain restores to calcium thalamus cycle. This then takes one into Chronobiology. 
It would seem that the best time for sleep is between 21.30 ( that's when Melatonin is 'switched on' or 22.00) to 06.00 when Serotonin is actioned in some say 07.00.  Sleep in a very dark room is best.  
I have found meditation to be one of the keystones in my life. As we see above we are a vibratory, frequency, magnetic being and meditation to me brings the system back to Factory Default, Universal Cosmic Consciousness as near as possible or optimum for the amount of programming, brain washing and conditioning imbued. Unfinished business from trauma, buried shock, a hostile world filled with war, poverty and abuse, religious, political, cultural, medical and scientific indoctrination and so on. Meditation to me is awareness without bias, attention without intention, looking without opinion, observation without bias and witnessing without judgement, this is not suspending and blocking the mind, it is a keen alert sense of awareness. Have I achieved this; at times I am bright aware,very little thought, happy without being high, loving without emotion, compassion and smiling and then there are interludes of sheer anger, horror and negativity, however doing the meditation calms the storms without suppressing the stuff and so making it unfinished business, for me I could not live without some meditation , I try to meditate three times a day.  I have a huge attic full of crap however it is only as big as I imagine it to be and how much I give it energy.  Perhaps, C'est la vie, but not too fatalistic.  Owning unfinished business is important, claim whatever comes up as your experience, what you blame you give away, and once given away, one gives away choice and choice is vital for change.  Yes we can say we are hurt, injured abused, true this is terrible and yet looking into ourselves we maybe able to resolve the issue with ourselves first, merely just blaming makes bitterness, sadness and illness. Blaming XYZ makes one a victim to XYZ  then they have a power over you. It makes one feel victim and abused. Then I blame myself, then I become a victim to myself, I am my own victim and so become victim conscious, wary and distrusting. When I can clearly see that blame, victim and revenge are the same type of energy, I can free myself from the guilt, rage, and injustice and deal with the matter from a calm stance. C' est la vie and Bye for now.   


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