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Hello and welcome.  These three videos touch on some of the subjects  about the changes ahead.
This video is very good in a way, however one might find the commentary a bit wearisome. There is a number of interesting points here; the Vatican certainly puts great store on this and David Icke's video is very good on the symbolism.
I have been campaigning for nearly sixty years to have fluoride removed from our water supplies and in the first video some explanation is given at the end. Many Tory Governments seem to want to up the fluoride, and one government minister many  years back was caught saying 'we must fluoridate the water that will dumb them down' of course he said he was joking but he was caught persuading Dentists at the ill reputed York Conference to decide the issues with Dentists present and self interest involved and the fact that Europe banned it years back and my hunch is when we leave the EU the first things will be GMO foods, fluoridation and health shops and organic foods along with human rights and workers rights slimmed down to say the least.  During the second world war two submarines were found along the canals(mini ones) heading towards the main reservoirs that feed London's waters and they were intercepted and found laden with Fluoride, they were marked as German ones and were indeed from the Nazi strategy and other poisons.  There is no doubt that proper investigative unbiased research will show that this chemical attacks the Thyroid and Pineal a great tool to dumb down protesters.  There is much more but I will leave it at that, those who followed me in the late energygrid and back Posts will be aware of it and more.

Well this goes back to the POSTS 135A Special No.1,  136A Special No.2 and right the way through to POST 139.  This was about Ray Kurzwell and a few scientists who wanted to put humanity onto a hardrive, that is our brain content and we would live in a virtual world for ever and after, actually we live in one now and I make the point do we want to be cyborgs as the video above suggests or do we want to be the next natural step in evolution Homo Energetica or Spiritulana?  Either way we will  be forced by power and lust to be fluoridated, now with chemtrails added, electronically dumbed down as video above or make the transition through the alignment with the ascension process of evolutionary next step ah la the Universes shift?  

EARTH TILT  22.mins
This is massive nearly every blog in the late energygrid which contained huge articles by many writers and mine from 2005 onwards contained references to the Earth and Solar System changes and especially the Sun these I have managed to save and download with some loss of videos and images in ;
also of course the latest from POSTS 320 onwards.  This of course includes the latest on the Sun going into its White phase of development, the planets and their shifts and the ET presence as they sense the rift or development of weapons and bio hazards which kill off humanity and plant and species life, that they can restore after humanity has gone in which they will not restore or assist although having warned our governments of the imminent danger unless humanity changes its ways, they will not allow the planet to be split, this I make clear in my May 2005 THE UFO STORY in the Archives above.  These can be backed up by various government officials such as Sir Paul Hellyer and so on that are breaking cover now and of course the Kennedy files released and covered by Dark Journalist.    
 We have been here before. 6 mins
another reason why ET stopped the rot and removed a lot of evidence. Are we going down the same path?
More about the dramatic Shift of the Earth's Axis by NASA.
Warp Drive 14 mins. 
Yes we may have this amazing energy whilst religion and politics stand still. Small dogmatic minds driving hi tech wonders.  Pilots deliberately killing people and plant life with chemtrails having no conscience because the money is good, imagine warp drive, huge weaponry driven by laser and particle guns in the hands of maniacs wanting to rule the world, sinister genetics to make cyber human robots, mastering the life of others to order. Yuk. 
Again did they or did they not. 52 mins
Think they did but not the way as was stated. I think they sent unmanned stuff to the moon and its there still but took the Astronauts another way. See Ben Rich POST 332 and scroll down. There was a news item and I have hunted it down without any luck, someone might be able to find it; that the Apollo crafts were ejected with the Astronauts from a very high flying aircraft and then the parachutes open and land in the sea. 
I have found something close to what I was hunting for.
To my mind there are several scenarios on the Moon issue; there is the one that the Kennedy Freedom of Information may reveal that the UFO are real and he may have been assassinated over that and also inspired the Moon mission. Then the filming of the Moon walks on Earth ONLY to improve primitive camera shots on the Moon, which by the way Hassleblad Camera expert denies at some interview. USA faked it as to prove superiority over Russia as they are now blaming Russia for everything, then maybe ET who have been in contact with Governments assisted them to the Moon or there is a suggestion they stood by in case of accidents only to show good faith and urge the Governments to reach peace and stop polluting Earth and abusing people and at the Antarctic recently heads of State and religious leaders to live in peace.
Then we see a scenario that with ET help they would go back to the Moon and when ET found out they wanted to use the Moon and Mars for Military purposes ET said no way.  There are also vested interest in using the Moon for 'adventure trips' by commercial companies and mining and so on, I feel ET will not take kindly to this.  Looking at the base camps at the bottom of Mount Everest and the dumping of used gear there imagine what that would be like if Moon landings became a norm? 
I think the USA were also sending a message to the world 'we have such advanced technology ---so don't mess with us'
listen TO THIS about the VAN ALLEN BELTS. HUGE AND AMAZING 8 mins.  So how did they go to the Moon. By some other means and Rockets that were empty and the crew went some other way as I suggested above and the reentry by plane as above after all if they came back by Stargate / wormhole UFO (see Ben Rich) then they could not fake reentry.
Much the same as above. 8 minsbut more deatail
Radiation in space. 3 mins ( See  for more info at end of POST 333 addendum 

Google Policing Speech  1 min

To reiterate; I have stated that Chemtrails can form a net over the Earth and with technology also used as a link to the 5G network and this joined with all the social media as above along with GCHQ, NSA and the hundreds of Satellites and then Smart Meters, mobile / cell phones which will get more sophisticated as above, computers, tablets, AI robots, drones, insect like minute drones, your car in fact anything wireless and digital and then culminating in a chip in your arm injected at birth and mandatory for adults not chipped then you have a totally controlled society and every person, animal and ones property monitored, then the already sheeple like people will be nothing more than human robots and social life organised by the one world government, life style, exercise and food also regimented while the super rich elite enjoy their vicarious pleasures.  Maybe it would be better to be on a hardrive after all we are all in a matrix of deception now, at least as a virtual reality person as Kurzwell says you live on forever until someone switches off the world population / animal computer. One lives in bliss not knowing one is on a hardrive, whilst the few elite live on in a world that we know now(frightening thought---how do you know they or some ET have done this right now and we are living on a hardrive---some nasty huge mind is enjoying the TV show called and Solar System as a sort of soap show?).  Maybe we need a wipe out as I been writing about from Post 320 onwards to awaken us and maybe as these natural disasters take place WILL SHAKE US UP and who do we blame then -------of course Russia.
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Most of us live in the unconscious we live mostly without thinking and what we perceive as choice and thinking is an automatic prompt or impulse which is actually a habitual response, then we may become aware of the fact we are robotic and seek to explore this and so begin to examine the surface and then live more in the subconscious and the with great fortune awaken intellectually to the conscious and realise we have been duped, brain washed and yet is there another way of living other than just a robotic habitual programmed being?  This can cause great consternation  and we may find ourselves alienated and found strange by loved ones, friends and society, it takes great courage and fortitude to even begin to break free. One may wish to live off grid, become isolated and have time and space to get one's head around it.
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To me meditation as in the images above is then reverse one's gaze as it were and senses and breathe quietly, relax  and observe the mind without judgement or bias, awareness without bias, for being fully conscious is awareness.  Then on just allowing whatever comes up ( the body may itch, bad thoughts, sexual stuff, fantasy, restlessness, cramps, noise distraction and so on) so just watch inwardly listen and what I feel happens one goes from the perceived reality past the unconscious and on this journey one may begin to unlock the storehouse, the vault of stored memories and programmes and begin to feel the imprisoning of the brain washing and then move past the collective unconscious into the Cosmic or Universal Consciousness which is peace, compassion, sharing and something inexplainable but vastly satisfying. IT is not fantasy, day dreams or such like and then one knows the child mind of wonder, simplicity but of innate wisdom, spontaneity not of wild impulse and intuition not based on programming for the intellect and logic can fool one in a fools or false intuition.

Be Well 



BLUE MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE: On Wednesday, Jan. 31st, there's going to be a "Blue Moon"–the second full Moon in a calendar month. People who go outside to look may see a different hue: bright orange. This Blue Moon is going to be eclipsed, swallowed by copper-colored shadow of Earth for more than an hour. The eclipse will be visible from Asia, Australia, and most of North America: visibility map.

Other time zones: UTESTCSTMSTPSTHST. Credit: Larry Koehn.
The bright orange color of the eclipse may be chalked up to volcanic activity–or rather, lack thereof. Atmospheric scientist Richard Keen from the University of Colorado explains:
"During a lunar eclipse, most of the light illuminating the Moon passes through Earth's stratosphere where it is reddened by scattering," he says. "If the stratosphere is loaded with dust from volcanic eruptions, the eclipse will be dark. The cataclysmic explosion of Tambora in 1815, for instance, turned the Moon into a dark, starless hole in sky during two subsequent eclipses."
But Earth is experiencing a bit of a volcanic lull. We haven't had a major volcanic blast since 1991 when Mt Pinatubo awoke from a 500 year slumber and sprayed ten billion cubic meters of ash, rock and debris into Earth's atmosphere. Recent eruptions have been puny by comparison and have failed to make a dent on the stratosphere. To Keen, the interregnum means one thing: "This eclipse is going to be bright and beautiful."
Keen studies lunar eclipses because of what they can tell us about Earth's energy balance. A transparent stratosphere "lets the sunshine in" and actually helps warm the Earth below. "The lunar eclipse record indicates a clear stratosphere has contributed about 0.2 degrees to warming since the 1980s."
"Mt. Pinatubo finished a 110-year episode of frequent major eruptions that began with Krakatau in 1883," he says. "Since then, lunar eclipses have been relatively bright, and the Jan. 31st eclipse should be no exception."
In the USA, the best time to look is during the hours before sunrise. Western states are favored: The Moon makes first contact with the core of Earth's shadow at 3:48 am Pacific Time, kicking off the partial eclipse. Totality begins at 4:52 am PST as Earth's shadow engulfs the lunar disk for more than an hour. "Maximum orange" is expected around 5:30 am PST. Easternmost parts of the USA will miss totality altogether.
"I welcome any and all reports on the brightness of this eclipse for use in my volcano-climate studies," says Keen.  While actual brightness measurements (in magnitudes) made near mid-totality are most useful, I can also make use of Danjon-scale ratings. Please be sure to note the time, method, and instruments used in your reports." Observations may be submitted here.(Courtesy 
Most, Most important-----a world problem  18 mins
When I was in Forensics we had an Oxford Professor of Geology and related subjects who told us in his presentation as a guest speaker that rocks, pebbles and such like held important clues, one of which would not necessarily help a Forensic Investigation for Police was that the rocks with fossils and certain microbes faced the magnetic pole shift and they had a certain imprint of it, this also bears out my 700,000 year cycle and wipe out theories.
I don't subscribe to this nor does one boffin in link above.
I add these above as there is evidence that 'something is on the move' and really there is a plethora of ideas and models. Of course I entertain my own however I cannot claim priority and perhaps a consensus and average might be reflected as a 'something is on the move' and is it one of those grand cycles that the Earth, Solar System and Universe go through?
Happiness  5 mins.  Brilliant  also 5 more 
Governor Jesse Ventura and Dr Stephen Greer. 28mins
The Secret Space Programme

5 more of my

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