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Hi There Folks. There is a native saying that the 'Mother Earth and Father Sun talk with each other and Sister Moon listens in'.  To some scientists this may seem childish and naive, to me it makes a whole lot of sense and logical as well. 
MAGNETIC CRACKS AND STORMS: For the past five days, Earth's magnetic field has been in a state of unrest as an unusually-wide stream of solar wind blows around our planet. Literally, the geomagnetic field has been shaking back and forth. This plot from Stuart Green's backyard magnetometer in Preston, UK, shows the unrest, highlighted by a G2-class geomagnetic storm on March 18th:
Blue squiggles in Green's chart represent changes in his local magnetic field caused by the buffeting of solar wind high overhead. "Magnetic activity has been relatively high since March 14th with several distinct periods of storminess," he says. "Magnetometers all around the world are registering this."
The speed and pressure of the solar wind are key factors in stirring up magnetic storms--but not the only factor. Even more important is the formation of cracks in Earth's magnetic field, which allow solar wind to penetrate. How do we know when cracks are forming? Green has prepared another plot to answer this question:
"I lined up NOAA solar wind data with my own magnetometer chart," he says. "Note the red curve in the solar wind data. Much of the magnetic unrest I've been recording correlates with negative Bz, when the magnetic field of the approaching solar wind tips south."
Indeed, that is exactly how cracks form. The magnetic field in the solar wind points south, partial cancelling Earth's north-pointing magnetic field. Solar wind pours in through the resulting weak point. These cracks tend to form most often during weeks around equinoxes--a phenomenon known as the "Russell-McPherron effect."
Note to auroraphiles: Keep an eye on Bz right here on When it tips south (becomes negative), that is the best time to watch for Northern Lights. (GRATEFUL THANKS TO STUART GREEN AND SPACEWEATHER.COM).
It does seem especially going back to Post 320 till this one there is a conversation going on, not so much talk as we know it, more like telepathy with frequencies, plasma and as I have always said 'encoded messages that are transformed and have signals to upgrade switch on or off, combine and alter neuron and synaptic combinations the DNA being the interface with these cosmic energies and so passed on to the system through chakra, nadi / meridians and so forth, so therefore detoxing through meditation, food, exercise of certain types facilitate the blocked nervous systems and meridians thereby allowing the energies to flow unimpeded. I notice when I slip from my meditations, juicing and so forth I feel out of kilter and nowadays the world political / war stuff is getting to me, so I am concentrating more on the Cosmic ascension angles.  There are enough political and so called conspiratorial sites and I do not need to add to it.  However.
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What I gleaned and was taught in Forensics was that evidence is presented when the scene has been thoroughly gathered and given to the senior investigating officers and the laboratory tests.  As far as I have been told and seen no Forensics or very little were done on 9 / 11 or disclosed and in the Trump elections blamed on the Russians, Chemical attacks recently blamed on the Russians, and the poisoning by nerve gas in  Salisbury UK to two Russian citizens blamed on the Russians. How can a verdict be substantiated when the investigation is going on. The senior scientists at  Porton Down have stated;

Porton Down experts unable to verify precise source of novichok | UK ...
17 hours ago - He said: “We have been clear from the very beginning that our world-leading experts atPorton Down identified the substance used in Salisbury as a novichok. “This is only one part of the intelligence picture. As the prime minister has set out in a number of statements to the Commons since 12 March, this ...
The strange thing is we hear government ministers say 'it is highly  likely, it points towards Russia and so on'. If this were a case brought up in court it would not be acceptable.  You have to prove it beyond a doubt or at least 'reasonable doubt' surely that is what the law and justice systems are there for in a so called democracy.
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I am so tired of the shoddy work by all governments, I mean Russia as well especially over the doping of athletes, they did at least admit and try to clean up their act.
You know when a country is in trouble or a person it is easy to piont the finger, make someone a scapegoat and blame or fabricate.
Once the general public who are suckers for the papers and TV and social media get the news and it is repeated and repeated then whether it is true or not it is impregnated and like mud it sticks----my neighbours and people I hear in shops and on buses say its all Russia they are threat to the world. When I ask them where is the concrete evidence---well the Prime Minister says so----but the forensics are still going on and the nerve agent formulae is out many years ago many countries have and make it and could be framing Russia -------just because your family may have come from there you stick up for them-----where's the evidence, remember I was in Forensics------yes things have changed since you retired ---when you make a concrete assertion of blame when the investigations are still in progress and why is it both parties accused and accusers are not allowed see and have the evidence and should we not wait to see the outcome ------oh no the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary and other countries Presidents have said they are guilty------but how do they know----oh shut up we all know the Russians are guilty.
Denial and not owning only causes rifts and tears and cold wars whether it be countries or personal relationships or one to oneself. You see this in Saudi Arabia over Yemen, USA and Syria, Israel and Palestine and the many murders I came across in Forensics and distress when I was in clinical situations as a therapist and counsellor. 

  Nixon and the Hidden Time Capsule 28 mins
Dear Geoff,

Robert Merritt was a Federal informant and secret operative in the Nixon Administration’s Huston Plan. Here, he reveals more about his meeting with Richard Nixon in a bunker beneath the White House. The President revealed to Merritt that he was going to hide a time capsule in the White House containing evidence of US Government alien interaction and an ET energy formula that could change the world economy – and hopefully redeem his tarnished legacy.
I have no words to say about this----I like it though-----maybe a senior moment. 1 min.
AURORAS EXPLODE OVER FINLAND: Earth is entering a stream of solar wind flowing from a sprawling hole in the sun's atmosphere. First contact with the gaseous material on March 22nd sparked a bright display of auroras over Scandinavia. "The sky literally exploded right above our heads," says Didier Van Hellemont who sends this picture from Luosto, Finland:
"We enjoyed fine auroras for several hours as we walked through the woods from a snow-covered mountain in northern Finland," says Van Hellemont. "And I hope there will be more in the nights ahead."
Indeed there will be. Earth is only in the outskirts of the stream now. Our planet is about to move deeper into the stream where it will experience fast-moving rivulets of solar wind--perhaps faster than 600 km/s (1.3 million mph). NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of G1  ( (Just magnificent  and lovely)

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SOLAR WIND UPDATE: The sun is leaking solar wind. Our planet has been inside a disorganized gaseous stream blowing 400-500 km/s for more than 5 days. This has kept Earth's magnetic field in an unsettled state with frequent outbreaks of Arctic and Antarctic auroras--not to mention STEVE. More of the same is expected today, March 27th, as the solar wind continues to blow. Free:Aurora Alerts
CHINA'S DOOMED SPACE STATION: China's Tiangong-1 space station is about to return to Earth--as a massive fireball. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), the 8-ton spacecraft will re-enter the atmosphere sometime between March 30th and April 2nd. Tiangong-1 is about the size of a European cargo spacecraft, such as the ATV-1 which itself re-entered in 2008. This re-entry video of the ATV-1 shows what the Tiangong-1 fireball might look like:
Tiangong-1 was launched in Sept. 2011 to establish a foothold in Earth orbit for China's fledgling space program. It served as a temporary home in space for two crews, including China's first female astronauts, and provided a testbed for automated rendezvous and docking procedures. China lost control of Tiangong-1 in 2016 when a telemetry link failed. This made it impossible for mission controllers to guide the station to a re-entry over the South Pacific Ocean as originally planned. Instead, Tiangong-1 would re-enter on its own schedule as aerodynamic friction with Earth's upper atmosphere slowly drained the station's orbital energy. 
Initially, Chinese officials speculated that re-entry would occur in late 2017. However, low solar activity delayed the splashdown. Sunspot numbers have plummeted recently as the solar cycle heads toward a deep solar minimum:
Without sunspots, the sun's extreme ultraviolet radiation decreased. Earth's upper atmosphere cooled and contracted, reducing aerodynamic friction that would otherwise bring Tiangong-1 down. "Late 2017" became the spring of 2018.
At the moment it is impossible to predict exactly where Tiangong-1 will re-enter. All we know is that it will disintegrate somewhere between +42.8 and -42.8 degrees latitude, the upper and lower limits of the station's tilted orbit. This map from the ESA shows the re-entry zone:
Even with an uncontrolled re-entry, the odds strongly favor a descent over uninhabited land or ocean. According to the ESA, "[surviving fragments] will be scattered over a curved ellipsoid that is thousands of km in length and tens of km wide. The personal probability of being hit by a piece of debris from the Tiangong-1 is actually 10 million times smaller than the yearly chance of being hit by lightning." 
In other words, don't worry. You'll be lucky just to see the fireball. Approximately one day before the reentry, it will become possible to roughly predict re-entry ground tracks, and hence which regions on Earth might witness the disintegration. Stay tuned for updates.(Courtesy
Sleeping enemies. 5 mins
Good Information

I am Posting two this time as they are relevant and time is ticking on as it were. I trust that Life has good fortune for you.

Be Well


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