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Greetings and welcome  You know only a few years back some of the technology was scoffed at and in the pipeline there is a huge amount not disclosed so anyone in the days of H.G. Wells and the fact of going to the Moon and a submarine---not on your nelly(cockney phrase) your a looney- tune.  (SEE NOTICE AT END FOR ANOTHER POST FOLLOWING)

Looking back from Post 320 till now we have a picture emerging; The Sun in its eleven year cycle and its declining magnetic field which may mean there are less solar flares which assist sweeping away or deflecting plasma and Cosmic Rays from the magnetosphere or rather helping to shift some away and then realising that the Earth's magnetic field is weakening and so the Earth Sun relationship is changing. 

You will have seen more Cosmic Rays are entering and intensifying this increases the magnetic effects and as mentioned can disrupt birds and migrating animals.

CREDIT: NASA/SDO and the AIA Consortium
A storm is raging on the sun’s surface. Last Sunday it erupted in the largest solar flare in seven years. Now particles that could have an impact on communication and homing pigeons are bombarding Earth.
A solar eruption is followed by a one-two-three punch, Antti Pulkkinen, a physicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and Catholic University, told the Associated Press.
The sudden, rapid, and intense variation in brightness on the sun and resulting eruption of magnetic energy hits Earth first in the form of electromagnetic radiation, and then in radiation in the form of protons.
The radiation can disrupt satellites, affect astronauts in space, and create communication issues for planes traversing the poles. (Flights are being rerouted.)
Finally a coronal mass ejection, which is plasma directly from the sun, will hit Earth’s magnetic field. Plasma can cause electrical grid outages, but this storm is thought to be moderate. It can also make the northern lights visible in more southern locales. 
“The impact causes the field to shake and quiver,” writes NASA. “These magnetic vibrations induce currents almost everywhere, from Earth's upper atmosphere to the ground beneath our feet.”
Scientists have found that homing pigeons may use Earth’s magnetic field to navigate, like turtles. “When there is especially strong activity on the Sun, such as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), unusually strong surges of solar wind (charged particles from the Sun) can create a geomagnetic storm which distorts the Earth's normal magnetic field. The pigeons can no longer rely on their normal guidance system and may become lost,” writes the Stanford Solar Center. Migratory birds also use magnetic clues to find their way.
Since the above a lot more research has gone on mainly about quantum biology and the articles in previous Posts can elucidate.
Courtesy slide player
This then brings us back to our local frequency that is the Schumann resonance of the average of 7.83 Hz. Now one would have gathered that the cell frequencies are tiny in current and voltage, so there is a fine balance and I am suggesting that as this Cosmic intensity continues causing the cyclic weather changes along with man made climate change plus the usual electronic fogs through gadgets such as phones, TV, Tetra and cell / mobile phone towers, hospital stuff and military and WI FI the mutations and disorientation not only of migrating birds, animals, fish, reptiles, bacteria and humans maybe the cause of mayhem and the disturbances causing anxiety and fear which can cause war, hostility and eventfully extreme depression and ill health.
The above is a Helmholtz coils and if your read in POST  338 Cosmic Climate I would strongly suggest you read the Weather and Geomagnetic storms and reference to the coils above. Protective space between magnets.

Helmholtz coil is a device for producing a region of nearly uniform magnetic field, named after the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz. It consists of two solenoid electromagnets on the same axis.  
So by placing a patient or a protective space as in above one can weather geomagnetic storms and a possibility to perhaps minimise radioactivity I am working on and one can play around as in; on this.  One can play around as in adding a Maxwell coil.  Hey Ho off we go.
Perhaps we have to live or go to specialised domes or Helmholtz shelters like astronauts who have to take precautions in the ISS at certain critical times and maybe the Suns declining magnetic field is getting too weak to contain the eruptions of plasma and of course this will impinge more on the Earth's magnetic shield.  Interesting times ahead.
As far as I know the Sun has not been in this mode before, certainly the eleven year cycles and the 'wipe outs' were mainly flooding, tectonic plate upheaval, worn out predators and prey and nature pushing to grow and expand, this time we have chemtrails which some authorities say are to shield from the above intensity, this I cannot subscribe too, there is a sinister plot behind them. Chemtrails are killing wild life and causing human misery along with GMO foods which are surviving where a lot of crops, animals and food are not.
Some ancient prophesies state that this 'shift of the ages' 'the next step in evolution' 'the birth of a New Age' is to be born by the 'hand of fire and scorching' if the Sun and Cosmic Rays do not do it, modern weaponry will and can easily accomplish this.
Then there is the body internal fire known by some as chi when raised, Ki, Kundulini, fire spirit, Comic Orgasms and so on.  Please beware that trying to raise the sleeping serpent can be very damaging, one needs a good teacher to start with. I have experienced this fire a few times and to say it has wrung me out to dry is not an exaggeration. I was told by my Sensei and Sifu both in the middle 50's and 60's to let it happen with meditation and the arts given, such as Judo, jujtsu, kendo, aikido, za zen, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qigong the most important was meditation. They said as one experiences the fire (Zen saying: 'one who has not been consumed by the fire in the hara and died of self then one has not found it'). It is also said the more one slowly roasts and is barbecued then the more one can stand the Cosmic Kundulini, for Kundulini in the body is a tiny replica of Cosmic Fire. There are other ways such as Tantric Yoga and a Tibetan technique g-tummo.
The occasions when I have experienced the fire(It is different from a cold or flu type virus heat, for instance I do not feel ill, or a detox cleansing sweat) it seems to come from my belly / hara / dantien and only a minor sensation up the spine.  Certainly the heat is a clearing of the nadis, nervous system and meridians not so much of the organs which may follow as a detox, that is why too much chi / ki / kundulini can be unsettling and cause in some extreme cases a nervous breakdown, madness, derangement and in some cases suicide and death by other means for instance over taxing the heart.
In some Monasteries, ashrams and places of deep in chi/ki/kundulini practises they haven't any heating in the rooms as the heat from the practitioners, disciples and adepts is sufficient.

Perhaps the next step in evolution is that the Cosmos itself is upping the Kundulini and taking all its creation to the next level and perhaps humanity may need to meditate and refine and purify its nervous system, meridians and this just, just, maybe help the world to a better place in space. 
                                                         Courtesy Quora  Quantum Entanglement 
If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.
Read more at:
It is certainly mind boggling however I feel at the Quantum Field there is a vast Intelligence and the computations of every possibility and probability reside and is all omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, the fact that all there is arises from this almighty field of information and its workings are beyond the human brains comprehension. Man supposes and God dispossess and what is impossible for man is not for God.  I now hear shouts of derision from religion, atheists and scientists.   
Courtesy Chemistry Libre Texts  Quantum Tunnelling
Einstein's quote 'spooky action at a distance' well it does seem spooky and it will always be because with particle physics the very, very small seems at odds with the very seemingly large. This is the mystery that keeps the Universe rolling as it were.  As they say in a Zen Koan 'just when you've think you've grasped it, it's gone again'. From a popular tale and comic strip and films 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' 'They seek him they seek him there is that darned elusive Pimpernel. Quantum Paradoxes.
Some Posts back and blog in the late energygrid I gave my version of a Stargate, Wormhole, Black Hole based on magnetic fields that are contained in a matrix and revolve in a certain way at increasing velocities to 'split apart molecular structure but contain the particles so that on reaching the singularity that is the quantum field the particles are 'stored and remembered' and on reversing the matrix spin and decreasing the velocity the particles reassembled.
Unfortunately the diagrams could not be retrieved I will try and find them, anyway scroll down to Stargate in link above.  I could not find the originals however I will find an image that roughly fits what was originally intended.
Courtesy  Stargate Wikea. Fandom  Image 1
Courtesy U2   Image 2
Courtesy  Image 3
Courtesy  BBC. Universe      Image 4
The above images were nothing like the missing images I had but are near enough. So here we go in a non scientific explanation; Image 1 of course is from the series Stargate SG1 and would in my work be the green ring in image 2 which would be an event horizon as in Image 3, this then would be the containment matrix comprised of a spinning series of magnetic fields. Then the objects and subjects would enter and as the spin in a clockwise vortex would enable the speed to increase to shred apart into molecular and particle energies, frequencies or whatever happens at the speed of light and beyond. 
On reaching the midpoint in image 3 this would be the singularity and the quantum field it would be remembered as a possibility and probability AND as the intention and observer effect ah la the two split / slit experiment;  
Dr Quantum  Image 7 mins   image 5
As a quantum metaphysicist  so to speak I feel that the quantum field is an alive field of conscious awareness intelligence and is the Source of Creation by Intention and Planning of such a high order that humans cannot begin to understand its enormity and splendour and yet are working gradually to glimpse at its secrets.

Let us continue with the Stargate on reaching the infinite and eternal singularity(singularity --only one source)the intention or matrix field begins a anticlockwise spin and begins to assemble the particles to atoms and them to molecules and then to form, the key element being the Observer, the 'intentioniser' that is the designer and those being intended to enter the Stargate. In some parts of the Universe the spins are reversed.

So in image 3 one enters the gate event horizon as also in image 1 travels through matrix at increasing spins to the speed of light and beyond whilst decomposing into particles held in a remembered form by a matrix of magnetic frequencies goes through the singularity and then enters another gate as image 1 which would be the red gate in image 3.
To finish this off I feel this is a crude form and that it is probably in use in a more sophisticated facility somewhere, the real supreme Stargate that perhaps ET use is purely in mind alone;
Courtesy  Quantum
Yes our old friend superman and his memory crystals; in my research on UFO and ET I found that crystals of a certain kind stored memory and our bodies contain magnetic propensities and liquid crystals these would be inextricably linked to memory and neuron synaptic interrelationships. Imagine a set of crystals that contain the mass, frequency, 'vibrational' 'voice' (you can hear the sound of the Sun and planets, you can Google this) and the space coordinates worked by ET in a spacial holographic 'map' and by the way in my last blogs in energygrid I gave out binary and triple lock suggestions although I admit I do not know if they are representing spacial codes, I was questioned by an authority on this and could not verify them, I was just a scribe in the 1967 writings. Anyway these could activate by energising them and they would link into the navigational array which would then form a Stargate and arrive. By the way this sort of craft is organic and linked to body and mind, I have written about this elsewhere under the Redalsham incident.
Courtesy  You

The ultimate ET would be an awareness which would be able to travel as in a dream or astral travel. Wherever one goes as an astronaut or aquanaut one witnesses it as an experience and one has to be conscious and aware to do so. So one is really only travelling in the mind. Should one have a limited mind bound by beliefs and programmes as hand me downs and not venturing outside those confines, then this mind would find it hard to conceive a much larger and spacious Universe. If one is bound by scepticism and scientific, medical, theosophical, political, cultural, religious and fashionable idioms then the world and Universe will be that which one is fastened too. What does one become when the mind is so expansive that it contains the solar system and beyond? One may outgrow the need for a brain or go beyond the brains capacity and become an energy frequency energy form, after all TV and Radio do not need a brain and they contain the information and frequencies in them.

So the ultimate ET would not have a need for a craft and could appear in any shape or form it wanted, it would be a consciousness or mind as an energy magnetic field, some may have a taste of this if they do not reincarnate and come back to repeat history or unfinished business.
Courtesy Shutterstock image 5
Then how do the ET craft form a Stargate?; by a set of crystals they would generate like a laser and introduce a matrix by using the laser and then spread the laser beam to form a vortex and so the coordinates from the crystal memory would form the matrix. This would be accomplished in seconds. The holographic 'map' would introduce spacial and destination and could decide whether it be a vortex which merely cause a hole in space and not 'de-molecularise' or a Stargate and the usual process as above.
Courtesy  Image 6
I could  go on and on with other devices and things. I hope you have enjoyed the fun and I leave it to you to decide whether it is fiction or non fiction, either way it is OK with me. 

By the way some folk have contacted me and said where is Post 399. It is found by scrolling down past Be Well in 340.

Thanks for bearing with me be it fun or serious above. I feel it to be possible and probably somewhere it is in operation.

Be Well



Image 4 is merely a condensed version as seen in a flat dimensional representation.  If you look at some of those beautiful galaxies such as ;
Courtesy  BBC
Courtesy  Message To
They are beautiful and there trillions up trillions of them with billions of Galaxies. There is a theory among a select number of scientists that every galaxy is a portal and its central is a Stargate / black hole  / wormhole and the galaxy is reminiscent of a UFO in shape--- makes you think and imagine eh?

Be Very Well 



A spying and counter fix.  3 mins
So was it the Russians who fiddled elections, employee speaks out.  13 mins
 3 mins of amazing information.
These three videos should awaken you to why is it all Russia?  No evidence about the poisoning in Salisbury, Doctors in Syria confirm smoke inhalation and if Cambridge as above I wonder if all this is a false flag  UK strategy to save Mrs May's Brexit shambles?


This is of course the 5G roll out and the Smart Meter / Smart  City and the Internet of Everything.

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