Tuesday 3 July 2018


Hi there if this was voice speak I would like to greet you in a simulated robot voice.  Well we all sometimes make believe  but somehow the incredible maybe more credible when you go to the new technologies and robots below. In just a short time scale in my 79th and and 8th month year of age the leaps and bounds in the last five years have been astonishing and some of the ideas some now established and working in every way life are somewhat 'miraculously' in situ.
New Hybrid Robot uses living muscles to move; as the line between human and machine wasn’t already blurry enough researchers have developed have developed a new method for using living tissues in robots
See video on above link
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as above
Student does guided meditation from model robot.
All above by Courtesy of  National Geographic and read more from link above.
Now combine this with Boston Works latest Atlas and use your imagination.
Back flips
Walking , stacking, opening doors and confrontation.
In this link above you will find this video and many more. I have Posted and blogged so much about this that I feel you will know the score and some more from POST 300 onwards. One big fact is that researching in my search bar you will find how many times Osama bin Linden was found and killed, one before 9 / 11. IT IS VITAL this work and law case goes ahead, it may stop the Deep State going into other countries and doing in their political systems and killing women and children. If any of the above folk are mysteriously killed you know what this means.  Like Holistic Doctors just recently who have found cures for cancer and Alzheimer's 
The Magnetic Sun 2 mins
Both Images are from Courtesy from NASA.
A notice like this is available from spaceweather,com and a chart that helps define these is
Very useful from above text from POSTS 300 onwards
Spanish Police Dog performs CPR 2 mins
FLIGHT ATTENDANTS AT HIGHER RISK OF CANCER: According to a new study of more than 5,000 flight attendants, the crews of aircraft have higher rates of cancer than the general population. This includes cancers of the breast, cervix, skin, thyroid and uterus, as well as gastrointestinal cancers. What's happening? The researchers, led by Irina Mordukhovich of Harvard University, listed cosmic rays, poor sleep habits, and chemical contaminants as likely risk factors. Read the original research here.
In the 80's NASA definitely 'helped save the world' and maybe as by product started the Chemtrails----maybe, just maybe it was meant to help until the Ozone Layer heals. The chemtrails are not mentioned in the video its me surmising.
Some home truths and some I expect to follow. 13 mins
  • A cell-based flu vaccine, Flucelvax, grown in dog kidney cells became available during the 2017 to 2018 flu season
  • Flucelvax, made by Seqirus, was supposed to offer advantages over egg-based flu vaccines, which are notoriously problematic
  • A study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the cell-based vaccine worked only a little bit better than the conventional flu shot in protecting seniors — which isn’t saying much
  • While flu vaccines overall had only 24 percent effectiveness in preventing flu-related hospitalizations in people aged 65 and older, the Flucelvax vaccine had an effectiveness rate of only 26.5 percent in that population(Courtesy Dr Mercola)
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