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Hi there. A few ideas to play around with and can be proven by amazing research but I want to share my take on this;  DNA is a spinning field and so is a spiralling phenomena which is to my mind is a torsion field.  When Peter Gariaev showed that the DNA remained after the laser and DNA specimen were removed it suggested even when efforts were made to eliminate it, that the Helix's were being sustained or given life by an energy source. To my mind this swirling immensely fast vibratory spiralling sort 'drilled' into the vacuum, zero potential, quantum field it was extracting formation from the puncture through a energy vortex which was from the field of all probabilities and possibilities and being sustained by the field and this vortex being a 'stargate / black hole / wormhole AND is a method for free energy from the continuum, all of cells are fed from the waves of atoms, there are no particles as such, the so called solid form are the oscillations slowed down, waves of energy moving at terrific frequencies like ocean waves moving at light frequencies and beyond and so it so fast that it appears solid by the fact of rapidity of the wave formation like the old frame movies.

Therefore a torsion field is a spiral that self sustains itself or has the ability to create mini tunnels of extraction from the vacuum, this is not just random it contains informing codes and conforms to a plan.

The Stargate which I suggested was formed by the spinning of magnetic fields in the image as below;      

Taken from Post 341

The mid point between Red and blue is the vacuum and the event horizon in blue which is the circular event horizon takes the any object down the spiral which has magnetic fields which hold the image of the object and spin at down a spiral vortex at immense speeds to enter the vacuum  from the blue entrance which unwinds the objects wave frequencies and yet retained in wave form by the magnetic fields and this spins in an anticlockwise rotation and then enters the vacuum in its wave form and then the Red vortex gathers the wave frequencies  and spins in a clockwise rotation and slows down the the frequencies to form a coalesced say as above Earth or whatever object one puts in and comes out in another destination in the Universe or dimension, this of course has to have coordinates and algorithms and so forth, probably not in form at present, and maybe something to do with my binary and triple lock sequences as mentioned at the end of archives.    
and explained in earlier Posts and blogs.  However I feel that one can do this by the mind or brain as a quantum computer, by meditative processes one can go and accelerate or 'travel' to mind energies by altered states of consciousness to as in the NDE(Near Death Experiences)  and OBE(Out of Body Experiences) and in the NDE the Quantum Brain is programmed to produce the frequency by the special sequences switched on by a synaptic trigger switch which then activates a 'magnetic' memory field within the collective vacuum which facilitates the vibrations to make the funnel / worm hole / Stargate / black hole  to enact the dying process. The funnel often experienced in the NDE is mini black hole and so forth. 

If one could find a means other than Brain to vibrate a spiral then one could do this and travel anywhere instantly anywhere in the Universe, obtain free energy and heal anything, longevity and so forth the so called super powers. This I explained  in my Stargate write up and under image above.

It appears to me if there is a 'Dying Process' that is activated when the appropriate point in Life's journey has been reached then there is a process by meditative breath altered intention that triggers a synaptic switch, a relay, a kind of cog in the process of higher brain evolution or in that so called 'Junk DNA' which I suggested long way back were waiting to be switched on by 'The Next, The Ascension Process and the The Next Quantum Leap of Human kind and all Earth forms with the Solar System and beyond, and as these cells activated they attracted mini holes etc., with the new energies from the vacuum.  Some beings like Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Prophets, Gurus and Tibetan Lama's with some advanced Shamans could do years back and join the ranks of evolved ET.

Van Allan Belts.oops.

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