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Greetings  Is it possible, that is up to you, the content of this Post may seem to some naive, laughable, science fiction, or simple a last gasp possible very outside solution.
Courtesy soul mates, love and
5G and the internet of everything is a vibration set of frequencies which are calculated and set to disrupt the so called norm and implant a false reality to the so called habitual 'norm' and the base line DNA and micro volt cellular system altered to their who ever they are the so called technocrats desired set parameters and frequencies, here are some that defy seemingly all sets; 
The boy who sees without eyes
So is it possible to do other things about 5G and the internet of everything that is so scary? I am a not a good example of the following; I had an aunt Rosie and she had a 'cast in her eye' this was not like an ordinary strabismus (medical)term it had a sort of ring in it, however my dear old granny a strict lady from Russia said it was the devil and we had to spit three times, clench our fists and granny rubbed butter in our wrists to get rid of the 'goolickers' and then she licked our eyelids, this got rid of the evil spirits. 

Whenever aunt Rosie was due my brother, cousins and me got a stomach ache, diarrhoea or sore throat. Great to get off school. I told a wise man, a Japanese Judo Master, not my sensei who came later but a master of a large Dojo where I was in with the ladies class as they did not have a young boys class. When I told him he laughed and said 'your grandma fears are put onto you and you make aunt evil by your belief. You can imagine that your mind is a mirror and you send all evil back 'So we did this and my aunt got sick and we were OK'.

We were jubilant and grandma puzzled and said sensei was a wizard, however I went to sensei and he said 'oh no, you should send reflection in the mirror to the sky, the sky is a laundry which cleans it all and sends back good clean energy, remember aunt not evil, it is grandma teachings that make you think so' the next time aunt came round all was well. 
Courtesy   This link is similar to the above about a man in Holland who uses echo location with a possible explanation from a scientist. There is a man in Holland who uses a walking stick, he taps and feels the vibes coming back to him and he feels and interpret like a bat or dolphin,  as well as the above.
Seeing in the dark---night vision
Although like many of these incidents they have been rubbished and debunked I know through my Sifu (Chinese Kung Fu and Qi Gong teacher from way back) that this and other things he had seen and scientists had proved to be correct when others were sceptical, I am also aware there are hoaxes and so on.  This young man is no fake and the last I heard was that the scientists were testing him for tapetum lucidum a part of a membrane found in animal eyes. Then there are children with physical and psychic powers that are not in the category of crystal and indigo children as per New Age presentations, there are adults as well.  
I have gone into the above a lot in the early Blogs and POSTS and took a degree in psychoneuroimmunology and also known as psychoendoneuroimmunology or psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology and those who have followed my workshops, early writings in the late energygrid and articles retrieved from it in my .com) will know that the '1967' writings were all about DNA change through upgrades and reconfiguration's to the DNA through the Ascension Energies (frequencies) which would strip away some auric sheaths and this would enable the brain to become binaural and allow the higher frequencies to flow in and so tele powers which are higher abilities physically and mentally, not in the logical ability or technology but seeming at odds with many scientific modes and mainstream and producing sceptical and harsh shunning and marginalising.  
Courtesy  Gnostic View
The moment someone 'clenches' their mind, their brain, they exclude all probabilities and possibilities, the quantum world does this like a Zen Koan or paradoxes, its functions are to break the solid resistant mind to change and the nature of the Universe is change, uncertainty and expect the unexpected, THIS 5G and the Internet of Everything would take away with the sales pitch of 'you will be always safe, healthy, secure we will monitor everything so no possible harm will come to you, we are the ultimate nanny state'

This will terrify some of us and we see no way out; in some back POSTS I mentioned that when we are born apart from what we pick up from Mother's womb that are feelings without reason to the babe, we are labelled with our name, stamped with religion (atheism is a religion) impregnated with culture and very rarely does one think or move with perhaps a few daring ventures here and there in their whole life and those that do may daringly swap their whole life styles and upbringing for another set of seemingly new labels only to find the same old, same old in a different guise and then what, when the stark reality hits one, there is no real solid reality only what seems safe and pleasing. So 5G may entice one to this only to find it is the same old, same old glossed over with comfort, robots, techno solutions and every mind pleasing hypnotising dulling but sensual delight brought about technologically but stultifying to real emotions and depth of spirit, a shallow  glitzy razzmatazz of empty gibberish meant to be reality and those in charge of the whole shebang, free mentally and gloating in their mind freedom at those plebs who are asleep in their dumb numbness and desperate when they who are the rare wake up, find out there is no way out. 
Courtesy  Paley Matters (From TV series The Prisoner)
 I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!
Number Six in the first episode "Arrival"
A major theme of the series is individualism, as represented by Number Six, versus collectivism, as represented by Number Two and the others in the Village. McGoohan stated that the series aimed to demonstrate a balance between the two points.[11]
 As one may have surmised by now I am suggesting mind mirror to reflect back the frequencies beamed at one, not to destroy but to return to sender with the song title 'Return to sender, return to sender
I gave a letter to the postman, he put it his sack
Bright in early next morning, he brought my letter back
She wrote upon it
Return to sender, address unknown
No such number, no such zone (and so on --Elvis Presley)'
'I felt the mind numbing vibes from 5G and I gave them back, no one at home to receive them, address unknown, no such number, no zonal control' then as I suggested in POST 374 'meditation' I stress again; not imagery, visualisation, prayer, chanting, mantra, yantra, affirmations, hypnosis, positive or negative thoughts and so on.
Courtesy  George Orwell 1984 Quote digital poster images
For those of you who are not familiar with The Prisoner or George Orwell's 1984 you may well see the already awakening embryonic 5G and the internet of everything and the many science fiction books and films other than ones in the POSTS.
In my 1967 writings it describes when the shift in vibrations and the delaying of the new era or next step in evolution takes place and hopefully by 2075, there will be signs of the new evolved humans who in 1967 were named 'the new Aquarian ascended light body beings' now I have named them Homo Energetica Spiritulana. I have said they will have more Unisex features, they will have a healthy sheen and glow, they will be the same height or slightly taller as some of our youngsters are now, tall young people, they will eventually not use speech,they will be telepath's, they will have powers not hugely extraordinary but certainly extraordinary, they reproduce and have genitalia as of nowadays, their sexual activities will be more like nature it will be seasonable and conceived by pre life agreements and their food will be semi solid and a kind of bacteria. Of course this will be beyond 2075, although signs of this will be evident even now, many of these traits have been evidenced in books by documented and authenticated witnessed events, of course which the sceptic will rubbish and be highly angry, scoff at and take the superior get out and hide behind their incredulity, intellect and ignorance neither do I espouse believing it without investigation and not biased to one's own predilection. 
 Courtesy  Innovate 
The challenge is to both; the technocrats who see 5G and the internet of everything and their mentality of total control, a mechanical mind devoid of almost any emotions, a human mechanical machine, fastidious, scrupulous, in total control, no surprises and supreme power over lesser minds and inferior intellect and their superiority over everything and sadly nature included, sexual procreation by test tube and designer babies, transhumanism and cyborgs which will be human and part machine and eventually the dream of utopia through immortality.

The natural evolutionary organic human is a threat to the technocrats just as the technocrats to the natural human. The natural human likes to be free, have fun, not be controlled, not wild if not programmed to a culture and religion, like an animal in nature is instinctual, spontaneous(not impulsive, giving way to lustful unkempt wantonness) a natural human with a natural uncluttered mind is a compassionate loving sharing caring being, it has been the brain washing that has caused separation, war and madness we have today. Humans like animals and beings of nature and nature herself do not like being in a zoo and imprisoned and tortured.
Perhaps there could be a kind of marriage, not the kind I Posted some time back of people marrying their robots or robots marrying themselves, I feel both sides could compromise, humans to evolve in the natural evolutionary organic flesh bodies and then ultimately to their higher non physical energy beings(spiritual beings and the Universe going this way as well) and the robots to assist and enjoy their service to their human friends but not to take over or replace or merge into one another's body. I feel this may come.
Courtesy Pinterest
Hope springs eternal in the human breast is a well known saying and I feel no matter how repressive, submissive and enslavement by 5G there will always be the urge to break free and the human mind no matter how numbed, asleep and numbed will awaken and that spirit of freedom to get out and about will happen, it requires a mass awakening, a shock like a life threatening illness, a wake up call. 
Courtesy  online relationship advice and relationship help
When the entrapment becomes apparent and hopefully before it becomes too late that essential will, the human essential need to become alive, it will stir in time and build silently no matter how drugged, implanted and beguiled, it will build up pressure and the 'Berlin Wall' of 5G, GMO foods, chemtrails and all the corrupt violation of human rights will break the dam and humanity through the  effort of this will not only break free but the energy of the effort will push the boundaries of human brain power and seek higher ways of combating the frequencies of the internet of everything.
Courtesy  Medium
The Berlin Wall was visible and physical, this wall of frequencies is invisible and to the human senses not apparent. HOWEVER it is felt and on the feeling level it will have to be dealt with.The image above speaks to the love, compassion and care between two species. This is visible and tangible and felt. It is here the lesson is learnt. 
In a back Post I described how natural humans felt prey and predator visceral-ably in the gut, (notice how every health problem is gut bacteria shortage---my Sensei and Sifu said the Hara / Dantien (lower abdomen ) is the first brain, and now with very few visible predators,(except those in ware zones and high crime areas)its in the head, the mind, the brain, the mortgage, money, health, refugees, asylum seekers, news, death and so on.
Courtesy Dr Gwendolyn Galswothy
So how does one fight or combat this invisible threat especially as it is technocracy and seemingly the threat  has all the power and means at its disposal. Well as it is unseen apart from the surveillance and intrusion voices and the net providing anything alternative, a one way system, then one becomes down trodden, morose, depressed and brow beaten and may give in and just learn to submit and enjoy as the soporific mindless TV and media hype, the repetitive mind games, the thrill of new four dimensional vistas supplied by the hyper goggles and the dulling food additives with exotic tastes and the death of the will, brain dead to anything but the input of the technocratic will of hybrid humans who govern it. 
Courtesy Dr Gwendolyn Galsworthy
So one has to be ever watchful, wilfully at first and then learn to breathe let go of will and just watch and then let the brain storms come, the laser images bursting into the brain, the imposed voice in the head, the hallucinations bombarded at one in order to wear one down, the lack of sleep, like the Buddha who was assailed under the truth tree, he endured every torment imaginable all in his mind and in the Aquarian Gospel Jesus had the temptations and he and Buddha survived the assault and broke free of human conditioning, they came to the baby mind before the label and conditioning and ASCENDED and that is the GIFT of 5G and The Internet of Everything. It will throw every abomination at you mentally, psychologically and if they cannot break you they will use, drugs, brain washing and physical torture and yet if you do this quietly without strain and wilfully demanding watching, the witness breathing easy and relaxing, even though facial recognition will be watching you in the toilet, they will think you are a relaxed human enjoying your prison and then using the mind mirror at other times to send the gift of their frequencies back to them and they might, just might awaken to their own horror, a sort of whistle blower and enough of the population doing this may even cause a clearance of the collective unconscious and the entrainment of many minds causing a critical mass and hey presto an ascended human race.






You didn't create your body, nor are we able to control the bodies functions. An intelligence greater than the human mind is at work.

It is the same intelligence that sustains all of nature.

You cannot get any closer to that Intelligence than being aware of your own energy field---by feeling the aliveness, the animating presence within your body.

(OK you can control by mind discipline some functions  --by being picky and pedantic you miss the point).

DO you think or feel 5G and co', is greater than that sustaining energy above?

Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done. 22If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

All we are is the result of what we have thought.  Buddha

Remember when you were born you had a clean sheet, a clean slate; if you think about it you could have been in any doctrine, culture, religion, politic, country had a great life or rotten one, so who were you and are you if you rid yourself of all conditioning, who taught us to fear and believe that materialism and technology are greater than that Intelligence that Created the Universe?

Trust in Life. Trust in that Intelligence that is in you, that organises the sixty trillion cells and says to the technocrats nano bots, you are a poison in my body and mind you are only a vibe a frequency so be gone and get behind me and I use a mind mirror to send back the bots with flowers and unconditional love through the power of the Universe backing it up.   

This is the challenge to come through the negativity and find a mind deeper and more powerful, not through will, anger, frustration, depression and powerlessness, but finding a quiet inner strength although appearing weak, mild and timid is quietly FEELING a power that speaks in quietness, stillness and relaxation and inviting the Intelligence in us to speak to us in quiet reflection and guide us with a certainty beyond logic and academic mainstream approval.



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