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Greetings. I take science and interpret my findings according to my brief in the 1967 writings and the prophesies therein and although I may be at odds with the scientific explanation it fits to my theorems. Agreed my POSTS and previous blogs in the Archives maybe to some be just propositions, hypothesis, postulates, assumptions, wacky thesis or just lunatic crazy ego fantasies, never the less I feel to do them.
A MAGNETIC EXPLOSION ON EARTH'S DOORSTEP: Yes, there are explosions in Earth’s magnetic field. They happen all the time. Gusts of solar wind press against Earth’s magnetosphere, squeezing lines of magnetic force together. The lines criss-cross and reconnect, literally exploding and propelling high energy particles toward Earth.  Auroras are the afterglow of this process.
On Dec. 20, 2015, such an explosion occurred closer to Earth than anyone had seen before.  It has taken researchers 4 years to fully wrap their minds around what happened, and the results were published just this week in the Jan. 13, 2020, edition of Nature Physics
Above: Auroras sparked by a near-Earth magnetic explosion on Dec. 20, 2015more
Lead author Vassilis Angelopoulos of UCLA explains: "Usually, these explosions happen at least 100,000 miles from Earth, far downstream in our planet’s magnetic tail. On Dec. 20, 2015, however, we observed a reconnection event only 30,000 miles away–more than 3 times closer than normal."
It was a case of good luck and perfect timing. NASA's swarm of three THEMIS spacecraft were passing through the area, and they were able to pinpoint the explosion’s location "right on the doorstep" of the geosynchronous satellite belt. This showed reconnection events may pose a previously overlooked threat to Earth-orbiting satellites. The nearby blast caused a strong G2-class geomagnetic storm and intense auroras around the Arctic Circle.
Above: "X" marks the spot of the Dec. 20, 2015, near-Earth magnetic explosion: more.

Angelopoulos estimated the energy involved. "The explosion and subsequent storm delivered as much as ~88 PetaJoules (88 x 1015 Joules) of energy to the near-Earth environment. That’s more than 10 times the energy of the largest US nuclear bomb and about 20 times the energy of a magnitude 7 earthquake."
Before this event, many researchers felt that reconnection at such proximity was impossible. Earth’s nearby magnetic field was too stable for such explosions … or so the thinking went.
"Now we know better," Angelopoulos says"“The THEMIS multipoint observations are iron-clad. It really happened, and this is going to make a big impact on future studies of geomagnetic storms."
A sharable version of this story may be found here. ( Courtesy spaceweather.com and authors)

Post 381 Sunday September 2019 (which does a synopsis of the 5 extinctions as well) as mentioning Themis along Archives 3rd March and June 2009 with some Themis and Nassim Haramein and some interesting Sun information;

http://geofffreedarchive.blogspot.com  (these articles or blog were taken out from the late energygrid magazine which was a large edition with many contributors, many of the archives of this of mine were saved but videos out of date or deplatformed and images lost).
Courtesy Hope not Hate (deplatforming)
Getting back to the information regarding Themis and the lead scientist involved describes in the March 3 2009 describes his and others astonishment of the Themis and other findings. This gave rise to my take on Portals, Stargates, Wormholes and Black holes and my inter dimensional studies, ET and UFO.
Courtesy in5D
In the 'Archive' days that was from 1970 by lecture and workshops then 2005 to 2013 (still workshops and lectures) then onto energygrid it was all about Ascension, electron volts, DNA change and the subjects mentioned in the image and the special information about the Sun, then I got into the messy world of conspiracies and subjects that threatened to dumb down and destroy brains so that the Ascension process would be either defeated or delayed.
The above lead article at the top proves to me the Universe is closing in to give the Earth and humanity more energetic new intensity energies in order to raise consciousness and the DNA profile, plus the increasing gamma rays that are occurring during the solar low cycles as in back Posts and the biological effects on all organic systems. 
Sun stuff starts at approximately 5hrs in. 
Here Nassim gives the theory I have worked on; the Sun is travelling at 3000 miles per second and the planets spiral around the Sun on this journey and we are never in the same space as before. On this journey we are not only experiencing differing energies and modifying, upgrading and re-configuring but our DNA  and evolution is increasing, the Technocrats want to stop or alter this natural process by technological means;eugenics, transhumanism, cyborgs, social engineering, AI, 5G, internet of everything,  robotisation and other monstrosities.
Courtesy Adventures with Agile 

As much as admire Nassim he lost me in the above image after the Sun Stuff and planets. However I got into a howler of condemnation over the years in blog and POST. The realisation that the Universe grows like in a way AI it learns by feedback loops that modifies and upgrades, each unit or node is an intelligent receiver and transmitter of information and it shares its findings and is then circulated and each node is able to sift and sort its best optimal move. It is a collective intelligence working for the whole and continually increasing and empowering each link in the chain and not enhancing any particular one. If the links are humanity it would hope that humanity would embrace compassion, security and sharing, obviously the would be 'leaders' by example and walking their talk and promoting the less advantageous to become their optimal best. 
Courtesy Quest Fusion. (Are we more than this?)
Realising evolution doesn’t only happen by natural selection makes it clear the process isn’t likely to ever stop. Freeing our genomes from the pressures of natural selection only opens them up to other evolutionary processes – making it even harder to predict what future humans will be like. However, it’s quite possible that with modern medicine’s protections, there will be more genetic problems in store for future generations.
Laurence D Hurst is a professor of evolutionary genetics at the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath. This article first appeared on The Conversation
Perhaps the so called elite, technocrats, bilderbergs, deep state, one world egoists know this and want to make the world a mechanistic robotic stereotyped world for the populous and made servants and they have the prime free privileges. However the story of Babylon may not be so far out, maybe that God, natural feedback loop, Creator, Great Source of Life, will find this is not accord with the natural evolutionary process and  a sell by date is needed for the expunging of these unnatural processes of some of humanities techno stuff has gone to far and usher in the 6th extinction and so the Ascension process is born and a new humanity inhabits the Earth.  
from POST
Then there was he big scare, prophesy about 2012, I felt that there were certain time structures which were; 1967 - 2012, 2013-2032, 2033-2075 and that the March 2011 was the beginning of the the findings of the Universal Consciousness, the upgrades in DNA being investigated and and the possibility of off setting a lot of damage, suffering and a planet wise holocaust caused by the the birth symptoms of the 6th extinction and that by a change of human consciousness to compassion and so on like say Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and others, our collective consciousness could lessen the Earths upheaval and overwhelm. There is a chance with many groups proving healing and miracles this could happen however the Technocrats do not want to share this natural consciousness and prefer AI and robotics so they have total control perhaps the growing consciousness will surprise them.  
Courtesy  Inspirenow.com. AU
How can we break out of the jar?  What put us in the jar?

If you can do it 

and then I am sure you will 

Be Well



Hunter Biden and co.. A bit of juicy conspiracy and DT's impeachment.
not only humorous but very true reporting in my view James Corbett is the best of the best.
It might not sound like it - but scientists have discovered that penguins speak like us.
Like humans, they've learnt to shorten the words they use the most, because it makes talking easier.

This way of speaking has only been seen in humans and some primates - until now.

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