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 Hello and a great New Year. I appreciate the following maybe not to your  liking and a very contentious issue and has produced a lot of scoffing but right from the start I have printed nearly all of Dr Firstenberg's issues as below. 

I mentioned we proved his theories in our laboratory and his book as below goes into the history. I feel there is a 'superflu' that was leaked, a sort of variant of the a sars and it is interesting where it was leaked or escaped, 5G had just been introduced, and leaks occur from nearly every biolab on purpose or just happens because they are impossible to 100% contain, the slightest miniscule mistake can cause a leak, which I explained way back and then the already compromised immune system is then whammed by the onslaught of micro wave 5G EMF's and acerbated by 5G satellites, mini 320 yards apart transmitters and receivers when fully operative and installed.

The future of more and more mutant strains(which occur naturally with all viruses) but will spread as continual pandemics as the more prolific and potent EMF's take place. So the future more vaccines, masks and lockdowns and a mutant human hybrid in time.

We could wait until the 6th extinction arrives in full and survive it if we went back to harmless technical devices that work with nature and this natural cycle, free energy and clear up GMO, chemtrails and the best of Allopathic medicine and energy and natural herbal medicine with pure food with natural water----is there the political will and the compassion and care for this?       

The credentials and intelligence of this doctor is extraordinary. Amazing.

PLUS I owe an apology to Nancy Peloci photo in the 26 December 2020; on a closer inspection this may not be the cover of the vaccine injection but the bobble that ends with the needle has reached its depth. I am not so sure whether it went behind her arm or whether it is saline or the real deal.

At the very end there are some stunning breakthroughs and breaking news.

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Some fifty or so POSTS back I mentioned that in our private laboratory we experimented with various thickness of skulls and the ability of the 5G Network as such then and now could heat up and penetrate the blood brain barrier and that Dr Arthur Firstenberg's book 'The Invisible Rainbow' is about the history of electricity and its dual effect on biological organisms and the astounding effect of some of the facts; just two when the early wild west telegraphers phone call centres (Images at end of article appear) started there were historical medical records of the illnesses that followed and also when the telegraph wires first were draped over roofs before telegraph posts were put up and then power and transmission radio transmitters the devastating effects on the population all this is in Dr Arthur's book and more).

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You see them everywhere. Men and women walking down the street, all of them with masks on their faces and cell phones in their hands. People jogging, with masks covering their faces and cell phones in their hands. Mothers wheeling their babies with one hand, holding a cell phone in the other hand, with a mask covering their face.

The world has gone insane.

Back in May, the President of Tanzania announced that a goat, a quail, and a papaya had tested positive for COVID-19. People did not stop eating papayas. But when farmed minks began testing positive, the response has been to kill them all.

After a few minks in the Netherlands tested positive in April, 570,000 minks were slaughtered. Minks started testing positive and being killed in Denmark in June, and on November 4, Denmark announced it would destroy the rest of its 17 million minks. Sanity finally broke out in that country, and the eradication campaign stopped after only 2.5 million minks were slaughtered. But minks have also been killed in Spain, Sweden, Greece, France, and the United States.

Lions, tigers and leopards in zoos have tested positive.

People have been testing their dogs and cats, and lo and behold, some of them have tested positive, and on May 6, the Centers for Disease Control created a webpage titled “What to Do if Your Pet Tests Positive for the Virus that Causes COVID-19.” This is what you are supposed to do: “Isolate the pet from everyone else, including other pets.” “Keep your pet at least 6 feet away from other pets and people.” “If you have a private backyard where your dog can go to the bathroom, do not take them for walks.” But, the CDC warns, “Do not wipe or bathe your pet with... hand sanitizer,” and “Do not try to put a mask on your pet.”

It is becoming obvious that no matter what you test -- minks, lions, dogs, papayas, people, or anything else -- you will get positive results, and that the results mean nothing. Just wait until someone tests a cow. Kill all the cows, and no more meat or dairy products! Vaccinate every pet and farm animal in the world! Do contact tracing for every pet that comes in contact with an infected pet!

We have a pandemic, all right, but it is a pandemic of insanity, not COVID-19. The world -- the entire world, not just a few people or a few countries or a few cultures -- has forgotten what life is. Life is community. It is social contact, touching, breathing, sharing. It is oxygen. People are dying because their masks are making them hypoxic. Cancer cells thrive in the absence of oxygen. If you have cancer, and you wear a mask, you are making your cancer grow. And life is bacteria and viruses. Ninety-nine percent of all bacteria and viruses are beneficial and necessary -- necessary for life, and necessary for evolution. If you disinfect the surface of the earth, you will put an end to life. We did not disinfect the world for smallpox, influenza, measles, or tuberculosis. But we are doing it for “COVID-19.”

And we are blaming every symptom known to man on “COVID-19.” COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, closely related to the common cold. But we have made a caricature of it. Suddenly a coronavirus is a magical piece of RNA, created by Dracula, that will damage your kidneys or your heart or give you a stroke.

There is another, very real pandemic that is out of control: a pandemic of radiation. A pandemic that does cause kidney and heart damage and strokes, in addition to pneumonia. The radiation is produced by cell phones. The cell phones with which mothers are irradiating their babies, and joggers are irradiating their hearts. The cell phones with which 7 billion people are irradiating the birds, insects and flowers around them. The radiation that will kill all 7 billion of us, unless we put an end to it.
JANUARY 23-24, 2021
I will be speaking about these issues at the 2021 Take Back Your Health (TBYH) Conference. This year’s conference, featuring doctors, immunologists, environmental experts, and others, is titled Our Global Microbiome: Understanding Our Relationship with the Viruses, Bacteria and Molds Around Us. 

The conference will be held online January 23 and 24. Details and registration information are here:
Arthur Firstenberg
Founder, ECHOEarth (End Cellphones Here On Earth)
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129
December 29, 2020

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So where did the flu go---I think this video shows the flu is being counted as new strain and the flu as Covid. I stated this back in early September with the summer flu.

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Pfizer said in a statement that there are "no data" to demonstrate that a single dose of its coronavirus vaccine will provide protection from infection after 21 days.

Why it matters: The U.K. announced on Wednesday that it would shift its vaccination strategy "to give as many people in at-risk groups their first dose, rather than providing the required two doses in as short a time as possible." Some provinces in Canada are doing the same. ( Strange goings on; I did mention a while back that the MHRA of the UK is funded by Big Pharma and not the tax payer and the UK boasted how quick they were to be the first and the links with the UK Chief Medical Officer, Imperial College, Cambridge Analitica  with the Gates lots.

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The criminal WHO blows its own cover: fake PCR test

by Jon Rappoport

December 31, 2020

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In early 2020, the WHO accepted a PCR test for “SARS-CoV-2” that was designed without having possession of the virus. Yet the test is meant to detect…the missing virus. This is evidence of deep criminal intent. [1]

But as of December 14, 2020, WHO has made a correction [2]. Thereby blowing its own cover. Why? (Read more in link) 

Poland to fine twitter and Facebook £2.2 million every time they censor " free speech " with their so called " factcheckers ">

The people rushing to take these experimental, never before approved for human use, not properly safety tested mRNA vaccines, are literally human guinea pigs, volunteering to be experimented on"> UK OKs Experimental COVID Could Roll Out in Days - #NewWorldNex...

The ever very brilliant Corbett Report

Bye for now

2021 a year of honesty and transparency?

be aware and be well



  • In the race to produce a viable vaccine for COVID-19, one developed at the University of Queensland, Australia, was scrapped when scientists found participants developed a false positive test for HIV after vaccination
  • Researchers who had used recombinant adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) vector 10 years ago for an HIV-1 vaccine warned against using the same process for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine as it raised the risk of an HIV infection
  • It is notoriously difficult to develop a vaccine for coronaviruses as the process has always backfired in the past, raising the risk of severe disease when exposed to the virus
  • Current data show a mass vaccination mandate is not necessary; pharmaceutical companies are shielded from liability from vaccine injury. Weigh your personal risks and benefits before deciding ( Courtesy

Civil war, medical discrimination, spy satellites and cyborgs! How 

2021 could make us yearn for 2020

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This just about sums up the past year of the elites power hungry push and their future plans.

This is utter madness and incomprehensible sheer lunacy

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