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 Hello This may confuse you as it does me. Never the less make up your own mind. Are the 'officials' unnecessarily scaring us or is this to be taken as said --- I am still confused.

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Phill Magakoe/AFP via Getty Images Travellers queue at an area for PCR Covid-19 tests at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on November 27 - Phill Magakoe/AFP via Getty Images

DO you see unusually mild. BUT look below when you have read the link below.

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Compare the scary image above and the panic and the the talk of lock downs and precautions from a mild symptom. AS I have said there will be more and more of this. VIRUSES MUTATE  and of course more and more scares and frightening the population.  WHY THE PANIC for a mild virus. AND MORE AND MORE CONTROL AND SURVEILLANCE with lots and lots of MONEY to be made by Gates and Big Pharma with the new priesthood The Church of Technocracy and the priesthood of Eugenics with new religion of transhumanism and cyborgism with special holy GMO food and chemicalised meat and fish. The Vatican now renamed WHO(World Health Organisation) and the currency minted by The World Economic Forum. The UN becomes the United One Humanity of a faceless bland servitude to the elite few and Deep State.

UK detects first 2 cases of Covid strain it called ‘worst ev

Why the worst ever when the South African Doctor says mild? 

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 He looks as perplexed as I do. Yes and then WHERE IS THE FLU?   I have heard it on the 'grape vine' that the flu which causes about 30, 00 cases of fatality in the UK EVEN WHEN JABBED, is being forgotten or rather lumped on to the COVID  cases---after all you must keep the numbers and the people frightened. well the same more or less as above.

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In 1950 I was pulling out studs and replacing them and cleaning and putting dubbin on boots for the professionals at Arsenal at the age of 12 and the players got Despite the efforts of the Players' Union, there was no other change until 1945 when the maximum close season wage was increased to £7 per week. Two years later a National Arbitration Tribunal was established. It decided that the maximum wage should be raised to £12 in the playing season and £10 in the close season. The minimum wage for players over 20 was set at £7.

The maximum wage was increased to £14 (1951), £15 (1953), £17 (1957) and £20 (1958). The union argued that in 1939 the footballers' £8 was approximately double the average industrial wage, by 1960 the gap had narrowed to £5 with these figures standing at £20 and £15 respectively. I got around two shillings 10p if I was a good boy.

I am still in touch with some of the professionals now and some top flight tennis players and many of them do not want the vaccinations or wear masks. They feel they are somewhat responsible for the collapses. I think the masks more so than the vaccinations yet in my view the combination is not to my liking and to some doctors and health professionals as well.

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Unfortunately this is rife throughout the  military and when I worked for the police in Forensics I heard this often and when the overseas police came for training when I went back to basic instruction at the Police College Hendon, I heard some horrific episodes and also as a therapist I heard and had patients who had suffered this abuse, Yes in sport, institutions, workplaces and the churches and religious institutions of all denominations also domestic violence unfortunately everywhere--by the way holy books have this content as well. It seems part of the human condition. Perhaps humanity over the ages are here on Earth to try and overcome some of sadistic, lusty preponderances and predilections or maybe that is just the human existence and lot.

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I just cannot comment on this as the whole sexual identity issues are so complex today. With 79 sexual identities to choose from and I find it personally abhorrent that sterilisation should have been the criteria to verify transgender. As a male heterosexual (oh gosh have I let myself in for it?) someone from Woke may object or from some other group or sect. Mercy please I am an 83 senior and I suppose a fuddy duddy; Etymology. "Fuddy-duddy" is considered a word based on duplication and may have originated as a fused phrase made to form a rhyming jingle. Duddy is similar to Daddy and may have caught on from children's rhyming. Actually unknown origin. You know just because I have my email address (or one of them) in the site to contact me I get all sorts of sexual spams some are really explicit.  
As a therapist I witnessed the hurt, pain and unrelenting abuse to some transgender folk my view is that as we are sentient beings and as such we are cable of every abuse and being abused. In Forensics I saw horror after horror and that's what persuaded me to become a psychotherapist and counsellor. I have retired from that in 2004 and retired from Forensics in 2000.
There is so much suffering and there are pockets of peace and goodwill.  So many youngsters I talk too are confused and anxious.

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