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The POST says it all and there is enough spiel to go on with. Space radiation with Cosmic Rays can affect genetics and can make changes and we are heading not only through vaccine shots to change the genetic inheritance albeit artificially and yet natural radiation from uncluttered skies without chemtrails and the like can be most beneficial and enhancing.

SPACE WEATHER AND THE RUSSIAN ASAT STRIKE: Russia just destroyed one of its own satellites. On Nov. 15, 2021, a missile launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome struck Kosmos 1408, shattering the old satellite into thousands of pieces. Debris came so close to the ISS that astronauts took shelter in their crew capsules, just in case they had to abandon ship.

Littering Earth orbit with debris is never a good idea. Space weather could make it much worse. To understand why, turn back the clock 18 years to the Halloween Storms of October 2003, when our planet "lost" half its satellites.


Above: Northern Lights over Houston, Texas, on Oct. 29, 2003. Credit: Christie Ponder [photo gallery]

Solar Cycle 23 was winding down. Space weather forecasters were talking about how quiet things would soon become when, suddenly, the sun unleashed two of the strongest solar flares of the Space Age: An X17 flare on Oct. 28th followed by an X10 flare on Oct. 29th. Powerful CMEs struck Earth's magnetic field only 19 hours later, sparking 3 days of severe to extreme geomagnetic storms.

An after action report from NOAA lists some of the storm's side effects: Commercial airlines scrambled to redirect flights from the poles, where radiation levels were suddenly high. Each detour cost as much as $100,000. Many Earth-orbiting satellites experienced reboots and even unwanted thruster firings. Some operators simply gave up and turned their instruments off. Goddard's Space Science Mission Operations Team estimates that 59% of NASA's Earth and space science satellites were affected.

There's a dawning awareness that something else important happened, too. Many of Earth's satellites were misplaced.

In a 2020 paper entitled "Flying Through Uncertainty," a team of researchers led by Thomas Berger at the University of Colorado's Space Weather Technology, Research, and Education Center report a little-known anecdote from USAF satellite operators. During the Halloween storms, they recalled, "the majority of [low Earth orbiting] satellites were temporarily lost, requiring several days of around-the-clock work to reestablish [their positions]."

"The Halloween storms pumped an extra 3 Terrawatts of power into Earth's upper atmosphere," explains Martin Mlynczak, principal investigator of NASA's SABER spacecraft, which measured the energy dump. "We didn't feel it down on the planet's surface, but it was a big event for Earth orbiting satellites. The extra power puffed up the atmosphere, sharply increasing aerodynamic drag."

Both from article

Simulations show that even moderate geomagnetic storms can shift the position of a satellite by 10 km or more. The Halloween Storms created far larger uncertainties. This is a problem because, when you're in a shooting gallery, you can't dodge the bullets unless you know where they are.

"Fortunately, the Halloween storm did not cause any major collisions that we know of," write Berger and his co-authors. "But if a geomagnetic storm on the level of the 2003 event were to occur today, the situation could be very different. Most satellite operators today have never experienced anything like the Halloween 2003 storm."

Right now radars and telescopes in the United States Space Surveillance Network are surely working to pinpoint the debris of Kosmos 1408. Orbital solutions will allow collision warnings to be issued; satellites can dodge. However, a strong geomagnetic storm could wipe out their findings in an instant.

Intensifying geomagnetic activity is almost certain as young Solar Cycle 25 gains steam in the years ahead. It's something to think about the next time you launch an ASAT weapon...

Cosmic ray dose rates peaked in late 2019, and have been slowly declining ever since. This makes perfect sense. Solar Minimum was in late 2019. During Solar Minimum the sun's magnetic field weakens, allowing more cosmic rays into the solar system. We expect dose rate to be highest at that time.

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Now that Solar Minimum has passed, the sun is waking up again. Solar magnetic fields are strengthening, providing a stiffer barrier to cosmic rays trying to enter the solar system. The decline of cosmic radiation above California is a sign that new Solar Cycle 25 is gaining strength.

.Who cares? Cosmic rays are a surprisingly "down to Earth" form of space weather. They can seed cloudstrigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. According to a study from the Harvard T.H. Chan school of public health, crews of aircraft have higher rates of cancer than the general population. The researchers listed cosmic rays, irregular sleep habits, and chemical contaminants as leading risk factors. Somewhat more controversial studies (#1#2#3#4) llink cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. ( Courtesy views on their data are mine and are not connected to and I see their data as part of my research and ideas. Should there appear to be similarities they are because of my views)

From article
With due respect to the French Physicist mentioned in article this is like inventing the wheel Nassim Haramein, NASA and myself have mentioned this and in my POST Thursday 19th April 2018 titled Imagination fantasy and all else and scrolling down you can find what was a rough synopsis of my research and I cheekily named it STARGATE.
Link below ---included because of so many censorships and deplatforming and I have had my my share of them recently. It is possible to trace these after censorship. This is in my POST TUEDAY 14th July 2015. Slowly NASA and co are leaking out 'stuff'

Courtesy Jonas Kopp
The amazing drumming by Jonas kind of sums up the intensity of the next input; In my POST Monday 24th May 2021 I title it Changes in the Solar System, Ascension Process and the 6th Extinction. As I have said many times I feel that there is a dichotomy between the present Covid, eugenics, Technocrocy, cyborgism and transhumanism and nature or natural evolution which is taking place as my POSTS present. Whether the Deep State is aware of the Natural Evolution and Extinction's or not and they wish their evolution or fear the wipe out WHICH could be lessoned if Natures Way was followed and attuned too and a further POST Monday 24th May 2021 (which is a follow on and Part 3 of a trilogy)titled Photon Belt, Black Hole, The Extinctions, Symptoms experienced and Psychic Powers(Tele power).

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So is the Covid and continual vaccinations and boosters and if the research now gaining ground and vigorously being censored and pursuing the scientists with violence and extreme threats and intimidations the MY ARTICLE AND REPRINT of Vaccines spread viruses is correct then we are doomed, should the 6th extinction warning be present and true and we do not allow natural evolution and a chance to avoid the damage of the last five or at least cause less of a disaster. The Choice is ours. It would seem we are between a rock and hard place---yet aren't we now ---vaxed or not vaxed? A divided world a leper colony over a vaccination.


Well one can see from Austria and Australia what is to come.

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Hey Geoff

This week's Truthiverse interview is with Nina Angelo, a woman whose parents met at Auschwitz during WW2 and somehow lived to tell the tale - as the sole survivors of their respective families (murdered by the Nazis).

Nina knows better than most the horrors of fascism, and she has a message for Australia and the world: wake up because we are going down a very dangerous road (and we know where it ends).

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THIS ARTICLE AND VIDEO SAYS IT ALL. Make no mistake I was born Jewish I am not ashamed of being born JEWISH accept I had no choice in the matter neither has an atheist, Christian, Muslim , Hindu. When I was old enough to think for myself  I wondered why I was TAUGHT TO BE who I WAS? I realised I was born FREE OF RELIGION AND CULTURE and my dearest parents merely followed tradition and culture and I unknowingly just became brain washed and inculcated. Most people just follow like sheep and cows going on the trail and never realising they are brain washed not only religiously but politically, peer pressure, media and celebrity conscious. 
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I am not against religion however many wars have come about over religions, so have many dictators caused wars as of now The world Economic Forum and Deep State Elitists want to DICTATE  the New Politic and Religion and the New High Priest and Pope(puppet) is below with new robes and a interesting background;
Klaus Martin Schwab (German pronunciation: [klaʊs ˈmaʁtiːn ʃvaːp]; born 30 March 1938) is a German engineer and economist best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.
There is an attempt to mystify Swab's family history. I do not want to be sued or threatened but Dark Journalist has exposed his and his families sinister family history and involvement---read between the lines. This is the garb of the new priests --- ?
I do believe and feel there is a Divine Being and we are Its creation. I pray in gratitude three times a day wherever I am. I do not have a religion but feel and believe by FEELING and thank that Being the Great Spirit for my life and realises in heartfelt gratitude for the benevolence bestowed so far to me. Thank you Almighty Supreme one.

Be Well 


Yesterday, the astronauts on the International Space Station took shelter in their return vehicles from possible incoming space debris. The UK-based company Seradata, which produces a launch and satellite database, said it suspected the debris is the result of a Russian anti-satellite missile test that might have destroyed the Kosmos 1408 satellite. Later in the day, NASA administrator Bill Nelson confirmed the debris' origin in a statement, saying it resulted from a "destructive Russian Anti-Satellite (ASAT) test." Read more about yesterday's sheltering of ISS astronauts, and about the Kessler syndrome, first discussed in 1978, which might have predicted events like these.

Virtual reality can combat isolation on Earth and in space

It takes 7 months to get to Mars in an efficiently engineered spaceship, covering a distance of almost 300 million miles (480 million km). On this journey, a crew would have to survive in a confined space with no opportunity to experience nature or interact with new people. It is easy to imagine how this much isolation could have a severe impact on the crew’s wellbeing and productivity. But virtual reality may help alleviate some of the negative feelings of isolation, having potential implications for space travel. Read more.

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