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As I looked out on my lovely garden I have these beautiful two trees right in front of my bedroom window which is in a large bay so I have a great clear view. I have written a lot about the trees in the garden and particularly these two. From one of the trees a rather large broke off and on it was attached another branch that sticks up vertically at an angle to the flat one on the grass one, the large end of the branch is covered in ivy from the tree it fell from. It has formed a beautiful natural sculpture and my neighbours and I get a great pleasure in its natural simplicity and the way nature 'lets' things go in the natural way the 'Dao of life'.

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You probably know that the fallen branch will eventually rot and bacteria will do this and recycle the debris to the earth as a natural compost, death and decay begets new life, so there is in this view of things no death but birth of a new form, birth and death are opposites Life has no opposites. The bacteria which are feared are now found to be the gut and as the gut microbiome. Mind you there are healthy bacteria and some harmful bacteria. 
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The number of bacterial cells in the human body is estimated to be around 38 trillion, while the estimate for human cells is around 30 trillion. The number of bacterial genes is estimated to be 2 million, 100 times the number of approximately 20,000 human genes. When I was in forensics it was possible to estimate a decaying half or shallow earth grave of a human body by the various bacteria and maggots. So everything in nature has a use and nature does not waste anything, although we humans do. Everything is impermanent and transient and even our Great Sun will 'die' and erupt and us should humans survive!!!!?    solar  cycle  3

So everything has its consequences and sequences and in nature it happens naturally; we have a natural sequence. Try holding your breath, nature brings you back to breathing, then go quiet and try to feel where your breath comes from, go past the intellect and logic, for instance, it comes from the pressure in my lungs and the oxygen and so on and you may realise 'you are breathed'(of course if you have a breathing problem this is a different event), some of us may realise 'I am Breathed' should  one have to remind yourself that you need to breathe every moment it would be a daunting task, I agree that breathing exercises as I do Qi Gong and others do Yoga and so on they temporarily may alter their natural daily living rhythm's. Perhaps if more of us studied the fact we are breathed and we breath automatically and sleep (which many are telling me is getting laboured), healing of cuts, hair growth all of this comes from nature and whatever your faith or not, it is gifts and many go in cyclic sequences.
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In summary, for a typical human of 70 kg, there are almost 7*1027 atoms (that's a 7 followed by 27 zeros!) Another way of saying this is "seven billion billion billion." Of this, almost 2/3 is hydrogen, 1/4 is oxygen, and about 1/10 is carbon. These three atoms add up to 99% of all total.
So question; we are 27*----billion as above of nothing, amazing how we are so seemingly solid and apparently here or we? Add this to the image below.
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and its probable reason why we are so hooked on what is real below image taken from previous blogs;
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So now to a vaster picture, the video above at 3, you see the video is contrary in places because it refers to climate change and the Sun and then contradicts itself in the photo of the snow and freezing, yes it is a fact we are exacerbating a natural cycle and we have been through many times;
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As mentioned we are facing the 6th, however as I have explained in Post May 24th 2021 where there is  trilogy '
  • SPECIAL 1967 WRITINGS Part 1

  • In the past many have skipped Part 1 and had a right go at me over it, but liked 2,3.
  • So what is the point of this article; it is hopefully to suggest the various assumption we make and their consequences, whereas the facts and realities may show us a different reality to those we have ben accustomed too. These are my views and I do more than tolerate other views I applaud those who think along other lines of thought and if we are wise we can learn in the mirror of diversity and relationships.
    May I throw in a word of caution; are our views based on our own volition or have we been taught and learnt our beliefs, have we been inculcated and brainwashed, are we mere clones of somebody else's theories, beliefs, are we merely hand-me-downs, second hand clothing(see image 6) indeed are we so inured that we are 'blind' to other ideas and systems, only a deep questioning and not blindly accepting and all that is not logical and intellectually, religiously, politically an established facet of society be true and reliable---only by unbiased scrutiny and thinking deeply and being honest with oneself can one accept the present reality one is in. And what is reality?

    Be Well

    Geoff aka SHACK 

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