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Many years back I was inspired by my NDE and further meditation experiences which I have outlined in detail in and through the 1967 downloads I was encouraged to find scientific articles and data to prove the authenticity of those down loads which I have done in this site and shack and my archive. 
Sir James Hopwood Jeans 2

The first of many was Sir James Hopwood Jeans (1877-1946) and he stated 'The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.

— James Jeans, The Mysterious Universe[18]

In a 1931 interview published in The Observer, Jeans was asked if he believed that life was an accident or if it was, "part of some great scheme." He said that he favoured, "the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness," going on to suggest that, "each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind." Courtesy Wikipedia

Courtesy YOU TUBE 3

When I went to Uni and started to espouse my ideas of consciousness as much the same as Sir Hopwood and my two mentors that were Sensei / Sifu and study Eastern philosophy through Upanishads, Vedanta and various early religions it convinced me that this was correct, I was asked to leave as I was a disruptive influence and so I went back to being a 'sparks' (electrician) and then to Forensics, however I then was asked to do workshop presentations, this was through various persons who sponsored me and the publicity of the articles I wrote in the late energygrid magazine. You will see in addendum some of the latest 'discoveries' and theories that 'reinvent the wheel', however at least they are waking up as image 3. Many of those who put us down because of this conscious Universe, went on later to do workshops and write books with the information the pioneers supplied and were and are still vilified. I know it sounds like 'sour grapes' however you may think this but I have out lived the pain and humiliation. I am glad they are waking up.


Courtesy  4 Akashic Records
 My approach to the image 4 above is in the terms of energy. In the 1967 writings it stated that all waves of energy or Cosmic Rays contained information and it had codes in which matched the DNA and Synaptic Neurons were commensurate and concomitant like the antennae in TV and so on and that the broadcasts that came from the Universe were constantly updating an reconfiguring encode encrypted information and these came from CONSCIOUNESS. The Akashic records were magnetic containment fields that contained the history of events and thoughts with lives. Since Akashic means space, ether it suggests 'waves, rays, information storage.  Similarly the Quantum Vacuum '  In quantum field theory, the quantum vacuum state (also called the quantum vacuum or vacuum state) is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. Generally, it contains no physical particles. The term zero-point field is sometimes used as a synonym for the vacuum state of a quantized field which is completely individual.[clarification needed]
According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is "by no means a simple empty space".[1][2] According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of the quantum field.[3][4][5]Courtesy Wikipedia  and is said to contain every possibility and probability, I feel that the Akashic is a record of the past and the Quantum Vacuum is the potential for evolution and the things to come. You may wish to read this below.

Tokamak | Fusion Reactor, Plasma Confinement & Magnetic Field |

                                                            Courtesy of  the Above Tokamak Image 5

I am suggesting that the magnetic confinement field I am writing about does not have a physical form it is rather like wave science. Light carries information in ways you may not realize. Cell phones use light to send and receive calls and messages. Wireless routers use light to send pictures of cats from the internet to your computer. Car radios use light to receive music from nearby radio stations. So the Sun Rays, Moon Rays and Star Rays carry information and 'co mingle' to form a cocktail for the growth of Earth and the Universe therein. A sort of entanglement theory. So in this scenario our cells, DNA and so on are constantly being fed or sustained, upgraded and reconfigured Depending on the ability of the receiver and its sensitivity, otherwise the information passes the unit being us by like a TV that is tuned to a programme and the rest just is there in space or in the atmosphere depends on the remote tuning and programme availability. 


karma and time lines

Thursday 26 October 2023  6


May I suggest you read the article above and the image taken from it. In this article I describe how karma and various factors over the ages form our current wars, crazed attitudes and leading to eventually to the 6th Extinction in one form or another, either by technocracy, eugenic, cyborgism, transhumanism or AI in a negative form or by the AWAKENING to Cosmic Consciousness which is dawning on some scientists and serious wise thinkers and are beginning to realise our part in the evolving process of a conscious Universe and the principle of the Ascension Process 'WE ARE THE CONSCIOUS EXPRESION OF THE UNIVERSE BEING CONSCIOUS OF ITSELF'


Courtesy The Infinite Crystal Universe Lab 7

Unless someone invents a way to unfold the tangled karmic entanglements on the loom, the warp and weft then the mass of colossal hard impacted inculcations will just keep on and on and those entities and there are entities of a non corporeal forms, purely energetic entities that feed off of human emotions, wars and atrocities, especially greed, power and lust and one example Rudolph Steiner's Eighth Sphere and its Ahriman image below
From Article back article 8
depict this age and particular the technocracy, eugenics and so on. However I am going onto PART FOUR to suggest ways of clearing up time lines and ancient prewritten history of the entangled mat of karma. 
    PART 4

Courtesy  The Role of Consciousness in the Universe 9

When I used to present workshops I used what I call imagery in a certain way, my mentors would not use it and just mentored me in meditation and the martial arts of Japan and China, they said I would meet Shamans, psychologists and scientists who would share ways of clearing up the time lines of ancient karma. I did and I had already figured out a way of clearing a lot up with others and to certain extent on myself. Basically one has to acknowledge the Universe is alive and a conscious being, and as such we are conscious because the Universe bestowed its consciousness into the living conscious Cosmos, so basically if one can 'get the inculcated ego' to step aside without force or trickery, then the mind is free to move to the 'access' frequencies and codes to time travel 'NOT TO SPECIFICS' OR IMAGINATION'  it has to work on intuitive language for that is the language of  consciousness, that is why I will not give any 'karma dissolving ' access specifics here because then the ego can pick up and distort them and give a smart arse clever addition and make up. Those who attended my work will know what I mean. 

Courtesy Healing Energy 10

Since science has nearly all agreed that the secret of the Universe is vibration and frequency we can dissolve Karma by vibrational methods; however in the addendum articles you will see that one scientist is proposing that DNA is alive and aware of itself. He is about ten thousand years behind the time according to ancient records they used many vibrational instruments if it was a block or distortion in the physical realm, they used herbs and drugs to shift auric blocks and a kind of imagery for mental and brain stuff. 'Trepanning, also known as trepanation, trephination, trephining or making a burr hole (the verb trepan derives from Old French from Medieval Latin trepanum from Greek trúpanon, literally "borer, auger"), is a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull' and used centuries back.  I am pleased Western Science is creeping towards consciousness, my research has found every particle, every atom is self aware as it comes from the Universe which is self aware, the so called empty atom which I refer to a lot;

From many back articles  11

When I was a teenager I had this oak breaking thing with Sensei (see SHACK) 

Thursday 18 May 2017

Then I actually witnessed in an scanning electron microscope and in the early days atom busters or smashers and then particle accelerators and I witnessed the empty atom and I questioned how we got here and stand up and so on. I then felt that the emptiness of the atom was like the emptiness of mind as in Zen and then it clicked, that emptiness is indeed consciousness which informs the atom as to its purpose. 
Generation of pluripotent stem cells from already differentiated cells or somatic cells is called dedifferentiation and/or reprogramming. Reprogramming could be defined that it takes normal adult body cells such as skin cells and sends each cell's nucleus back to a pluripotent state'. Similar to the process of informing, consciousness is awareness and is intelligent and is the informing process which drives evolution in the Ascension process. (differentiated cells' The process during which young, immature (unspecialized) cells take on individual characteristics and reach their mature (specialized) form and function.
So in the myriad of frequencies and the trillions of information codes and signals, it should be possible to heal, cure and manifest everything through consciousness. This is my main research as to now. There are many groups and institutions getting miraculous healings and they are on the brink of something truly miraculous.

There is much more but fore now.

Be Well 

Geoff aka Shack


Karl Pribram

What is the Holonomic brain theory?
Karl Pribram's holonomic theory is based on evidence that the dendritic receptive fields in sensory cortexes are described mathematically by Gabor functions. Taking the visual system as an example, the form of an optical image is transformed by the retina into a quantum process that is transmitted to the visual cortex.21 Oct 2011
What is difference between totipotent and pluripotent?
Totipotent stem cells can divide into all cell types in an organism. A totipotent cell has the potential to divide until it creates an entire, complete organism. Pluripotent stem cells can divide into most, or all, cell types in an organism, but cannot develop into an entire organism on their own---what informs these processes? OK chemicals where do the atoms and particles get their information from to form chemicals and molecules----information in the atomic realms is invisible, it is energy it is aware intelligence.

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