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Hello Friends. To all UK residents, please do not ignore this.  You who voted for this maniacal government, see what the draconian austerity cuts and your free expression will be like.  This is a world trend and soon the curtailing of rights will go and we will be like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and our free speech and expression will be gone.  This paves the way for Internet monitoring and shut down which is happening. Then below Internet Closing Image the follow on with vital message from Post 218.
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UK Plans To Do Away With Free Speech... In The Name Of Free Speech

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Last fall, we noted that UK Home Secretary Theresa May had made it clear that if her Conservative Party were re-elected, one of the first orders of business would be a new "Extremist Disruption Orders" plan that would outlaw any speech or events that the government declared "extremist." She wasn't kidding around. Following last week's election in the UK, David Cameron appears to beannouncing just such a plan to basically wipe out anything resembling free expression in the UK (and, yes, I know, the UK doesn't view free expression in the same way as the US does, and there's nothing like the First Amendment there -- you don't have to point that out in the comments). The broad-reaching plans seem absolutely insane:
The orders, the product of an extremism task force set up by the prime minister, were proposed during the last parliament in March, but were largely vetoed by the Liberal Democrats on the grounds of free speech. They were subsequently revived in the Conservative manifesto.

The measures would give the police powers to apply to the high court for an order to limit the “harmful activities” of an extremist individual. The definition of harmful is to include a risk of public disorder, a risk of harassment, alarm or distress or creating a “threat to the functioning of democracy”.
"A risk of harassment"? "Alarm or distress"? That could include just about anything. A "threat to the functioning of democracy"? Does that include public protests or arguing against the current leadership? The likelihood of abuse seems absolutely, astoundingly, massive.
They would include a ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print. The bill will also contain plans for banning orders for extremist organisations which seek to undermine democracy or use hate speech in public places, but it will fall short of banning on the grounds of provoking hatred.
Yes, that's right. If you wanted to tweet something that creates "distress," you'd have to first submit it to the police to get their okay.

Oh, and here's the really insane part. David Cameron is claiming that he's doing this in the name of free speech. No joke:
“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. It’s often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that’s helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance.

“This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach. As the party of one nation, we will govern as one nation and bring our country together. That means actively promoting certain values.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

“We must say to our citizens: this is what defines us as a society.”
Did you hear that? That's the sound of actual free speech supporters having their collective jaws hit the floor. Here he is, saying that for too long we've been "tolerant" of free expression, and thus we have to ban it, in support of "free speech" and democracy. And he flat out admits that they no longer think "obeying the law" should keep you out of trouble. That's some incredibly Orwellian bullshit right there.

As Glenn Greenwald rightly notes, once again it appears that the biggest threat to free speech is not from terrorism, but from those claiming to fight terrorism. He also points us to a video of Theresa May going on and on about how this is about "promoting British values" and stopping those who "look to divide our society." So, they don't want to "divide" society... and they're going to do that by telling everyone they can only have views that the government finds acceptable.

In short, the current UK government is promoting an out and out war on free expression, by saying you can only have free expression if you spout government approved thoughts.
Access Express | 05/14/15
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Internet censorship in Nauru could lead to other human rights abuses.
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Imagine you are in a cinema and your mind is the projector, the files that are stored, which are the addictive repetitive programmes in which you and I are indoctrinated with, conditioned by repetition and become so ingrained, compressed and ingrained like deep rust, that we actually believe this is our reality, and that someone else's reality is false, wrong and they are hallucinating, mad or at a charitable view 'been brainwashed whilst we are not'.  
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This image above is the mind projecting its memories and files onto the screen of mind.  The mind has the ability to compose, create, alter as in digital technology its library of stored graphics and justify its existence with reason and seemingly sound logic, lawyers are good at this and their counterparts politicians.  The tool of preservation and keeping in tact the false world of digitalised mind games is DENIAL and FEAR. 
Now what sheeple Cameron wants is for us 'all to be' in the cinema together, all sheepling together, read his remarks above.
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There are two versions of the above image; Version 1, a mind that has been  vacuumed out, made blank, then rearranged, conditioned, this is employed by some security agencies, which break the mind and reprogramme it, I mentioned this in 'The Bourne Trilogies' and the Duncan O'Finioan Camelot Interview and many times in other Post and Blogs.
Version 2,  Is the awareness of the witness, this mind recognises that the content of the mind, that is thoughts(images, fantasies, fears, joys and such like) are like the furniture in the room, this can be changed and is not permanent, only if you wish to keep it. THE witness is like the space in the room, and is the clear light of consciousness, this is eternal and not transient.
In this mind it is the mind of meditation, it is in and through  the room but not of it. To be in this world and not of it(many theological themes on this). This frightens governments. For one is not in opposition, neutral or definable.  Also if we are all in meditation at some time of the day or night world wise, we are in accord, there are no images in the mind, only the deep peace and calm of the loving harmonious mind.
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Cameron and other leaders wanting to shut down the internet citing it excites and radicalises the masses, NO sheeple Cameron it is the authoritarian dictatorial attitude of dampening and subduing young minds that causes populations to rise and fight depression, suppression and pompous hypocritical stances that cause uprising, take a lesson from history.  I think Cameron has let the thin vitory go to his head.
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So the world and UK face more austerity measures, more jail or shut downs of 'political free expression' more radical youngsters of all sorts, radical in religion, politics, rebellion and all because emotional outlets are being curtails and bottled up; the result, riots, revolts, all sorts are subversive activities as the masses fight to free their minds of dictatorial indoctrination. 
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Here we see the denial of governments and institutions with the apt saying 'that truth becomes a terrorist to government agendas', and political correctness as a means to become arrogant defenders of fairness and decency and yet being hypocritical when it suits them and of COURSE Cameron do away with human rights.
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We see here how words take on the same meaning depending in which way one wants to defend or attack a subject.
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Even in the second world war the tactics of misleading, mind dumbing the sheeple was at work and Goering was a master of it.  The same tactics were at work in biblical times of all religions and the people fell it then and now.  Then is a wake up call, a bloody revolution, kings and empires fall and then the resurrection and incarnation and off we go again.  
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So here you have it the owning elite. The problem is now that it is not a national elite, oh yes not in all cases and some fighting to become that elite, in,in fighting, such as war Lords in the middle East, but a World One Elite, a One World Government, first they will have to do way with dissenters in other countries, and they are ploughing their way through this now, and Cameron is putting it in place this in the UK.  The tools are austerity measures, the threat of radicalisation which they are causing by their restrictive and bossy authoritarian hard policies, the threat of terrible acts of reprisals, nuclear submarines and weaponry, when a good computer hacker could stop the lot. So be it.
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Ancient Russian site.  Stonehenge in the UK has the same latitude and both in low valleys.
Supposedly a leaked video of missile hitting the Pentagon 3 mins.
FROM WHAT THE ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS group are stating I feel this is authentic. 
UN Gathering

11:09am | 28 May 2015 | by Peter Micek,

UN report: encryption and anonymity online are necessary to advance human rights
Encryption and anonymity on the internet are necessary for the advancement of human rights, according to a new report from the United Nations. The report from David Kaye, a UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, asserts that privacy is a “gateway for freedom of opinion and expression.”  Soon to be presented before the UN’s Human Rights Council, the report examines in detail how encryption and anonymity impact freedom of opinion and expression.
The report concludes that encryption and anonymity “deserve strong protection” because they “enable individuals to exercise their rights to freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age.”
“States should not restrict encryption and anonymity,” Kaye writes. He notes that “blanket prohibitions fail to be necessary and proportionate,” a reference to standards for human rights law as articulated in the 13 International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance. The 13 Principles are “compelling demonstrations of the law that should apply in the context of the digital age,” observes Kaye.
Kaye also calls out specific practices that threaten user rights. “States should avoid all measures that weaken the security individuals may enjoy online, such as through backdoors, weak encryption standards and key escrows.”
Timely report
Privacy rights are under daily attack. This year in Belarus, the Communications Ministry imposed a block on internet anonymizers including Tor, an anonymizer that China has successfully blocked. A report released Tuesday revealed that the Canadian telco Rogers is collaborating with ETSI, a major telecommunications standards body, in order to undermine “the core security design decisions” of end-to-end encryption. Meanwhile, a debate continues in the U.S. on requiring “backdoors” in technology to facilitate government access to users’ devices and data.
Further, governments in the UK, Germany, AustraliaFrance, and elsewhere are proposing or have passed surveillance laws that grant sweeping powers to access users’ data without warrants, and mandate data retention.
Intermediary liability protection is also threatened by the ongoing Delfi AS v Estonia case in the European Court of Human Rights. The case, referenced in Kaye’s report, would impose liability on a news website (Delfi AS) for anonymous third party comments. Access has followed this case andintervened at the Court to allow users to post content freely, anonymously, and without government censorship. The final ruling will be presented on June 16th in Strasbourg.
With this first report, Special Rapporteur David Kaye steps onto the platform that Frank La Rue, Kaye’s predecessor, used to declare unequivocally that human rights apply online. La Rue’s groundbreakingannual reports addressed topics like the blocking and filtering of online expression, and the alarming expansion of digital surveillance in violation of human rights law and norms. Special Rapporteur Kaye has continued this important work by showing how encryption and anonymity “provide the privacy and security necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age.”
Putting principles into practice
Access believes that robust encryption is necessary to protect our communications and our private data. Our Encrypt All The Things campaign provides a seven-step Data Security Action Plan to help internet platforms protect their users’ rights.
Earlier this month, Access released an Implementation Guide that provides a framework for governments to implement surveillance programs consistent with the legal rights of the people. The guide gives practical guidance for implementing the afore-mentioned Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communication Surveillance. These 13 Principles were developed in broad consultation with international organizations. They have been endorsed by more than 400 civil society organizations worldwide including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International.
Together with the Special Rapporteur’s report, the Implementation Guide and the 13 Principles make up a powerful international toolkit for ensuring that fundamental rights are respected by all parts of governments worldwide, as well as by the private sector.
Read our press statement on the report. Thanks to Access Express. 

Security services are increasingly concerned by the high levels of encryption on smartphone apps 

Google and Whatsapp will be forced to hand messages to MI5

The Conservatives are planning new laws to force some of the world's biggest internet companies including Google, Apple and Facebook to hand over encrypted messages from terror suspects.  (Yes OK to a point, but with Cameron's and Theresa May's  statements in previous blogs, the human rights act, I can see a Big Brother [police State emerging, couple this with austerity measures and huge amount of food banks(which Cameron refuses to acknowledge or visit) I think we have to be aware and alert for the implementation and erosion of more rights and freedom being taken away. Those of you who voted for this lot are going to pay the price of a backward Victorian stagnation and authoritarian government.

Keep the river of Freedom Flowing, Keep the mind open and Fresh, let the Winds of Wisdom and Mercy be in Mind, Body and Soul.
Lots of Love and Be Well. Geoff

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