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Hello and greetings.  This maybe a long arduous Post for some, however it maybe a Post nearing the time I took a long break and ending with perhaps before that break with a personal update and some observations about identity. Before that I would like to share a collage(strictly a collage is a number of glued items to a board or something to form a picture) this will be I trust a mental and enjoyable trip tracing what the 1967 writings brought and their final brief I trust almost explained.  Thanks for reading this out.
AN INCREASE IN COSMIC RAYS: For the past month, solar activity has been low. The last big burst of solar activity happened on May 5th when an X2-class solar flare erupted from the sun's eastern limb. Since then ... quiet. To investigate the effect of low solar activity on the atmosphere, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been launching helium balloons at ~weekly intervals. Equipped with X-ray and gamma-ray sensors, the balloons measure ionizing radiation all the way from ground level to the stratosphere. Here are the results:
During the past month of low solar activity, ionizing radiation in the stratosphere hasincreased by 10%. This may seem counter intuitive, but there is a simple explanation: The radiation we measure is dominated by cosmic rays--a mix of subatomic particles, X-rays and gamma-rays that come from outside the solar system. Explosions on the sun (especially CMEs) tend to push these cosmic rays away from Earth. During the past month, however, there have been relatively few CMEs. Fewer CMEs means more cosmic rays. Yin-yang.
Cosmic rays are an important form of space weather. They matter to anyone who steps foot on an airplane. According to NASA, a 100,000 mile frequent flier will absorb a dose of radiation equivalent to 10 chest X-rays--all from cosmic rays. Cosmic rays have also been linked to cloud cover, lightning, and they may play some role in climate change.
If the sun remains quiet, cosmic rays could increase even more. Stay tuned for updates from the stratosphere.  Courtesy my take on this information is not in anyway connected to and I use their data to my own ends, you dear readers will have your own ideas and may or not agree or agree or find it rubbish of my explanations).
This whole story started in early 1967 when through a series of synchronise incidents(story related in energygrid) I went to Samye Ling(see search bar) and received a lengthy tome which can be found at:- and three other blogs.
Although the editor of  is a great friend of mine this does not necessarily endorse his views and I am grateful he gave me the platform to express my presentations even though they maybe controversial.
The précis of this was that a change of world wide living was to come about and that certain key dates would usher in a COSMIC ENERGY  bursts or higher levels which is why I have Posted the diagram and explanation so graciously by above.  
The brief was like a mission, I could accept it or not, my 'job' if you like was to garner scientific facts and interpret them according to the 1967 writings to the best of my abilities.
The main point there would a change in consciousness by 2072 with key years in between, 212, 2016, 2032 and 2072.  There would be a change from binary locks of energy to triple locks explained in the January 2013 link above.
The changes in energy would have an effect in our DNA and there would be an upgrading in this and in fact the ENERGIES contained INFORMATION. This effect would increase incrementally and would classified as ASCENSION / TRANSFORMATION and eventually bring about physiological changes described in January 2013 link above.  This we can see amongst our youngsters today and the shift in sexual identities.  It is true that food, media, pollution and other factors shape this as well.
A good source for some of the symptoms that many went through and some still are can be found at:-
These changes can be experienced by the activation of Kundulini and the incoming energies can actually feel the same and maybe the same only translated or transformed to the amount our bodies were aligned and cleansed. THE  whole thing was a detox, in order to make space for new information and to remove or reorganise certain neuro pathways. 
The first little piece I got was:
An article by the Daily Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.
They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts.  Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts.  To quote the 
“ Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…”].
From 1995 I began researching electron volts and found various correlations in many scientific journals.  This indicated something in the Cosmos was at work, this then led me to ancient civilisations and the Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way and its place and input and its effect on our Sun.  We can see as above in spaceweather  link that when we have low solar out put we have more Cosmic Rays. I suggested these came in funnels / columns / corridors from the Sun when they were active and this was verified by a NASA  scientist;-
This led onto research about our bodies being transformed from a silicon base to a crystalline body and there was a flurry as it was thought that the ascension energies were going to do this in the process, like an alchemy process and that was investigated as well as many ancient researchers were trying to turn lead or base metals into gold and some some even thought it could transform us into a higher energetic form eventually to an angelic being or ET. Yes I have touched on our new bodies in the January 2013 link and it will be a slow process.  Some say the alchemy can only go as far as enlightenment, satori, nirva samadhi, moksha and so on and then our bodies 'burn up' or translate a term used where the body ignited, not by spontaneous combustion, but by Divine Energy as it were and all that is left are sacred ashes. I WILL COME BACK TO THE CRYSTALLINE body later.  See also the Arecibo crop circle in January 2013 link which probably started the crystalline events.
Then the strange events researched under this heading link:-See New POST 222. Mysterious journies.
May I repeat in all the images Posted they are not necessarily the views of the publisher or site but too illustrate a point I am making and perhaps clarify my text. I am deeply grateful to those who Post these online.
The next part of the research took me to Auras.  The auric fields that are around and can be measured in laboratories.  Some of the Auras were being 'burnt off' by the incoming energies. The astral, psychic ones were in particular. The effect would be a release of the material into the world collective unconscious and the glamour celebrity, media and so forth would pick this up, this was part of the purification and detox we would go through.  The space vacated by the Astral field would be filled by higher energy information and would charge the so called 'junk DNA' which was ' hibernating' until the person awakened and the evolutionary moment came to them at some point during the process. There was a staggered awakening in humanity and it would be in increments and relays, each group that awakened, although not necessarily aware of themselves would form a grid ethereally / in the Etheric, and in the collect unconscious, the psychic power would transform to tele psychism. Trance to Intuition, Channelling to direct Knowledge, deceased ones communication to their higher energy forms, psychometry, phrenology and so forth raised, teleportation, telepathy and teletransference would supersede and gradually become the 'norm'. 
Of course technology would get huge and advanced. Eventually when we 'grow up' free energy would arrive as it is already but suppressed. killing people and the population will fade away, the greedy ones will either perish by their own hands or the awakening will illuminate even the 'hardest' cases. The technology eventually would be environmentally friendly, free and profit motive non existent.  If we did not make it a Stargate / wormhole would open up and and all those aligned sufficiently with the process would find themselves 'elsewhere' in a kind of Earth Double.
95% of the neurons (the bits that trigger and fire information) in our brains are in the cerebral cortex, the thin brown layer of jelly that actually surrounds the brain, analagous to humanity's existence on the surface of the Earth. Linking the two hemispheres of the brain is a bunch of fibres known as the corpus callosum. It can be proved that in artists, musicians, left handed people and in those who are comfortable with being out of the norm that the corpus callosum is growing physically larger, and it appears within the last thirty or forty years that this growth increase is exponential, not only in these people but in all of us. The bridge between the left and right brains was the width of a thin pencil a hundred years ago, and I'm assured by a couple of mortician/pathologist clients of mine (really!) that in many people now this bundle of fibres is now the width of one's forefinger. This suggests to me that the interface between the left and right brain in most of us is now considerably more active than it was three or four generations ago. Of course this could be down to our diet. Courtesy Steve Judd Astrologer from his January 2011 blog
Then throughout my blogs and Posts I pushed meditation and there is so much of it I can only say nearly every blog /post has a reference to it. I became aware there was an opposition to all these 'new ways' by certain cabals  and some were called the elite, the bilderbergs, the industrial military complex, Satanic forces and so forth. Then there was a counter flurry as the new 'man on the block' was the 100 monkey, the critical mass, the idea being like the precedence of the critical mass the umbrella mind, the theory was that when the world population increased its awareness to world peace and so forth in a deep fundamental way, the thought then was calculated to be 66% then the the future thought of the tipping point would be reached and the other 34% would be entrained. A popular demonstration was given, for instance when Marconi proclaimed the wireless, apparently many more had been inspired as with previous and recent inventions, it seemed an umbrella effect took place, as if minds on a similar 'wavelength'picked up telepathically, or through the collective unconscious, which a collective field of energy in magnetic form containing information.  Of course the Bilderbergs and so on below the image would have their field as well as religions, politics and so forth, hence the modern media can enhance these fields beyond the invisible energy fields(see body is a bio crystalline oscillator).
Then research into entrainment:women who lived together for a fair amount of time found that their menses coincided to the same time and also an experiment with pendulum clocks of various pendulum lengths all set at midnight would after a three days kept in a locked room all begin to oscillate to the same arc or swing, it seemed the fastest and the slower swings found a common 
denominator oscillation without it being either of the clocks oscillation.
This worried the elite and so a censorship started and disinformation to break up entrainment. Entrainment was allowed at first in small sections, after all groups, sects, religions and so forth are entrained systems. The elite wanted only theirs and so the take over of the internet and introducing austerity measures and so forth, BMI,BP in medical stuff, vaccines, more about this in another Post.
These forces would and could delay the process but it is mathematical equation like 'the awakening is in proportion to the opposition' if enough persons awoke, the electronic bombardment, the pollution, chemicals, GMO food, the media, the wars and so on would lose their effect by THE VERY  fact of an awakened mind, so things like vaccines, fluoride, various stultifying stupefying targeting of children and weak adults would wane and decay and a New World ethos would arrive.
Steve Judd's article above let me to research the binaural brain, my Inverted V, Prigogine, the tipping point, chaos, biophotons, chronobiology, neuroplasticity, epigentic's and so on.  I went into water memory and Emoto, Homoeopathy, and of of course ET. 
Sir Paul ex defence minister of Canada.
Just look at search bar in this blog for ET and see also my research into ancient technology, the Pyramids, and see also my UFO Story at
also see Post Scroll down to UFO stuff.  I can fill a book with this, however, I recommend anyone of Timothy Good's book. Then there is David Wilcock and so many others.
Matter does not exist. 2 mins.
Down the Rabbit Hole. 10 mins
During this period I was researching neuropeptides and came across the flowing cascades the brain produced, I am now informed of an upgrade to 100 Billion changes a second,( my research years back stated a 100 thousand changes) the brain being a chemical factory, thought and mood changed the chemical composition and then caused addiction by rote thoughts.  Belief systems have their own 'inner sound' and chemical signatures.  Again a book could come from this alone as with all the other facets mentioned.

Two slit experiment. 5 mins.
The videos above lends themselves to the next steps in the research, such as super waves, Mayan cycles and Indian Yuga's, Aquarian Astrology, the 700,000 year cycle in which the Magnetic Poles reversed as does the Sun's 11 year cycle, the Pole is veering Eastward as we live now.  Then there is the 24,000, 12,000 and 5,500 year cycles and many others, this all fits in with a Cosmic Chrono Universal structure, then there was the chat of the ending of the Piscean Age(the fishes symbol linked to Jesus and the second coming) and the Aquarian Figure pouring out the waters of the Renewal and a Messiah arriving.  The Second Coming. This led to the Universal Messiah and not a single person, but a collective of human hearts opening and each one of us becoming a Messianic being. 
Then various various theories about the changing of the Schumann Resonance and a possible catastrophe involving a giant Tsunami that caused the Tectonic Plates to whirl around and scares that ET were after us and cause mayhem, this was found to be a disinformation and a way to keep the public under control and various other such mechanisations. Then a letter  sent to NASA by astronauts, scientists and engineers challenging Climate Change, see Post 202. All of the above can be researched and was in energygrid from 2005 till 2013 and then over to this Post.  This then led me to the next and most exciting new frontiers.

My research for PH.D Metaphysics was to try and prove the foundation of the Universe and its Being was consciousness and that Metaphysics often frowned upon by some scientists as mere philosophy was in fact a science, and I researched all the above and realised most of the subjects, including the beliefs in God or not were fragmented, politics fragmented, scientific theories fragmented, in pieces, even various disciplines in science were not sharing, and so a whole picture was not available. Each little laboratory an isolated cell doing a 'number' (cockney for a sly move) to get funding, often fighting and putting down others in a similar field, and these were funded by large corporations who had an agenda for their products(by the way Google were at The Austrian Bilderberg meeting---yes inside---now do you fully trust them?) I have seen how some academics cannot let go of their 'status' and to admit there is a greater intelligence than they, would be hard  to swallow.  Also the power mongers a great saying from the Bible 'It is harder for rich man to give up his riches than for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle'
OK so leaving this out how do we get to the foundation of the Universe, the three videos on Quantum stuff gave me a clue, I always felt and knew it was consciousness and then one day it clicked so to speak.
Then I came across a scientific work, forbidden even in Russia, the Phantom Wave, part of it is on the net, some in David Wilcock's book 'The Source Field Investigations' and I gleaned a lot from a few Russian Scientists I met and one I worked with briefly. Basically it was something I knew from super waves and the slant I put on it. Also the work of Sir Fred Hoyle, Harold Saxton Burr and Sir James Jeans. 
Throughout the Universe there were super waves that governed cycles of times, these were and are evolutionary stopwatches and in the Universe there are bacteria that spawn life and are governed by the 'Divine Plan' in other words information is imparted. The next step was going into the phantom wave experiment, this you can read up, as I say I have done this in energygrid, what I realised beyond the bacteria in space there is for every living life form and in MY VIEW we live, move and have our being in a live intelligent Universe. DNA is common to all Life Forms, Planets, Stars and whatever in their form, it is the INFORMATION CARRIER and what then arises it is in WAVE / PARTICLE adaptation.  
However all these waves or whatever had to be informed I was still at the semi physical level as it were, I was getting less dense in the theory, I began to see an internet throughout the Universe. Yes some of it waves, cosmic rays, still in the form although subtle.
Then the brilliant GCI commentaries, still ongoing:-
depicting the interconnectivity, the ecological interdependent dependency, symbiosis and so forth, yet this still was not good enough for me and my thesis, which is of course the way I try to live life.
Courtesy search by image
Then the research of the 100 trillion cells and their trillions of atoms, then onto fluid dynamics and the spine being with the body a 'bio crystal oscillator' an antennae, an aerial, a receiver broadcaster, a two way feedback loop with the Universe a co cooperator with the Cosmos, one could through meditation and Altered States of Consciousness get non local information, that the Universe has the resonant frequency for the individual and no matter how your personal agenda worked for you and how grand in materialism it could be, this may not be the alignment the Universe had in mind for you. In fact the Universe has your natural resonant frequency and if one tunes into this one's life would be greatly enhanced.  
So the Universe is a large Internet and I am a dot, a node, and if I am not brainwashed I can tune into this network. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, Be Still and experience The Cosmic Intelligence within. With the concept of the Universe, getting to Information Intelligence, and I still feel there is an active Intelligence and a shared Universe of opinion and feedback, yet there is still a content with words and intellect and THE ORIGINAL is  a PRIMORDIAL mover, a creator and is the silent, unformed, pristine, consciousness. 
Go Well and Be Well. Geoff


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