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Hello Folks and welcome to some journies which you may feel are far fetched, I assure you they are as true as I can recall.  They are all part of research and search for ancient knowledge, the 1967 stuff and anything to throw light on the evolving New Age or New Consciousness.  Where to start and thread it together without seeming too disjointed is the challenge. So here goes.
This all started at Samye Ling in 1967 / 1968/ 1969 visits and visits and living at Findhorn in the middle 70's and a year on and off in Minorca.
In my stay at Findhorn I got into a group of people and had a incredible experience with space people. I used to attune with an elderly lady named Eileen (not Eileen Caddy and a pop singer from Australia Hans Poulsen) I have told the story in the grid here is a synopsis;we used to attune and Eileen and Hans were sensitives and one day they knew I was contacted as I walked on the beach when I got back they knew what I had seen and heard, I checked there were no people hiding and so forth, I saw this Golden Light in the Sky and heard the word Space Brothers and got a name which I prefer to keep private and they knew it.
Hans Poulson
In 1972 Poulsen relocated to the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community in north east Scotland, where he recorded three albums, What A Way To Look At Life: Findhorn Foundation Sing-along, It Can't Be Described In Words and Universal Hands (all 1975, all released on cassette only by the Findhorn Foundation). These featured many of Poulsen's own songs, plus some by other community singers. Short clips of Poulsen performing several songs are included in the documentary Findhorn, produced in 1974 and reissued on DVD by Earthworks Films in 2006. Poulsen left Findhorn in 1976. Poulsen's career was cut short in the late 1970s when he suffered first cancer and then a stroke, and spent several years in hospital. On his recovery he went on to become a music therapist.
This tied in with an event in Samye Ling in 1968 when a group of us in a twelve seater coach coming back from Langholm, the group had three Lamas, I think a young David Bowie a few others and me.  We then saw very plainly six UFO' S  in a valley, dark and saucer shaped, we all shouted and the Lamas said they are our holy space brothers and to look away.  We could not and they went their way.  Then is a story I told with Gill my partner, a friend Dave an ex RAF navigator and the UFO which stopped 13 cars on the road back from Banff Scotland having just gone through Fochabers.(see more in POST 14) (see POST 9 for Samye Ling then and now).
Then there was a legend and rumour that went round Samye Ling, that Trungpa(Abbott at the time had said and written later on that Akong Rinpoche was one of the few Lamas who had been in the Cave of the Dead( I'm not sure of this because when I asked him, a man of few words, he merely stared at nothing and walked away)
Courtesy physs.org
The legend or semblance of truth has it that the Cave of the Dead contains three large bodies in Crystalline and translucent coffins(I have seen these in a high security place somewhere--story on hold!!!)  the mountain path is steep and very cold, it is said that there are corpses of people who have tried to get to the cave, you have to know the meditation practice of Tummo ( Tummo (Tibetan: gtum-mo; Sanskrit: caṇḍālī) is a form of breathing, found in the Six Yogas of NaropaLamdre,Kalachakra and Anuyoga teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana. Tummo originally derives from Indian Vajrayana tradition, including the instruction of the Mahasiddha Krishnacarya and the Hevajra Tantra. The purpose of tummo is to gain control over body processes during the completion stage of 'highest yoga tantra' (Anuttarayoga Tantra) or Anuyoga.
A 1982 study[12] of the physiological effects of Tummo has been made by Benson and colleagues, who studied Indo-Tibetan Yogis in the Himalayas and in India in the 1980s. Conducted in Upper Dharamsala in India, it found that the subjects, three monks, exhibited the capacity to increase the temperature of their fingers and toes by as much as 8.3 °C. In a 2002 experiment reported by the Harvard Gazette,[13] conducted in Normandy, France, two monks from the Buddhist tradition wore sensors that recorded changes in heat production and metabolism. A 2013 study[14] by Kozhevnikov and colleagues showed increases in core body temperature in both expert meditators from eastern Tibet and Western non-meditators.
There was a cheeky advert in an American News Paper that gave a 25%  discount on life insurance if you learnt tummo.  Anyway the corpses were said to be rotted on the warm side of the high pass and frozen on the cold side. On reaching the entrance there is a ekajati (fierce Goddess Guarding the entrance)
Courtesy xuanfa.net
Apparently it is a hologram, however it takes courage to walk on and travel about two miles into the cave tunnels which are deep and then one comes to three coffins, they are two male one 13 feet high, one female 11 feet and a small male 9 feet high (they are the Els who I refer to in my UFO Storyhttp://www.energygrid.com/destiny/geoff-freed/2005/05.html  I noticed I said 11 feet in article should have 13 feet as well.
The Lama supposedly Akong Riponche then sat and telepathically communicated with the beings inside. Then he returns and relays this information to the Dalai Lama.
Courtesy www.dreamtime.com
The legend goes on that the Dalai Lama or a very high Lama went secretly back to retrieve a golden crystal,  a HIC which is a high Intelligence Crystal it contains seals, codes and algorithms and can be 'down loaded' by a sensitive. I am told the crystal is about 12 inches long and has a resonance that can be felt.  It is or was wrapped in a sealed cloth with hieroglyphics on it. I was requested by a certain Lama to go to South America and find another like it.  It was not so important and I declined for various personal reasons. Someone else went and brought them back,  I do not know where  it is now and who downloaded the messages.
It is said that the Dalai Lama went to the USA see the link above, and interestingly they are opposite in geographical terms and read about sun and moon in text about the opposites in their words, there was a Hopi prophesy when I communicated with Grandfather David of the Hopi that they knew the Dalai Lama was coming.
To conclude this part the next legend bit, was that the Dalai Lama and the Ascended Hierarchy would move the power base from the Himalayas to the South American Andes. 
The giants in the Crystalline Coffins are not the long extended heads or the giant bones found elsewhere, and I have Posted so much of them, however, the Els are said to be ancient beings who lived on Earth and have gone through the ascension process and have literally made an L turn as it were and are able to materialise or go back to a shinning energy form, they are the role model for our eventual ascension I have spoken of, although they seem male and female it is hard to tell their gender.  Their sexual energy is pure and the Kundulini Chi is used for their 'life in spirit' or as an energy being.  They procreate through meditation and their conception is said to be like the Divine Conception of Mary and Jesus, I feel that the Star of Bethlehem was a UFO and a 'Divine' implant was arranged, this is holy and not heresy, the immaculate conception is facilitated by angelic beings and as the Lamas said above, look down, bow your heads they are our space brothers.  
I believe we will all conceive like this in many years time, see my January 2013 synopsis of the 1967 writings.
Courtesy www.aliexpress.com  Crystal Coffin
I did have a newspaper article from 1944 which said that at what is now Area 51, Groom Lake, they blasted a mountain to build something and three crystalline coffins were found with beings inside, all attempts to open them failed even with sophisticated equipment. Those were taken  to other places in an attempt to open them, I saw  them as above mentioned, and there were ten sensitive's attempting to communicate with them, every six months or so they seem to give a huge sigh and breath, the coffin is filled with a milky substance, so far no telepathy has been given, and as I understand it is the same today.
Courtesy southamerica.kidsworld.press.com
Now the story starts with a few odds and ends and mainly later on with South America and a strange link with France and Portugal.
Gilly Wells and I married at Findhorn, I made a lot of links with people before Gill and I got together. We did a lot touring at sacred sites, power points in Spain, France and the UK.  We had a wonderful meeting place in Hendon, open  for us by the late Gwen and George Murray with an attic composed of revolving crystals, a round roof black with stars in the form of lights, we had something like five hundred visitors, and every Monday evening had a meditation group and sent out a magazine 'Universal Approach' to about twenty countries, including a secret encrypted post to Sopot in Poland, smuggled in during the cold war.  Gill and I broke up and Gill bless her went her way and three weeks before the first Gulf War was tragically killed in a car accident in the Middle East, nothing to do with the war.
Courtesy www.fullcapplaytherapy.com
This then was a painful break, however a contact I made at Findhorn and who worked for the EU invited me to workshops at the EU I did eight years of five weekends a year at around the same time a South African contact invited me to Italy to workshops at the FAO UN, I did nine years of three weeks a year there, many in France, Canada, Holland, Germany, and the UK, over the years I did 637 workshops, numerous 1 to 1's, 3000 clients in clinics, hundreds of air flights, train journies and drove some 250,000 miles.  These included the ones with Gill and a lovely lady Claudia Minne, mostly on my own. Of course I met so many high contacts in the military, NATO and so on, politicians, theologians and you name it I met them, in between working at Forensics and doing a UFO research as in the UFO story, my travelling allowed me to do this.
It was a synchronous event which led me to meet the late lovely Elizabeth Van Buren,( she was also known as Juliet Van Buren) and her story led me to the South American link.  This is her background as I noted it down.(I found notes recently in an old box of most of the above and of course can enhance them with images and the net, the actual events did take place and I have tried to keep it as factual as possible, there are some discrepancies and I will say so).
Through a meeting a St.James Church Piccadilly London, in which some of the space near the crypt and basement were turned into therapy rooms, this is where I saw many patients over 13 years, it closed down some time ago, there were many therapists who gave their time voluntary, in the yard there was a walk in caravan for short sessions and many were referred to the 'basement' for deeper longer sessions.  Being the Heart Of London you can imagine it was very busy and a mixed clientèle. 
St James Church Piccadilly. London.
It is a Wren Church and during the second world war in the bell tower a two minute prayer and silence was held for the conclusion of the war and peace. It was also where I held and organised Attitudinal Healing with the permission of Gerry Jampolski and we had on some occasions as many as a hundred people for the hour session. It ran for four years.  I met so many interesting people in the Church, famous for its ongoing Monday night programmes and the late Vicar Donald Reeves,  It was and is a great meeting place for many tourists.
 Elizabeth lived in Putney, London in a charming small house. Dear Elizabeth was a quiet refined lady and she told me she was a doctor’s wife when she lived in Portugal.  She had a almost celebrity life, fine clothes and food and so on, and very little ' spiritual ' inclination.  She started to get dreams about Bolivia, a lost city and very large beings who lived in the interior and so forth, it got so intense that her husband said 'well go' they had the money and so forth. However when she came to London and started to meet people(like me), I could well believe this  and added credence to her expedition(I met after she came back).
Courtesy www.doctorswithoutborders.org  Bolivian People.
When this elegant lady arrived in Bolivia she said she felt out of place and not used to such a wild place.  She hired some guides and went onto her intuition.  When they travelled into a deep valley and semi forest where they came across small pyramid, when she told them reason for her visit they became disturbed, they took her so far and would not go further.  So they more or less abandoned her, to her relief a new band of people came of the forest and told her that the legend of the 'big people' was true and that lived deep in the mountain and it would not be wise to go any further, so she heeded their advice because she could not go on alone and she did not have the directions. They called the original guides to take her back
Just before they went they gave her a black stone, it had speckles on it and they said this was a 'time stone' and when it started ticking and stopped, then it would be start of the New Way. 
When Elizabeth got back to London she met up by chance(if there is such a thing) with a geologist who took the stone and analysed it and said this did not appear to be from Earth, he did not think it was a meteorite(the Bolivian Forest Guides said the stone was holy and came from the big people).  When I touched the Stone it was cold and yet not cold because it tingled and almost was too powerful to hold.  
The Village of Rennes-le-Chateau, earlier known as Rhedae
http://blog.world-mysteries.com/mystic-places/rennes-le-chateau-and-the-ufo-the-flight-of-the-phoenix/  Please read the intriguing article I think Dan Green has got it slightly wrong when he said Elizabeth was a French Authoress. OK then next part was Elizabeth told me she was moving to Rennes-le- Chateauu.  I did not hear from her for some while, some friends who went with her came back and said it was a strange place. 
Elizabeth then phoned me ( I was living in Colindale London then) and she said about a mysterious cave and that she was convinced the 'big people' were buried there or were in the depths. 
I had a connection with her over the big people as above with UFO story, my seeing them in a security place, the area 51 mountain excavation, and the Cave of The Dead from Tibet, also from a few Russian scientists who had told me and sent Newspaper clippings of large beings(not hairy big foot like) who had appeared in various places in Russia and fitted the description of what I had seen and an Astronaut who leaked a description of a bent over very large person sitting double up in a shuttle(of course this could be large whites as you can research).
Sadly Elizabeth got lonely and her phone calls to me sounded as though she was getting forgetful and that people were not kind to her and the last I heard she had a fatal illness and passed away. A beautiful sensitive person and soul. Blessings and love to you wherever you are dear friend. 
Lt Col Percy Harrison Fawcett.
http://www.unmuseum.org/fawcett.htm  Regarding 
The theory of Ibez has given us signs of another civilazation that entered our planet long time ago; it is about a highly advanced civilazation built by living beings of another dimension, of another solar system, who have entered our planet long time ago and are still hidden today in the unexplored regions of Amazonia.
The entire amazing story of the theory of Ibez has been seriously based on some incredible facts emerging slowly into the history of our world through the reports of some famous explorers, investigators, adventurers and scientists that had visited the specific territory in the beginning of our last century, having among them the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and later on his great nephew Timothy Patterson.(from a long out of date book translated from Bolivian) Well worth looking up Wikipedia on Fawcett.
This now leads to me to Percy Fawcett above and the mysterious cave findings by Lt.Col Tom Welch and Fawcett's son Brian and great grand nephew Timothy Patterson.
I met Tom when he lived in Venton Mill in Devon and later on my few visits to Findhorn (I lived at Findhorn for a while - you can see a photo of Tom in the link above)
Lt. Colonel Percival Harrison Fawcett (18 August 1867 – in or after 1925) was a British artillery officerarchaeologistand South American explorer. Along with his eldest son, Fawcett disappeared under unknown circumstances in 1925 during an expedition to find "Z" – his name for an ancient lost city, which he and others[1] believed to be El Dorado, in the uncharted jungles of Brazil.
Percy Fawcett was born on 18 August 1867 in TorquayDevon, England, to Edward Boyd Fawcett and Myra Elizabeth (née MacDougall).[2] He received his education at Newton Abbot Proprietary College alongside Bertram Fletcher Robinson, a future friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Percy Fawcett's Indian-born father was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). His elder brother Edward Douglas Fawcett (1866–1960) was a mountain climber, Eastern occultist and author of philosophical books and popular adventure novels.
In 1886, Percy received a commission in the Royal Artillery and he served in TrincomaleeCeylon, where he also met his wife. He married Nina Agnes Paterson in January 1901. They had two sons, Jack (born 1903) and Brian (1906-1984). He joined the RGS himself in 1901 in order to study surveying and mapmaking. Later, he worked for the British Secret Service in North Africa while pursuing the surveyor's craft. He became friends with authors H. Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle; the latter used Fawcett's Amazonian field reports as an inspiration for his novel, The Lost World.(The above small print is by kind courtesy of WIKIPEDIA)
I will now tell the facts as I heard them from Tom Welch and Timothy Patterson. .
Percy Fawcett was fascinated with the occult and we see from the above his family were into it a bit(right off the subject a senior army officer in India also fascinated with the occult (a general heading for the mysteries of spirit and psychic) was Colonel Bradford who was responsible for bringing the The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation to the West) there are many cases where the military and politicians are using the 'psychic and astrological powers' or  are 'into them').  As I understand it from my copious notes, Percy began to have visions of a 'Lost City in Brazil' I was told these grew and grew and he eventually went to the region of these visions which was in the Roncador  Mountain Range and there to seek out the mysterious Lost City Of Ibez.
Part of the Roncador Mountain Range in Brazil
Fawcett arrives and in his book and from what Timothy and Tom told me he had a hazardous journey through rough country to find the caves which the indigenous people said contained large beings and a  Golden City of Ibez deep in the subterranean caves. (If you know anything about caves, some have been found as large as Cathedrals). Now there has been a lot of stories that Percy had a confrontation with the locals and they killed him and his party, later on Brian his son went to look for him and they say the same fate took him.
Roncador  Brazil
Timothy told me that huge anacondas are in the region of the caves and Roncador means 'snoring' and the name is supposed to be that when an anaconda feeds and is full it stretches itself at times on trees and snores!!!.  Tom and Timothy did a few tours to the region and they took tourists and they did a ceremony asking the snake deva  to protect them. Tom told me when they pitched their tents at night and awoke in the morning one could see large snake trails in the vegetation, sand and earth nearby nearby.
This link above refutes the account as others did as to the Fawcett's fate, it is up to you dear reader to make up your minds.
The Lost City of Ibez is said to house large beings that are androgynous, and are the race that will appear when humankind has ascended. THIS then marries up with my UFO story, what I saw in the security place, Elizabeth Van Buren's Bolivian experience and a lost city there and her feelings about Renees-Le Château in France.
Now if one takes note of the fact these large beings were and are from a another dimension and were endeavouring to wait for us to evolve into the next step of evolution and were possibly are in Crystal Coffins as in the Tibetan Cave of the Dead and the Area 51 find, then we are looking at something that might evolve in the future, should we make it.(I did hear rumours that some crystalline coffins have been found with large beings in them in the UK). 


                                           22,132 feet (6,746 m), Cordillera Blanca   Peru
I met a Roman Catholic Priest while doing a forensic investigation in Earls Court, who had been in a Catholic Monastery in the high mountains of this region, a very strict and mysterious sect. He assured on an oath on the bible they were visited by brown / blond / black haired human like beings who landed in saucer shaped craft and very interested in their way of life, and only eat or sucked birds eggs yokes and whites. They always seem to land on Fridays-- he joked and said they wanted to attend mass.  This priest is still alive today and wishes to remain anonymous by name and we occasionally meet and phone. He looks to me like someone from somewhere else. (there is a lot more of where they came from and why they visit, very similar to UFO story and other writers accounts, please remember I got the 1967 writings long before internet and many of these publications and met these folk later on.
Abbey Road famous recording studios where the Beeetles  recorded a many of their tracks.
Baroness Edmee and her husband Kili  had their centre at I believe it was Circus road adjacent to the studios.  I tell an amusing story related in one of the blogs or Posts about Sir George, Edmee and few 'celebrities of the New Age' at a meeting and was asked to leave. 
Baroness Edmée Di Pauli of Centre LinkWorld Centre of Service.
She observes: "Sir George Trevelyan was my dearest friend in England for many years, but very especially in the last ten years of his still busy life. When coming to London to give one of his fascinating and truly spiritual lectures, he used to stay with me, after not being able to make the stairs in his sister's house. He also regarded Centre Link as a spiritual home." [1]
The next part takes place in this centre where I met Timothy Patterson for the first time(I had met Tom Welch a few times before and it was he who linked me up with Timothy)
Tom telephoned me and said he had met a man named Timothy Patterson and that he was living in North Italy and was the Great Nephew of Percy Fawcett, and I believe he said he had not really heard much about his Great Uncle.  However he began to have visions and psychic feelings about the Lost City and Bolivia and Brazil. I am not sure whether Tom and Timothy went on the first photo shoot to the caves together or Timothy on his own.
Anyway Tom was excited and said Timothy has some amazing photos of the caves and will be showing them at Edmee and Kili' di Pauli's and there is a mystery and it will interest you no end.
The link above supplies the photo and thanks to the blogspot and extend courtesies to the authors. Please do read the story as it concerns Fawcett, in this it is said the lost city was named  Bahia and I was assured by Timothy and Tom it was Ibez.  As you will see from the link Brazil and indeed all of South America is place of deep esoteric mysteries.
Courtesy Kodak.  In the next part Kodak, Eastman Colour, and other photographic companies including NASA who took an interest in this fascinating saga.
Came the night and I met Timothy and he had taken a few hundred if not more slides. The Centre was packed. He showed his journey and the arrival at the caves, then the interior of the cave mostly just at ground level and then a little deeper.  Then the climax, he had about twenty or so slides of the cave wall and there were just blank etchings, very little to see until you shone a light through the slides as in the projector or on the wall and LO AND BEHOLD five faces appeared, THIS STAGGERED ME because I had told Tom and many others in my workshops and the UFO story what these faces looked like and their bodies. I deliberately did not Post or Blog the detailed descriptions of their bodies or faces so as not get plagiarised for the details and not cause panic, HOWEVER there are workshop 'survivors' out there and they will have known and been shown pencil and ink drawings by friends of mine from interviews with contacts as in the UFO story. THE Photographic Companies above, and there were more, tried and tried and tried and could find no explanation for it. THE most mind boggling thing of all was if you just held up the slide to the room light, all you could see was cave wall.  The only explanation I can come up with and that was some years later, that like the Face On Mars.
Courtesy en.wikipedia.org
Courtesy oldcivilisations.wordpress.com
Perhaps the indentations were deliberately etched, carved, laser-ed to provide a relief like 3 D appearance.
To quote from the article link ' Brazil weird News above;

mysteries, occult cities
Mysteries of the Roncador peaks

by Lygia Cabus
At the Central Region of Brazil, south of Amazônia forest, east of Mato Grosso state, located on 15º parallel, between the rivers Araguaia and Xingu, is located the peaks of the Roncador. The steep relief of the landscape formed by rugged mountains is a mystical place where the more fantastic legends are told. A place wich is associated to ancient and exotic traditions.
The main myth is the existence of a civilization in the undergrounds. One of their entrances is in one of the caves of the saw of the Roncador.Some think that Shamballa is the occult city while others believe that is Agharta and they put the brazilian passage in the hollow Earth map.
Another version tells that the cave is  the entrance to an underground road that runs from central Brazil till Machu Picchu, at Peru. There is talk of extinct volcanoes. Researchers seek Jurassic fossils and sightings of lights, suggest the transit of extraterrestrials  spacecrafts.
Part of the secrets of these scarps and caves, where the winds that roars through between the walls of rock gave the name of Roncador to the place, these secrets are kept by indigenous of Xavantes that live at the region. The natives recognize many sacred places that white men can't visit.
Among this places exist a cave in wich, till the indigenous, only dare to enter in the first gallery. They fear go more far because beyond this point, in the subsoil, live strange beings that came from the stars.Who insisted on going ahead, never returned.
Another sacred place is the Enchanted Lagoon, in whose waters there isn't forms of life. The indigenous, they avoid dive into the pond. They believe that the pond is another entry of vehicles of the gods because, many times, they had observed lights arriving and leaving of those waters."  GRATEFUL
This of course ties in with many UFO reports of lights coming from the sea, lakes, underground caves and indeed volcanoes as reported by Nassim Haramein, in his long video found in www.energygrid.com in menu science and videos scroll down to Rogue Valley lectures, this is a new compilation if it is not in there let me know. 

 My opinion is that Fawcett, and his son 'were ascended in the vortex', as there are legends of this dimensional shift taking place there, after all he was a mystic, the family were steeped in the occult. There are many such places around the Earth, portals, wormholes, stargates, for instance the Bermuda triangle, Fingal's Cave Scotland in and on the Island of Staffa.
Another mysterious event (compare to the film ET and the late President Reagan's remark SEE POST 22, my late cousin Prof. Cyril Wolf and Isaac Asimov were at the showing and heard Reagan say it, A photo of Cyril appears in the blog sitting between my dear late brother and I. Cyril told me interesting things. 
The strange case of Admiral Byrd as above. There is a lot more on the net if you wish to research it.
It is said by legend that an old man carrying a staff with long white hair and beard has been seen walking about at times on the Island.  The Hebrides are full of legends and when I stayed at Findhorn we went on many a mystical journey to places nearby. In fact the legend of Findhorn in itself is a tale to be told.
There you are friends I hope you enjoyed the journey, there is much more to be told, however, to merely scoff is very sceptical and with the discovery of the quantum field, the many worlds theory, the multidimensional Universe, those who laughed at H.G.Wells all those years ago, those that said 'no way' at aeroplane flying, those who laugh now and say ridiculous, UFO's, ET, go to a shrink and get yourselves a life, and then an open mind yet discerning might just say----maybe.
Dear Friends 'May the warm winds of heaven blow softly on your home, and the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.

May your moccasins make happy tracks in the snow, and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder' 
A Cherokee Blessing. 
There are many other adventures, perhaps another time, in the meantime.
 Go very Well.  Geoff


  1. These coffins are all over the world the USA took one back but they cannot open it someone has a box and when the switch is activated the coffins will open and the beings who are pulsating will emerge. Apparently ancient Rabies had these Robots I've know about them for 30 years



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