Thursday 24 December 2015


The whistle blows, the doors shut and the train starts off. Welcome aboard the ride. The train follows on its rails, it has a set path, no deviation unless of unforeseen circumstances and its departure and arrival set at a predetermine timetable and schedule.
Courtesy fanart
In a film I saw many years back this was the actual shot of the final leap of the man before it crashed.
I use the title because for me it depicts many a persons mind, as indeed mine although through meditation and mindfulness less so nowadays.
Many of us are on fixed rails of thought, like a computerised train we act robotically and we do so, so automatically without being aware of actions, that we firmly believe this is our reality.  We fool ourselves we have choice but in reality we have very little, sometimes when our 'reality' is challenged and we get a 'wake up call'. Many a film, book, crisis and the like, give us a wake up, and we may find ourselves realising we have been sleep walking through life.
Of course there are many who feel the same old, same old is safe secure and reliable and go on for life after life, even after wake up calls and that's OK if that is ones predilection. The problem with that is that when say as as country or religion the cultural indignation is so offended that war and hostilities can ensue.
Then there are those who wish to explore, expand their horizons, not to conquer another, although they do exist especially in today's climate.  These are explorer's  of consciousness, they fly above the rails and seek out new horizons, their origins, their purpose in Life.
Of course the dear refugees and asylum seekers are forced to seek new lives, and they may never adapt to their new way of culture, they keep to their own enclaves, seek to change their new destination and silently rebel although grateful for the safety and refuge. So fixed are our minds to the rails and tracks of culture and programming. 
Then there are those who keep their culture and mix freely with their new country of when the dream of the past has dissipated. They have a free mind, a mind that is not impulsive which is the mark of a unfettered belief system of  'daredevil irrational junkie ' type mind, the grasshopper of a mind out of control and yet organised by its own fantasies. 
Those who have found a calm in themselves, grateful for life, a kind heart settle wherever they are and are able to cope and adapt with joy and gratitude.
See the video of this Sheriff  and draw your own conclusions.
Hey watch Danny and his amazing bike skills.  5 mins
Wow. 4 mins
Alliance for Natural Health

Grassroots pressure on HPV vaccine and natural medicine
Too many people feel disempowered by the society in which we find ourselves. “There’s nothing you can do,” they say, “Countries are now run by corporations, politicians and bureaucrats, none of which are answerable to a democratic process”.

That might be the view of some, and it might even be the case much of the time. But it certainly isn’t all of the time. Our two pieces this week demonstrate this. The first deals with the issue of the complex neurological syndromes that are affecting more and more adolescent girls, the onset of which are being found (at least some of the time) to be associated with administration of the HPV vaccine. The symptoms range from reversible conditions, to chronic, long-term debilitating ones and even death. Find out more, especially if you are considering giving consent to have your child HPV vaccinated.

Our second story this week relates to the derailing of the South African drugs laws that were about to hamstring natural medicines. It may have been too much of a hot potato (like the HPV vaccine?) for the South African Parliament to handle. But the law that would have required manufacturers to prove safety before marketing natural health products—enough to sink most of the sector—is at least in abeyance for now.

Both these issues have been driven into prominence because of the activity of a few people who are not prepared to stand by. That’s why we always ask you to share our stories – it’s a key way of increasing awareness of the precarious situation in which we live, and the even more precarious future we leave for our children.

In health, naturally

Rob Verkerk, PhD 
Unfortunately this is happening a lot. I feel it is the hidden hand of TTIP and certain products I get from South Africa and the AIM Companies are being got at.  Soon if we are not active we will have a chemicalised, mechanised GMO polluted environment in every conceivable way, whilst our lord and masters get huge profits and live in their luxurious air sanitized and organic food with natural health herbs and medicines available. 

Single Mum Gets Anonymous Note And £100 Cash Through Door To 'Keep Christmas Magic Alive' For Son
claire rock
A heart warming experience.  Thank you kind neighbour who ever you are.

For many life seems like this, fast, furious and just out of control.  It seems to me that politics too is mad, out of touch, more than insane and distraction is easier than dealing with the pain.  
I'm not sure if this is authentic.  I cannot get any word from my contacts.
Like the Mum and son who got that generous warm hearted gift above bring this to many hearts as the New Year Approaches.
May Compassion and Generosity fill the skies and Earth now and forever. Be Well. Geoff

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