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I have written about being empty.  To some it may conjure up a very stark serious monastic punishing martial arts or religious fanaticism or an escape from a cruel world and then retreat into an abyss of a dark cold austere Buddhist void, or a 'spiritual depression', or even another religion or cult with very demanding rituals and abstentions. 
A type of zealot.
This type of extreme enthusiasm can be seen in sport to religion or to homespun ideologies. It means to me that one has been indoctrinated and programmed, brain washed and conditioned an can become a bigot, a despot and tyrant.
So my take on this is, is that somewhere along the line from birth to early teens some may have been deprived of love and affection, or the love given out as a reward for being a good child.  Naughty children can get more attention than more well behaved at times.
So we may look outside for the love we never got because of the restraints that took away our 'call of the wild' I'll come to this later. 
To me this is the emptiness of LOVE of ourselves. Not and egoistic admiration and show off type of love, not the love of achievement or the rush of a new purchase that wears off when the honeymoon is over.
In the image above I am reminded of the Buddhist aspect of the 'realm of the hungry ghosts', they have small mouths and big bellies, they are always hungry and they eat continually to fill their stomachs, they seek nourishment of all kinds from 'outside' however inside they are malnourished. In this blog I am talking about where we get the love and care we never got as youngsters, maybe abuse was substituted for love or on a reward base. We have been deprived in many ways and not knowing it was our own approval we sought we became 'beggars' for love and approval. In that sense we are empty.
This is an illustrative image and any resemblance to anyone is unintentional.
I have had sessions with many clients who have been addicted to money, power, sex, drugs, isms, science, religion, nature in obsessive and addicted behaviour.
THE point being IT was not the drug, ism, alcohol and the many of such things these things were ideas brought into practise to RELIEVE  a certain empty unfulfilled uneasy anxiety AND THE PAIN KILLER was the substance or mode of relief. TO POINT AGAIN THE SUBSTANCE ITSELF WAS NOT DANGEROUS OR ADDICTIVE ----IT WAS THE RELIEF, THE DEADENING OF THE PAIN. THE RELIEF FROM THE ADDICTION AND IT COULD HAVE BEEN RELIEVED IN MANY OTHER WAYS---BUT THIS WAS THE CHOSEN ONE SO IT BECOMES A HABIT.
We blame the substance and yet it is the empty hollow feeling that urged the relief. Then of course follows the damage to the neurons, hormones and so on.   So in this sense we are empty and like the ghosts above keep filling that emptiness.   Some of the most empty people are those top political leaders and terrorists, harsh multinational CEO's and their addiction to power goes to killing the planet and poisoning the population and nature.  They are 'hell bent' and to tell them that they  are addicted would probably be a sever punishment.  You can see the fate of whistle blowers as they expose the habits and lies of these addicts.  Yet many addictions are encouraged, religious, political, success at all costs and so on. Nearly all addicts Course all addicts are in denial, which when questioned deny.
Now let's look at emptiness ah la 'spiritual' emptiness.  When the dysfunctional unconscious belief, trauma and programming have been expunged, either through self growth work, decent authentic Shamanism, meditation and so on, then the the relatively or mostly cleaned out false reality manifested through a belief system that alienated one from the natural environment nature and its energy love. NOT  emotionally needy love, not ego love for oneself, a feeling of BEING FULL, not an empty yawning gaping threatening black hole to suck one down into hopelessness, despair and depression forcing one to take deadening action by addiction.
As one begins to clear the dysfunctional 'old me patterns' this leaves gaps and the so called 'vacuum' the void, has been termed emptiness, but this gap, if no new outside solutions are sought after leaves a peace, an inner smile, IT IS ONLY EMPTY OF THE INNER DIALOGUE, this allows the remaining debris to appear, arise and come up, as the fear of these uncomfortable feelings are seen as not so threatening.  Then one can allow these emotions and feelings through as an interested viewer, the unbiased witness and see that they do not grab and cover the awareness. The clarity of 'empty mind' is inner calm and one's fear of being taken over by uncomfortable feelings and fear gradually or some cases quickly dissolves. Then one can feel the glass is half empty and it safe to be so and half full with inner peace and well being.
Courtesy quotesbysrian.blogspot.
Many of my clients and myself had a few experiences regarding the 'sexual energy'.  I had a memory when very young say 3-4 yrs of age of feeling the sexual energy in my genitals, many children touch or even masturbate without knowing why and you could say are they picking up their parents stuff. With my understanding of it, it felt sheer joy, a joy, a joie de vivre, an exhilaration of sheer bliss and abandonment,  I also experienced this when I was naked and felt free, stretching luxuriously like a wild cat. 
Many a times in deep meditation and in some Qi Gong sessions I have felt a clear channel for sheer energy, chi, ki, kundulini, life force, it is like a waterfall of heaven, a Cosmic Orgasm, it spoilt me for sexual orgasm's. Some people use tantric yoga for the buzz of holding the orgasm and sending the energy to the brain, the down turn on this the Yoga becomes the tool or technique to get this 'high'.  Then the technique becomes a walking stick or addiction.
When this grace arrives the body is a river, a conduit for the feeling of sheer love, passion but not sexual, because the energy does not get 'stuck in any particular chakra'. 
To me Life is a River, and our bodies are part of the Life energy it flows through.  The River of Life can have boulders in it, blocks, mainly through hurtful experiences which translated to dumping in the unconscious and pushing them away and so burying the stones or hard knocks until they deposit in the body controlled by emotions and thoughts and we have only a trickle or constricted flow.  This then leaves us with little joy, only in proportion to the inner river allowance. We meter our inner joy and get outer joy in things that get addictive.
Have you seen the grace and litheness of animals, they way they stretch and repose?  I can feel their 'wild energy stream' I feel I would love to run with them.  When we cage tigers and lions and so on, I can feel their chi get stuck, they are trapped, I see the sadness in their eyes, their chi gets stuck and they get ill.  We get ill when our chi sticks, usually through fear,  in old age we are told we get sick, stiff, fat, frightened and yes the body does age, but these messages are downers. I am beginning to get free of a few of these downers which my folks handed sown to me my 'message downer inheritance' who I should like and dislike, be wary of other religions, make sure you go to heaven not hell, and then all my parental breakup,  childhood illnesses and son.
So the River of Life is Evolution in process and we are there swimming in it, we either feel the exhilaration of Life, the utter bliss of (not to be mistaken for ego impulses that are madness and drug fuelled or egocentric---animals in the wild do their natural thing) or we live in limited INNER JOY.  Inner joy only needs the basics of Life, warm clothes for winter and a warm dry place to live, light clothes for summer, unpolluted food and clean air and water.  Outer joy demands artefacts beyond that base line.
A one one liner from Bruce Lee when a pupil was looking to jump over a high fence ' FEEL don't think'.
Lately I have been laughing a lot, like the 'laughing Buddha' apologies for repeating the Video
Mooji  and Dennis  7 mins
I had this before the video was on the net and a friend sent me this because I had repeats of the laughter for three or four days at a time. Then a relapse and more 'ancient karma' in the form of buried and hidden stuff came up. My latest laughter was in the form of a Koan 'If I am not beliefs and Programmes and these 'head / brain messages gave me psychosomatic symptoms, and my illusions and fantasies are not me, and I feel they are not the real me, and this becoming very apparent and I am not my thoughts as such, how can I treat with herbs or medicines that which is an illusion and not real? I must be treating an illusion with an illusion and Einstein said you cannot solve a problem by that which caused it.
I feel I am laughing more often as I realise the 'old patterns are not me', they never were, they were imprinted and impregnated in me from way back when. A lovely experience in meditation, 'I felt I was back in Mothers Womb and I heard a little voice say " Oh Fuck not another incarnation". This came to me and I started to laugh so much that I spent an hour of it on the floor. 
When this laughter ceases there are hours and sometimes days when I feel liberated, very little thought and an easy body relaxed way of being. I hope I can release more and the beauty is there are no programmes and beliefs or research that fills the gap.  Long may all of us find the fun, that wild stream of energy, that feeling of the freedom of the animals on the Serengeti Plains and to roam free and find that love pours out from oneself and there is no need to obtain it from someone else, there is no ego in this just a flowing non resistant being, in love with love because we are love.  This love is not sentimental but a never ending flow of Evolution and Promise of Eternal Life. For the River Of Life is an Eternal and wonderful Phenomena, a mystery and may it stay that way, as we journey with it and its wonders to behold.  
Laughing Buddha 2  11 mins
The Wonder of Nature.  5 mins
A great explanation . 8 mins.
Rewire your brain. 8 mins
Will Valkyrie Robot Go to Mars? 4 mins.
Mikhail Lesin


I’ve been breaking the news as gently as possible on all the holistic doctor deaths and I will continue to do my best as I tell you that Mikhail Lesin, founder of popular alt network RT News, was found dead in his hotel room just a few days ago in Washington, DC.
He was  57.
The network he founded has interviewed more than one holistic doctor we know personally, including Mitch Gaynor, MD (RIP). Dr. Gaynor was found dead not long after his appearance on RT.  We gently broke the news about Mitch’s death to the media, including a video of his RT appearance.
Here is a detailed recap of the first 12 doctors who were found dead since June 19th (though we are at 13 now, you can see the timeline at the bottom of the piece).
Full disclosure: RT News also recently interviewed my better half for their show just weeks ago. He too is a well known holistic doctor of over 30 years.
Lesin, was staying at the Hotel Dupont, and the Metropolitan Police Department is now investigating his death, along with Russian officials. His family was quick to say that the cause of death was a heart attack at age 57.
Lesin has previously been involved with controversy in the US surrounding RT, the Russian-based news source he founded. RT has challenged the western narrative of foreign policy and privacy issues. Some US politicians have suggested that RT be banned in the US for “spreading propaganda”.Some US Senators, including Roger Wicker of Mississippi, recently called for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Lesin’s finances.
From the article:

Lesin is credited with creating Russia Today, the English-language news network backed by the Russian government. Now known as RT, the network “provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints an international audience with the Russian viewpoint,” according to its website.
“Lesin pushed for establishing the Russia Today satellite TV channel, later renamed RT, once saying that Russia “must do propaganda for ourselves, otherwise we’ll always look like bears.” RT credited Lesin with “inspiring the creation” of the agency.”
The President has a high appreciation for Mikhail Lesin’s massive contribution to the creation of modern Russian mass media,” the Kremlin’s press service said on Saturday.
The Russian Embassy in the US put out the following statement:
“Our consular officials had an opportunity to confirm that the Russian national who passed away in DC is indeed Mikhail Lesin. Out of respect to the privacy and sensitivity of the matter we are not at liberty to disclose any other information, and would ask you to refer all further requests to his family and the law enforcement officials”
We’re not sure what to make of this. Interesting that people from Eric Holder to many politicians weren’t happy with RT News’ “alternative view” on vaccines to GMOs and much more. May he rest in peace. My heart goes out to friends and family.
This article was republished with permission from Health Nut News
Image Source
GRATITUDE it really works.  8 mins of neuroscience that works.  Masuru Emoto the Japanese water crystal man proved this as well.
If you want a clear and insightful report on what is going on and you want your beliefs tested look at this video of 7 mins below  and when it seeps in it may wake you up, I knew this but when it appears as a news bulletin then my contacts were correct and this does affirm my suspicions.

3 Stories That Show the War of Terror Is A Fraud

Please read and watch the videos and data on Climate Change.
see my Post on letter to NASA.  POST 202
May the climate change of love be the real one.
Be Well, Be Love. Geoff

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