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Hello and seasons greetings and new year as well.
Yes you may have paid for it or got it as a present also insured it. BUT DID YOU know you may be a walking spy, innocent of the fact.  This is the governments way of free spying as well as collecting mass data elsewhere on their systems. THIS  turns every person INTO A SUSPECT.  YOU have nothing to fear if you are innocent so they say, yet an innocent remark can be digitally manipulated to make you a target or suspected terrorist. 
2 mins,
Many readers have never heard of Hayabasa 2. It is an amazing mission. After the spacecraft reaches Ryugu in 2018, it will orbit the asteroid for a year and a half. During that time, Hayabasa 2 will deploy four landers and drop a copper impactor toblow a hole in the asteroid's side. Hayabasa 2 itself will touch down on the asteroid, briefly, at least once to collect samples excavated by the impactor. In Dec. 2019, the spacecraft will leave the asteroid and use its ion engines to return to Earth, carrying precious samples of Ryugu. Ambitious? Yes. But if Hayabasa 2 completes even a fraction if its mission, it will be a success.
The spacecraft is small (mass: 590 kg, dimensions: 2 x 1.6 x 1.25 meters), so when it flies by Earth it will not be very bright. A telescope will be required to see it.
Veteran satellite observer Rick Baldridge notes that "for the US west coast, the spacecraft gets barely 7 degrees above the western horizon at closest approach. Observers in Alaska, Hawaii and Japan are favored. Ephemerides for specific locations may be obtained on the JPL HORIZONS website." Additional charts, a ground track map, and data are available in Japanese at this URL.  (COURTESY spaceweather.com)
54 mins of sheet genius.
I could have started after the above with a subtitle to the Post 'who owns your Mind'.  This brilliant cohesive, brilliant lecturer says it all. From this my case for heart coherence, meditation, breathing mindfulness has been lifted for me. One can see how the world turmoil is impacting human health, stability, sanity and well being, indeed that of Nature and her beauty with her Kingdoms. 
Huge Skeleton found in Bulgaria, Varna. 3 mins.
If there was an ancient civilisation of Giants and I have written a lot about them elsewhere in energygrid, then either a climate catastrophe or wars like we have now may have been the causes to have made them extinct. There is a theory that dinosaurs, giants huge vegetation was too much for the planet to sustain and the 'plan'  of Evolution maybe to refine and evolve more economic and energy efficient forms. I feel if we view our lives it maybe that accepting death as a natural evolving principle, then if lived well the next 'stage' maybe an energy body in some form in another dimension. Our bodies going through evolutionary change as with nature, as we are part of nature, this is a natural process, it is only painful if we work against it.
John Kerry admits 'order out of Chaos for world order ' 6 mins
YES AS SAID IN THE VIDEO 'WHILST THE PRESS, sensationalise the celebrity culture  with soccer games, Charlie Sheen, X Factor, Soaps, we sleep as the new world order stealthily creeps in'.  
They know we are so hypnotised and so deeply entrenched in our slumber, that the human rights are steadily diminishing and I say again another title to this blog could be' Who owns your Mind'? and then with natural medicines and GMO's 'who owns your body'?.
The rise of the superbug. 3 mins
With doctors prescribing antibiotics in large quantities, many are becoming useless or powerless. Is this part of the New World order, for doctors and Big Pharma are getting rich on it, and who are the heads of the Medicals and Pharma's? Have a look at the next Bilderbug meeting, and relate this to the video above this one.

Prospect of TTIP already undermining EU food standards. (The Guardian and Freedom Alliance)

Opponents of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership say EU negotiator has admitted to approving entry of banned goods

EU negotiators will resume controversial trade talks with the US on Monday amid claims that multinational companies have jumped the gun in advance of any agreement to import goods that are currently banned – including genetically modified crops and chemically washed beef – into European markets.
A campaign group says that a report in a US journal concerning the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks show that Europe is already capitulating to huge pressure from the US to allow imports of previously banned goods before an agreement is reached.
The accusation comes as the European commission faces intense pressure to abandon the controversial talks, which critics say will undermine food safety, environmental standards and job security. More than three million people in Europe have signed a petition against the deal while an estimated 250,000 people marched in Berlin last weekend against the proposals.
John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has described TTIP as “toxic” and resulting in a huge transfer of powers to Brussels and corporate interests that will bring about a form of “modern-day serfdom”.
The EU commission wants to sign a trade accord before next spring with the US to lower trade barriers and boost growth. EU leaders argue that a TTIP deal would create a free trade zone covering 800 million people and act as a counterweight to China’s growing economic power. Brussels has predicted it would add $92bn to the EU’s $18.46tn GDP.
More than two dozen EU negotiators will meet US officials in Miami to discuss harmonising regulations alongside new rules for public procurement.
But now Nick Dearden, director of anti-poverty group Global Justice Now, says the EU’s chief trade counsellor, Damien Levie, has let slip that free trade means undermining current minimum standards agreed by the EU.
Dearden says that according to a report in the newsletter Washington Trade Daily, Levie told a conference held by US free market thinktank the Cato Institute that genetically modified crops and chemically washed beef carcasses were being allowed into the EU ahead of a deal.
The outcome of TTIP talks on public contracts, which will govern how US firms can bid for work in the health service, schools and other areas of the public sector, is also expected to prove controversial. Unions and anti-poverty campaign groups have warned of backdoor privatisations that will undermine the public sector ethos of health and education provision.
EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström has rejected concerns that an agreement will result in US health and education businesses undercutting European operators to secure contracts.
A spokesman for the EU commission said that Malmström’s team intends to secure an agreement to allow public bodies to support sustainable development that safeguard labour and environmental concerns. He said there would also be “thorough technical discussions” covering the sale of cars, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, engineering, pesticides, cosmetics and textiles.
“Our objective is to define more precisely what can be achieved concretely in terms of greater regulatory compatibility,” he said.
Malmström has also sought to head off criticism that a TTIP deal will allow corporations to win compensation from governments if they suffer from public policy changes via a new “investment court”, though this will not be discussed in Miami.
Levie, who is expected to attend the Miami talks, told the Cato Institute conference that neither side wants to reach anything less than a comprehensive economic agreement. He conceded the deal could founder on resistance from the US to include financial services in the deal and Washington’s reluctance to open local and state procurement to bids from EU businesses.
In defence of Levie’s comments on food, the European commission said Levie was referring to separate decisions to allow chemically washed beef from the US into European markets that were agreed in 2013 “following favourable advice from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on its use”.
The spokesman said: “This issue bears no relation with the ongoing negotiations. Our stance on not lowering our standards in the framework of TTIP or any other trade negotiation is clear.”
Dearden said he remained concerned that to harmonise regulations, negotiators were engaged in a “race to the bottom”.
“TTIP is already letting big business interests dictate our laws for the worse. This week an EU negotiator has let slip that negotiations on TTIP have helped speed up entry of GMOs and chemically washed beef into the EU market. In our briefing released today we found an example of US officials bullying the EU into dropping plans to ban 31 dangerous pesticides with ingredients that have been shown to cause cancer.
“Just imagine what will happen when TTIP actually comes into effect. Even the most optimistic of citizens must surely doubt the EU’s good intentions on TTIP after hearing how TTIP is already letting big business take over our legislative system. TTIP is about forcing governments to see the whole of society from the viewpoint of big business. Every regulation which is important to society, workers’ rights or environmental protection becomes simply an obstacle to profit.”
 This article was amended on 3 November 2015. An earlier version said that according to a report in the Washington Trade Daily, the EU’s chief trade counsellor, Damien Levie, told a conference that EU member states had been stepping up case reviews and approving new genetically modified organisms with five new products approved so far. The WTD has now accepted that Levie did not mention GMOs in his presentation.

                           Those who serve and then are deserted---Drone Pilots. 6 mins.

Who indeed owns Europe.  4 mins to decide
Who owns your money?. 7 mins
By now you maybe thinking 'Geoff stop this who owns stuff' however to my take on this is that we own not a thing.  In one sense we do as long as we live and we may feel it is so.  I own my car, house, my body, my thoughts and so on. However from another point of view when we leave this planet in the transformation named death, we may realise then or before  all I had was temporary, impermanent a kind of delusion of everlasting reality.  I gave up driving and owning a car many years back.

Courtesy  www.fotosearch.com
Perhaps the world crisis and indeed past crisis maybe due to the false sense that ownership of land, possessions, wealth, status could be the cause of jealousy, covetousness and a false sense of security. This is mine, keep off, this is my property, my country, my culture, my body.
Of course we have a basic human right to privacy, dignity, some food of good quality, warmth, clothing and safe shelter, other than that the accumulation by hoarding can lead to a false sense of protection.
Courtesy junkmytrash.com
Some say that hoarding is in the mind, safety is misplaced in objects, materialism because it can be seen and touched and is visibly concretely observable and as long as it there it is a safety net, it is a false addiction to security in the object of verification by the five or six senses.
However if the 'objects, the things' of perceived indestructible or replaceable material forms are not forthcoming, panic and uncertainty may ensue.  In extreme circumstances this could lead to war.
The oil situation is an example of this, invasion of other peoples lands, burglary, poverty, wealth, are all situations of certain circumstances and experiences, traumas and life styles, upbringing and so on.
Courtesy thehaveride.com
Many of the world's leaders have preached peace, yes, as long as its on their terms.  As a friend said to me 'if all the world were xxx religion all would be well'. 
So as the video at the top of the Post states and in my view of it 'as long as you own anything electronic the status changes from citizen to suspect, one is owned by the state, the cell / mobile owns ones privacy, one is an unpaid spy for the government and ones life is dependent on their mean wages and high taxes. Is there a way out?
   Courtesy wspa.com
I know that I have bleated on about consciousness and meditation and although I am not a good example of walking my talk, I do have some experiences of the saving power of it. Not a miracle but a kind of lessening of the anxiety which in itself is a blessing, but I have noticed it can bring about opportunities which may have been missed by the fear and tension.
Courtesy www.engineeringwatch.in
Then I might hear some say 'well its OK for you, your 77 yrs of age, you live in a small flat in a sheltered situation, you have a pension, you are warm, fed and clothed, how about refugees, asylum seekers, homeless street people, child abuse and the rest'.  Yes I feel and see this and I am grateful and apologise if I seem pompous and pontificating. 
I have been on the rocks and in extreme situations and have interviewed and read of people who have meditated and relaxed their minds naturally who have been in the situations I have outlined and it did bring about synchronous opportunities.  I feel it alters the brain chemistry, alters the neurons, causes one's intentions to redirect anxiety to a more positive frame of mind which has been shown to shift circumstances.  There is a vast amount of research about fundamental changes in attitude that can somehow can alter the 'reality' of a seemingly impossible situation.
Courtesy www.yescourse.com
Many bullies of which nearly every ism and government seem to be, some landlords, local councils, neighbours some officials given a little power, uniform  and status USE  the tool of fear. If one can remain calm, not by force, but cultivating inner release and anxiety, the bully's power is busted. Bullies have the 'street' sense to feel one's fear, body language, voice, eyes, they prey on this and see how frozen or running the victim is, how conforming.  It is is surprising how effective fearlessness is, not  a stupid reckless defiance and impulsive angry response. 
Of course Mahatma Gandhi was one of many as an example. One can do this without physical protest although some peaceful demonstrations maybe necessary, however if each protester went the 'quiet way' if may have more effect.
Now we come to the end of the Western European Year and celebrations I wish all of the peoples of the world in the new Western Calender year and whatever time frame or year that is particular and significant to your way of Life. A life of peace, health, food, clothing, safety, warmth and love.
Dear Citizens of Earth, we are one family under the Rule of the Universe.
Be at Peace, Be Well.  Geoff

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