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Hello and Greetings.  Some phrases that have been around me and certainly in many religious / spiritual / philosophical works have lately, because I cannot get out I tore my Achilles Tendon and so have more time to meditate, reflect and garner some deep feelings.
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I cannot walk very well on crutches and in the beginning was given a boot which is fine yet chaffed and hurt me. At this time of writing 15 May 2016 a sunny Sunday finds me hungry as I have to rely on social services to help, not much money, because I have to take taxis to the hospital and eat there, the quality of my brought in food is not what I would care for, yet am grateful.  It is wonderful that this country does have the free medical and support in vital places. I vary between being down and low and wonderful insights as it were, probably only for me.
This phrase ran through my mind 'fresh new life flooding into my being'. Inwardly as it were I perceived myself as a cocoon of energy streams residing in a vast network of energy like a moving matrix, I felt renewed uplifted, warm and supported, it seemed as though the essence was like the fountain of Life, an endless pouring out of life, spirit, experience and awareness. A phrase from the bible' behold I make all things anew' ( I have read many holy and philosophical books since most of the people I know are familiar with the bible, and since it is my original source when researching, I often quote from it, if it offends any religion or person please forgive me, have mercy and understanding and I am sure your chosen choice will have a similar text).  I felt that my own will, my own fretting and pleading were not appropriate and by surrender and breathing deeply my contribution was to get out of the way.
I realised that letting the stream of Life through my vacated ego, lifted me to an unearthly flesh-less realm, far beyond the stresses, strains and vicissitudes of the Earthly human body striving and yet into a human body that can glimpse the everlasting Life and rely on its energy to carry me through in stormy waters Then I realised anther phrase 'I{the ego} am nothing it is the Father{the source, God, Infinite Being, The Divine} that does. My contribution was and is to remind myself to, breathe, relax, let go and open a portal, open my mind, to invite the Eternal Being to run my Life, and so be swept away by the 'waters of Life'.  This feels like renewal and replenishment. Maybe even assists in healing broken hearts and broken bodies. 
Very Important. El Nino  
Sea Surface Height related to above. 2 mins.
La Nina   The compliment of El Nina   Moving graph in article.
This natural cycle has been going on for thousands of years, it has dramatic effects in the Gulf Stream, and when I first learnt about it, it was explained that the Pacific was like a huge bowl and that the mass of water swirled and then ended up as more ' on one coast' and then on the other when the cycle reversed itself.  This coupled with the Sun reversals of magnetic fields low and high activity, the effect of the Schumann Resonance and the Weather Sensitive Biology aspect has the effect of biological evolution, sensitivity to the subtle and gross magnetic fluctuations. Just one more incidence of the connected 'one world'.  There was a anecdote that when the sea rises on one coastline the farmers become more of fishermen and vice versa to the other opposite coastlines.
According to this the CO2 is making the Earth Greener. 1 min
Approximately once a week, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus fly "space weather balloons" to the stratosphere over California. These balloons are equipped with radiation sensors that detect cosmic rays, a surprisingly "down to Earth" form of space weather. Cosmic rays can seed cloudstrigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Our measurements show that someone flying back and forth across the continental USA, just once, can absorb as much ionizing radiation as 2 to 5 dental X-rays. For example, here is the data from a flight on Oct. 22, 2015:
Radiation levels peak at the entrance to the stratosphere in a broad region called the "Pfotzer Maximum." This peak is named after physicist George Pfotzer who discovered it using balloons and Geiger tubes in the 1930s. Radiation levels there are more than 80x sea level.
Note that the bottom of the Pfotzer Maximim is near 55,000 ft. This means that some high-flying aircraft are not far from the zone of maximum radiation. Indeed, according to the Oct 22th measurements, a plane flying at 45,000 feet is exposed to 2.79 uSv/hr. At that rate, a passenger would absorb about one dental X-ray's worth of radiation in about 5 hours.
The radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV. These energies span the range of medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.  (By now you will know all my links to radiation, cosmic rays, Schumann Resonance and of course The Ascension Process or The Shift and The New Transformed Aquarian Light Body )
I got into a discussion on the nature of reality and there were numerous opinions, views and some caustic comments. My view came out as "anything solid or seeming permanent does not evolve into a new form, it is not subject as it were to evolution. The seemingly solidity may become modified or have cosmetics a kind of makeover, yet in its essence it is the old form kept in mind or appears to be the reality, safe to some, boring and imprisoning to others. 
Of course Buddha talked about impermanence, transiency, illusion and dream like mind stuff. Life itself is loss in a way, a dissolving, a letting go and an acceptance of what is. Of course not acceptance of brutality, poverty,oppression and rape of nature.
I then went to say at sometime later; " Let us look at the phrase 'my land, my property' actually is it is all hired, rented, the Universe is the owner and creator and shares this with its entirety.  So those who war, put down others are like immature children in nurseries who fight for their toys and possession of them, they grow up if the lessons are not learned, and they feel they are superior, an arrogance that they are above the plebiscites, they are superior, and seek ways to make their flesh bodies immortal and become the rulers of the Earth.  The New World Order and the so called elite have this dream, and dream it is, it has no real substance only in their belief of its reality and reality moves on when the dream ends. To perpetuate a dream is like a bubble that is sustained before it blows out.  These folk be they world leaders or local bullies are at deep base frightened and it is this fear that drives them onto shoring up the 'bricks and jig saw pieces' of their illusion'."    
This does not mean that one has to become a hermit, a recluse or cut oneself off from society, it means at first to realise intellectually that everything, including the Planets, Stars the Universe is impermanent, transient, then to contemplate one's own impermanence, some shy away from it, death, the end, oblivion. Then to reflect deeply on it and kind of accept a mass whole fact, death is inevitable. I am not forever in this body.  What happens then is multifaceted. 
Some become deeply disturbed become neurotic and seek distraction, running away from 'death that stalks you at your left shoulder', some get angry and do all sorts of things to 'get back at the grim reaper', it's not fair, 'why me?' why or how did the creator or if there is one create such an abomination?  Others dive deeply into the ocean, the seeming abyss, the black hole of seeming extinction and come to an experience of ineffable calm, peace, serenity and against all logic, beyond all understating, beyond the local limited mind to a non local consciousness an experience of a transcendental nature.  Of course the psychiatrists (some of) and similar folk will say like the NDE EXPERIENCE 'THIS IS THE BRAIN COMPENSATING FOR ITS EXTINCTION AND IS ONLY A DEFENCE MECHANISM.  You will have to decide for yourself when you experience it. Is this reality? I know not.  All I perceive when experiencing this 'no form, no thought, movement in stillness and vice versa, and it it is not permanent.
So death itself, the black hole of human demise may become the 'wormhole, the stargate' to another dimension WHILST still remaining in the body until it becomes time to release, it is not madness nor dementia. It is something else without a label to define it. Maybe depression if dived through is much the same thing.  A mind collapsed in its own futility seeking a way out of its dark dank prison of despair.
My theory of the Stargate /wormhole / black hole is based on the above and whatever vehicle, contrivance one builds, conceives or conjures up, THERE IS ALWAYS AN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE'R, AN OBSERVER.  Refer back to the two slit experiment with Dr Quantum.  That is why I feel Metaphysics is the true physics of the exploration of other realities to go beyond the mind and its programming to 'something wonderful' a non definable experience and so therefore answering the questions of mortality and immortality, death and Life.  I feel Life has no opposites only the duality of death and birth, night and day.  So Be Well and Be Life.   
Be Well.  Geoff
Image from Article
Just invert image so you have a diabola. 
I relate so much to the article above. It reminds me of my scientific stuff above, going down the black hole this time or instance with the 'depression' held in the magnetic fields as it gets to the singularity, it reaches its intensity and like an explosion, an ah ha, a mental  / psychological orgasm, breaks through the zero field to the white hole and comes out into the light, the white hole, which is spiritual, a calm, hope and peace, one has travelled from Psychological continuum's to Spiritual Awareness and that is an ongoing eternal continuum.    So this depression is sent through the stargate of brain / frequency  dimensions to reach the light and life is Light.

As we’ve been saying for many years, ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol—targeted by statin drugs—is good for you as you get older. In fact, higher levels help you live longer once you reach the age of 60, a new study has discovered
The over-60s who have the highest levels of LDL cholesterol are less likely to develop fatal diseases, such as cancer, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems—and heart disease, the very thing it’s supposed to cause.
This is because medicine completely misunderstands the function of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Far from being an artery-clogging fat, it seems to counter micro-organisms that can cause these fatal diseases, says a group of 17 scientists from a range of medical and academic institutions, including Harvard Medical School.
They assessed the mortality and LDL cholesterol levels of 68,096 people aged over 60, and discovered that 80 per cent of those living the longest also had the highest levels of LDL cholesterol. Conversely, those with the lowest levels were far more likely to die prematurely.
There is an association between total cholesterol levels and heart disease among younger people, the researchers concede, but the balance tilts the other way once someone reaches the age of 60, the very time when public health policy dictates that statins should be taken as a routine ‘just-in-case’ protection against heart disease. (Courtesy WDDTY)

SUNSPOTS VANISHING, AGAIN: For the second time this month, the solar disk is blank--no sunspots. This image of the sun taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on June 24th shows zero dark cores:
What does this mean? The solar cycle is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between periods of high and low sunspot number every 11 years. Today's blank sun is a sign that the pendulum is swinging toward low sunspot numbers. In other words, Solar Minimum is coming.
Forecasters expect the next Solar Minimum to arrive in 2019-2020. Between now and then, there will be lots of spotless suns. At first, the blank stretches will be measured in days; later in weeks and months. When the sunspot cycle reaches its nadir, a whole year could go by without sunspots.  
However, don't expect space weather to go away. Solar Minimum brings many interesting changes. For instance, as the extreme ultraviolet output of the sun decreases, the upper atmosphere of Earth cools and collapses. This allows space junk to accumulate around our planet. Also, the heliosphere shrinks, bringing interstellar space closer to Earth. Galactic cosmic rays penetrate the inner solar system--and Earth--with relative ease.
Indeed, a cosmic ray surge is already underway . Cosmic rays can seed clouds,trigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Our measurements show that someone flying back and forth across the continental USA, just once, can absorb as much ionizing radiation as 2 to 5 dental X-rays. This exposure will increase as Solar Minimum deepens.(Courtesy
That's it. journey well. Geoff
Proof that Queen Elizabeth is a Shape Shifter. 4 mins.
Make up your mind time.
I Post an Article in case this video is taken down.

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