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Hi there. Are you there or are you there? That is the question and if you are there what is this there? 
Hidden Energy Dr Hal Puthoff  16 mins
This is a vital video from such a renowned scientist. His hints speak volumes. A few views on this, it has been posted in back Posts there are ET UFO like craft and you can see their workings and diagrams, I mention this a lot because just lately there is a lot about Artificial Intelligence(yes even on Murdoch Western UK TV and clone Cameron Sheeple Frack Brain, I mention these words not in anger because cloning is in the news, a sane person or government would not let Fracking be allowed especially in a beautiful Yorkshire spot Ryedale.
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A sheeple because he follows bad science and economics see one of the quotes below 'Money and Politics. Why is money the only thing in the world everyone trusts?' courtesy Yuval Harari, a clone in the sense he follows the Guru USA Obamarama.   However back to the Future.
Robots already build cars and other industrial applications and more so in medical ways. So gradually humans are being replaced and there will be as mentioned before many on the 'scrap heap', so what economy can allow expenditure of food, clothing and POLICING on unhappy frustrated people?  
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When I first heard of the FEMA camps and their storing of vast am mounts of food and coffins, it related to the fault lines and possible Earthquakes down middle USA, then it changed to an economic collapse, yes and this can be the cause because of the economics, but more likely through employment and a rampant drug filled or angry bored millions.  So along comes certain scientists suggesting the new revealed transfer of consciousness to other brains or HARD DRIVES SOFT WARE OF THE BRAIN' would be more humane than killing us off in wars, disease and austerity and poverty, civil war and what else. 
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In back Posts and in those to arrive I assure you that cloning of the brain and its contents can be transferred to a hardrive matrix(see Ray Kurzwell)it's also cheaper and financially viable to keep us in a virtual reality, no food, guards, clothing, rebellions and so forth.  Maybe we will be put into ROBOTS and serve, we become the AI of robots.  Because in the end we are cloning ourselves as Robots.
Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari wrote a book in 2014 'Sapiens- A brief History of Humankind' which caused a stir, in his site above there is a quote 'has progress made us happier'?  There are other quotes which may stimulate one.
History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods.
Science and Religion. Is science the future of all religions?
Power and Imagination. Are dreams the most powerful weapon in the world?
Money and Politics. Why is money the only thing in the world everyone trusts?
Ecology. Were animals the main victims of history
Future. Have humans passed their expiry date.

These are a few are the points Yuval Harari has in his fascinating book.
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OK let's appraoch this from a different angle. Let us suppose that the Travis Walton Story and many other such unexplained away truths are truths, then we see robot like beings as in the classical 'greys' which are semi robotic or robotic, see what their texture feels like from all the sources I have quoted and if you research you will find more and in all the cases I have quoted they have been controlled by handsome blond / dark haired very, very fit healthy as far as known beautiful people.
Courtesy www.darkgovernment.com
Travis Walton said he was escorted off the large UFO  to a small one by an Alien, very much like the male above in a red overall type garment.  I have 27 cases are reliable witnesses who have had interviews with such beings.  Anyway they employ greys as their robots as it were, although there are a separate race of taller greys. Sometimes the small robotic greys are captured and they can telepathise with sensitive humans. There are hidden secret agendas where empaths and telepaths are in training and employed and use remote and close scrutiny viewing.
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Perhaps the USA or rather the elite / bilderbug /illuminati want a third world war, a Middle East crisis, a horror of displaced peoples, a Zika or another virus to wipe out or make dependent as the image above suggests a dumbed down, broken spirited race, ready to be on a hard drive, commit suicide, be interned in a camp or perhaps we could release the fact we have ET contact and UFO technology and reach the planets and leap into a future never before experienced other than our ET cousins, or is this only for the illuminati?
The Underdogs of New Energy.  Dr Paul LaViolette. 28 mins
I am a great admirer of Dr  LaViolette and he says a lot more on the religion of science and how it blocks new outside of the box inventions.
http://starburstfound.org/galactic-cosmic-ray-volleys-a-coming-global-disaster/6/  This is a long article, however it does bring together the Mayan and other similar works in a cohesive manner, the Mayan and other works are my comments. You will also see why I attach so much importance to rise of Cosmic Rays at this time as in Post 265 A The Shift.  Also Dr LaViolette recognises UFO and ET.

We can see UFO phenomena in ancient holy books and certain Eastern writings. If indeed we are to face another evolutionary SHIFT, ET might be worth recognising. They may not assist us, however they may preserve the seeds for another kind of human, Old Stone Man, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapien, Homo Spitualana  / or homo Energetica / Homo Aquarianus ?  After every super wave shock we may find in the Cosmic Rays contain signals and frequencies for the new evolving DNA upgrades.  Are some theologians, historians, archaeologists, palaeontologists, and certain scientific circles blocking this and keeping this back?
Secret Photos Stolen from NASA by Hacker? 5 mins
Notice the large skull near the end.
Is this a real UFO and Alien in the Saudi Arabian Desert. 4mins
The Mandela Effect is here Quatum Computing. 20 mins
May you be a real person and not artificial in the sense you realise your essence which is everybody's essence.  
Go Well and Be Well.Geoff.
Clinton and lawless oligarchy. 11 mins
Another Dodgy incident about Hilary. 9 mins.
Have huma
RADIO BEAMS FROM JUPITER HIT EARTH: Yesterday, a series of narrow radio beams from Jupiter reached Earth ... but they weren't from NASA's Juno spacecraft. They came from Jupiter itself. Natural radio lasers in Jupiter's magnetosphere send shortwave signals into space and occasionally they sweep past Earth. "I picked them up in broad daylight," says Thomas Ashcraft, who operates an amateur radio telescope in rural New Mexico. Click on the image to hear the static-y sounds that emerged from his loudspeaker:
Each pop and click is the sound of a single beam washing over our planet. "The interesting thing to me," says Ashcraft, "is that unbeknownst to us Jupiter radio beams are often sweeping over us, actually washing over our bodies if we are outside at the time."
The lasers are powered, in part, by electrical currents flowing between Jupiter's upper atmosphere and the volcanic moon Io. When the geometry is just right, and Earth is in line with the beams, they are easily detected by ham radio antennas on Earth. Jovian "S-bursts" (short bursts) and "L-bursts" (long bursts) mimic the sounds of woodpeckers, whales, and waves crashing on the beach. Here are a fewaudio samples: S-burstsS-bursts (slowed down 128:1), L-Bursts
Now is a good time to listen to Jupiter's radio storms. The giant planet is high in the sky at sunset and, thanks to the crashing solar cycle, background noise is low. There are few solar radio bursts to overwhelm Jupiter and terrestrial stations are having a hard time bouncing over the horizon as ionizing radiation from the sun ebbs. Ready to start taking data? NASA's Radio Jove Project explains how to build your own receiver(.Courtesy spaceweather.com)

Leaked TTIP energy proposal could 'sabotage' EU climate policy

Perhaps a good thing that Europe blocks it and a vote for the remain and then again will the new Prime Minister  in England if we Brexit and triggers article 50 coupled with the 'special relationship with the USA agree to the horror of TTIP
The Bilderberg Group. They run the world. 26 mins


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