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Greetings to a New Year and a sincere wish that all is well and will continue to be so.
Courtesy  Daily Mail
I awoke from a semi sleep drowsy slightly giddy feel with a vision , a kinda of inspiration, a kinda speculation. I got up and did the bathroom stint, looked out of the window, snow and cold and like the image above, the stark trees and a  glimpse of that special kinda of sun shining through amber type streaky clouds----magic.

What came to me that morning and even more intensely as stared in gasped wonder at the above type image and incidentally gently bouncing on a rebounder(I do what is called the therapeutic bounce, a gentle motion on a special hard mat rebounder) was that I must get this out as quickly as possible.

The old stuff about chemtrails.  I was told by Dan, Dan the laboratory Man, that from October 2016, the chemical composition had been changed and is more insidious, I do not know the specific formula but this is my speculation.
Courtesy North Land New Zealand chemtrails watch.
There is a subtle 'energy' that one has as a vital force, a life force, some call it prana, chi, ki, orgon and such like, it is more than physical energy and vitality, it is almost imperceptible and one can feel it when one is in deep repose, meditation and sleep.

It is that which is the 'field' that is behind or as it were the ocean of Life, all Life and indeed which the Planet 'swims' in.  An analogy the amniotic fluid the cells of our bodies are bathed in or to be more expansive, the cells are bathed in an aqueous environment with extracellular fluid(interstitial fluid which supports homeostasis. Be that as it may this where I went into it from the vision / speculation and maybe to some speculative.   

One of the constituents of chemtrails is like or maybe even fine particles of aluminum which like blotting paper 'soak up' this vital chi thereby making one feel 'one degree under', I sometimes feel I need clear blue skies and clear refreshing air like a pure cool water from a unadulterated mountain stream or spring.  

The murky sky, a sort of dark hue of blue, promising a blueness that revitalizes the eyes and the brain, lifts the spirits, puts a smile on the face a heart lifting joy is missing.  The murkiness depresses the brain input from sight and the natural joy which 'lightens the spirit' and feeds the brain and the body with life sustaining pure air and oxygen is just that 'one degree under'
The insidious and what an apt word, depicts and describes the process.  It is subtle, the chemical concoction, the cocktail of these units of destruction do not actually kill one at one swipe as it were, they gradually undermine one, sucking the Life force out all organic and natural plant and animal life, in fact the Earth and Nature herself.
 So the immune system gets compromised and one can feel as one   needs that extra boost, you see adverts of 'tired and listless try XYZX brand of vitamin' and so on, one takes the supplement, goes to the gym and then it comes back to a general lethargy.
This is commercially advantageous until one gives up and the fight  and one succumbs to perhaps a more serous illness or mental cave in----depression and senile decay and Alzheimer's.
As the image above suggests this is parasitic in practice, this is a weakening of resolve.  It is a devilish underhanded subtle attack by minds that prey like a stalker, a voyeur a demonic dark figure lurking in the shadows, some psychological pervert working with a biologist/ genetics/ scientists who delight in thinking up ways of steadily weaning away the life force from everything natural and to make a world of sterility and greyness.  A life force sucking predator, a pump to extract humanity into a vacuum of empty hopelessness so making us easier to control whilst making a fortune out of us and tarnishing a beautiful humanity, nature and Earth into a miserably dust of apathy.

I was checking up on NHS figures in hospitals this winter so far and certainly in my local GP's surgery and I understand throughout Europe and elsewhere that the number of sore throats that come and go, stomach bugs, virus's  and general depression and malaise (    a condition of general bodily weakness or discomfort, often marking the onset of a disease.
a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort.)
Describes the condition well.  The numbers affected are almost epidemic.

Despite the warning by the authorities that prescribing antibiotics, opioid's and steroids must be used more discerningly as we are becoming immune to them and soon a new horrendous more powerful breed of 'biotics' may have to be developed or are being developed and I posted that some natural remedies are proving their worth.

Courtesy  Experimental Gameplay Project 
However even with more natural remedies on recovery the same old cycle can return, so is there a better tragedy?
I feel there is one important factor and element to be added to; get the best food one can, get the best natural supplements one can, do the best relaxation techniques that suit you, prayer(not dogma or religion---that's OK if one is not dogmatic and fanatic)exercise gently and robustly in proportion, find uplifting friends, keep away from social media hype on the net and rest, be quiet, practice forgiveness and gratitude BUT there is one more factor and to my mind the most important.
Yes my old friend and Saviour---meditation.  Now I appreciate there are many forms of meditation, however as I see it they should lead to an empty mind, devoid of thought, a quiet relaxed mind where there is calm, tranquility and serenity, no image, no thought, utter stillness yet a movement which is indescribable.

Now why is it the senior or premier ingredient. I mentioned above that the Life force is a very subtle almost imperceptible yet can be measured in the chakra's and meridians, nadis, and not measurable by even modern scientific equipment yet a buried science has found the acupuncture  points and subtle connections but like most modern medicine it is is seen as woo woo.

Be that as it may when one experiences this quiet mind which one bible describes as ' Be still and know God within thee' or may I be utterly disingenuous and insulting and quote 'Be still and feel the Essence of Life Within Yourself'.
This feeling is beyond a physical workout uplift, food energy, sexual orgasm, a good nights sleep, a great workshop, a healing, or the best sports match, a theater outing.
Courtesy  GoodLife Zen
There really was no image I could match the experience with and reading a lot of text I felt needed a break.
This feeling is a if one were surrounded and swimming in Eternity it feels like one is one with the Essence and yet one's own unique identity is somehow preserved and one is not drowned and keeps one's head above water until the day one leaves the Earthly plain and submerges----where is the head then?   
It is a timeless non existence and yet a living replenishment of something that is not tangible in the sense of the five senses, it is indeed beyond them.  This feeds all the realms of existence throughout the Cosmos and is the foundation to all the above.

Be Still and Well.


You didn't create your body, nor are you able to control the body's functions.  An intelligence grater than the human mind is at work.

It is the same Intelligence that Sustains all of Nature.

You cannot get any closer to that Intelligence than being aware of your own energy field----by feeling the aliveness, the animating presence with your body (Eckhart Tolle).  
We are that Intelligence(Geoff)

By the way Shack will Post two more writings. 
If you cannot find Shack, Google it because Shack has just started Posting and the search engines may not have rated it.
Just had a communication from Dan, Dan the lab man.  The chemtrails are now intelligently programmed or tuned to the human aura, more specifically to the astral sheath as it is the one most of the populace are attuned too as it is to do with glamor, success, ego achievements and media hype.  It is particularly tuned into porn, violence and related war stuff.  It 'picks' up by apparently AI technology (remembering all substances, moods and all that have frequency signatures, apparently these particles, I understand are of the nano specification are frequency coded) and so are able like drones to find their targets which is the Human DNA and 7.87 htz parameters.  (Schumann Resonance). 
Regarding the porn it excites the neurone networks which play about with the hormone levels and chakra base levels. More on this technology to follow, abuse networks are coded and crime of abuse in all modes has arisen.  

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