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May your path in Life be lit with the love of Life, heartfelt joy and compassion beyond all limits, so it sets the world alight with freedom, respect, mercy and the family of humans holding hands around the world. Greetings and smiles to you and yours.


Lunar eclipse. Solar eclipse. Grand Cardinal Cross. New Moon. April 2014 wraps up with a series of action packed astronomical events! It seemed to be a month of transition and currents of change that rolled through in waves - big waves! What has changed? It may be too soon to know or speculate, yet the team here at the RPF Headquarters can feel it in ourselves, in the community and in the currents of the work we are doing. We are all being called to step-up, to model our values, clean-up and clear-out whatever is not serving, and consciously engage our creative life force to bring our visions alive in the heart of our day-to- day lives.
 The Courtesy Resonance Project

BACTERIA SURVIVE TRIP TO THE EDGE OF SPACE: Researchers pondering the possibilities of life on Mars have long focused their attention onhalobacteria--a type of terrestrial extremophile that uses salt to shield itself from harsh radiation. On April 20th, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew a colony of halobacteria onboard a suborbital helium balloon to the Edge of Space. The microbes didn't merely survive, they are now thriving in the students' biology classroom back on Earth:
During the ascent to 102,400 feet, these bacteria experienced temperatures as low as -60 C, air pressures only 1% that at sea-level, and radiation levels more than 25-times Earth-normal. All of these conditions are akin to those on Mars. ( See a 74 MB movie of the bacteria floating in the stratosphere.) (Courtesy and Students
This  subject appeared many times in the energygrid as I felt and still do it is the key to Life. Light in many forms. 
In the link above more detail is given and the value of food and bio photons.
When I worked as a volunteer therapist / healer at St James Church in Piccadilly London we had a therapist who used Kirlian photography as a kind of diagnosis.  These were early days and we used Maxwell Cade's as a kind if indicator, it was just a kind of early experimentation and interesting to see the results as they aligned to the therapy sessions.  later on the Mind Mirror was used at the Bristol Cancer Centre.
St James had close connections with the centre and several of the therapists went to the centre from London on a voluntary day a week or so.
Courtesy the
In the 1967 writings there are many mentions of energies, auras and the like.  I stressed in the 'grid' that light contained signals, triggers and coded information, light is the Carrier Wave of the Cosmos. I feel that when one 'tunes' into the healing mode, a kind of light runs through one and the recipient receives the 'light' which restores the the ruffled waves or vibes, which are usually felt by the healer or sensitive or Aura reader, to a smoother wave form and so the 'photons' are able to 'get through' the turbulence.
Courtesy naturolcurenot
I then go onto say that the energies from the Cosmos are now beginning a coded sequence through 'Light' in the form of X-rays, Gamma Rays, auric displays through the Aura Borealis and Aurora Australis and the infusion at the magnetosphere and so on, more detail in the grid.  This is a light 'show' lighting up the parts of the hologram to the separated 'self' that by ascension, transformation opens up to more of the vista of the whole, like the parts of a hologram containing the whole in a small scale, now finding itself joining with other parts and so becoming larger and yet the same.
Since in the hologram in its entirety it is complete, the future, past and present are all whole and so there is no past, present and future, it is only the small part that feels itself as past, future, present, as it discovers more of itself, it gets the illusion of the the future and remembers its small past.
We are living in a fractal hologram 
The two images above kind of encapsulate the 1967 writings. Substituting the Earth above for a 'Invisible Consciousness Energy Centre' which which is an Intelligent Mind, it erupted in a big bang, which was its dream and intention of Creativity coming to a AH HA, 'A Eureka climax' and the ripples set forth and are still arriving. 
Within these ripples like expanding waves across a pond, each wave is an information carrier modulated from the 'light of Creation'
Apologies to engineers, scientists who find this basic and simplistic, however, I am catering for all types of readers and this is to convey how my '1967' writings and 'the shift' I believe is taking place since a few years back in its now accelerating mode is to do with carrier waves of information when standing and interference waves are in existence the 'Cosmic Light' through its reference  light 'beam' and object reflectivity cause the hologram which is the Universe. 
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I used to teach basic carrier wave stuff and used a raft / aeroplane as a carrier, a platform and then to some I used to sing voice top spike, voice down bottom spike, then make pictures using singing short, long, medium, thin, thick to modulate the carrier.
To carry on each and every wave has a photon event in it and as the waves still arriving, light the light of distant galaxies, and as I feel all these Cosmic Bodies are Living Intelligences, their 'knowledge' is then passed on 'down the line' so to speak.
The above image is more descriptive, down the line seems like it comes in a linear from from a horizon, it really comes from the centre, as in the images a few above.  THE main point being that the information is also a trigger, a coded signal and the photon is the basic 'unit' of that carrier code.  This can be kind of similar to the super waves of Dr Paul La Violette, the Mayan Pyramid, my Inverted V, and the tip over, the Hundred Monkey, the Critical Mass and all the 700,000, 26,000 etc. cycles merely interference patterns which are caused by the January 2013 set of articles and their binary inputs.  The alignments cause a shift in the energetic wave forms, which modulate the information and tuned and of course transformed to meet and match, attenuate to the forms that are at the 'point' in the Cosmic highway, at the crossroads to be enabled to receive as such.
Now the following may seem arrogant and selective, a bit elite.  One has to prepare for these crossroads.  Self growth work leading to an awareness of Cosmic Intelligence and Awareness. Meditation, physical and mental, psychological and dietary, intuition and balancing logic and so forth. Not like the 144,000 that alone will be saved as some have prophesied.  
OK some will say why wasn't I aware of this process, why should  I  go to a Guru, scrutinize my navel, contort myself in Yoga, prance like a orang-utan in hi chi, tai chi wi fi chi.  Sit like a bloated Buddha, love from the heart like Jesus, ride a chariot with Krishna and so on.  Well I feel we have millions of chances though reincarnation and as we are eternal beings, merely transforming from energy beings to so called flesh and bone beings, our time or incarnation will come.  
As their are millions of dimensions, parallel worlds, we will go to where we best work out our 'UNFINISHED BUSINESS'. We will by the magnetic frequencies we 'broadcast' be drawn back too or go on too.  The saying the :-

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

― Omar Khayyam'
We live and have our being in a sea of energy, interconnecting, interweaving, independently dependant.  Criss crossing, waving the tapestry of Life.  We influence one another just by being near and also our thoughts go Unversal wide as wide, as we are connected at a deep fundamental level.  Quantum stuff shows this.
The fact you are reading this now is a broadcast in words and images. We have 'interfered' in ideas, thought provoking, and who knows what else.
Courtesy or
So what are we here for?  It may seem that we are on the path in evolution, the evoking of a Cosmic plan, so vast that we cannot even fathom  a minuscule part, we do get glimpses of its direction and a crumb or two off the bread board of encouragement.  We are broadcasting all the time, body language, brain waves through thought, heart rhythms, and the millions of unseen radio, TV, Wi Fi, Mobile / cell phones.  Millions upon Trillions upon Billions upon quadrillions of rippling energy waves, the great movement of Life.
SO if you really do not believe in the unseen part of you/ me / us think of the dog knows you are on your way home, yes out of normal time, you know who it is on the phone, you have hunches that come about and so on. It depends on your sensitivity.
Courtesy helpingotherstogrow.
Seek the Light.  The light of illumination.  That Light that is Life Itself.
We are from the Future----more back up for the 1967 writings and my research.  We are light beings temporarily playing in a body that seems solid.
Be Light.  Be Well. Geoff

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