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Hello and a big large welcome. Those who have followed my blog’s in the late energygrid magazine from 2005 till 2013 end of and many articles retrieved from the magazine which was large and had many sections and contributors, will be aware that many of these are in my and would be familiar with the history of the 1967 writings which were given by transmission or some sort of inspirational downloading at the venue of Samye Ling (Johnstone House in those days at December 1967) would be aware that one of the briefs were  to prove the prophesies and facts given; one by the facts the prophesises were apparent and came to pass of which many have and that science would come to back up the Ascension process and how it works. This is still a work in progress as are the prophesies.
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A few Posts back in Post 367 I went into a synopsis of the Ascension Process and how the journey in increments of input energy which I followed from 1967 to 2012 were mainly electron volts and then followed up by portals from the Sun and the newer understanding of Solar and Space Weather and this was now coming to the input  of Cosmic Rays which were being observed due to the low 11 year cycle.  

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In numerous blog’s in energygrid I sort to emphasise that the Ascension energies were coming from the Universe and more focussed ones from the Sun and the Black Hole at the Centre of the Milky Way and that these energies were carrier waves of information as in the two images above and that information had a purpose and was not random and nilly dilly (I use this phrase to represent a slap dash irrational junk and inconsequential data or material).
I tried time and time again to make the point there is no such thing as junk DNA and that it was awaiting Coded /Trigger /Signals contained in the carrier and modulation waves / frequencies / vibrations and that one who went into meditation and went past the agendas, programmes and brain washing and made contact with the quiet still / dynamic / potential mind / consciousness would automatically spontaneously by the process of intuition imbibe these frequencies and be downloaded into the awaiting so called 'junk DNA' and at the appropriate sequential and Cosmic Evolution timing be activated. I was shot down in flames, howls of derision and even close scientific friends scoffed and behind my back thought I had a lost it.  There is a insert by a person or persons named Skeptic who had a go at me over  my NDE who got my  age wrong and the You Tube video has been doctored and edited.
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There is a wealth of further technical details which can be found in research such as Peter  Gariav, Jeff Delrow and Brendan Murphy and host more, it goes on and on.

Now to my 1967; I feel that every one of our cells are torsion fields all spinning and self sustaining as they twist and cause mini vortex which pierce the quantum 'filed ' and directly get 'fed' from source, the source contains every possibility and probability and feeds the DNA with intelligent information at the appropriate timing and sequences to sustain and maintain the form from the invisible to the visible (1) 
Then with the discovery of mobile genetic (transpons and retrotranspons) so called jumping DNA which can recode or write or switch on certain, codes and signals, which I suggested in 2005 and onwards and the switches are the Cosmic Rays in energetic frequencies which are commensurate and concomitant to the gene / cell / DNA as a receptor in a cell to a peptide.    
The next part of this is the 'Super Wave' in which I suggest that a moving type escalator or moving walk way,a so called travelator in like wave form (5) is acting as a Cosmic back drop carrier wave in a 700,000 year cycle with a 24,000. 12,000, 5,500 year cycles contained in it and probable greater and minor cycles (2).
Each chakra is a mini vortex and torsion filed and by its spiralling effect draws by resonance, entrainment and it's drilling like action and suction energy / information / and sustaining life force.(3,4) 
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It is suggested in scientific research that Satellite non protein DNA which seem to be random and yet have a repeated sequential function and not understood as yet, to my theory represent a kind of set sequences awaiting the codes to latch onto certain sequences to form a chain of command or awaiting a delivery of a Cosmic code, these are the awaiting DNA components awaiting the signals for the travelator in order for the code to be received in a resonant manner, here meditation and the quiet mind assists with the reception and not the interference waves of personal beliefs and agendas which are the personal local ego waves of information. There are other discoveries such as palindromes which seem to have no use or meaning (  palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar or the number 10801.)(A palindromic sequence is a sequence made up of nucleic acids within double helix of DNA and/or RNA that is the same when read from 5’ to 3’ on one strand and 5’ to 3’ on the other, complementary, strand. It is also known as a palindrome or an inverted-reverse sequence.) These have not been properly understood with a lot of maybe's and perhaps, for me they are awaiting further instructions from Source.
And so the Cosmic wave (5) this super wave, this carrier wave being modified by the information and the process itself is movement and potential, the reference point anywhere along its travel through the Universe, in fact it is the Universe it is the Universe unfolding like a never ending spiralling torsion vortex, in fact a black hole is a torsion field and vortex ever unfolding as it gathers its information from Source, it is in fact A Cosmic DNA Helix and it is modified by feedback and information from Source and its recipient units which is Creation in form from the Invisible Source.

 Attuning and being receptive to the process is dependant on how still yet aware and dynamic, a dynamic stillness of the quiet mind coming out of the local personal and being in the non personal Cosmic Consciousness and the quiet mind attracts the information by its stillness like high pressure of the Cosmic to the lower pressure of the individual receptive receivers which are the quite still pools of human non judgemental awareness. Ascension then is a quiet process of receptivity and relaxed yet awake alertness without bias.
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With the increase of energy as light frequencies and carrier waves of information and the upgrades and activation of former so called junk DNA an important work by a German scientist Fritz Albert Popp showed the cells actually give of emissions of light which are named biophotons and with the research of Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian with Kirlian Photography and Konstantin Korotkov with the GDV technologies brought more proof to the 1967 writings as increasing input of light with information embodied into it to upgrade the human body and consciousness, one being the same only in difference of faster finer frequencies, in other words mind thought being faster in frequency than body form, the body is in fact slower mind thought and the mind body interface and connection arises here.
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In my NDE I felt as though I was going out of my body, not a tunnel like many, but a sort of going out and this seems a departure of some witness energy, a consciousness but for the want of words is the soul. In the ‘67’ writings it said that we were and are ascending to the ‘New Aquarian Ascended Light Body’ which will be named as Homo Energetica Spiritulana, the early forms would look like we are today but would slightly glow more, have a more shiny appearance, would be more unisex in appearance, perhaps taller or appear more muscular or athletic and then eat less protean and eventually feed from energy frequencies itself, the time periods for these upgrades to be more readily acknowledged would be; 1967 –2012, 2013—2032, 2033—2075, by 2075 there would be significant evidence of this, of course the upgrading has been a process since the Universe began, 1967 was only a shift more recognisable by the increments of increased input of Cosmic Light frequencies.

Around the 70's till the late 90's there was a great deal of talk and discussion about the Ascension Process Symptoms and some of these are listed in Post 240 28th October 2015 (scroll down) and the inverted V in Post 10 5th March 2013 and some other aspects about all of this  in all the Posts above. The symptoms are a kind of detox because the new information sets a higher frequency and the peptides search and set up new cell receptors and the old ones are eliminated into the lymph, liver, kidney, liver, colon and skin and all other vessels of elimination. New neural and synaptic pathways are established and this is an increasing process in intensity and absorption which can lead to some disorientation and mental fogginess this is should be temporary until the adjustments and upgrades are reconfigured. It can cause fatigue with upheaval and overwhelm, caution here is needed if one is unsure check with a health professional. This is where exercise to ease lymph congestion(lymph does not have a pump as it were it relies on exercise and healthy diet, exercises are individual choice however I have found rebounding(yes a small mini trampoline device----make sure it is a well built one and does the job----my choice is a Bellicon but there are others but please do not get a cheap one) complimented with Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Palate and so on, meditation(not imagery, visualisation,chanting, prayer, hypnosis, mandala, yantra, mantra, affirmations,ruminations, conjecturing,---however well researched binaural beats with headphones such as Holosync can be of assistance as those aforementioned as long as they lead to meditation, beware of mind dullness and soporific states taken as bliss and also distractions such as TV, alcohol, drugs, sexual overdrives and so on.
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The writings went onto say that some of the ‘Auric’ sheaths would be ‘burnt’ off, such as the Astral one as it was too gross and this would allow more finer and purer light in, telepathy would replace vocal communication and procreation would be enabled by meditative communication (my workshop on pre life agreements) mediumship would be replaced by telepathic intuition and in total tele powers would be the norm, telekinesis, tele-healing, wave transference healing (see Gariav has already achieved  this as part of the phantom wave experiments).
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The next concerns images 10 and 11 the so called Bilderberg’s and illuminati I have gone into great details on these nefarious beings in my blogs and Posts and my so called conspiracy writings. They are aware of the Ascension Process and this would be a loss of power and authority so their plan is to dumb down the human decoder brain and block or destroy bodies and brains such as;chemtrails, fluoride, GMO foods, all cell phone frequencies especially the up coming roll out of G5 and much more and see H.R.2977 on exotic technologies as this is in this law of the Space Preservation Act, this might seem a get out clause and that all the above Ascension process is a sham and just a channelled writing from a spurious source and an imaginative frightened mind, however, it is my belief that there might be a delay but it will happen.  
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What role do ET play in this, see ‘The UFO STORY’ at  May 2005 and their bodies maybe a template for what we will become during and completion of this stage of the Ascension process which will go on as long as this Universe is in existence and this dimension has completed its purpose.
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There is another factor to be considered; I have written a lot about the extinctions that the Earth has gone through and the signs are we are facing a possible 6th extinction, not by man made climate change but by a natural cycle, more of this can be found from POST 200 onwards.
The natural cycle has and is fast approaching its tipping point (see my theories on the inverted V and so on). I feel there is an equation; in proportion to the awakening through the Ascension Process by humans will be the proportion of ‘destruction’ or wipe out’. I am convinced that the human brain in its ascended form can alter weather and destructive processes, however if we cannot rise to this then a total or partial wipe out will occur.  The ball is our court.(But sea-level falls are very probably the result of other events, such as sustained global cooling or the sinking of the mid-ocean ridges. Sea-level falls are associated with most of the mass extinctions, including all of the "Big Five"—End-Ordovician, Late Devonian, End-Permian, End-Triassic, and End-Cretaceous.)
Will there be a saviour, a Messiah, a Knight in Shinning  White Armour, yes HUMANITY IN ASCENDED FORM. 

Be ascended, be well




Makes a lot of sense.

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