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Hello and greetings with a warm welcome. There is a definite sense of a quickening with it being science, politics, environmental issues of scandals and intrigues. Including the first so called 'space crime' which is that;
 NASA astronaut Anne McClain on Saturday (Aug. 24) refuted claims that she inappropriately accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse after details of their divorce were made public in the New York Times this week. 
While in the middle of their separation process, McClain's spouse Summer Worden has claimed that McClain accessed her bank account from a NASA-affiliated computer network, according to a report from the New York Times on Friday (Aug. 23). Worden has accused McClain of identity theft and claimed the astronaut accessed the account from aboard the International Space Station during a recent space mission, and that the agency's Office of the Inspector General is looking into the matter.
Today, McClain said in a Twitter statement that there's "unequivocally no truth to these claims."
"We've been going through a painful, personal separation that's now unfortunately in the media," McClain continued. "I appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve comment until after the investigation. I have total confidence in the IG [Inspector General] process." (Anne was supposed to done a lot of the proceedings while on the ISS).

Many years back and in the old energygrid magazine I did a lot of blogs around an astounding scientist Dr Paul La Violette and his findings which were part of his PH.D dissertation and thesis on ice drilling's at the Arctic and also his work on super waves I have seen some You Tube videos still around by him. Dr Paul has been interviewed by many complimentary presenters, like Camelot for instance. Many of these up to date discoveries are 'reinvention of the wheel'. The You Tube video is by Dr Paul La Violette and it is from his work I gleaned more of the proof of the validity of the '1967' writings. 

The State has been told it must delete data held on 3.2 million citizens, which was gathered as part of the roll-out of the Public Services Card, as there is no lawful basis for retaining it.
In a highly critical report on its investigation into the card, the Data Protection Commission found there was no legal reason to make individuals obtain the card in order to access State services such as renewing a driving licence or applying for a college grant.
As aspects like racial recognition(which in Wales UK, a Welsh citizen lost a case to Welsh police in court as to his privacy) and the quote from above link shows this cyber come digital come Smart employment.
This is about the so called weird behaviour of black holes, I have given up on science as it gets more weird the more one discovers so I now just take a casual interest on what's going on----the usual we think, we surmise----the problem with this is the more attention and intention one gets on the subject one can create the out come of the prediction----one can create the reality one dwells on----the Universe will be glad to accommodate you and then suddenly its a step ahead and baffling. 

This is extremely important---read the article and see that climate changes happen regularly----and then they almost apologetically come back to----well it's us. Read my back POSTS from 370 to now and I have been going on about this for yonks.
Just explains itself.
This is about making mini brains in the lab that produce brain waves and I suspect that soon they will marry it or wave implant AI and cause a robot to have an organic brain instead of algorithms in fibre optics and nano circuit boards, a real live organic brain in a cyber metal or highly developed scaffold skeleton which is clothed with artificial skin and feels and looks oh so real---hey Atlas Robot Terminator have a good day; enjoy, yuk or wow great?   

It is way beyond me and just have a gander at the tech stuff---oh boy.

Well insects maybe our future fodder and would rather eat them than GMO foods, a well known TV Chef on tour in Mexico eat some and his comments were favourable(Rick Stein Mexico series)

The first thing we should assume is we are very dumb. We can definitely make things smarter than ourselves. says Musk
More in article----however I'll remain dumb rather than be controlled by AI and brain zapped , see below. 

This is the final frontier of one's brain and I did run an article about Obama's idea of a laser which has a message to one's brain and does 'the voice in the voice in the head job' as I call it. You can read more in this suspect that the laser will be like a carrier wave (just see carrier waves in Radio transmissions and that the wave can be modified as such---its all vibrations and frequencies apparently Obama was very keen on this). SEE POST 376 13th August 2019 and a chart of frequencies also a reminder of this;

and of course the earlier Echelon delivery;
Frequencies in POST 376 that go with the diagram you can now add GCHQ  and every other Service.
About radiation and Cosmic Rays. Of course I have been on and on about these in so many back articles and many views and sources.
  free electrons--my electron volt
In my 1967 writings which all my work is based upon I mentioned many times how electron volts and various articles about them in back POSTS and blogs would to my interpretation of the brief which the 1967 action-ed me to carry out in order to prove anew era and Ascension process was under way and this was the warning to change our ways as the 6th extinction was under way, you could say a hint of Armageddon.

The two links above are in some ways linked or cross over; By hacking into a nuclear facility and its complexity of so called fail safe it could set off a nuclear launch or explosion and cause the 'enemy or opposition' to think a nuclear strike is on the way. All nuclear silos are known to every nuclear country and they are counter aimed at each other in a game of chess. There was a few years back a game of moving these or disguising these surreptitiously so a preemptive strike would not be noticed and gain the advantage of the first deadly strike, of course now with so many satellites, especially the so called secret ones of which some 'citizen scientists' are spotting and finding, the very SECRET Surveillance and net works against itself.   

The second link is interesting; as soon as I saw and heard of persons going into a Smart Robotised City , town, village or what is termed a designated zone which are smart areas eventually to be linked together making the 'links of the chain' one long endless chain or net and hence to the 'internet of everything' or world wide surveillance net. So far the 'Brics' nations do not want a Western 5G Smart Network or the IMF based on the petrol dollar. This I feel is the reason for the sanctions wars and economical worldwide 'stuff'.   BRICS is the acronym coined for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Originally the first four were grouped as "BRIC" (or "the BRICs"), before the induction of South Africa in 2010.
Type: Economic, political, regional cooperative ...
Finance Ministers: Paulo Guedes; Anton Silua...
State Leaders: Jair BolsonaroVladimir Putin;  It has grown seince then
Courtesy Internet
When I was in Forensics I got to meet many 'security' experts and private security contractors and they told me that they thought you could only make something 60% fail safe or security tight. They had found that trying to go higher than that the various systems for example, laser, sound, trip wires, light detection, heat, cold, pressure plates, sentinel robot patrols, dogs, drone patrols, human guards, all of these could set one another off; in one place they had so many of these that when the electric supply went off, a simple power cut and by the time the back up emergency generators cut in, lots of things came on and pandemonium followed.

So with a Smart City and so with all the 'waves and frequencies', junctions, computer technologies, fibre optics, WI FI and so on, you can imagine hackers and these young and older geeks finding ways in as challenge to their skills and also problems and and anger at a total surveillance although the 'sales pitch is ----you will always be safe, we have every bodies movements tracked, you can walk the city at night and never be mugged and a doctor will be on call in moments, you can leave your car and home doors unlocked(you may remember in a back POST that a man in a car could unlock your front door lock which one may operate from the SMART phone as does your house devices can as well----all that seems so wonderful has its down sides----its up to us, you, me to decide which and what our futures may be and for future generations.
(In a back POST some Swedish folk having a party over one them having an implant-----do you want one---- Microchip technology is getting under the skin of thousands of Swedes. ... Thousands of Swedes now use the technology, attending "implant parties" to have chips inserted to replace their gym cards, national IDs and even train tickets.21 Feb 2019




Thank you Netherlands you are brilliant, may your energy assist to awaken many to this awful technology. You have such great ideas, especially about food as in back POSTS and that genius Wim Hoff.
Professor Pollack ----absolutely brilliant  about 4th phase of water.
How would you like Atlas coming after you?
Now robot and what could happen.
Just explore there are more----if you dare?

 Just shows that our origins are not always so exact and obvious, what other mysterious DNA findings are in the offering----there have many other findings about the Polynesian and other nations ethnic peoples.

Furthermore it aroused my curiosity as to who was I in this 'dream, fantasy or was it a reality', the proof of life after death and then led me to investigate religions, philosophies, Quantum 'stuff', this then led to the next step Sensei's and Sifu's, meditation, Judo, Aikido, Kendo,Karate, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu Football career no go, cricket career no go, electrician no go, Forensics yes, Science and degrees yes, workshop presentations and clinical psychotherapy and counselling with healing sessions yes, married for twelve years, no children and still the search for who am I as in 'SHACK Writings' the huge step in 1967 and a download of writings brought about at the Samye Ling Monastery in Southern Scotland and as a result lecturing, workshops and the Archives, Blogs and POSTS. 
Result no identity, no reality just shifting sands and a witness to life. The witness was in the NDE and that is why there was no corporeal body, the witness was still clouded by some past life / lives and was sent back to Earth to clear the personalities of unfinished business.     

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