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Hey There, welcome and warm greetings. Below an interesting article and at the end my own speculation and not endorsed by the source providers, purely my own stuff and not in any way implicating
A NEW SOURCE OF SPACE RADIATION: Astronauts are surrounded by danger: hard vacuum, solar flares, cosmic rays. Researchers from UCLA have just added a new item to the list. Earth itself.
“A natural particle accelerator only 40,000 miles above Earth’s surface is producing ‘killer electrons’ moving close to the speed of light,” says Terry Liu, a newly-minted PhD who studied the phenomenon as part of his thesis with UCLA Prof. Vassilis Angelopoulos.
This means that astronauts leaving Earth for Mars could be peppered by radiation coming at them from behind–from the direction of their own home planet. 

NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft ran across the particles in 2008 not far from the place where the solar wind slams into Earth’s magnetic field. Researchers have long known that shock waves at that location could accelerate particles to high energies–but not this high. The particles coming out of the Earth-solar wind interface have energies up to 100,000 electron volts, ten times greater than previously expected.
How is this possible? Liu found the answer by combining THEMIS data with computer simulations of the sun-Earth interface. When the solar wind meets Earth, it forms a shock wave around Earth’s magnetic field, shaped like the bow waves that form ahead of a boat moving through water. Within this “bow shock” immense stores of energy can be abruptly released akin to the sonic boom of an airplane.
Liu found that some electrons are shocked not just once, but twice or more, undergoing mirror-like reflections within the bow shock that build energy to unexpected levels. Most of the boosted particles shoot back into space away from Earth. 

 Courtesy   (both images from Fri Aug 9 2019)
“Similar particles have been detected near Saturn, suggesting that the process is at work there as well,” says Liu. “Indeed,” adds Angelopoulos, “this type of particle acceleration could be happening throughout the cosmos–from supernovas to solar storms–wherever a supersonic wind hits a barrier.”
Meanwhile, back home, Earth-orbiting satellites and departing astronauts have a new source of radiation to contend with. It’s right over their shoulder.
Read the original research at Science Advances. (read further from Frid Aug 9 2019)

 Of course the conspiracy theory did they or did they not go to the Moon and coupled with the Van Allen Belts and the low Sun stuff and Cosmic Rays one can only wonder, I do feel they went to the Moon the Rockets went the way as said but empty but for equipment and the astronauts another way, I know, I know all the yells and prove it, I have said all that in details in other POSTS and the great Gurus of our morals our judges and moral compasses  who are Google, Twitter and Facebook alias technocrats alias CIA, GCHQ and all the elite moral so called guardians are de platforming and smearing, for instance many years back Ben Rich was accredited and his information confirmed by Dr Edgar Mitchell and others has suddenly got a black line and sceptic and debunker's there under his name, when I gave my proof of his authenticity I got a sceptic hounding me over my NDE, he got my name wrong and my profession, my age wrong and doctored and edited the original YOU Tube video and that was way back.   
Going back to the way back in 2009 in my;

to be precise; Friday 5th June 2009 in Blog  Reality and Tues 3rd March 2009 there are some interesting findings with Themis and my comments. Also if one can find it the 6 hour Nassim Haramein and the interesting four hours in Sun findings and NASA  cover up, I'll try my best to find it, I am not that skilled at finding broken up YOU TUBE or take down ones. 
I did this twice because something strange was playing up.
For those who have followed me from 1970 through workshops,private meetings, lectures and then onto the net with the late energygrid magazine and the captured blogs and some diagrams as in the Archive link above and then onto this site I started my scientific quest and tracking and the Universes shift and energy output through electron volts and this was the first of the newspaper ones;

Monster" outflows of charged particles from the centre of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky, have been detected and mapped with CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.

Compare this with 'An article by the Dailey Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.

They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts. Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts. To quote the article:

“Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…”

Coming back to the tardigrades in the last POST I can imagine or surmise that the same technique as in the Phantom Wave, one could capture the frequencies as of the Salamander as Gariaev did and get the tardigrades DNA cellular regeneration and survival frequencies and put all sorts of bacteria and sequencing algorithms containing these frequencies and literally new life would spring up and even the frequencies of oxygen once the bacteria start spreading and releasing their gases and excreta. Now there's a thought to dwell on.

My feeling is that 5G is an experiment in a sort of human engineering, part of it is terraforming us as in transhumanism and cyborg technology and the reason for this maybe; one the technocrats may sense or know of the imminent 6th extrication, see POST 370 till now and that they are not prepared for the possible loss and so go off world;      
The big five mass extinctions
·                            The big five mass extinctions. ...
·                            Late Devonian, 375 million years ago, 75% of species lost. ...
·                            End Permian, 251 million years ago, 96% of species lost. ...
·                            End Triassic, 200 million years ago, 80% of species lost. ...

·                            End Cretaceous, 66 million years ago, 76% of all species lost.
Or the rise of the next shift in evolution could also be an awakening of the human mind from the fear and sleep and despondency into super consciousness and new race of evolved human which I call Homo Spiritulana Energetica and the technocrats have a fear of this because organic life thrives and transhumanism, eugenics, cyborgs are gone and the tele powers as hinted in back POSTS come in and there is peace on Earth, nature restored and technology in tune with nature and the Universal Intelligence.

How about this a robot priest--perhaps Pope ---perhaps all religious heads.  Maybe churches, synagogues, shrines, mosques, doctors surgeries(robots do operations remotely now---next stop, store assistants, GP's and so on.)           WOW

These two are linked and more or less self evident and need little explanation or comment.

fear.html?__source=twitter|main  (as above link both are are self evident and complimentary).

 Maybe the academics may come across the five extinctions in their own way, since so many scientific departments in the same and different countries and Universities reinvent the wheel and vie for funds and outdo one another and instead of sharing their knowledge they hoard it and acclaim status and oh the glorious headlines. Perhaps they will have the courage to tell the truth about climate change; a natural cycle that has happened many times before, human pollution no more than 15 % or perhaps a grudging few more %. CHEMTRAILS, HAARP, 5G AND SATELLITES 80% all in the name of the Internet of Everything and total paranoia and fear at the loss of their own vulnerability and ego power being challenged, they are masking as All knowing behind a technocratic superiority, take their robots, nano tech and algorithms and they are emotionally, humanely, socially baron, they have the mind sets of the robots they build, sterile, non emotional and cruel to the letter of their dictates, statute, laws and are incapable of mercy and compassion and furthermore they are as fanatic as the terrorist they abhor, they share the same boat in different separate compartments.    and     

  5G  A great video about making this safer without not having.
Much of the same above.

The more one peers in to the mystery of the Universe it poses more questions. As Einstein said 'all is vibration' and the endless process of evolution will just throw up more configurations, computations and more twists and turns, well its a game of chase and find and for some satisfying as long as one does not pretend to be a know all. 

Uncle Donald messes up a Hurricane map and angers weather prediction people and climatologists.

This is another bit of the discussion about climate change. The natural cycle versus it's all our fault and feel guilty, yes we have our share in this as well, but not so much as made out. As you will see lightening hit part of the above landscape and the recovery was spectacular.
What if I told you that the entire biosphere of this planet is about to be blanketed with over 20,000 high frequency radiation emitting satellites, starting with SpaceX's newly FCC-approved launching of 4,425 satellites into orbit in the next few years?

This is not just a concern of a few natural health advocates. US meteorologists, for instance, issued a statement in June of this year that they are worried 5G will disrupt their ability to properly sense the weather. And why? Because 5G radiation is preferentially absorbed by water molecules (the molecule that all of life is built upon!) -- a fact that represents a form of electromagnetically-induced, planetary climate change and adverse health effects that virtually no one is talking about.

If this ill-conceived agenda moves forward as planned, millions more small cell installations emitting 5G (millimeter wave) radiation will be placed near every few homes, in every neighborhood in this country. No one and nothing will be immune to exposure to a form of radiation that has never been adequately tested for safety, but which countless studies already indicate have adverse biological effects.

The 5G agenda has at least a trillion dollars worth of industry momentum behind it, from sectors as diverse as Big Tech, agriculture, financial services and even the military. It's not just about faster connectivity, but total, real-time surveillance, and the even more concerning potential for weaponization.
Just after I posted in POST 378 about tardigrades  this came up. Oh boy. Yes after Mars ---what then?  I shudder to even contemplate a Star Trek future with animosity, zealousness and jealousy and egoism with cruelty that is apparent on Earth with the rape of the resources for power and wealth and this spread to other planets and perhaps civilisations that are not like Earths. Should there be ET out there then perhaps they may intervene or by miracle the collective unconscious on Earth go through a major purging.
Courtesy Luke Wilhelm Dragon (quotes below are Luke's)
The Morality of Terraforming and Planet Ownership
Do we really have the right to colonize another planet?

If it be true that scientists at Silicon Alley and elsewhere are telling the world 5G is safe and yet send their own children to Waldorf schools because they do not use computers there until children are twelve, then these scientists have no conscience or care about other kids and people and these will be some of the boffins for making it possible to send craft and terraform other planets. 

 In many of my back POSTS I have been on about climate change and it is a natural cycle and the worlds governments and certain agencies are making a lot of 'dosh' from it. I have also said that we need to clean up our act as well the above link and back links have shown the 'the scam' is beginning to fall apart.
In the intended SMART CITIES robots will be the 'in thing' and now the ISS will soon be Smart engineered, the rocket to the ISS WAS ROBOTISED. In some projects in Smart Zones, cars without drivers, no traffic lights needed they will be connected to the 'internet web' and the 5G masts and antennae on lampposts or lamppost like posts where there are none.
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Courtesy NASA
Navias said Russia's Skybot F-850, affectionately nicknamed "Fyodor," appeared to be doing well as it sat in the commander's seat of the Soyuz spacecraft. A television view from inside the Soyuz showed the robot clutching a small Russian flag in its right hand as a toy cosmonaut bobbed around the cabin as a zero-gravity indicator. 
"He made it to orbit and is en route to the International Space Station," Navias said of the robot.
"The Soyuz 2.1a booster, equipped with a new digital flight control system and upgraded engines, is replacing the Soyuz FG booster that has been used for decades to launch crews into space," NASA officials wrote in a statement. "The Soyuz spacecraft will have an upgraded motion control and navigation system, as well as a revamped descent control system," they added.
The mission will also help Roscosmos develop a cargo version of the Soyuz capsule capable uncrewed reentry to return experiments and other gear to Earth, Navias said. Russia's Progress cargo ships can currently only deliver supplies, and are filled with trash and discarded at the end of their missions. (perhaps they will send to the Moon to feed the tardigrades!!!!---eventually

Perhaps I am old fashioned and maybe these calamitous events on Earth is the Armageddon before the consciousness of Compassion and sharing somehow turn on the Trillionth G upgrade to mass humanity of Compassion, respect, true forgiveness, humility and sharing, a world that works for everyone everywhere.  

I trust you survive and thrive and most of all Be Well



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