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Hello and a huge grateful welcome. I am grateful for so many reasons but am most grateful to be able to feel my heart open in a warm glow and feel gratefulness, it is so overpowering at times that I wish I could be like superman, superwomen, super girl and boy, Batman , Batlady and fly and sing and zoom around the world and embrace in a cloud of all encompassing love in order to uplift and bestow the Cosmic Gift of Life and its feeling of aliveness and joy even in these most pressing times. Apologies for the length of this POST.
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Anyway coming down to Earth and looking at Fake News or Truth, well with fake news eventually one can by patient and thorough research sort it out, the truth is very much more akin to the interpretation through ones programmes, conditioning, religion, education and life's experiences and this maybe true to the individual or like minded associates, devotees and so on and there maybe a few universal truths, however one has to to discern that which seems appropriate to the occasion and experience. Hence what follows is very much a matter of individual choice.  
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Should this report be genuine then you have it from the Chinese themselves. I have checked it out so far and my contacts affirm it is genuine. I feel it is. There is in the report 'probable'. The main points are 'was the leak accidental' 'was it a leak' 'was the food market the source through human contamination' and 'was it intentional by either government or a persons or persons with a grudge' 'is this a ploy and world conspiracy to implement utter and total world surveillance' and if it 'was unintentional will the world deep state use this as a fortuitous event to keep world lock downs of a sort and thereby facilitate the New World Order'? 
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Are all conspiracy theories wild and manic? You can Google or used to be able to search for conspiracies that have been found to be authentic. The above link is more about the link above.
From link
Washington — The captain of an aircraft carrier hit by the coronavirus was relieved of his command by the Navy on Thursday for going outside the chain of command and circulating a memo pleading for help from Washington, one which quickly became public.n (quote from link please read on and open link)
What do you think---was the captain correct or just insubordination  or poor judgement.

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14 Mar 2020 - Public health scares are a conspiracy theorist's dream, but audiences are flocking to trusted news sites.
31 Jan 2020 - Social network will also delete messages with information or recommendations that could be harmful to health. Open source. Social networks ...
28 Jan 2020 - The inaccurate claims on coronavirus are being spread on pro-Trump QAnon and anti-vaccine groups.
Missing: Ban ‎| Must include: Ban
I am sticking my neck out here; if you feel that the Chinese Scientists in the links above are fake or conspiratorial then should this be banned from main stream news and social media?
Is this the thin edge of the wedge to dole out in the future a ban on all what the government or social media giants say and dictate, who maybe a tool for the government and as has been seen the media are either biased or threatened to ‘toe the party line’. 
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Then can one broaden this out to the sales pitch that was and is used for Smart Cities and Zones, see back series where two Chinese people love the utter lock down and even after lock down with the sales pitch being ‘yes you are under total and utter surveillance and as such the likelihood of being mugged, and now with lock down no terrorists attack, burglary down to a minimum, abuse at home monitored this being very much going towards North Korean status, then if you have nothing to hide what’s the problem?
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Total gradual exposure to the loss of privacy and will this be lifted after the corona virus has lifted and the threat this may return in a second or third wave and so the utter boredom of other lock downs and social distancing, fear of other pandemics eventually break the spirit and many just resign themselves to the will and loss of freedom and ‘Big Deep State’ becomes God and Saviour’ with the possibility of mass unemployment through robotisation, culling by eugenics, designer humans by transhumanism, acquiring longevity by cyborg implants to humans, so a mass culling by viral pandemics could achieve this and fulfil Agenda 21. Perhaps I am ageing, cynical and after all a conspiracy writer. Of course the consideration of a Universal wage and pension being the devils advocate with less humans and the elderly in particular less wages and pensions, after all Robots do not need wages and pensions. 
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'Hope springs eternal in the human breast'  from Alexander Pope on 'Essay on Man'
Proverb:- It is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism. 
Covid-19 thoughts from Sheri Baker
  Courtesy Garry Craig EFT UNSEEN THERAPIST
Hi Gary,

Reflecting on the current world situation with COVID-19, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

So what’s really going on? Well, if it’s true that our outer world is nothing but a reflection of our inner world, it would be safe to say we’ve got a bucket load of internal dis-ease demanding some attention. On the surface, our collective projection is taking the form of a pretty scary film starring an invisible adversary that attacks its prey without warning or provocation. While many of us would prefer to walk out of the “theatre” and get a refund, we’re being forced to stay put and take part in the process. We’re at a critical juncture. As always, there are two roads, and which one we take is our choice. We can either allow what we’re experiencing to create an overwhelming sense of fear and imbalance, or we can change our response to one of Higher understanding. As long as we have free will choice, why not opt for the latter?

Let’s remember there’s never been a storm that hasn’t passed or a grey cloud that hasn’t given way to the light. Maybe, just maybe, once the dust settles and we identify a new normal, we will see that somehow everything happened for our highest and best:

· Maybe we need to make deeper connections with our friends and family members.
· Maybe we need to recognize we’re in the midst of a collective detoxification as well as an individual one.
· Maybe we need to get off the treadmill of daily life long enough to take a serious look at who and where we are.
· Maybe we need to realize how fortunate we are to have EFT to help us keep our sanity in the midst of so much insanity. 
· Maybe we need time to make some healing headway on those bothersome past events, traumatic memories, and limiting beliefs that continue to block our ability to pursue and fulfill our Divine assignment.
· Maybe we need to take a closer look at those we have been unable to forgive, and see them from a more enlightened perspective.
· Maybe we need an experiential reminder that we are One, and not separated by any meaningful unit of measure.
· Maybe we need a reason to come together and work toward a common goal.
· Maybe we need a reminder that we are not in control of our destiny; that a greater Power leads the way.
· Maybe we need to lose that job because it’s time to move in the direction of our highest passion. Some doors may close, but others will open.
· Maybe we need time to learn a new skill, read that book, or start a meditation practice.
· Maybe we need to do things in a new, more meaningful and productive way than ever before, but just got stuck in old habits.
· Maybe we need to learn how to quickly adapt to the many changes that are speeding toward us. If life continues to throw curve balls at us, it would behoove us to ensure our catcher’s mitt is in better shape.
· Maybe we need to more fully understand the importance of enjoying each moment because we recognize no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.
· Maybe we need to develop a deeper connection with the God of our understanding.
· Maybe we need to be challenged to find our faith and trust in the midst of so much uncertainty.
· Maybe we need to experience a large scale demonstration of how we can overcome challenges by working together through the power of love.

Now more than ever, I pray we can resist the temptation to slide into fear, and choose instead to hold tightly to the truth of who we are and Who walks with us on this journey of awakening. We are beings of love, created by an infinite Power greater than we could ever imagine. Fortunately, love can spread faster than any earthly virus. And when it does, miracles result.

Sheri Baker (Courtesy Shei Baker)

Be ever so well



http://takebackyourpower.activehosted.com/index.php?action=social&chash=4c5bde74a8f110656874902f07378009.2471&nosocial=1   It is a great shame that this has only one religion as its reference, the science is great, I feel that the Spirit of the Source of Life is Universal and that the great message of this link video in it is somewhat biased, however I am big enough to interpret this to my own understanding and terminology.
Huge and some very disturbing information and one video in link which was removed from YOU TUBE and one can now see the gradual censorship encroaching and for instance Julian Assange  if  he should be extradited and sentenced then the worlds leading journalist who was acclaimed and had accolades until the deep state took control of the media and then all the journalists who acclaimed  him turned their back on him and sucked up to the deep state, of course the Captain above, its all part of the lock down process and will it go away after the virus-----hmmmmm? It started before the virus and now it cements it as a precedent. 
Also I am not sure the currency will be be Bitcoin or such like and I have doubts about the vaccine and chip implant, possibly the vaccine will be mandatory and the chip a possibility, certain movements in the human consciousness still has a chance of succeeding and perhaps this virus will awaken people. 
Courtesy Empathy Matters 
and so does diversity  and opinion(SHACK)
Here is another take on the virus;
1.                             The Pharma/Medical Cartel have been concerned for a while that the public were realising that vaccinations may not be as safe and effective as claimed. This followed CDC researcher Dr Bill Thompson’s revalations who published 10,000 documents exposing a cover-up of side effects and failure of vaccines and autism. The Pharma/Medical Cartel quickly realised that Covid-19 that originated in China was an opportunity to terrorise the population by exaggerating its effects. Vaccines could be shown to be our saviour.
2.                             The Pharma/Medical Cartel’s actions gave the Central Banks around the world the perfect opportunity to crash the economies of the main countries to hide their printing of trillions of paper money which in truth has simply made a huge number of Millionaires, Billionaires and now Trillionaires. They are blaming the economic crash on Covid-19 rather than their irresponsible printing of paper money not backed by any value. Which will devalue all money and put up the cost of living.
This is a strong alliance of the Drug Companies that hold patents on pharmaceutical drugs and the Medical/Health Authorities. They hold power over the lives of everyone who needs medical care in most countries around the world. Their offering is disease management and to actively discourage real health care that turns people away from their products and services. This now includes the World Health Organisation (WHO) that used to be an unbiased organisation giving independent advice and help for health. They now work hand-in-glove with the Pharma/Medical Cartel and doctors move easily between the two organisations.
In all countries the organisations tasked by governments to monitor health care such as the FDA and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA, along with the MHRA in the UK are run by people who are guaranteed a huge payday by the Pharma/Medical Cartel. The latest example is former CDC Director Julie Gerberding who took a lucrative position as President of Merck’s vaccine division and was rewarded to the tune of $16 Million+. This is just an example of how the wealthiest companies in the world could buy influence. This example may be a minor one when you look at how much medical doctors are paid to prescribe certain drugs.


This is a Corona Virus that may or may not be more easily spread. There is much fake news about its spread by the media who seem to relish in the misfortune of both the deaths of people and the economic crash. This is partly since the media are mostly immune to the loss of jobs and income that the rest of the population suffer.
Also, much of the media may be hand in glove with the ‘establishment’.
Covid-19 according to ‘independent minded’ epidemiologists such as Emeritus Medical Director, Professor Paul Cosford CB, is not worse than seasonal flu. The effects are being exaggerated as to the number of people dying and its effects on the healthy population. True these numbers are fed to the media by the Pharma/Medical Cartel but the media, rather than, innocent, seem to be part of the plan.
Just so you know there are already three successful drug treatments for Covid-19 as well as Vitamin C. This is not stopping The Pharma/Medical Cartel trying to bring a vaccine to market for it. This is their holy grail.
I strongly recommend getting healthy rather than any drug route.
Courtesy Naturally Healthy News
The bit about its no worse than flu----hmmmm----true there are huge deaths when the winter or even summer flu take hold world wide-----so take precaution----------its a wake up call and lock down can make us reevaluate our life styles, use it as a learning curve and watch the angst in ourselves and see how this might show us our negativity and examine out thoughts that can be our automatic response and brain washing---question what arises, is this who I really am? An automatic robot like and think only inside my box of DVD and CD's. 
From link
This relates to the fact that if this is deliberate and a planned 'leak' or 'manufactured' or 'accidental' this an opportunity to impose harsh restrictions and the question is will they be lifted after its over BEARING in mind that a possible second and third wave could see this through till the end of 2021 and various precautions for 'our good' could be mandatory and last forever and as the video said above.
From link
Certainly in the UK there has been protests by many about the snooping, surveillance and now the push for facial recognition and whilst we are always told there will be strict legalised use of these methods, however in an emergency and terrorist attack and so on these could and would curtailed and as we see now in the UK  and elsewhere the police have been given extra powers. 
OK I get it in a crisis now false or real the police and the army are really needed for the those who flout the emergency we are in but there have been many 'false flags' and will the governments of the world be encouraged to make more false flags in order to facilitate a kind of permanent lock down of a sort?
Courtesy  TODAY online
I worked alongside the police and armed forces thirty-six  years and in Brussels at times with NATO personnel and have great respect for them all, of course there is also going to be some bad apples / eggs and so on. However consider with the world going robotised and redundancies galore the armed forces and police is a good job, good salary and pension and some say worth the risk. With the rise of the above restrictions and looming powers given more and more as civil unrest ensues many an unstable police officers under pressure and told by their superiors to do things they are uncomfortable with will act and swallow down the conflict. 
Riot police take position around the Arc de Triomphe during clashes with yellow vest protesters, in Paris, France.
PARIS — Three riot police officers, a police commander, a police academy teacher — all are among eight French police officers who have killed themselves recently. That makes 64 so far this year — and the number just keeps on climbing. 
Read more in this article. Then the armed forces returning from overseas war zones and suffering  Symptoms of depression were found in 67.7% of respondents, symptoms of anxiety in 72.2%, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 42%. The disabled and women had a poorer mental health status, and there was a significant relationship between the mental health status and traumatic events
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Some countries are hiring hardened war veterans and mercenaries to act as law enforcement officers and the brutal means accompanying these actions have a lasting impact on the civilians, a fearful and lawless society will be the rebound, cowering people with threats and punishment, incarceration and austerity will make a world like one sees in films of post apocalyptic scenarios-----hail Robocop !!!!?
The shame is that genuine law officers may become hardened as much as they do not want too.

From article
ILE PHOTO A man sprays a disinfectant against the swine flu virus on November 18, 2009 in a classroom of the Georges Brassens school in Baillargues, southern France. © AFP / Pascal GuyoIn 2009 UK government experts wildly over-hyped dangers of swine flu — is history repeating with Covid-19?

Covid-19’s meant to be a new Black Death, but in Britain no more people are dying than NORMAL. What does this say about the virus?  

Please read the side articles in both the the links and below.
Courtesy  Global Research
I have written so much about old H K above--his famous article of culling the worlds population by two thirds-----in a New World Order ( the late Bush Senior alluded to it) he would be about the Prime Minister and Bill Gates the King with the CEO's of Big Pharma, Oil multinationals and the likes the cabinet and of course the Rothschild's the Chancellor of the Exchequer with the Rockefeller's the Scientific and medical council supreme.
I hope and sincerely trust this was not the deep state hierarchy as above that did not or maybe did orchestrate and deliberate (as in 9/11 and Novichok stuff in Salisbury) this COVID-19 to bring about a New World Order.  
Gorge H Bush --New World
He mentions the UN---well the USA  just flouts the UN and the UN cave in at their command.   

Some more SHACKS 

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