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Hi Folks Trusting you are well and not getting cabin fever and feeling as well as possible. Some folks did not like the addendum stuff so I am going back to the 392 series and will put the addendum's here as a POST and then will wait and make a POST of it. It was worth a try. 

PLEASE KEEP LOOKING AT THE Corbett Report, Dark Journalist, David Ike, Forebidden Knowledge, Josh de Sol, Arthur Firstenberg, Dr Mercola and all others, these are great people with better contacts than me now, my contacts like me are getting on in years and we have decided to take a different path or approach to the issues, I have not given up but have decided to pursue my spiritual path and approach these issues in another way.
I thank you and I love you
Dear Geoff,
We are now riding a new wave. Wow. So much has happened in the last 48 hours. Below are 4 of the most compelling videos I have ever seen -- they are all new.

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Featured Story & Video
David interview

MILLIONS are trying to watch this video right now. It is being censored by YouTube & has been taken down several times. Personally, this is the most compelling interview I have ever seen. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. The last 25 minutes are next-levelWatch video...
The 3 Other KEY Videos Right Now
This is the viewing order I would recommend, moving from problem to solution:
  1. W.H.O. official: "May have to enter homes and remove family members" [1 min]
  2. NYC ICU physician: "We've been operating under a false medical paradigm... patients are slowly being starved of oxygen." [6 mins]
  3. Spiro Skouras: "Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance" [42 mins]
  4. David Icke on LondonReal [2hr 34mins]

A shocking statement by this W.H.O. official. Things are heating up as we're in the time of the great revealing. Watch video...
Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell has just brought forward a critical piece of the puzzle, in trying to figure out what the heck is happening.

"It appears as some kind of viral-induced disease most representing altitude sickness. It is as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet and the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.

"I have seen patients... take off their oxygen masks... and eventually get blue in the face. And while they look like patients absolutely on the brink of death, they do not look like patients dying of pneumonia.... They look as if they've been dropped off on the top of Mount Everest without time to acclimate." 
Watch video...

Also: See Dana Ashlie's commentary here and here

I watched the BBC Horizon 09/040/2020 and I applaud the nurses and doctors with all the careers support staff, refuse collectors, postmen,delivery drivers, community helpers and all who volunteer ----however all those laboratory technicians working on the virus vaccine should pay attention to the New York Physician Dr Cameron Kyle -Sidell above and look at the report by the Chinese Scientists actually in Wuhan who state that 'the cause is probably an escaped genetic material from the Wuhan Bio Lab'.

I am standing here at my computer listening and reading everything, so I can make some sense of the situation, to then convey to you my take on it all.
Here is the challenge I have. Whatever you hear in the media, the government websites have official figures from bean counters who usually tell the truth. It is a recorded fact - January to March is the time of the year when the number of deaths from ‘all causes’ spike. This spike happens every year, starting in December. In April, the figures begin to drop.
In the U.K. for the first time, the official figures recorded this year contain data for COVID-19:
They show good news, though. Last year in 2019, there were 146,000 total deaths in these 3 months, but this year in the same period there are only 138,000, including those where COVID-19 were involved.
Taken from the UK Government web site:
A total of 138,913 deaths were registered in England and Wales between 28 December 2019 and 20 March 2020 (year to date), and of these, 108 involved COVID-19 (0.1%): for deaths that occurred up to 20 March but were registered up to 26 March, the number involving COVID-19 is 210.
Notice the tiny number involving COVID-19. Of course, they did not die from COVID-19 as it clearly states - they only involved it. This may change in the coming days, but let’s see.

The U.S.A. Deaths - I cannot find up to date figures but in the same period in 2017 was approx. 756,000 and the claim at this time is 12,000 cases of COVID-19 were involved in deaths. If anyone knows where to get official daily or monthly figures in the U.S.A. (Not from the C.D.C.) please share the link with me.
Average US Deaths yearly from the following (Source: CDC)
Heart disease deaths per year:
Cancer deaths per year:
Drug overdose deaths in the United States per year:
Estimated influenze deaths this flu season so far:
Estimated possible influenze deaths this flu season so far:
Estimated yearly deaths from pneumonia:
Estimated yearly vehicle accident deaths:
Total US COVID-19 deaths as of April 5, 2020

My Last Word on COVID-19 Today.
The last word on COVID-19 is the humorous advice from the B.B.C. They are advising people not to believe anything on the internet and only get their information from the B.B.C. or the W.H.O. This advice will keep me laughing for this whole holiday weekend. (Courtesy  Robert Redferns Health News)

Absolute mind blowing investigative video.
It has great commentary and Chinese writing back ups---- a real must
Absolute Dynamite--Read the comments below video---'is this guy going to be suicided' 'if he dies of an accident you know he is telling the truth'  I say if he is killed  it will make him and others like David Ike, Robert Redfern, Dr Mercola , David Wilcock, Daniel Litz, Alexandra Bruce, James Corbett and others Martyr'a ---will the State Care ---they are more brazen and could their arrogance and so called superiority be their downfall?
Courtesy  Trend Map

As far as I can glean the RNA vaccine will alter one's DNA, whether it be local or a complete takeover I am not sure, however going on the  information in POST  392 L on Gariaev and captured frequencies it would be possible to implant by 'beaming' frequencies to the brain and so become a puppet. Considering Elon Musk's proposed 42,000 low level satellites and there is already a few thousand up there now and then seeing in POST in 392 diagrams which I have repeatedly shown and also DNA can be programmed by affirmations contained in carrier waves / frequencies especially in binaural frequencies. I am reluctant to say would 'old fashioned chips or vaccines' be redundant with the speedy evolution of wave technology as above? 
Courtesy Wikipedia
Then again the boffins would know that one could shield against 'waves' from space 'the old metal hat job' but injections are would be difficult to detox and countering the nano entities in the blood and DNA would be extremely tiresome and need special equipment akin to blood dialysis.
I could foresee a 'battle' of beams to outdo or counteract the 'signals and messages contained therein' maybe a new Hollywood Blockbuster---? After all as I have said so many times Hollywood have given away the future with so many movies which are now seen to be prophetic or was this insider stuff to prepare all of us to a fantasy in film now a reality?  

Having a permit or certificate as above maybe beneficial in the way it can curtail those who defy the distancing and so on. The downside will it be removed when this is over or will it lead to dystopia regarding that Fauci is in the Gates, Kissinger gang.

This is in bad taste and disingenuous. There is no need to sensationalise this and add more panic and misery, it depicts the state of the media. This site as said is for those who have no friends or relatives and cannot afford a funeral. This just dhows how things get blown up out of proportion and I begin to wonder if all of this is to cause more fear and panic and so not only turn to the government as 'the Knight in Shinning  White Armor'  and capitulate and become so compliant that being stripped of all their rights when this over will be so relieved that anything is better than going through this again.
Sweden has always been known for certain it's laid back views and have compassion and yet in certain aspects like health and hygiene they can be fastidious. The concern here is the orders given to doctors regarding priorities regarding age and ethnicity. Is this a targeted genetic materiel mistaken for a virus, yet deadly because of its highly suspected origin and there is a suggestion in a 'weaponized' genetic aimed specifically at certain DNA groups. See Video below.
This maybe the reason and that of Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell video above and compare the two alongside what the David Ike's Dr Kaufman said about 5G and the exuding material from poisoned cells being mistaken for the COVID-19  or was it a manufactured deliberate ploy to do it this way and confuse all the medics and academics? This is possibly why the retesting can be positive on retesting? 
Courtesy The Hill
What I am about to write is sheer speculation; In David Ike's video he mentions briefly about Boris Johnson's reluctance to lock down and French President Macron threatened to do so with closing the ports and so on. Cummings the Eugenic's adviser to Boris wants radical change and this may not be in line with deep state ideas on this change, so I feel Boris was threatened and somehow given the bug, do it our way and no one not even royalty, religious leaders, prime ministers will get in our way.
Many fiends of mine will tell you that three weeks before Boris got the bug I told them over the phone and emails I have a feeling Boris will be nobbled. 
I do not particularly care for President Trump and part of the reason he changes his mind so often because he wants to do things his way and the deep state threaten him and his family and friends and unlike many presidents before, his connections with the world's mafiosi is deep and long standing and that is possibly he hasn't been iced yet as they say, also he has a very effective personal security set up. This is presumptive, but often my hunches and gut feelings turn out to be verified, I do not get them often I might add.  
Courtesy   IGEM 2017
A friend of mine recently went to hospital for a diagnosis and it turned out positive. My friend suggested some alternative treatments even some  medical treatments that were available. It turned out there was after many visits a doctor who listened and supported my friend in her suggestions and he was willing to step out of the rigid fixed protocol offered and she is well on the way to recovery. 
I have had several experiences of the same nature with specialists.
With the above re-occurrence  of the symptoms and retesting and as it could lead  to extended lock down's and the confusion amongst government advisers and the curve and the numbers and the hypothetical suggestions, might this be an idea and hint to step outside the box for the sake of humanity or the pride and loss of ego to be proved wrong. 
Come on give Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell a chance and his appeal to the medical profession or is it a designed plan to keep this New World Order stuff a reality or just plain stubborn pride. 

from article
This is about underlying health underlying problems, certain drugs that 'bind' with corona -19 ? and age and air quality and diet. My GP offered me ACE inhibitors and said they are great but I must alert you to the fact that they swell the ankles and make walking uneasy but you have to way up the benefits against the illness.

Be Well 

I will continue to POST some articles I have already done in the pipeline rather than delete them and may add a comment or two as things come in.

I will keep www.shackisback.blogspot.comgoing and it may come out in book form somehow someday.

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