Sunday 25 October 2020


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Yesterday in the UK there was  another large protest march in London; 24 October 2020

Courtesy The Guardian

Despite arrests, fines and so on people are waking up.

Courtesy from link
I feel there maybe a slight loosening and you may see why further down

 Courtesy from link

Many doctors are now beginning to speak out although this was a  survey. In many back POSTS I mentioned that many nurses and doctors were threatened about speaking out, see the Back Posts on false figures and the hidden agendas.

Courtesy Good Health- Nigella Sativa

This seed is very versatile and I have used it to great effect you only need a small amount and if you click Green info there is so much info on Covid and so on in link below.

I just wonder how long YOU Tube will allow this before they censor or deplatform it. SIMPLY AMAZING.
If they do take it down use the link below and see other videos of interest.

I appreciate you have seen this video below many times but this short presentation is humorous and very British in one way but is so to the point for the world as it stands. 

                                            Dr Vernon Coleman

Many, many, many POSTS back I warned of 5G and Smart Technology, this is the main cause of the chimera pathogen we are going through.

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