Friday 30 October 2020


 Hello folks This Christmas and other festivals look bleak and 'The Draconian Dystopian Plans' of governments are going crazy.

This great doctor and his wife spell it out as it is. It is amazing when you see the USA and China locked in horns and yet the one of the Chief medical advisers is sending money to Chinese laboratories. Is there no sense or priorities.

·                        A report by Dr. Peter Breggin reveals Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and globalists who have profited from the pandemic measures promoted by him as the leader of the U.S. Coronavirus Task Force

·                        Fauci has been the major force behind research activities that enabled the Chinese Communist Party to manufacture lethal SARS coronaviruses, which in turn led to the release — whether accidental or not — of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology

·                        In collaboration with the CCP and the World Health Organization, Fauci initially suppressed the truth about the origins and dangers of the pandemic, thereby enabling the spread of the virus from China to the rest of the world

·                        Fauci has supported and praised Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party with a corrupt past and terrorist ties who has also been accused of covering up cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia

·                        Fauci recently published a paper in which he dismisses the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 was created in and released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, arguing instead for natural mutation. He also uses the pandemic to justify the “green new deal” and the globalist movement known as “the Great Reset”

 By Robert Redfern

Dear Reader,

There is an old saying: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping things will get better.

Over the past 40 weeks, I have written over 30 Coronavirus newsletters saying much the same thing in each newsletter but with a different point of view, or with new information.

To be clear, I was hoping things would get better and the thousands of honest doctors and Nobel prize winners who signed the Great Barrington Declaration would cause the politicians to reverse their insane actions but alas no.

No matter how highly qualified or eminent the signatories to the declaration the Pharma/Medical Cartel have, such an iron grip on the politicians and media it is beyond any logic that I can understand. In fact, it confirms what I have repeatedly claimed in my newsletters - that this is a gigantic criminal conspiracy to take over the world and to quote Bill and Melinda Gate's assertion “to reduce the world population”. Why save millions of lives with a vaccine if they want to reduce the world population? Is it to choose whose life to end or to save?

Covid News

USA - The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently announced that the federal agency would take the radical step of prohibiting early treatments nationwide for COVID-infected patients, except those already hospitalized and requiring oxygen. Why would they do such a thing, to kill more people?


Be ready for Media Alarm about a large influx of patients with respiratory/breathing problems (not mentioning this is a side effect of wearing masks). The media will claim these are ‘Covid’ patients but omit rebreathing exhaled air and increasing the CO2 in the bloodstream will destroy red blood cells reducing oxygen and iron transport to the lungs. Don’t wear a mask a minute longer than you need to and unless you are forced to. Then only wear the full Perspex Face mask that I use in mandatory circumstances. You can purchase these on Amazon and eBay for around the cost of £/$10 for 2 day delivery or £/$4 for 28 day delivery.


Lockdowns are increasing around the world in spite of the results from Sweden showing that it makes no difference. Sweden has a population of around 10 million, only slightly higher than London's and yet similar deaths. Sweden’s majority of their 6,000 deaths were in care homes as they, like most countries, did not shield them. Now Sweden is shielding care homes, and they are not seeing the rise in deaths the same as other countries, despite having no lockdowns. All businesses are still open, with no catastrophic financial crash.

Covid Deaths and Cases

I explained last week about Covid deaths being manipulated by fraud. That coronavirus figures are open to manipulation since the WHO gave two codes for cause of death; U07.1(lab test confirmation of COVID-19) and U07.2 (suspected COVID-19). This second code allows the fraudulent claim for Covid deaths.


Are meaningless since the PCR test does not diagnose Covid-19 and is therefore it is part of the fraud to terrorise the population.

The Real Things We Need to be Concerned About

50 million people die from real and serious health problems. Yet as few as 200,000 died from so-called Covid-19 and at worst under 1million throughout the world. Governments are destroying our children’s and grandchildren’s futures to save a few ‘at risk’ unhealthy people. Yet they do nothing about banning junk foods and drinks as well as mandating nutritional supplements for all. I would willingly forfeit my future for the sake of my 8 grandchildren and 3 children. However, this is easy for me to say since I don’t eat junk food and drinks and take a wide range of nutritional supplements.

Here are 4 of my best newsletters for you to revisit to get the full spectrum of my thoughts on all of this mess over this last 9 months.

Week 11 - Who Do We Believe

Week 13 - Covid19 The Facts

Week 28 - It's For Your Own Good

Week 30 - Dont Panic But...

Week 34 - Con A Virus, 2020 Facts Not Fiction


My job is not just to inform you about the crimes of the Pharma/Medical Cartel but to give you the information you need to take care of yourselves, your children, and grandchildren. If you have a serious condition then download the correct eBook and contact us



Courtesy Chanute,KS. official website

 The Mad Hatters Tea Party in other words the English cabinet and medical scientific advisers. Compare to Robert Redfern's comments above and Sweden.

The Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald (June 25, 2019 file photo). ©  REUTERS/Adriano Machado

Just how far can these crazed blood and saliva fetid blood lust politicians and deep state go. They have the police and the military and they smell victory and the Deep State, especially in the UK is having loss of sleep over its jubilant draconian measures and stubborn reticence and its hedonistic orgasms. The crown jewel THE VACCINATION.


I never thought such madness could possibly prevail when you read the link. I spent a year at Findhorn and many visits to Samye Ling and loved the Scottish people and their beautiful language and traditions. Let us hope and pray no one else has this stiffing and stupendous idea its bad enough with masks and the nonsense and unscientific use of them. HEED THE CORBETT REPORT IN LAST POST.    

                                              Courtesy The Guardian
Alex is a gruff, bombastic and a belligerent sort of person in my view and his grated voice annoyed me BUT I checked out his facts and as far as I am concerned he is right on the money so to speak and cheers for Joe Rogan for interviewing him.

I will be doing a large POST hopefully November 1st and ten more SHACKS.

Shack is one of my nick names.



                      American doctor at top and an English doctor at bottom

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