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Hello Folks. I am trusting you are well and thriving. Many astrologers and political pundits felt October 2020 was a crunch month and I type this now at the beginning of October in fact October 1st I feel a ominous gut wrench that we are approaching a sort of finale or some sort of 'something'.

When you study the atoms and the quantum stuff you can go quite 'funny and quirky' and it seems as jumbled and muddled as the broken world we live at present. I'm optimistic enough to see a world transformed for the better, I don't know how or when but sooner than we might feel at this present moment. 

Courtesy Carl Jung and the collective persona

I see this as a purging of the dross and filth, the abomination and contamination, the lies and corruption, the pollution and the racism, the fight for supremacy and the maniacal dreams of the communists, the capitalists, the fascists, the greedy, the perverted, the insane politicians and all the isms that fight for supremacy. This is all in the collective unconscious and is hell being let loose, the Armageddon and these dark denizens who are afraid of true transparency which is the light of Life and Freedom will be exposed and either taken away by forces from somewhere else, or die of their dark broken hearts dreams being thwarted. Stand fast in light, compassion and the noblest, charitable person you can be.  

I am not a good example of what I said above as I deliver the 'really' final episode of the multi award wining 'Fafta' (used to be BAFTA) award of the Lakeys.

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If any names remind you of any persons this is entirely by poetic licence and authors privileges. If it offends anyone for any reason I most sincerely apologise. Iv'e done this to try and bring a little levity into a sad and broken world at this time.


                                    EPISODE 4                                                                  

Any names that seem to resemble any other persons are entirely fake and if found to be so are in the light of satire and humour and the images are only to illustrate the text and the authors of those images are independent and have no association with this story or myself.

ACT 13


Courtesy  The Bard of Kelvidel

Now Frump was so hissed off he went to his ally who lived at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean in a land where there used to be prophets and now only profits (excuse pun) and their President was Notinnowwhow a so called reformed terrorist and many of the people in this area and their respective Presidents like Isaid of Hysteria and a country named Tiran caused an irritation to Frump, Cummings, Risinger and Notinnowwhow and this irritant gave them an allergic response which was diagnosed by a London Cockney Shaman as  ‘A touch of the Farmers’ (Farmer Giles, Piles) a slang term for haemorrhoids in other words a pain in the arse.

ACT 14


                                                                 Courtesy Wikipedia

Now Hootin and Tiangle Herkl were in a joint project to get a pipe line of natural gas; one to supply cheap fuel and the other to offset the stench from Uckingham Palace. This stench was wafted around the world by Chemtrails and thousands of satellites. Frump got the hump and said ‘what the hell is this, they are destroying my deals’ and he sobbed and his loving wife consoled him by refusing to hug or hold his hand. It was then he decided to sanction every thing on the face of the Earth. Then President Manual Fracron sent him a love note and they met and consoled one another one for a worn torn endless protests and the other for a heart break  of a financial nature.

ACT 15

                                     Courtesy Naval History and Heritage common--- 


Suddenly and alarmingly the world went into shock; a message was received at the Ununited  Notions and WHO (World Hoax Organisations) alias Pill Yates, Horge Sarras and co and the message above was received through the late Aricebo Observatory and mentioned Admiral Byrd and the dignitaries who had visited Antarctica and Arctic and Byrd had said the ET like blond people spoke with a slight Germanic accent. The message said ‘My Gott in Heaven what the fuckke are you doing on the surface we are fed up and we will remind you’.

This so shook up the Palace and all the presidents that 5G blew up, the world got a plague of piles and all stood up for sitting or lying down was agony and going to the loo was agony. Of course the world stench got worse with fear, pain and silent or raucous long elongated farts(frequency attenuated radar technological torture) . In fact ‘the last night at the bums’ played at the Alert Hall in London was only played by the wind instruments.

ACT 16


The New Mucked up Elite World Order leaders were so frightened by the powers of the 'ET' or some other power as such they agreed to meet at the Ununited Notions and Pill Yates and Ronson sat cuddling in the corner whilst Frump sat in the front row and blamed Hootin, Herkl, Fracon, Bummings and co and tried to be conciliatory and Pillary Linton sat open legged wide trying to seduce the blond blue eyed ET. 

The visitors showed a diagram as such:-

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They said global warming is about 15-20% your fault and the rest is a natural cycle. The Earth and its life forms are one in a natural ecological cycle and the 6th extinction is nigh and if you used the forbidden energies and technological advances you keep back for yourselves and would share it with the populous you could minimise the extinction by the use of harmless technology and mind techniques for indeed our craft and our world work with the Universe this way. You have the chance, a window of opportunity to reform and let nature mature a new race in her terms not in the abnormalities of transhumanism, mutation through vaccination or cyborg-ism. If you do not heed the warning and this is the final one we say to you 'the countdown has begun and time is short'.

Courtesy  HS insider

Courtesy Deprocastination

Just what did the New Mucked up Order Do? We shall await and perhaps a clue will come in another gripping episode that may arrive--I really don't know reader--although somehow I feel it will work out--perhaps I am being over optimistic.


·                        Profusa, in partnership with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has created an injectable biosensor capable of detecting the presence of an infection in your body

·                        Injectable hydrogel biosensors are not rejected as foreign bodies like earlier implants, instead becoming one with your own tissue

·                        The technology consists of three components: the implanted sensor, a reader placed on the surface of the skin, and the software that allows the reader to send the collected data via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, which in turn can be connected to other online sources such as your doctor’s website

·                        Profusa’s DARPA-backed technology will be able to detect the presence of flu-like infections — including SARS-CoV-2 infections — in the population before they become symptomatic. As such, the biosensors may become part of future pandemic detection systems

·                        Mass surveillance of biological data will require massively increased bandwidth in cellphone and Wi-Fi networks, and it’s possible that this is why governments are rushing implementation of 5G networks around the world without giving potentially adverse effects a second thought

Courtesy NBC NEWS


·                      After a four-year process, a landmark fluoridation trial was held in federal court in June 2020. Fluoridation’s neurotoxic risk to vulnerable subpopulations was confirmed, along with the U.S. EPA’s failure to take action to protect citizens from these risks

·                      A collection of some of the strongest fluoride studies in history have been published in 2019 and 2020, showing that fluoridation poses an unreasonable risk and hazard to all, but to fetuses and infants in particular

·                      A landmark U.S. government-funded study published in 2017 found a strong relationship between pregnant women’s exposure to fluoride and the subsequent IQ of their offspring. The higher the fluoride levels of the urine of the women, the lower the IQ of the children

·                      A 2020 Canadian study reported that children who were bottle-fed in fluoridated communities lost up to 9.3 IQ points compared to those in nonfluoridated communities

"There is little doubt that developmental neurotoxicity is a serious risk associated with elevated fluoride exposure … especially when the exposure occurs during early development." ~ Dr. Philippe Grandjean

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ireland began a national trial of their new Health Passport Ireland initiative, which uses an app to track and display results of COVID-19 testing, plus COVID-19 vaccination status, when one becomes available

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It’s being touted as a measure that increases freedom, but one day, when you head out the door, you may not be able to simply walk into a shop, restaurant or even a doctor’s office or your place of work like you used to, unless you can prove you don’t have COVID-19 and have been vaccinated via your “green” health passport app

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Expansion plans are underway, and the system will likely soon be rolled out globally, in countries such as Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Kenya, with other locations following

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Apps that started out to track your COVID-19 test results and vaccination status could turn into tools of control and power, making it impossible for you to attend school, work or travel unless you have the right color or results

I campaigned against Fluoride for sixty years; I went to embassies and found that many knew about this and had their own filtration plants as most of Europe were without this detrimental toxic substance but stuck up Britain refused the many pleas to stop the fluoridation. I went to the famous YORK Report supposed be by dentists giving evidence, it was a farce.   (A Critique of the York Review (“Fluoridation of Drinking Water: a Systematic Review of its ... 3.3.1 In my view, this section is the strongest section in the York report. ... but in the light of Luke's animal studies, the issue should be re-examined.). Just one of the very many critics.

by FA Network


Courtesy The Irish Times

Why do so many 'safe' drugs cause serious side effects? Ingredients such as dyes and preservatives aren't inert, as manufacturers claim, but are biologically active and cause reactions not being picked up by safety trials.

Nearly 40 inert ingredients in common prescription drugs have been identified as potentially causing harm to patients.

The ingredients, known as excipients, extend the product's shelf life or give the pill colour—and they have always been regarded as insert substances, and so haven't been properly assessed for their safety.

But when researchers from the University of California at San Francisco examined more than 3,000 excipients used by drug manufacturers, they discovered that 38 of them interact with human enzymes and receptors.

The damage they can do isn't always immediately apparent, and so any dangers aren't picked up in animal studies, but can be subtle and just as damaging in the long term. These effects can also be magnified in someone taking two or more prescription drugs.

Their findings endorse "anecdotal evidence that excipients may be the culprits of unexpected physiological effects," said Joshua Pottel, one of the researchers. His team was "surprised" by the potency of some of the excipients, which have been used in thousands of drugs for decades that they have slipped under the radar of safety trials.

Drug companies need to take a look at the way drugs are formulated and review the excipients they use and seek out safer ones, he added.


(Source: Science, 2020; doi: 10.1126/science.aaz9906

·                                                                                                 According to conservationists and wildlife experts, the plan to vaccinate the global population against COVID-19 will have a devastating environmental impact, as the vaccine adjuvant squalene is made from shark liver oil

·                                                                                                 To satisfy a global supply of squalene-containing COVID-19 vaccines, an estimated half-million sharks would have to be slaughtered. The added demand could push certain shark species to the brink of extinction

·                                                                                                 Shark Allies has launched a petition calling for a ban on shark-derived squalene in COVID-19 vaccines, noting sustainable botanical sources are available

·                                                                                                 A 2001 meta-analysis found squalene-containing seasonal influenza vaccine had a riskier safety profile than nonadjuvanted flu vaccine, and squalene-containing H1N1 vaccines distributed in Europe during the 2009 swine flu pandemic were found to cause narcolepsy

·                                                                                                 While evidence is scarce, some studies have highlighted the possibility of squalene inducing autoimmune problems such as arthritis and lupus when injected

Dear Reader, from Robert Redfern

This week I have some up-to-date, news and I have also refreshed some earlier information, which is essential to be reminded of.

Firstly, Covid-19 has been shown not as dangerous as the governments of the world were led to believe. In fact, so few people are dying from it at the moment, the only scare tactic Governments have left is to carry on terrorising us with the so-called ‘Number Of Cases’. These are being reported daily as though it has some serious meaning when in fact the PCR test is giving mostly fictitious information. Who says so?

PCR Test For Covid?

The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, a Nobel prize winner for chemistry said the PCR test should never be used for diagnostic purposes. The test amplifies bits of virus and DNA and the degree of amplification can show a positive or negative result. It can, therefore, be falsely used to show that the disease is on the increase or waning. So, the government could choose to show high levels of infection before vaccination and low levels afterwards. It is a gamble whether they are choosing to increase or decrease figures. SO, NEVER AGREE TO HAVE ONE UNLESS YOU DEFINITELY HAVE STRONG SYMPTOMS!

Flu Season?

Already in the UK, many more people are dying of Flu compared to Covid-19. However, this can all change once all of the at-risk people rush out to get their Flu vaccination.

Many people have known for years that having the Flu vaccine does not offer protection and in fact may cause respiratory diseases, even in children (according to studies). The difference is that children (or anyone under 40) do not generally die from these Flu and Covid-19 diseases.

I had the Flu once. I think it was in the winter of 1999-2000 (hence low levels of Vitamin D3). For at least three days I felt dreadful and could not do anything. After the three days passed I quickly recovered. At-risk people who are low in D3 do die from the Flu vaccine and subsequent infections. What is not admitted is that having the Flu vaccine is directly related to the number of deaths from Covid-19.

The figures above show a link between countries that have high rates of vaccinations and high rates of Covid-19 mortality, indicating that when more people have the Flu Vaccine it is possible that more people die of Covid-19.

It would be interesting to get these figures from more countries around the world, particularly countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia. These countries all have had very low numbers of deaths from Covid-19.

In studies, high levels of Vitamin D3 in the blood is also shown to help prevent Flu and Covid-19. In previous studies, I have featured Vitamin D3 which has been shown to help save the lives of those with Covid-19 and Flu. All of this evidence put together could be the final proof of the efficacy of Vitamin D3 to prevent death from the disease.

Ill-Gotten Gains!

However, the Pharma Masters and the Healthcare Systems make small fortunes from Flu and soon to be Covid-19 vaccines. They amazingly have complete immunity from liability of the side effects. Strangely in almost all countries in the world, all of this Vitamin D3 data will be kept out of sight, and of course, the corporate media will never openly discuss it.

Pharma and Universities are having billions thrown at them by panicking politicians who themselves are all in a state of terror (since they believed the Gates Gang, W.H.O. and the Pharma/Medical Cartel).

You may get to vote the politicians out of office but the senior politicians always seem to end up multi-millionaires even when they are thrown out of office, no matter how poorly they performed. It is the stated aim of the Gates Foundation to reduce the population of the world.

See the explanation of this in the link to the vide Plandemic InDoctorInation Video. While mass dangerous vaccinations may or may not be needed (I disagree with it in principle), they are a very bad way to achieve this.

Remember the Essential Facts

  1. Covid-19 is just another Coronavirus epidemic that comes around occasionally and tests how well we have been looking after our health. This one may have been altered at the Wuhan Labs but the results are clear, it is nothing to be feared by healthy people.
  2. All germs are not our enemy, in fact, over half of our body consists of viruses, bacteria or microbes. We couldn’t survive without all these microbes. Surprisingly, one you may have heard of is E. coli bacteria which lives in our digestive system. E. coli is one bacteria without which we cannot survive. The E. coli you may have heard causes food poisoning is a toxic form, probably from intensive animal farming.
  3. Since over half our body consists of resident germs that over time have become essential for our good health, ‘healthy people’ need to look after these germs as well as our body’s immune system and stop feeding them sugar. Healthy people stay healthy during epidemics.

We get ‘Healthy’ by ‘4 critical’ lifestyle actions:

  1. By consuming really healthy foods containing all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that ‘should’ be in food. This is very difficult as most foods (even organic) no longer contain sufficient amounts, so supplements are needed.
  2. When our body is exposed to sunlight it manufactures many critical nutrients such as Vitamin D3. This nutrient is also in some foods such as mushrooms. However, only supplements can deliver thousands of IU that would generally come from maximum skin exposure to the sun.
  3. By consuming more resident-friendly bacteria (probiotics) that would typically come from unwashed plants (eaten raw). These residents will usually kill any harmful germs that enter the body through our food.
  4. By breathing correctly to obtain the maximum intake of oxygen and the exchange of carbon dioxide. Oxygen is essential for a strong immune system. The immune system uses oxygen to produce Hydrogen Peroxide which kills infections that we breathe in or enter via broken skin. Proper oxygenation can only happen when we are walking, standing or laying down. Lung respiration does not function efficiently to take in sufficient oxygen whilst sitting. We also get oxygen from drinking water.

New Infections?

When a new epidemic comes around, science says that ‘healthy people’ have an immune system that can deal with new germs by what is known as ‘herd immunity’. This immunity only works by being exposed over our lifetime to all infections and even more so through international travel.

At-Risk People

There are a group of people who for various reasons are ‘at risk’ such as people in end-of-days care homes and hospitals. These are especially at risk since they do not have access to the ‘4 critical’ lifestyle actions and include:

  1. People at any age with obesity, bad diet or bad advice and lack of support by the health authorities.
  2. Groups who cannot afford or do not have access to genuine health information, or support of the ‘4 critical’ lifestyle actions to keep them strong and healthy.
  3. ‘At risk’ people who need to be ‘protected’ from infected people (whilst in-care or being cared for in closed hotels) until the epidemic clears.

These groups can never be fully protected until they have the ‘4 critical’ actions. Unfortunately, the medical authorities while happy to spend on drugs, seem to ignore these ‘4 critical’ actions.

To be clear:

  • The less you and your family pay attention to the ‘4 critical’ health actions, the more at risk you are for any disease (especially epidemics).
  • The more you stay away from other people during epidemics, the weaker your immune system will become.
  • The more children are away from other children, the weaker their developing immune system will become.
  • The older you get, the more essential it is to pay attention to the ‘4 critical’ actions to not be in the ‘at risk’ group.

Political And Corporate Media Lies.

I have the feeling that this subject is not going away anytime soon. What we now have is a World War 3 situation. The Establishment Politicians, the Corporate Media, and the Pharma/Medical Cartel may have declared war on the populations of the western countries, using the excuse ‘it is for your own good’. They have either brainwashed or bribed the politicians and senior medical people in each country to join them.

They have certainly brainwashed (or terrorised) a large part of the population. Amazingly, in a recent poll, around 50% of the UK residents voted that lockdown was a good thing. I don’t know if this was a fair poll, but I can testify that a high proportion of our neighbours are revelling in the lockdown. Some are even reporting neighbours to the authorities.

I believe they have done this to curtail the freedoms we have come to enjoy as well to enslave us through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The evidence is all around.

Except for a few countries such as Sweden, the rest of the western world is in some planned lockdown (AKA house arrest). The first countries to submit to lockdown were Italy and Spain. Both had been ruled by Fascist Dictators in the lifetimes of many of their citizens. This experience may have been the reason they submitted so quickly. It then led the way for other countries to follow their lead. Even the police in many countries for some strange reason are siding against the public.

At Last, Some Of The Media Is Waking UP to The Dangers.

Other than those such as the BBC (who take donations from the Gates and Soros Foundations) many parts of the media are at last starting to strongly wake up and shout loud. Let’s hope they put enough pressure on the politicians and the authorities, but most of all, the medical communality. These doctors should take their lead from the brave professionals that are ignoring the drug route and delivering real health care with nutrition.

Hi I hoped you enjoyed the Lackey's they all send their regards.

Be Well, Take Care and have fun



Major Study reveals the Covid rules may INCREASE deaths ++8 in 10 with virus have NO symptoms ++ Tighter measures have NOT helped in 19 of 20 northern towns. For Britain’s sake, Mail asks ~~~ 

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