Friday 12 August 2022


Hello and welcome, the heat is on and not just the weather.

OK, I am going to go out on a limb and speculate; with the lockdowns two years back in the UK in March 2020, mind you China stated earlier in Wuhan in January 2020 although it was known in China much earlier and the Bill Gates Foundation and other governmental agencies were doing trial runs of an expected scenario of this kind years back.

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With development of the B4 weaponised biological warfare laboratories around the world and the unsafe although it is stated 'that nothing can escape the safety measures' this is  not so and there have been many in Nuclear and Chemical facilities that it would be a safe bet that inevitably a scenario such as COVID and the many variations would follow. 


Number one speculation; Wuhan was a genuine leak from a laboratory and or the meat market nearby (too near a B4 Lab in my view) or a bat cross over somehow or way and giant mishap and terrible lapse of care and so on.

Number two speculation; 'A group of elite persons, a cabal of some sort wishing and plotting for many, many, years to control the world, a one world government and hell bent on culling the worlds population and sorting out the non productive elements of society and not under their control, such as small businesses, censoring the media and anyone who does not support their narrative is deigned to be a conspiracy person, fake news, deplatfomed, censored, imprisoned, killed, banned and so on. The cabal may want to introduce eugenics, cyborgism, transhumanism, technocracy, cancel culture and so on and the way they would do it is introduce lockdowns, experimental vaccines, GMO foods (they still are) and see the results like an experiment and use the National Emergency Act ( in various countries to their own acts) and so take control. There are various world power organisations which can do this such as The UN , The WHO and power group named The World Economic Forum, who dress like priests well at least the founder and henchmen do and have disciples in most establishments and they have the backing of many billionaires.  Well the bid for the take over of the globalists nearly came off and people were beginning to wake up and wanted their own bodies to be theirs and not messed up and so on.

Third speculation; As the other two either failed or achieved minimal success although really devastating and the aftermath of ruined people with neurosis, depression and suicides and dividing people against one another through the symbol of the MASK. They are now endeavouring to  bring the cull to a final 'kill'; manipulated food shortages, massive fuel charges, weather manipulation exacerbating the natural climate change evolutionary cycle , a false war in the Russian Ukraine war and the tearing up of the Minsk agreement making Russia the bogey man (I do not support the War) and Iran the nuclear threat when a nuclear agreement was torn up, the sadness it brings to me is that people are being killed, children losing parents, parents losing children and relatives, massive movements of refugees and they have to live in tents are dominated by gangs within these tents villages, asylum seekers risking their lives fleeing from oppressive countries  and so the economic squeeze, the food shortages, the blame game and the energy companies making enormous profits, the pharmaceutical companies earning billions upon billions with their vaccines, the media hype 'oh the next Pox or variant', crime in inner cities out of control and so on.

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Fourth Speculation; combine digital passports, facial recognition, surveillance through the digital networks, food banks, job losses through robots and businesses unable to bear the cost of fuel and raw materials and if they pass this on to the consumer who is also short of money there could be mutiny, mass protests and of course the excuse to bring in the emergency act and all citizens be under curfew and martial law.  (remember the Canadian Truck Drivers) 

Courtesy Research Gate
The image above is space junk, imagine that all around the Earth which it is? 
Courtesy Meteorological Research satellites
There are thousands of other satellites, Governmental, private companies and of course Musk and Space X. Some of these satellites guide drones and some can pick out a car number in rush hour traffic and our faces and can deliver frequencies that are not exactly life enhancing. Because one is not at this moment at this time ' a person of interest' one could become one if a nuisance to the cabal.    

'Fetter caught at least 51 of the satellites, some sparkling beautifully in high altitude sunlight. "They passed close enough to the star cluster to make a really nice view," he says.

The August 9th launch was the SpaceX's 21st Starlink mission of the year, bringing the total number of Starlinks in orbit to 3009. This is both an impressive achievement and a potentially troubling development for Earth's orbital ecosystem. The next Starlink launch is scheduled for August 12th--today!--from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.(Courtesy

So please do your research and make up your mind about things. I have at least details of the above some twenty or thirty blogs back and if you sift through them you can see the development to where we are now and what the future may hold and what you may do about it.

There is no hiding place or best country to be in, the extremely wealthy may purchase land (Bill Gates is purchasing farm land) and exotic bunkers or their own military and security and they fear the 'mob' that is us and they will want to control or eliminate.

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