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Dr John Campbell below sets up a very provocative set of ideas and questions. He has been taken off You Tube and has set up on other sites and have inserted links where you can find him, one of them is Rumble and Bitchute. This video below is on You Tube so far.

There is something named steganography(Steganography is the technique of hiding data within an ordinary, nonsecret file or message to avoid detection; the hidden data is then extracted at its destination. Steganography use can be combined with encryption as an extra step for hiding or protecting data). It is used a lot in industry and science and medical cover ups and particularly in UFO information and also is usually identified with a letter of the Alphabet in UFO or Viral it is an X.

What is scary is that the WEF and the scary head of it Herr Klaus Schwab is now touting these laboratories and the looming virus X and you may remember Russia being blamed for apparently poisoning a Russian Spy turned evidence to the UK and his daughter the notorious Skripal's. Actually Porton Down the most highly secret laboratory was only a few miles from Salisbury. I did an in depth report back then; a couple of points only amongst the many 'Boris Johnson announced they had been poisoned by Novichok  a supposed Russian deadly fatal nerve agent and I questioned how did Johnson know this as doctors had not determined what it was and he hastily replied a top scientist told him privately from Porton Down but this was hours before any examination and Putin commented as Russian spies were accused 'if it was Novichok, no one survives this', they apparently did survive an have been hidden somewhere hence the fate of double agents.   

From Links below
If you care to read the newspaper links below apparently the old Porton Down is crumbling (not to my knowledge) and it needs a new structure where it will be a 'Collaborating Facility' another Wuhan type thing. Souper X virus is being made not the antidote because the virus has not appeared YET. It will be so deadly and dreadful that what Covid 19 did not kill off this one will.

Experts and academics are calling on the UK government to invest in a new deadly pathogen super-lab to replace the deteriorating Porton Down facility in Salisbury. It also houses high-security containment facilities for academics studying pathogens that could trigger the next pandemic.

The importance of labs like Porton Down in pandemic response cannot be overstated, according to Professor Sir Peter Horby, director of the Pandemic Sciences Institute at Oxford University. (Oxford Uni was involve heavily with AZ. (Why has AstraZeneca been discontinued in UK?)

He said an abundance of caution over the issue of blood clots in younger people was one reason the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab was not deemed suitable for the booster programme, along with public perception of the vaccine.


OK so now let us look ay the UFO X stuff it is so complex that I can only recommend you to the Dark The reporting is great and the research backed up to the nines. Just a quick note on that; apparently anything to do with X is the steganography and signifies that they have advanced engineering mainly from back engineered crashed or exchanged 'the real McCoy' they are still trying for the Apotheum, however some advanced engineering is used especially by Space X.

Courtesy  An Injection Of Common Sense----(I am so sure?)

My old friend John 

Already the internet is saying fake news. WELL ASK THE MAN HIMSELF AND LOOK AT THE AT THE  1hour and half VIDEO if you dare.  

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Whistleblower — UK funeral director

This is a funeral director in Milton Keynes. You can see videos of him on Rumble and Bitchute, Children's Health Defence and others.

He alerted me about two months ago and because of the names he entered in the email he sent me some 109 as B.CC and he asked me to hold until more embalmers came into the picture and of course he and Richard Hershman are in touch as many others are.

Should you wish to speak or contact John there are his details and more of what he said and the my article Wednesday 29th September 2021. I appreciate that all those years back is a sour and some fallacious conspiracy SOME SAY however like the millions in the UK being me one of them I am injured through the jab NOT THE VIRUS.

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What's with Robes Klaus?   I hope its not a hint as the President of the New World Order?

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