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Hello and welcome. How many New Years Resolutions have you broken? I did not make any and if I thought about them vaguely they disappeared. (Some browsers have not accepted this article, so far Brave and Opera have----a garbled mixed up version appears on others)

However many of you would have seen this diagram below several times and the frequency synopsis below. However please stay with me if you will and go on a journey of either speculation, playful theorising, sheer indulgence or just elderly person giving way to flights of fancy.  

From File  IMAGE 1

An example of ELF Brain Simulation

Bioelectric Resonance Frequency

Motor Control Cortex                      10Hz                    Information Induced through Modulation                  

Auditory Cortex                               15Hz                   Motor Impulse coordinator

Visual Cortex                                   25Hz                   Images on the brain by passing the eye. 

Somatosensory                                 9Hz                     Phantom touch sense.

Thought Centre                                20Hz                   Imposed subconscious thoughts.

These are from panel underneath very old copy  above. Now all this far more advanced.
What is modulation in electronic?
Modulation is the process of converting data into electrical signals optimized for transmission. Modulation techniques are roughly divided into four types: Analog modulation, Digital modulation, Pulse modulation , and Spread spectrum meWhat is electrical modulation?
In electronics and telecommunications, modulation is the process of varying one or more properties of a periodic waveform, called the carrier signal, with a separate signal called the modulation signal that typically contains information to be transmitted.
Courtesy Cedar City UT
Image 2 solely to illustrate writing they are not involved
OK  many know about this above, however, I was led to a website and it said it was mainly conspiratorial and it was ' The Why Files' and the person who led me to it and a particular episode was an old friend who played soccer as an apprentice some 70 odd years back as I had a trial with a team and we played as youths against one another, later we ended up at working for me as Forensics and him something to do with secret projects with the Royal Airforce, he would be slightly older than I. He recommended that I look at Alien Bases and particularly the remote viewers Pat Price and Ingo Swann. 
The video was about four mountains around the world which remote viewing  by Pat Price showed an alien base with strange machinery and UFO's flying in and out of Hayes Mountain in British Columbia  / Canada and aliens working at strange machinery with humans. Apparently Pat Price mysteriously died or was assaignated see for yourself.

This is another video above which I will name Image 3 and is very interesting. As you know I have done investigations officially on 1800 UFO incidents and had several strange links which keep repeating as many other investigators have had.

Many investigators have witnessed UFO's rising from lakes, the sea and going into volcanoes and out from them, Nassim Haramein mentions them as well as many Brazilian, Mexico and other Southern American researchers and of course the native ethnic indigenous peoples.    
Courtesy Brazil and UFO's  Image 4

As you may be aware many strange phenomena are associated with UFO incidents; missing time, going through solid walls, rocks and travelling instantly to many locations, you can research George Adamski, John Mack and others and these strange occurrences seem to contradict many main stream science as of today that is admitted in the public arena. However there are other scientists and those who work for the 'black ops' and other secret bases on Earth, the Moon and Mars.

How are these effects as above possible?; well here I go on a ramble; I have said a lot about brain washing and inculcation rather than go through it again please, please read Thursday October 2023  title 'Why we are what we are because ? '  Unless you read or refresh your memory on having read it, the rest will really be words and may have superficial meaning or just bounce off, fair enough its your choice.

Ones brain washed, I like the word inculcated ( instil (an idea, attitude, or habit) by persistent instruction) notice in particular persistent and this causes the layers of brain washing to build to a concretised adamant stance. By the way it's OK to be what you are with brain washing if that is your choice and are content to let others have theirs. Now my theory is that the inculcated mind has set beliefs, ideas and agendas, not totally 'fixed and cemented' and some have the ability of some limited flexibility which one may pride themselves as being open minded, this agenda of cloned mind becomes the backdrop and the reference software and manual for almost any decision.

Go through walls no, no way, in and out of volcanoes absolutely not, Geoff you are stark raving bonkers, now let us look at some information; Einstein and Tesla ---Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein
These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts.'  s the universe frequency and vibration?
Tesla's quote,

The universe is a vast and complex place, but it can be understood if we break it down into its basic components of energy, frequency, and vibration. Energy is the basic building block of the universe. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and all energy vibrates at different frequencies.
Courtesy The Matrix.  Image 5
Courtesy Acorda Therapeutics  on X  Image 6

Courtesy Damthatsinteresting  Image 7

The human brain is tuned to certain frequencies and those who are heavily or even lightly inculcated are like a remote control to the TV or computer and there was a scientist name Karl Pribram who posited that the brain was a holographic organ and some other scientists posit that the Universe is a hologram. Inside the brain there are neurons, synaptic's, neurotransmitters and so on and I wrote a paper suggesting that with all the magnetic and electrical activity there was the possibility of interference patterns causing an holographic effect.

So now we may by speculation go forward with this; by brain washing, certain beliefs, ideas and agendas are formed and other agendas not taken on board and of course this is life and its diversity. Most humans have the belief that one cannot put your hand through a solid rock and this is part of your back drop and reference frame. However from the October article as above when the earnest awakening one begins to look at reality then a shock can ensue, I realise I have been taught everything I know, who am I before these concepts and principles were instilled in me? Then I mention the identityless state and the ability to receive 'out of the box ideas and so on' Jesus it is said said the following' ESV Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and thrown into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.  So what you believe you become. So what if you had an alien mind.
Courtesy The Miracle Human Brain
 Image 8

Suppose there were brains that are clear of human beliefs and shortcomings, suppose they felt and knew that the Universe was a holograph and atoms by the observer effect would not have 'frequencies which hold humans back such as I cannot go through solid walls or rock' this is so instilled in us it incredulous to think so, we are tuned to this is solid and reality, until we die or awaken, suppose this alien mind or advanced human binaural mind saw that atoms are empty and nothing is solid and that our atoms are arranged and have a local enclosed mind and imprisoned by limited thinking, suppose the human mind could be back to its birth mind without parental influences subtle or not what would that mind be like? Maybe conjoined to the Creator of the Universe or able to have a mind set which really believes not by INCULCATION but born free, it really sees or comprehends as inborn intuitive natural 'instinct' there is no solid it is dream world, a dream Universe and it only becomes solid and real if the mind is bound to that belief. So the story of my Sensei breaking the oak with a tap of the finger, the UFO flying into a solid mountain or volcano, the UFO taking you out through a wall, or beamed up as it happened to Travis Walton or to a couple of veterans way back in Afghanistan saw a UFO land a figure get out look around and the UFO  went off and drew the figure beamed up. 
Courtesy Deviant Art   I mage 9

I cannot claim to have a free mind and writing this I maybe a hypocrite however this is how I feel, you may feel that all brain washing is just vibrational impact and it is broadcast everywhere and the scientists and certain elite factions, are  they are playing around with vibes, genes and our minds, the shocking things is we may not know if we are being brain washed see Image 1.

I feel if one can get into real inner peace and joy, the inner intuitive or is it inner, the still mind, not a blank mind, a mind with thought naturally quietened not by will power but by an inner feeling for rest, recharge and connecting to the Universe and that feeling of oneness and love as the stillness gets deeper and deeper and you are gone.

Be Well

Be Still


Courtesy Almay

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