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Hello and welcome.  There is a confusion between apothem which is to do with geometry which is the midpoint of a regular polygon to the midpoint of its sides. Now apotheum is the reality distorting effects which can be seen in psychic or paranormal experiences.

So to think outside the box is not really helpful because all thinking is based on the known and a few tweaks and inspirations and most of us like to think we are free of opinion at times and wide open, however on close examination it may be found, if one is totally honest there is a haunting backdrop that we reference too and that is our 'resident software' our often inculcated paradigm inculcation (Inculcation is the instilling of knowledge or values in someone, usually by repetition. To inculcate is to instill or impress an idea on someone, so inculcation is the process of instilling or impressing ideas. A lot of teaching is a form of inculcation: teachers repeat information to students, hoping it will sink in. Note persistent) so it is a form of brain washing. I will leave you to figure out what outside the box is to you.

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So it might not require a stretch of imagination to realise that we are living in an era where inculcation rears its hoary head and of course with the internet, social media, cell and mobile phones there can be exchanges of ideas which is OK, but when it gets serious and discussion becomes aggravated and then turns to argument and threats and on national levels breaking off of international ambassadors and perhaps war or harmful incursions. Of course online grooming becomes a facet of this inculcation. The number of suicides, broken relationships and other bazar and irresponsible pranks and misfired and mislead deaths is on the rise of course many fuelled by depression and prescribed medication and those illegal drugs and outrageous thrill seekers bored with their brain washed lives and wanting to get out of the 'head box' bored with the same old, same old and hoping a new drug a new thrill will push them out of the imprisoned mind which has been incarcerated by centuries of brain washing. (see a more detailed break down in Thursday 26 October 2023 'Why we are what we are because?') and perhaps the politicians who turn out the same pathetic promises of reform many to just catch the 'vote' and once in power it gets back to the same old message and trickery. Then there are the gurus who offer all sorts of healing, mind rest, restored beautiful bodies and refreshed minds and those who promise this that and the other and long videos only to find at the end they are peddling tablets, courses and promises of money back if it does not work, of course if you send a few thousand of these a few might work and you've made your lot.

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To my view nearly all of the rhetoric is based on religion, politics, ancient held beliefs passed down over centuries and held as sacrosanct ( most sacred or holy : inviolable. 2. : treated as if holy : immune from criticism or violation. politically sacrosanct programs)multibillionaires and celebrity lifestyles, the worship of Astronauts and brave new worlds many itching to get out of the economic, homeless, refuges and asylum seekers risking life and limb to heartless boat people to arrange crossings of seas and the unrest of the inhabitants where they land and so on, all of those want new worlds as well, not the Moon or Mars and the billions spent on these expensive and long excursions, no they want meals, warmth, safe living often in meagre dwellings at the camp sites or hotels. Basically the billionaires are also seeking new things and prizes and the most to RULE THE WORLD, and which one of them will, well probably those whose satellites rule from space. Could there be a multibillionaire or trillionaire war for the ultimate Earth Emperor. Perhaps a Star Wars type Scenario ? 
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Most people feel a sort of psychological subtle membrane so fine that it not always identifiable or sensed, like a shadow and then disappearing when out of light source. This the Covid hangover, they the elite imprisoned us and all the wrong they did coming out now. Will they do it again, The WHO just saying a new virus is to come and rumours of masks so we rebel with woke, fake news, LGTB, frightened again to misname or offend any one and so a sought of non compliance resentment and frustration and crazy political decisions which defy any sort of sense or logic to deal woke and co. so now to the craziest perhaps by me as playing or Apotheum.  
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Now some years back there was a magazine named energygrid it suddenly closed down  without warning unfortunately a lot of contributors like myself lost valuable data the ones I retrieved are in my archives blog and in there were a lots of in depth videos of UFO going into mountains, volcanoes and into high security underground bases and so on plus the strange things on missing time, abduction and drawing people through walls, size changing and so on. Most of that I explained in my view back in Part 1.
However I want to make things even more explicit; How would you feel if I said to you and I are only an idea? So from where does this idea originate? Well some would say God and others from the Big Bang, however which ever you choose and I have been into this so many times in anyway we might agree there is a Universe but how real is it? Yes in Part 1 Morpheus image, the empty atom and so on, you might deduce or think that a matrix or a womb which in some philosophies and culture is a womb and likened to space also at the Quantum Zero Vacuum which all arises from it is likened to space although it not empty but energy and stuff goes on and it seems something arises out of nothing, or something invisible to human senses unless looked at through particle accelerators and the like show it to the observer then we have to account for the observer effect. 
Please do not brush aside this video, it is potent. So when you deduce or look at the Hadron Collector or similar scientific equipment and in Forensics different data could be interpreted by different examiners by the Observer effect. 
So we might agree or deduce the Creation got here by accident, design or just don't know. To me I feel there had to be some sort of Intelligent Design being updated and reconfigured  through the evolutionary process which to me means cycles and epochs with a clear out by sell by date see the Five Mass Extinctions as an example, tried and tested and then modified. By this it is extrapolated that there is an ongoing process. 
Now as the consensus so far may agree that the secret of the Universe is energy, vibration and frequencies, frequencies being the organisation of vibratory energy to form an outcome be it plane, microbe, shark, eagle, human or galaxies. Us humans have been allotted, allocated certain vibratory frequencies as Earth, nature and our Solar System  they come as a package similar in a way to one's TV and the package your purchase with your supplier.
So by this we experience everything ah la the aforesaid Earth Package, similarly you can upgrade your package and so does the Universe by Its evolutionary process.   
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Whilst I have been told the Image above has some merit, my '1967' writings indicated that we would grow into a human form named Homo Spiritulana / Energetica and various others are calling Homo luminous, what they look like and their abilities is described in all my writings. 
Now taking this further Homo's as above will have their vibratory packages enhanced or whatever and their take on reality will be different. I will quote a few; a binaural brain, telepathy, procreation cycles different and organised, very similar bodies although male and female will be more like Unisex and much more. So going onto ET obviously their packages will be enhanced by a considerable margin.
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Now I am going into another facet; since vibration and frequency give humans the ability of their senses, the frequency of touch is but a vibrational sensation as of other senses and quoting Morpheus again 

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So your brain decodes that package vibration as touch and so on, BUT ask yourself how real is that, you believe its real because you are tuned to feel it and that translates into your reality and then belief. So your tuned to believe you cannot pass through a wall HOWEVER, with a different upgrade of frequencies maybe you could , however I feel we have to evolve first in the Energetica / luminous stages first. So actually we do not exist in reality we are a vibratory being and as vibrations we are photons travelling through space with information encoded in the waves and tell us we are human but in essence light or energy beings tuned to frequency packages commensurate and concomitant to the epoch and era that the Universe planned for Itself and us.  Actually we are limited by our beliefs which are hard wired as fact and as humans and the planetary solar system it is a mighty tuned package. Homo spiritulana  / luminous may have a deeper understanding of their package and view the world as not so rigid and solid, telepathy alone would see and feel on advanced communications say with ET. 

In a way God or whatever name you wish as creation exist either by accident or design is the ULTIMATE AI  with soul and not just a programmable inculcation by human algorithms and human lust and greed to overturn or equal the Creator Natural Evolutionary process.
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As the image suggests the veil or curtain is our world of tuned frequencies pass through by upgrades and reconfigurations by nature and not by human tampering will take us through human tampering will make a regrade and upgrade but will never reach a soul level but will give enhanced senses of a sort, that is why some ET's have abducted humans in order to get THE SOUL QUALITY and not just a cold programmable robot like existence and the present search for apotheum in the present day existence of the real secret UFO file and how to manufacture Apotheum, Apotheum is upgraded packages of vibration held in the vaults as it were of the and in the Evolutionary Natural process.  
Actually we do not really exist we are but an advanced virtual reality we believe we exist because our vibratory packages tuned us that way, ET are aware of their hard wiring and beliefs and so their reality is that the Universe is just a dream like hologram and nothing actually exists as reality so go through the illusion and delusion and go through another packages reality as solid to ET reality nothing is solid, we are on that journey, stage by stage and the present scientific endeavour is to give us a false evolution so they can outsmart Nature. Time will tell.

 Are you really you--- are you sure-----? BE WELL---TAKE CARE----Geoff.

You may think this world and your experiences are reality, solid and safe platform to stand on. However they are real as your belief. They are similar to a dream, real at the time, gone after waking up. When one wakes up from all beliefs and where they stemmed from ten one has a chance to move on. 
Perhaps in NDE one is in a 'dream state'. EVERYTHING is as real and so called reality as your beliefs dictate it. AH but try getting out of the habit of belief and having no belief, the identityless person and yet sane and highly compassionate. There are not solid worlds they appear and feel so that's how concrete and solid they seem and yet they are only mind realities, mind games, fantasies -----then what. We all live in a yellow submarine---read the lyrics to the Beetles song. Geoff are you really there I am not sure well you better be

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