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Dear Readers My heart has felt very open these last few months and days.  It is a physical and yet beyond that to a great outpouring. Not emotional and it has no particular objective so to speak nor subjective either. I do hope that this with the many others who are feeling this as well spreads that it through the collective unconscious and these energies 'soften' the hard and callous hearts and minds, so that true love, not emotional slush, perhaps deep compassion is a better explanation or choice of words finds its way into every avenue of human endeavour.  
Cherry blossoms are flowers of the cherry blossom tree known in Japan as the “sakura.” Although not entirely indigenous to Japan, it is the country where cherry blossoms are revered with ceremonial receptions called Hanami and symbolized as an omen of good fortune, an emblem of love and affection, as well as an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of mortality. The overall symbolism of the cherry blossom has interestingly transcended into other deeply rooted meanings as well. Read more _6545624_meaning cherry blossom flower_htm#ixzz2yZR5zqGZ
AFP/CHSZ Preservation Society/AFP - A cherry tree in bloom, grown from a cherry pit that spent time onboard the International Space Station (ISS), is shown at the Ganjoji temple in Gifu city, central Japan, April 3, 2014
A cosmic mystery is uniting monks and scientists in Japan after a cherry tree grown from a seed that orbited the Earth for eight months bloomed years earlier than expected -- and with very surprising flowers.
The four-year-old sapling -- grown from a cherry stone that spent time aboard the International Space Station (ISS) -- burst into blossom on April 1, possibly a full six years ahead of Mother Nature's normal schedule.
Its early blooming baffled Buddhist brothers at the ancient temple in central Japan where the tree is growing.
"We are amazed to see how fast it has grown," Masahiro Kajita, chief priest at the Ganjoji temple in Gifu, told AFP by telephone.
"A stone from the original tree had never sprouted before. We are very happy because it will succeed the old tree, which is said to be 1,250 years old."
The wonder pip was among 265 harvested from the celebrated "Chujo-hime-seigan-zakura" tree, selected as part of a project to gather seeds from different kinds of cherry trees at 14 locations across Japan.
The stones were sent to the ISS in November 2008 and came back to Earth in July the following year with Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, after circling the globe 4,100 times.
Some were sent for laboratory tests, but most were ferried back to their places of origin, and a selection were planted at nurseries near the Ganjoji temple.
By April this year, the "space cherry tree" had grown to around four metres (13 feet) tall, and suddenly produced nine flowers -- each with just five petals, compared with about 30 on flowers of the parent tree.
It normally takes about 10 years for a cherry tree of the similar variety to bear its first buds.
The Ganjoji temple sapling is not the only early-flowering space cherry tree.
Of the 14 locations in which the pits were replanted, blossoms have been spotted at four places.
Two years ago, a young tree bore 11 flowers in Hokuto, a mountain region 115 kilometres (70 miles) west of Tokyo, around two years after it was planted.
It was of a variety that normally only comes into flower at the age of eight.
Cosmic rays
The seeds were sent to the ISS as part of "an educational and cultural project to let children gather the stones and learn how they grow into trees and live on after returning from space," said Miho Tomioka, a spokeswoman for the project's organiser, Japa
"We had expected the (Ganjoji) tree to blossom about 10 years after planting, when the children come of age," she added.
Kaori Tomita-Yokotani, a researcher at the University of Tsukuba who took part in the project, told AFP she was stumped by the extra-terrestrial mystery.
"We still cannot rule out the possibility that it has been somewhat influenced by its exposure to the space environment," she said.
Tomita-Yokotani, a plant physiologist, said it was difficult to explain why the temple tree has grown so fast because there was no control group to compare its growth with that of other trees.
She said cross-pollination with another species could not be ruled out, but a lack of data was hampering an explanation.
"Of course, there is the possibility that exposure to stronger cosmic rays accelerated the process of sprouting and overall growth," she said.
"From a scientific point of view, we can only say we don't know why."
Wakata is back aboard the ISS, where he is in command of the station.
The astronaut took part in a video link-up on Thursday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, chatting about his daily life hundreds of kilometres above the Earth.
Woodblock print of Mount Fuji and cherry blossom from 36 Views of Mount Fuji by Hiroshige.

 Google 36 views or Wikipedia them they are beautiful
The Cosmos may yet reveal its evolutionary 'plan' through various energies.  My 1967 writings continually expressed the notions that exposure to the new energies could elevate Earthly Growth and its inhabitants to new forms and many a back blog and Post expressed these in somewhat detail. For some information see  Menu Destiny Geoff Freed and January 2014 end series. Perhaps a less complicate synopsis would be in POST 10.

                    The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization
I like Dr Calleman's work and posted many a chart of his in energygrid on the Mayan calender.  Although a lot of folk felt December 21 2012 was a flop, a no go, I disagree.  My view is that it precipitated the release of energies which I call the core from 2012 -2016 and the embedding from 2017 - 2032, all explained in January energygrid 2014 at my blog there.  If you look at Super waves by Dr Paul LaViolette and many others you will see a common thread of the lead up to these dates. In my Inverted V as in Post 10 the apex was Dec.2012 and it started the process of fusing the left and right side brain, see just one example of Steve Judd, Prigogine are all in Post 10.  See if you can pick up the underlying thread of a massive shift taking place.  It is the process of evolution.
The energies now intelligently being pulsed from the Cosmic Intelligence through Its Creations such as black holes, Stargates, Stars, Comets, Planets, Fields of Magnetic information threading through the Universe, being downloaded WHERE RECEPTIVITY is in evidence. A vast network, a Massive Internet, and all of us capable of receiving information according to our receptivity and openness and ability to tune in to the correct frequency.
Courtesy Dave Dees
Just one of the many ways the elite so called are trying to destroy our brains and other body parts. Cell Phones / Mobile phones, electronic fog, smart meters, chemtrails, additives, preservatives, media pollution and politically biased, the list is endless. The elite bugs, because they are basically sick, although to them we are as well and in some ways I agree, we need to wake up and so them versus us disappears and third way of unity in diversity appears. We are playing a game of ping pong / table tennis and it is approaching a 'shark type' feeding frenzy. They fear the new, those that heard and cause suffering on Earth. It means they will have a less powerful stance and they will become ordinary so to speak.

 Courtesy Google Images 
The smell of blood in the water or in the collective mind set is horrendous. Those sinister persons behind the government's of the world and their secret agents in nefarious operations, such as MI5/6, Mosad (HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim / National Intelligence agency of Israel) CIA, KGB(under a different name, same body) and so on.  All these agencies have sub divisions.  
Black Ops, Skunk Works, some do not have names they have labels known to the body head like CIA - Black Ops, see video interview Daniel O’Finioan, just an example of many others and countries have the same set up, these then have their analysts, assassins and planting devices for spying, spies and infiltrators, those who ‘stir’ up political unrest, scientists who devise weaponry and gadgets and so on. All this from isolated, lonely power mad folk, a left over from a bygone age of tribal dictatorship, cave person defensive tactics and survival---- by the way wiping out indigenous folk who had learnt to repent  and love the Earth and others.  Yes there were tribal battles, and many settled by rituals. See the ‘bargy’ used by Pacific Islanders and so forth.  Have you noticed when ever so called ‘civilised’ whatever colour, religions or sect arrive at an indigenous ethnic community or settlement how greed, animosity and such like destroy the culture and turn it into war and hate machine.
You may think well he talks about love and compassion at the top and look at the harangue in the last few paragraphs. 
Well I print this not with venom in me, I used to many years back. Now I see it as factual. You may not believe this but it is so. It used to tire me and make me angry ' how can they be like this'?  Now it is reporting and I feel compassion for these war lords.  I appreciate they get a kick out of this, they feel OK, just join us, get rich and fat, there is no god, no hell only heaven here, feel the power, the lust, king of all, nothing to stop me, us. Kill off the sheep.  I have felt this many a year ago and seen first hand the arrogance that this brings and then utter disregard for anything but them and their own. There motto 'one for me and me for one'.  
I know how it feels to have an insatiable appetite for everything, the unhappiness of addiction, desperately wanting to stop at first then despairing-ling sinking lower and either becoming suicidal, depressed or giving in.   
More, more, my anguish cried, yes I cried inwardly, I was in pain, it hurt everywhere. I found only relief in more of the addiction, it was not drugs, it was money, power, ambition, sexual prowess and in the end it destroyed me. A long story another Post maybe. However at the depth of me and I feel luckily at the age of four and a NDE and on survival being taught meditation and Za Zen Jujitsu this was always deeply and quietly calling me back.  It was these experiences that stimulated me to become a therapist and it was in training to be where I came to these realisations and ah ha's from meditation. Forensics and the horror of mutilation, unspeakable murders, bombings, fraud, burglary, child abuse, satanic / cult and other intrigues came to haunt my mind and leave impressions, and fortunately through meditation and 'spiritually' gradually, mind you, an awakening, illness of the worst kind, these jolts woke me up to what I am now.  I knew all religions nearly became a full time monk, nearly followed a religion and Guru------and now I quote from a poem by Hari Prasad Shastri, I wish I could find the poem complete 'If made a King I am not elated, if made a beggar I am not deflated, I am neither a Jew, Christian, Atheist, Hindu or any other label--- for my way is different to theirs' 
Am I completely at peace- no, am I enlightened no, Most of the time - do not know,who am I in Essence? -no words to describe it. What is my purpose being here-- to be free of bondage.  What is bondage? That which gives pain and binding resentment.  What is resentment? Wanting to be like someone else or have their possessions be it mental, physical or anything else?  What makes me happy? I feel content with an empty mind and a free spirit, this in turn allows me to feel compassion, joy, grace and loving kindness in a soft but pleasant dynamical way.  So be it. I have my moments to haunt me, less so and the turn around is quicker without doing anything about it  This is vital to read. Urine samples are showing a large amount of BPA in the samples provided.

                   It’s All In The Genes? No it Isn't

Horrific and diabolical the images say it all.  Thank you Health Freedom Alliance for your graphics and articles.
Aint that about the truth of it.  
And some Mothers in the USA are selling their breast Milk to pay for food and house keeping.
The Images above courtesy from Health Freedom Alliance -full articles from them.

A rare Tetrad of Lunar eclipses
Many a tradition pay a lot attention to Moon, Sun eclipses and the planets, not so much as astrology predictions for the future but by its energetic input.  I covered the physiological, emotional and energetic affects and effects in the grid. Suffice it to say, no matter what main stream science has to say about it, apart from the tides and so forth, a great deal of scientific evidence backs up the traditional views of many ancient cultures. For those who scoff at these findings, I can only say I am sensitive to the planetary line ups, such as the Northern Cross now in formation and the coming eclipse as in video even though it is in the Southern Hemisphere.
I love the moon, to me it heartfelt as above. There is in Qi Gong a special Moon Gong. It is full of Yin.
Courtesy  Like so many aspects of science the 'sling shot' parabolic, vectors and so on change with space geometry. You would miss the target if fired off the rocket  straight  at the moon in sight from Earth.

Well dear readers may your orbit in Life be in geometric accuracy so that your life may revolve and evolve to the very best of your endeavours and be it in tune with Cosmic and Earth orbital consideration and aspirations you may find these aspects will enhance your Life and you may well live a fulfilled and sustained Earthly sojourn.
Be Well. Geoff  

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