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Greetings from the edge of Space and Time.  No I haven't freaked out, I'm not in the ISS or taken a trip with a substance.  My feelings and thoughts haven't changed all that much about quantum stuff and our so called Reality on Earth and the Universe. I have done a lot of tie ups between accepted main stream science and metaphysics, in fact this is what the 1967 writings were and are about.  I state in my CV that I am not writing from my degree but from the 1967 writings, my meditations and insights from talks with colleagues and so forth. Possibly resembling philosophical metaphysics.
When I first came across possibilities and probabilities and quantum mechanics it struck me that no description even mathematically could describe the process.  It was intuitive perception and ah ha that then had to find a language to express it sort of rationally. 
I listened earnestly and diligently, I relaxed my overwhelmed brain and followed the advice of the professors. 'Don't try and reason this, you have to feel it.  I felt it was funny farm stuff and have not changed my stance since. Just go to You Tube and listen to them all, different explanations speaking gobbledygook and all those intellectuals nodding, yes because if you learn a language, join the religion, support the politic you will understand. Like a girlfriend of mine once said about soccer '22 men getting paid huge wages to kick a bag of wind between two posts' --- sacrilege how could she say this about the beautiful game?  I have never quite recovered since those 90's when she said it.  All my traumas were surpassed over that remark and the nervous breakdown and anger is still venting -- do you really believe that?  I know some theologians, philosophers, physicists, politicians, engineers and the like who because they are qualified and experts feel they have achieved a status beyond the ordinary mortal human and a chance remark akin to my girlfriends sends abuse and ridicule, and of course we all know psychic  phenomena is a taboo subject and not worth the time to even consider my darling.
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Then it came to me should there be infinite possibilities and probabilities in the quantum ocean then by conditioning in education and brain washing, programming, it limits the assortment of the possibilities, we chose xyz, it can narrow the field and kind of put on blinkers. Its true we may be able to multi task, however in the infinitude  of possibilities we narrow to a few.  I am not saying either that we skip mundanely without depth through many, however our tendency is to go slowly, cautiously and to just modify instead of radical opening to new possibilities.
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Most of science is based on models that are acceptable by the main stream, such as the academic Universities.  The shock of anything outside their box or remit tends to get the scientist who proffered it cautioned or sacked. Ostracised by his peers and colleagues. energygrid articles are full of such ones, see the articles and videos in the Science menu of the grid and elsewhere in the net. ONCE the shock is over, the justification, the uncertain mind, the uncomfortable-ness, the fear of the uncertainty, the ridicule may set in and the desperate conclusions to disprove or mathematical-alise it comes about and the language of the Quantum reinstates it or tries to formalise it and so once again limits the possibilities.
Here is Fred Alan Wolf on Physics and Shamanism 
Now there are a few physicists who have stepped outside the box and I kind of was on those lines as above in the 60's and certainly those who attended my workshops in the 70's and 80's will testify. See my leaflets in
This is a sample of the workshops and ideas I was doing in those days.  You can see from the telephone number it was before STD codes arrived.When the UK's original STD codes were allocated in the late 1950s, London was given the code 01. Relatively few subscribers could dial trunk calls, so the 01 code was not generally included as part of the published telephone number. In the early 1960s London telephones still had exchange names, the first three letters having to be dialled before the four-digit local number, e.g. ABBey 1234 (London Transport).
In the mid-1960s, All Figure Numbers (AFNs) were introduced in London and five other large cities because the number of meaningful letter combinations was becoming exhausted. The STD codes were incorporated as part of the AFN, ABBey 1234 becoming 01-222 1234. Callers in London were still instructed to dial only the seven digits (those after the hyphen) when calling other London numbers because an error message would result if the 01 code were dialled. This restriction was eventually phased out as exchanges were modernised, and the STD code was shown in brackets to standardise with the format used in non-AFN areas, e.g. Canterbury (0227) 123456. The term 'Area Code' also replaced 'STD Code' which had become outdated.
I appreciate you may think that I am blowing my own trumpet and massaging my ego, however I would like to bring the time / space stuff to where I feel it is at.   
To me there is a breakdown in time.  Einstein with the train you  can You Tube it. You stand still the train goes past, if you stare straight ahead then you can measure the speed as it passes you. Go with the train from approaching to going, the speed varies at the distance relative to where you stand.
That's OK whilst climbing the Hill as in the above diagram  one may see this as the very large such as astrophysics which differ from Quantum stuff.  Then there is psychological time when reading a good book or absorbed in something, time seems to go quickly although the clock on the wall horologic-ally speaking stays the same.  Happiness seems timeless, boring time seems drawn out.  In an emergency time can seem to slow down or quicken. Then there is dream time, when all scenarios may happen in seconds. Then the time light reaches us from the moon and stars.  Still on the Hill as above. Then one needs the space in which this plays out.  Without the backdrop of space, rather contained in a skull, which houses a decoder called the brain.  NOTHING is experienced without the 'space' to backdrop it so decoding the frequencies, the vibrations causes the event to take place in Time. So here we see time and space interrelated and one the heads and tales of the coin.
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In the above it kind of depicts the translations or decoding of the different  frequencies as it were, the wavelengths or waves arising to form virtual realities, holograms this based on the past conditioning and memory held in graphics, these graphics are held in magnetic fields, memory fields ah la Burr and Sheldrake.(See me in energygrid on these) and by the light of the brain and its inter trans entrainment, causes a projection onto the screen of mind, a subtle energy field as a hologram.  This is hill physics.  The every large at form level.
Now to the 'tunnelling' as above, here it gets fuzzy, uncertainty, waves / particles, photons going future and past, hey what the abc is going on. We know about the exchanges, things or whatever rushing about, random, chaotic until an observer by intention, or just observing causes chaos to order. The Quantum Dance.
Let us look at this in the light of miracles, healing and the magician
of quantum realms like shamans and certain yogi's masters and so on.
Courtesy  mathiesgiesen.
In the above all is random, in a way like meditation, there is an observer, thought has gone, all is quiet, the witness to the silent yet dynamic field remains. The collapsed waves of the previous reality has gone, yet by an intention revived from the Cosmic storehouse, known esoterically as the Akashvic records. That equivalent to the field of all possibilities and probabilities which remain in the field albeit in a collapsed state.
Here we have an observer through the decoding brain.  Now a Vibratory Magician can at this point of 'ALMOST' void or utter stillness, drop in the Intention of their Desire, to heal, locate, transform, this then is sent into the field of all possibilities and probabilities (Pos and Pro) the resonance as in a TV or Radio Aerial sets this up in the field and all resonances or new resonances are built by the belief inserted. 'If you believe with all thine might, so shall it be for you.  You could say to yonder mountain be gone and it would'(Bible).  Buddha and 'The Mind is everything, what you think you become'.  What the magician does he / she collapses the apparent reality, say an illness or bad energy etc., the wave form which carries the reality,  then by going into a different reality, almost a non reality, builds another wavelength(actually a series entangled wavelengths, a light show hologram of reference beams and so alters the reality of the illness. The shaman  / healer goes into an ALERTED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS(ASC) NOT MEDITATION.
These are all reasonable to a point.  Now it comes to the nub or the crux.  What happens in meditation then? The observer then goes into oneness, becomes the field, and observes the 'stuff' of creation before it becomes a form of creation.  Here one sits at the event horizon awaiting COSMIC CREATION as distinct from creation from graphics of the mind stored and juxtaposed from the past. Here one lets the Cosmos work through one, and since one is one with the Cosmos one could say from the bible 'I and the Father ( Father Mother God, source and so on, your words for God or not) are One' 'It is the Father in Me that Doeth the Works' ' I will to the will of God' ' I surrender my free will(my conditioning) never the less thy will be done not mine'.  There are similar writings and quotes in all philosophies and other holy books.
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To go even further as it were we are still in the realm of the observer in a flesh body or is this just an illusion, yes from a point of view we are all waves / atoms / molecules and so on, a layered light energy being, solidified as it seems, only because we have become conditioned to be so.  So in human form we can be 'enlightened' as it were to know our oneness or unity with the all and all, the Creator. It is not until we feel and experience beyond knowing we are free and a real magician.  Up till then we are Shamans.

Gradually we are surrendering, gradually our so felt solidity melting, not so much through age, or maybe so,  but by deep revelations in meditation as the Universe and oneself become united through the process of surrender, voluntarily or sometimes dramatically.  The Universe, the Cosmos is discovering Itself through this flesh container, it is sucking, drawing it back to Itself, and to the partially absorbed it feels like a homecoming.
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As we are a hologram either of the conditioned self or the Cosmic Self, we eventually will be absorbed back to the 'field of all pos and pro' now in the conditioned version, we reinvent ourselves in the process of reincarnation, the Universe as stars, planets break up to dust and reform, another reincarnation. So we see that the planets, stars and all are consciousnesses and they too are going through this surrendering process, they are all in the 'game'.
 So it goes on, basically its all a load of you know what. It is consciousness and that what is, what was before the 'ah ha big time big bang' and explosion 'I want to discover who I am'.  So I create to find out who created my creation and you have to split into lanes in order to mirror yourself, you are the compliment to yourself. 'God created us in his / her image' well it cannot be flesh and blood so to speak, it has to be an intelligence. The Primal Intelligence then caused the quantum realm as its first building tool, energy waves that layer themselves to produce seeming form.  This is the mystery and always will be 'who am I', you say I created all this?  I don't remember that.  It is the discovery of one's true identity that collapses the Universe in oneself and ones form dissolves forever in this mode and becomes unified with source, the wave rests in the still ocean, formless and still and yet a potential.
We actually know who we are, but have forgotten. You've lost yourself in your own creations.  We don't need anyone to explain this to us. Drop all thoughts of explanations, who might I be or not be.  In that 'sort of blank awareness' when one cannot find an explanation, let the mind just ease off and its OK not to have an answer. That stillness is inner peace---hey that's you. You before you were born, you before the thought of yourself was born. 'Show me your original face before you were born shouts Zen'  I have no face!?.  No that's being a clever dick. (I deliberately go between you and we).  Its me as well.
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Now the nub and crux again, if there was a first cause so to speak, and intelligence, a consciousness, how did that arrive, be there, and who created it?   THAT IS THE MYSTERY and that is why the koan or the paradox is there, here everywhere.
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This is what keeps the Universe on its toes. Is there ever a time where time and space do not exist, because even at the Quantum realm so to speak there is activity, energy, even if one is at the event horizon, watching the creation pop out from infinite nothingness. One witnesses the stillness which is oneself and from then onwards the mystery says, yes but how did I do it?  That is the mystery endeavouring to solve its own mystery and so the dog chases its tail, we slide down the mobius trail and up nowhere ! somewhere! what are these terms in the quantum realms.  All of this is meaningless, we have to go beyond understanding, and like this article it is like physics and the hill or the tunnel as above, and in one way they are the heads and tails of the coin, they are opposite complementaries, not polarities. Are you any the wiser, that's why quantum physicists are quirky and mystics as well, they all attempt in some way to understand, explain, logical-ise the inexplicable, the unexplainable, why so? Because it is the realm of spontaneous ah ha big bang intuitive consciousness. Do you know what that is?  If you have an answer you have missed the mark---by the way there is no mark, no nothing. Oh my God what a mess. Well from Chaos came order and who did that?   Don't grab or go back to the past, just drop thinking, not by pushing it down, let it go freely, let the head relax, the brain release its grip, be still, free, easy, not pushing up, down , sideways, be an empty cup, feel the flow through yourself.  The River of Light without thought. 'Behold I make all things anew'(Bible) ' Take no care for the morrow--- consider the flowers of the field they toil not neither do they spin (for the Universe knows the need and supplies It) for your Father knows of your need'(Bible-- I merely quote this as many readers will be familiar with the English Language and as stated many other holy books say similar things---no offence intended), remembering in the emptiness of meditation we open ourselves to many more pos /pro.  Some feel that one is wide open to psychic attack and possession in emptiness.  True emptiness is the Self, the godhead and is all powerful and protected.  Developing the non biased witness sharpens the awareness and sensitivity so the individual in true meditation is protected. 
Courtesy Chris Madden
Courtesy icanhas.
You could say this whole article and all the theorising and all the boffin's, books, videos trying to describe and encapsulate might be summed up by Shakespeare 'Much ado about Nothing'  Dear William Shakespeare wrote this play around about 1598-1599 and is considered one of his best comedies. The comedy to me is describe nothing. Sort of like the Quantum Stuff. The Universe having a laugh at our expense, or rather amusing Itself, knowing its all an illusion, a dream and so what, tease yourself with that.  
Well friends I was a Zen Buddhist for many years.
Be Crazy, Be Well.


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